Leaked: Dataminers Find Spoilers & Multiplayer In Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace

Dataminers have recently discovered files that suggest that Devil May Cry 5's Bloody Palace may include a multiplayer mode, as well as more spoilers about Vergil.

You may not be looking to delve too deep into the world of post-launch DLC, but that mysterious Bloody Palace mode sure looks like it’s going to be something special.

Devil May Cry 5 hasn’t even been out in the wild for a week yet, and we’re already seeing all kinds of details we probably shouldn’t know about. Maybe that’s not so surprising, though. After all, Capcom did that typical movie thing of showing some of the biggest and most spoiler-ish moments in the game's trailer.

It might be some kind of irony, then, that dataminers are hard at work discovering more of the game’s secrets, poking around in the files for the PC version of the game.

For better or for worse, datamining has become an inevitable part of gaming. Amid all the debacle over the PlayStation Classic, for instance, dataminers discovered what seemed to be 36 different games that were rejected for the system (the possibility of Grand Theft Auto 2, Crash Bandicoot, and more being originally intended for the Classic didn’t make anybody feel any better).

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While there are some things that players think we're just better off not knowing, leakers will barrel ahead and reveal the inner secrets of games regardless. So, what’s all this about Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace, then?

Previously, as franchise fans will know, the mode was a straight-up survival sort of affair. It saw players advancing between floors of a vast area by vanquishing hordes of enemies. As Game Rant reports, we know that the Bloody Palace is seemingly being added to the latest game via a free update in April, but we don’t yet know how it’ll differ from previous iterations.

One thing that does appear to be hidden away in the game’s files, though, is the possibility of multiplayer and matchmaking within the new Bloody Palace. Will it be true multiplayer? Will it be Devil May Cry 5’s not-multiplayer multiplayer? There’s no official word on that yet.

Via: Newsweek

There’s one last curious tidbit that the datamine appears to have unearthed, but it’s a bit of a character spoiler, so you should avert your eyes now if you don’t want to hear anything about that.

If you’re still here, you’ll be interested to know that it looks like Vergil (Dante’s brother) will be playable in the Bloody Palace. All of this has to be taken with a huge grain of salt until we hear anything official, of course, but a lot of fun stuff is about to hit the game regardless.

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