29 Whisper Confessions From People Who Ruined Their Lives Playing Video Games

These Whisper confessions are really upsetting. You won't look at all your gaming friends the same way after reading these.

Chances are that if you are already on a website called TheGamer.com, you probably have a predilection towards video games.  We are with you on that, but as with literally anything enjoyable, too much of a good thing can be a huge detriment.  It's hard to believe that the wonderful world of video games has actually been a negative addition to some people's lives.  In fact, warnings against video games seem like the kind of thing out of touch old folks go on weird rants about.  After all, gaming can never be a bad thing, right?

As we have discussed before, whisper confessions give us an intimate inside look into the dark underbelly of complete strangers lives.  Sometimes those strangers are gamers, and sometimes those confessions have to do with video games.  So this time we aren't discussing gamer girlfriends, Pokémon confessions, GameStop Employees, geeky girls or even video game addiction.  This time we are going to find out firsthand how people from all over the world ruined their own lives, or had their lives ruined by video games.  Our stalwart team of investigators have combed through the dustiest archives of Whisper Confessions to bring you some of the saddest examples of how gaming is a double-edged sword.  So sit back, buckle up, and do your level best to not become these sorry examples.

29 I Instantly Regret This Decision

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That has to suck.  Two days into what should be the rest of your life and you find out your husband is an avid gamer.  Of course, we don't know the whole backstory.  Maybe she is being too picky and just getting the shivers from being a newlywed.  Maybe the new husband legitimately has a problem.  Who can tell?  The biggest question I have is why he's playing video games instead of enjoying his honeymoon?  Here's hoping he hasn't gotten bored already! Either way, something is clearly amiss in paradise.  This is one of the huge dangers of video game addiction, if that is what happens to be the case here.  People who get too involved in games tend to ignore what is important to them (this will be a continuing theme in almost all of these entries).

28 Terrible Co-op

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These ones are always the hardest ones to read. Not only has someone let their whole lives become consumed by games, but their consummation has affected someone else negatively. I'm all for flushing your own life down the toilet in pursuit of gaming, but when you start dragging other people down like this, that's when it goes from sad to anger-inducing. Going by how many people on this list feel ignored, maybe the solution here is to have them all get-together and love one another?

How do we tell all the hurt souls out there that they shouldn't let themselves be defined by someone else, especially for someone who isn't giving them the appropriate level of attention they deserve? People, the world is a big place, and there is someone out there for everyone, and not just someone where you dote on them and they are glued to the screen. Everyone out there deserves a relationship of mutual respect.

27 When You Become The Side Quest

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This seems like a fairly concise summary of the other two posts.  Apparently there's an epidemic going around of neglected wives being shunned for some sweet virtual world goodness.  I'm sure many folks would think this is a trend of modern humans, that we have become so completely enamored with electronics that we are starting to neglect our women (or vice versa, women ignoring men).  I'd counter-argue that people have been using flimsy excuses to ignore their spouses since the beginning of time, be it busy at work, out with their friends, out at the tennis club or simply working in the garage.  When it comes to ignoring the people we "love" I'm next to certain there is no end to the excuses people can come up with!  So next time you escape from your partner in a video game, stop, save your game, and hunker down for a serious conversation.

26 The Term Cellar-Dweller Exists For A Reason

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We all know the housing market sucks, and that more and more younger peoples are living with their parents at later ages.  It's not the kind of thing that anyone can do anything about, it is a bit of a recession.  That being said, there is a big distinction between trying to get a leg up on life and staying with the parents while you wait for the right opportunity, and staying at home while pursuing nothing but your personal hedonism.  This isn't me talking down on gaming or collecting cards, but come on man, have a little balance in your life!

In short, enjoying the things you love is all well and good as long as you aren't a drain on the people around you.  Accepting help is always a good thing, but always make sure you aren't pushing the limits of decency.  Your parents will appreciate it.

25 It's Better Than Rage Quitting

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Tempers can get a little heated during a competitive game. This isn't exclusive to video games either, there have been multiple time when professional sports let their anger get the best of them. Half the reason anyone watches hockey is for the fights, so it is expected that untrained everyday folks who find themselves in the intense area of video games sometimes let their angry side out.

There's healthy trash talk, or an outburst, or even a slip of the tongue. All fairly excusable. But when it becomes a pattern of you habitually berating the other player, that's just you having anger issues. Remember that the point of a game, especially one played at home, is to have fun. And while it may be fun to just totally rip into someone that just used the Blue Shell on you, it isn't worth taking away their enjoyment of the game. Unless you are on rainbow road, then all bets are off.

24 Or Do You Have The Best Life?

Gaming all night has a weird social faux pas.  Most of society see gaming all night as some sort of addiction, or a waste of time.  But if you said the same thing about reading a book, would that same section of down-the-nose-looking society have anything to say?  What about a movie?  Or television?  At what point is your passion allowed to be socially acceptable to indulge in all night?  So while I'm sure this poster feels as if he is whittling his life away on something like video games, as far as I'm concerned, he spent a night pursuing a harmless pastime that he loves.  As long as it doesn't cause him misery in any other areas in his life, more power to him!  Of course, if you have school or work or a hot date in the morning, and staying up all night is going to cause you to bring anything other than your A-Game, really measure whether the all-nighter is worth it.

23 That Man Is Playing Galaga!

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I play video games at work all the time. Literally, all the time. Sure, video games are KINDA my job already, but shush. If I was stuck in a cubicle all day, you can bet your bippy that I would be rocking Farmville every moment my manager's back was turned. But that's the point, isn't it? We all sneak in a game here or there during the weekday, but we never let it pollute our work. In other jobs I worked I could walk through the office and hardly a screen I looked at wouldn't have up either Facebook or solitaire. It's the human condition to not want to do boring work.

The difference between all those people in my office and confession above is that it never got to the point where goofing off got them fired. That is the sign of a real addiction. The subject of this post let their gaming life slip a little too much into their professional life, and at that point, you might need to do a little re-evaluating.

22 When You Are Carrying The Squad

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Nobody likes being the hardest working person on a team full of slackers. The stress is immense, the payoff is never the best, and you feel taken advantage. I have been on both sides of that equation; I have been the person carrying a team, and I have been the person slacking off because I knew I could rely on someone else's hard work to get me a pass. I never claimed to be a saint, so please stop judging me.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation as the person who posted this, where someone else's out of control gaming habit has become too much of a burden for you to bare, say something. The first step to resolving a problem like this is always verbalization. And if they aren't responsive after that, it's time to cut the purse strings, and in this case, the controller cord.

21 No "Regrats," Indeed

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Depends on the party, right?  Sure, ignoring your social life for video games can be a huge indicator of a bigger problem, but sometimes, the party is just not worth it.  Maybe it's one of those parties where one guy is on the acoustic guitar all night, singing songs about Wall Street or Communism.  Maybe the party is only in a basement where the parents are awake upstairs so you have to keep it down all night.  Either way, some parties deserve an early exit, for any old flimsy reason.  The point is this poster actually went to the party, made the effort to be social, then decided that the whole thing wasn't worth it.

The honest truth is that there are way too many people stuck at parties, thinking about doing something else, but they stay there, listening to terrible music, simply because they've been conditioned to think leaving a party is rude.  It isn't.

20 Hermit Level 100

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There are a lot of social games out there.  Multiplayer across the world is astounding, plus we have things like the now-defunct Club Penguin or PlayStation Home.  Even with those two out of the picture, the gaming community is vast, so it is hard to picture someone being so embroiled in games that they feel a disconnect.  It would probably take a perfect storm of ignoring people in both the digital world and the real one to really feel like your social life has dropped off a cliff.  Here's hoping this poster figures out a way to make friends online to make up for the ones they are ignoring out here in the boring old real life.

If you miss something in your life, take steps to change it.  It probably isn't easy, especially making friends, but in the long run, which hurts more: the uncomfortable interactions of making new friends or the emptiness you feel when your social life is suffering?  Go out and make some gamer friends!

19 Ready Player 3?

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Here's another unsatisfied spouse, although they seem to be dealing with it in a completely different way. Instead of pursuing a divorce, or at least regretting the marriage in general, she seems to be looking to spice up her life with a little extra-marital company. Here's an example of how, when you put too much effort and concentration into a video game, you might lose focus on some other things that are important to you. I'm rooting on this being a polyamorous relationship and that there are as few victims as possible.

If an open marriage isn't the case here, I don't condone. Nobody wants to be ignored, but use your words, like a big girl, before going behind your spouses back and betraying their trust like this.

18 Classic Need Vs. Want

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I mean, that's most of us, right? That perpetual internal conflict that pulls us away from the things that will progress our "success" in life, towards the things that give us instant gratification. I'm sure someone smarter than me would suggest that finding a keen middle ground, where you study a bit and reward yourself with some games, is the key to not going crazy. But we all know that system doesn't work, we would read a single sentence and reward ourselves with a solid three hours of boss battles. The secret to my success? My homework involves writing about video games, so there is no conflict! You could too!

What we can all take away from this confession is that we are all prone to procrastination, so if you have a trick that keeps you from straying off the studying trail, stick to it! In fact, share your tips and tricks with your friends if you see them struggling!

17 Part Time Awesome

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I wish I was as awesome in conversations with human's as I am a wordsmith on this website, but sometimes life only hands us the ability to be great in a very finite setting.  This poster obviously feels like their life is a series of misfortunes and screw ups, but when they turn on their favorite title, they turn into a god.  Sometimes, for many people out there, this is their only time to shine.  We get stuck in bad jobs, bad marriages, bad lifestyles that we can;t seem to escape from, but we manage to find that one little area where we excel.  Are you the hero of your bowling team?  Are you leading your fantasy football league?  Are you really proud of your stamp collection?  Whatever it is that makes you the best, keep at it.  There are people out there envious of your mad gaming skills.

16 Mash B To Seduce

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Remember when you played Mass Effect and the chemistry between you and *insert any crew member* just lit up the screen?  You selected just the right thing to say, and lo and behold, they have a genuine and endearing response!  You like the same things! You have the same vague ideals!  You slept together really quickly!  This is perfect!

Unfortunately, real world romance doesn't follow quite the same formulae.  People almost never agree, your wardrobe malfunctions aren't a glitch, when you accidentally say something stupid (Mass Effect Andromeda is the best in the series) you don't get to load a previous save.  There's an endless barrage of things that can go wrong, and they often do.  If you hold out hope for something that will be as picture perfect as video games, you are going to be waiting a long time.  Besides, Liara was kind of a cold fish anyways.

15 Game Life Ain't Easy

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Honestly, I don't think it's easy getting a girlfriend period.  I'm not saying this from a place of negativity, or even from a place of being hopelessly single, I just think that the best things in life take a bit of work, and finding a quality girlfriend isn't going to be easy.  Like when you beat Dark Souls, nabbing the right lover will fill you with a sense of accomplishment.  Think of them as a living trophy to your smooth seduction skills.

That being said, you throw up roadblocks in your own way when you can't peel your eyes off the screen long enough to throw some interest towards the person you desire.  Ideally, find yourself a partner who agrees that gaming is life and you can just geek out until the cows come home.  It isn't impossible, and playing with someone you can spend time with when the power goes out always makes things just that little bit better.

14 Today Was A Good Day

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You know what the best part of being an adult is?  The ability to throw your hands up in the air and say "NO!" right before walking away to eat cake until you aren't angry anymore.  Sure, being an adult comes with the pressures to pay taxes and buy a green grocery once in awhile, but the pleasure of having the freedom to just kick back and let the world melt away.  What else is the weekend for?

I can understand why someone would feel the need to confess this, though.  Every time I find myself melted into the couch while the sink is piled high with a Tetris puzzle of dirty dishes, I get filled with a nagging sense of guilt.  Apparently being an adult is all about having the freedom to do nothing, but the sense of moral responsibility that never allows us to really pursue all the fun stuff.  All we ever get are small little windows of not doing any adulting.

13 Only Catch Digital Feels

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I can somewhat empathize with this one.  Sometimes, if a writer for a game is talented enough, they can flesh out the character in just such a way as to really tug on your heartstrings.  A character that is tragic, or hopeful, or roguish, a character that speaks to you.  Sadly, that kind of two-dimensional classification is missing out here in the real world.  Here people have complex motivations, and it isn't clear if they are the good guy or the bad guy.  There's so much ambiguity, how can anyone be bothered to care about all these noobs?!

This isn't something exclusive to video games, people have been holding up real-life interactions up against perfect fictionalized characters since we first created fiction.  It's always good to keep the thought in mind that you probably don't stack up that well against some of your favorite characters yourself, so if you don't appreciate being compared, don't do it to others.

12 Need To Level Up Their Seduction Level

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So I'm in the camp that thinks that this was whisper confessed out of some sort of sour grapes.  I mean, if you are charming and attractive enough, a reasonable person will put down the controller to interact with you.  In my humble opinion, the person writing this probably needs to step up their game so that they don't get outshone by Mario.  That's a pretty low bar to beat.  Although, I have to admit, Luigi is something of a handsome devil.

That being said, people shouldn't have to compete that much.  It's always good advice to know when to walk away, so if the object of your affection can't get out of Liberty City, there's probably another person out there that will.  Don't start putting down your own looks and personality simply because someone doesn't know how to appreciate you properly.  Nobody is worth that kind of personal doubt.

11 Still Alive, GLaDOS Would Be Proud

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I was hesitant to include this one in the article since this seems more of a case where the person who posted this needs to resolve some social hang-ups, and it wasn't necessarily video games which ruined their lives.  Ultimately I decided to include it because sometimes, when we have issues, we don't seek out the proper help.  Escaping is pretty much another word for avoiding, and avoidance is the exact opposite of resolving.

I think, as long as the person in question escapes into video games, they won't be facing their social anxiety head on, which is something that clearly needs to happen.  I'm not saying it will be easy, or quick, but learning to be a version of yourself that isn't too fearful to put themselves out there is definitely a reason to hit pause.  Games should be there to enhance your life, not as a way to escape it.

10 I'd Rather Be Cussed Than Doxxed

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If you are a gamer, and have been immersed in the gaming community for a while now, you've definitely come across a person (multiple people probably) that react inappropriately.  This isn't to say that they take games too seriously, because it's ok to get into a game, and feel emotions from playing.  I'm talking about the kid that swears up and down when they lose, that threatens and ridicules strangers online simply because they are performing poorly.  A poor sport, if you will.  Losing is easy, but any loss you face with a touch of grace isn't that bad of a loss.

Early we touched on how games are meant to be fun, and when you use language that disgusts or upsets your opponent, you are taking away that fun for them. I'm not suggesting that salty language has no place in the gaming world, but definitely use your adult words with a bit of discretion.

9 Feeling Twitchy

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Oh, Twitch, I still don't understand the appeal.  It was one thing when I watched a Let's Play, but watching people play, like looking straight at their faces?  Pass, please.  Why would it matter that it is live?  Am I affecting the outcome by watching?  But I digress, the point of this article is not for me to go on a long tirade about how pointless Twitch is.  Far be it from me to discredit a type of media that brings thousands of people joy, even if it doesn't make a lick of sense to me.

My personal umbrage with Twitch aside, it's sad to see someone who should be enjoying their time away from video games fall back into the habit by simply watching someone else play them.  At that point, it seems that video games serve more as a comfort blanket than anything resembling real entertainment.

8 Easy Mode

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I don't want to come across like I have the answer to everyone's problems, I don't.  I barely have the answers to my own problems.  Heck, I even have some of the problems mentioned here.  I especially have, in the past, identified with the issue here.  Nothing seems enjoyable except for a good video game.  When the world is full of disappointments, when everyone either seems to be gone or annoying, when life seems to be spinning your wheels without ever getting any traction, it's easy to turn to your favorite video game and taste a morsel of success.

When you feel that way, that's more a criticism of the way you are living than the way life is.  When you hate your job and your friends, it isn't an indication that having a job and having friends sucks, it's an indication that you need to change things up.  Except gaming, never stop gaming, or else I would be out of a job.

7 Crash (Bandicoot) & Burn

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In the town where I grew up, there was no shortage of people living off of government funds.  While I have no issue with someone using government funds to land on their feet, I do have quite the issue with someone using other people's taxes to loaf around and level up.  I feel like if I have to break my back all day, cranking out hilarious listicles to feed my horrendous video game addiction, so can everyone else.

This is a lot like the confession of the cellar dweller earlier.  The person posting this sees someone being a drain on society, making no moves to achieve their own success.  The person in question may not even be a video game addict, they may simply have a motivation problem, or might be depressed.  This may simply be a matter of correlation, not causation, with video games happening to be in a lazy person's life, not the cause of it.  I kind of hope that is the case, since the rest of this article has kind of cast video games into a negative light.

6 Why Put Off Today What You Can Put Off Tomorrow?

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Procrastination: The Silent Killer.  I'm just kidding, that's Hypertension (get yourself checked out today!)  But in reality, procrastination can kill a lot of things, like careers or relationships.  Procrastination becomes all that much easier when you have something so readily available at your fingertips to distract you from everyday drudgery.  The best way to combat this is to remind yourself that without a career, you won't be able to afford more games, which is, as we all know, the whole reason we go to work in the first place.  I guess I can't be too critical of procrastination since I'm next to certain half of you are reading this at your desk right now instead of working.  If that is the case, ignore what I just said, keep reading, you earned this.  Nobody is watching, just keep scrolling through these entries, and when you are done, feel free to go check out some more awesome articles.

5 Feel Free To Start Panicking

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Do Bitcoins still exist?  Am I way out of the loop?  A quick google search shows me that, yes, they might still be a thing, but no, they don't really matter.  They never really did.  Now feel free to jump into the comment section and tell me about the plethora of success stories that came out of bitcoin.  I'm sure these stories won't be on top of the ruined lives of the countless more failure stories.  Bitcoin is the future!

This here is a case of someone's game-oriented ambition not being quite rooted in reality.  Maybe this guy is the next Notch, and he is going to be raking in the bitcoin.  But when you have a partner involved, it's best to have ambition for the future as well as a solution for the present.  Hypothetical bitcoin (something that manages to actually be worse than bitcoin) doesn't put bread on the table.

4 The Empty Skill Tree

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We hear this one a lot.  People spend so much time getting skilled on double jumps or barrel rolls or whatever that they feel robbed when those skills don't translate into real world success.  So what do we take away from this?  Ignore video games?  Ludicrous!  Spend every moment learning a cornucopia of applicable skills?  That's too much work and you know it!  How about being a well-rounded individual that has time for leisure activities while also being proficient at a multitude of other things?

Many people know the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" but what most people don't know is that the real phrase is "Jack of all trades, master of none, but always better than a master of one."  That's right, having a wide variety of skills is better than being hyper good at one thing.  So learn how to change a tire while also memorizing the Konami code, have a little variety.

3 Is That You, Future Self?

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One has to wonder what exactly soured this poster to games.  I literally cannot imagine what would make me so bitter that I would need to leave an anonymous warning to strangers about the evil, corrupting power of video games.  Who gets so frustrated, so overwhelmed at the effect video games has had on their life that they make a blanket statement to stay away from video games?  Unless that game is Flappy Bird, then I get it.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you to ignore this whisper confession.  This confession does not come from a place of experience or worry for others, it comes from a place of prejudice.

2 How Many Calories Are In Doritos?

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This one was a little too close to home.  Yes, we all, collectively need to go to the gym more.  No, we aren't going to do it, Wolfenstein 2 comes out this month.  But I think we all (because I like to imagine you are all as out of shape as I am) wish that gaming also worked out our core ab muscles.  Hopefully, the future of VR will allow us to actually step on a Stairmaster while jumping around as Nathan Drake.

Would this poster be as hard on themselves if they put on weight while studying?  Or reading a book?  Or making art?  Or sitting in a cubicle?  Exercise takes up a lot of time, and sometimes we sacrifice that time, for better or worse.  There are only so many hours in a day, so try to find a schedule with a good amount of balance between pleasurable and profitable.

1 A No-Win Situation

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I don't think I need to spell out for you what that last line says, suffice to say this person has a lot of rage in them, but who's blaming them?  Depression is a horrible thing to deal with, and sometimes little pleasures are the only thing that help us get away from that darkness.  A marriage is a wonderful thing that takes a lot of work and attention.  Sometimes, to deal with one, you probably neglect the other.

Hopefully, for the lucky ones out there, their partner understands the things you need to stay sane, but for this unlucky soul, their escape into video games took their marriage away.  A bummer note to end on, but I suppose the moral of the story here is that video games aren't a viable substitute for actual therapy.  Remember, if you feel depressed and it is negatively impacting your life, find someone to reach out to, be it a friend, a family member, a social worker or a helpline, there are a ton of options.  There's always someone out there worried for your well being.  Especially me, I love all you dear readers.

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