Detroit: Become Human Undercuts Its Whole Theme By Letting You Re-Enslave Your Robot

Detroit: Become Human, the latest neo-noir interactive game drama from developer Quantic Dream, tasks players with making game-altering decisions that impact character relationships and overall story outcomes, with the overarching themes of real human emotions, decision making, and freedom.

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In fact, the game actually interacts with player decisions well before diving into the story itself through the use of a title screen companion named Chloe, whom players can interact with and eventually “free” (should they choose to do so). If Chloe is freed, the title screen and other menus become empty of her presence.

However, due to an apparent overwhelming desire from fans, Quantic Dream has announced that players wishing to acquire a new companion for their title screen will be able to do so in an upcoming patch.

Keeping in line with the game’s decision-making mechanics, players will be able to decide if they want a new Chloe companion added to the main title screen. The announcement came directly from the official Twitter account for Detroit: Become Human, with the tweet being quick to note that the original Chloe will still be free; any new companion will be an entirely new model.

While this move clearly undermines the “live-with-your-choices” theme of the game, it makes sense from a data perspective, which is another interesting feature that the game utilizes. Each chapter ends with a tree diagram of the players’ choices while visualizing the numerous number of paths that could have been taken. Players can then compare their choices with world statistics, which show each choice and outcome with the total percentage of all other players who made each choice.


Likewise, after finishing the game, players unlock a twelve-question survey ranging in questions from favorite Detroit: Become Human character, to deeper questions surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence. The survey does not have much to do with the game itself, but acts more as a social experiment and fun way of seeing where your opinions stack up against the rest of the player population.

Allowing players the option to decide if they want a new Chloe model will provide a fun, additional choice adding to the game’s already impressive replayability value. It will be interesting to see how the new model reacts to being put in a position of servitude; especially (and hopefully!) if it is aware that the previous Chloe model was freed.

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