Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace Coming April 1st As Free Update

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Watch out, Devil May Cry 5 players. You’d better sharpen your skills, your blades, and everything else that could conceivably help your chances of survival by sharpening. The Bloody Palace is coming very soon.

Dante and Nero’s latest demon-hunting adventure has been out in the wild for around a week now. It’s been well-received by players and critics for its gameplay and story, even if it has attracted gamers’ ire for dabbling in that shadiest of practices: the microtransaction.

Are these premium purchases worth the money? Are they worth the huge controversy they stirred up, for that matter? We’ve already brought you an in-depth guide to that particular can of worms, so let’s blow past it for now. The important thing is that Devil May Cry 5 is bringing us some post-release content for free, in the shape of the Bloody Palace.

How do you fancy your demon-busting skills? Have you put the week since the game’s release to good use, mastering the combat system inside and out? Devil May Cry has always been about sleek, destructive, stylish combos, ghastly demonic foes, and high-octane action (think Bayonetta, with some of its ugliest Inferno-based enemies). It’s also not for the faint-hearted. To take that a stage further, only the best need apply for the Bloody Palace.

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If you haven’t been scared away by the steep challenge of nabbing a platinum trophy in the game (which, as we’ve seen, requires you to get S ranks in every mission on all difficulties bar Heaven or Hell), get ready for a challenge worthy of you.

The Bloody Palace has been featured in every game in the series (bar the original), serving as a sort of survival mode. It sees you progressing through a vast area, one floor at a time, by dispatching the variety of lumpen goons that reside on each one. If the main missions of the game aren’t difficult enough for you, why not see how far you can push?

The Bloody Palace hits the game for free in an April 1st update, and, as Game Informer reports, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It’s not a laughing matter at all, in fact, as you’ll see when you dive into it and the bosses get ever stronger.

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