Devil May Cry 2: How To Unlock The Diesel Costumes

The games in the Devil May Cry series frequently include numerous different costumes for its playable characters. Players can typically unlock these by completing various modes or purchasing them as DLC. This is true for Devil May Cry 2, which also features some outfits that are part of a product placement deal from the game's original incarnation.

Devil May Cry 2 features two playable characters, Dante and Lucia. Throughout the game, players can unlock other characters by finishing the game on different difficulty settings. Dante and Lucia each have unlockable costumes related to the Diesel clothing brand.

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Sometimes, brands must censor product placement in video games when localizing it for other markets. However, the Diesel costumes in Devil May Cry 2 not only survived into the international versions of the game but made their way into the HD remakes, as well as the port for the Nintendo Switch.

The Diesel Promotion

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Devil May Cry 2 comes from Japanese game developer Capcom. It's common to see advertisements in video games in Japan, with games such as Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker including clothing and items related to Doritos and Mountain Dew. However, product placement happens in video games outside of Japan, too. Occasionally it takes the form of entire games based around a product such as Yo! Noid, which featured a character from a Domino's Pizza ad campaign.

As far as Devil May Cry 2's Diesel promotion, these unlockable outfits for both Dante and Lucia were also available to purchase in real life upon the game's 2003 release. They include denim jackets and jeans for both characters, with an additional outfit for Lucia that includes striped jeans.

Unlock Through Regular Gameplay

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The conventional way to unlock the Diesel costumes for Dante and Lucia is by finishing the game. If the player completes Devil May Cry 2 on Normal mode using Dante, then they will unlock his Diesel costume. If they complete the Dante Must Die mode, then they will unlock Dante's appearance from the original Devil May Cry.

If the player completes Devil May Cry 2 on Normal mode as Lucia, then they will unlock the Diesel costume. If they complete the game on Hard difficulty, then they will unlock a second Diesel costume that includes striped jeans.

It's also possible to unlock new characters in Devil May Cry 2. If the player completes Devil May Cry 2 on Hard mode as Dante, then they will unlock Trish. Completing Lucia Must Die mode will unlock the Secretary.

Unlock Through Code

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But there's a much simpler method for acquiring Diesel costumes for Dante and Lucia. It involves inputting a cheat code.

To unlock the costumes, the player needs to select a character on the Top Menu. Once the player reaches the next screen for either Dante or Lucia, they need to input the following commands: L3, R3, L, R, ZL, ZR, L3, R3. If done correctly, a sound effect will play. However, the code does not unlock the striped jeans costume for Lucia. It only accesses her regular Diesel outfit.

Players can equip the costumes by loading a file and pressing either L1 or R1 to switch outfits.

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