5 Best Endings In Detroit: Become Human (& The 5 Worst)

Detroit: Become Human is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018. This super unique game is set in the near future and follows three humanoid androids who all handle their lives as androids in very different ways.

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Connor spends his days hunting deviant androids, Kara is a newly deviant android who escaped her owner and is trying to protect the young girl, and Markus who is helping other androids go free. The game forces the player to make many choices that will change the way the game plays out. Because of this, there are so many different endings that most players haven't seen them all.

To see the five best and five worst endings in Detroit: Become Human, keep reading!

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10 Best: Everyone Lives

This is by far the best ending that a player can hope for when they're playing Detroit: Become Human. When we say "everyone lives," we mean everyone. Not just Kara, Connor, and Markus but also the other androids and humans they meet along the way like North, Luther, Rose, Hank, and Simon.

Throughout the game, there are a ton of different ways that the other characters can meet their demise. Keeping all the main characters alive through the end of the game is hard enough but keeping the side characters alive, too? It's a tough task! Surprisingly, everyone dying isn't the worst ending in the game.

9 Worst: Cyberlife Takes Over

Cyberlife is the mega-corporation that created all the androids in the game. After reports of deviant androids start coming in, Cyberlife tasks the Detroit Police Department and their prototype, Connor, with finding out what's going on. Should Markus choose to take the violent route with his protest, there's a chance that he won't make it to see the freedom of his fellow androids.

If he doesn't survive his protest, Connor takes over the android rebellion... For a minute. Amanda reveals that letting Connor go deviant was their plan all along and that they now control the android rebellion. Connor is forced to choose between letting them take over and taking his own life. If he goes down that second route, Cyberlife replaces him with an identical model and the public will never know the difference.

8 Best: Chloe Goes Free

There's a secret ending after you finish playing Detroit: Become Human that gives the player one final task. This ending comes up no matter what choices you made throughout the game. After you finish the game and the credits roll, a familiar face will greet you.

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Chloe, the android that was at Kamski's mansion and that has been on the menu screen the entire time, will be there. She'll talk to you about the changes she's been going through during the game and ask if you'll let her go free. If you say yes and let her go live her own life, your menu screen will be empty on every subsequent playthrough.

7 Worst: Alice And Kara Get Caught

When Alice and Kara are trying to make their way to the Canadian border so they can find freedom, there are a lot of places where they can get caught. If they're caught, they'll be taken to a recall camp where players have a final chance to escape and give these two freedom.

But, getting caught isn't the worst thing that can happen in this section of the game. If Alice's stress level becomes too high, she can become upset and one of the guards will attack her. If Kara notices Alice is in danger, she can choose to intervene and sacrifice herself.

6 Best: Connor Goes Deviant

Throughout the game, the player has a ton of different choices for how they want Connor to behave. If they make Connor more warm and kindhearted toward his fellow androids, his system instability will rise.

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If you've had Connor go against his orders and treat androids with kindness throughout the game, you'll have a choice when you reach Jericho and have Connor and Markus meet for the first time. The game will ask if Connor wants to be a machine or go deviant. If you choose not to go Deviant, there's a chance that Connor and Markus' meeting won't end well for Connor.

5 Worst: Connor Never Finds Jericho

Before Connor even has the chance to go deviant, he has to figure out how to reach Jericho, the secret hiding place of deviant androids all over the city. While his partner, Hank, makes a scene upstairs, Connor runs downstairs and has only a few minutes to analyze the evidence and figure out where Jericho is.

Once he gets the answer, a detective that detests androids named Gavin comes downstairs. The fight between Connor and Gavin has quite a few QTEs that the player has to be ready for. If you miss to many of them, Gavin will deactivate Connor and he'll never make it to Jericho.

4 Best: Survive The Peaceful Protest

During Markus' chapters, the key is to keep the public's opinion on androids positive. Don't get into too many fights that you don't have to be part of, don't make demands that would frighten humans during the hijacked broadcast, and don't get too extreme during the march and protest.

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During the Battle for Detroit chapter, Markus has a lot of choices to make. Luckily, if you keep the public opinion and the safety of Markus' group in mind, it's easy to make it out with everyone alive. Stay peaceful and, when given the option, either choose to kiss North or sing to the FBI agents to humanize androids and make it out safely.

3 Worst: Take The Deal

At the Battle for Detroit, there's an option to take a deal from the FBI agents. Although this sounds like it might be a good option and give the androids a chance to strike a deal, it's definitely one of the worst options in the game.

Taking a deal from the FBI is simply a trick from these agents and will lead to most of the androids in Markus' group meeting their end. More than anything, this is a good way to hand the rebellion over to Cyberlife.

2 Best: Make It Out Alive

If Kara and Alice manage to make it to the Canadian border, their problems aren't over. What happens here greatly depends on what's happening in the outside world. If you chose to lead a more violent rebellion with Markus, it makes the public opinion of androids drop and Kara will have to make a tough decision about who to sacrifice in order to make it across the border undetected.

But if Markus' protest went right and the androids stayed peaceful, Kara can simply walk up to the temperature check. Although she'll fail it, the news will show that the androids want nothing but peace and freedom. The agent that conducted the temperature check will see the TV and tell Kara, Luther, and Alice to enjoy themselves in Canada.

1 Worst: Go Too Far

After bringing the first live deviant into the police station, Connor has a chance to interrogate it and try to find out what happened. This is one of the earliest chances Connor has to show kindness to an android instead of following his orders. If you're playing on experienced, it's also one of the first chances to lose Connor.

Connor has to choose between stressing the android out to the point of getting a confession or going easy on him so he trusts Connor. If the player chooses to go too far and probes the deviant's memory, the deviant can become betrayed. He'll steal a gun from the detectives that come to take him to his cell and take out Connor and himself.

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