New Detective Pikachu Trailer Gives Us A Brief But Horrifying Glimpse At Lickitung We Never Wanted

A new trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has been released online and it gives us our first glimpse at Lickitung, which might be the most horrifying creature in a movie that is already filled to the brim with nightmare fuel.

The thirty-second long trailer is mostly composed of clips from the movie that have already been shown elsewhere, with the exception of a Lickitung cameo. It seems that the people at Game Freak performed a seance to bring H.R. Giger back from beyond the grave to design some more terrifying movie monsters, as the Detective Pikachu version of Lickitung could give the Xenomorph a run for its money.

It seems that the people of the Detective Pikachu world have far different standards for what passes as a cute monster than those of the real world. Would anyone even let that Lickitung inside of their house? Nevermind actually catching it and using it for battles. The new version of Lickitung looks like the child of one of the lickers in the remake of Resident Evil 2.

It should be mentioned that not all of the Pokémon in the Detective Pikachu trailer look terrifying, as they did a good job of making Bulbasaur look adorable, even though it's supposed to be a frog with a plant growing out of its back.

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The reaction to these radically different Pokémon designs since the first Detective Pikachu trailer was released has been mixed, with some enjoying the furry versions of Jigglypuff and Pikachu, while others think that creatures like Mr. Mime look so horrifying that it will be hard to take them seriously as Pokémon. Did the Ash Ketchum of the Detective Pikachu world really let one of those disturbing looking Mr. Mimes live with his mother?

It won't be long now until we can finally judge for ourselves whether the decision to move towards a more realistic look in Detective Pikachu was a wise one, as the movie is due to be released soon. If the movie succeeds, then we'll likely be treated to a range of disturbing versions of the Pokémon from Johto in the sequel.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is due to hit theaters on May 10th.

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