25 Things That Make No Sense In Devil May Cry 5

Well, it has been over a week now and for a game like Devil May Cry 5, I think that is enough time to wait before spoiling the game. I'm not going to talk about every spoiler in this write-up, but just know nothing is off the table. So! You've been warned: Spoilers. This is also not just focused on revealing the big revelations in the game. It instead is going to look at both story bits and gameplay things that simply don't make sense. And yes, I realize trying to make sense out of Devil May Cry 5, nay, the entire series is a farce, but I'm going to try. Part of the charm of this franchise is that it is incredibly ridiculous and makes about as much sense as paying double the amount for pre-cut cheese as you would a normal block of cheese. How lazy can you get? I'm on to you cheese vendors!

Anyway, I also want to make it clear that these things aren't upsetting to me. Yes, some of the entries are confusing plot holes, but it didn't lessen my enjoyment of the game. Bringing them to light probably won't affect your enjoyment either because the game is great, confusing fusions and all. It's been a while since I replayed any of the games previous to this one so admittedly maybe some of these issues I found are explained elsewhere. So there is my apology if I get anything wrong. With that out of the way let us get on with the bewilderment.

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25 Why Did They Put "Sprinting" Behind A Pay Wall?


One of the best things about this game is the incredible amount of customization with your move set for all three characters. That said I found it odd that Capcom then decided it was a good idea for you to waste precious currency, aka Red Orbs, on stuff that should have been unlocked from minute one. You know like running and double jumping. I complained about this in my previous Devil May Cry 5 article, but it still boggles my mind.

24 Why Does Nero Shout The Name Of His Arms


Devil May Cry 5, in a lot of ways, is like anime. It hails from Japan and is over the top in all the right ways. One thing I found jarring in its similarities is the fact that Nero shouts the names of all of his robotic arms when he equips them and Dante shouts out the names of his stances. I love anime, but shouting out the names of moves has always bothered me. It is even sillier here. Bonus fact! There actually is a Devil May Cry anime.

23 Why Does Nico Accept Red Orbs As Currency?


This next one is a logic problem I have with not just Devil May Cry 5, but a lot of video games that have shops. So Nero and V can pay Nico Red Orbs for upgrades and items. First of all, she is a human. Who takes Red Orbs? What’s the exchange rate on demon blood?

On top of that, it’s the end of the world. Can’t you just give me the goods? “I have to make a living” is usually the reply in most games. Without me, there would be no world to live in!

22 Why Are There Scattered Arms Everywhere?


Nico is the one that built Nero’s arm for him. That is pretty solid and I have no qualms with that. However, I am confused how the various Devil Breakers get scattered throughout each level. If Nico built them all that means they are originals.

So are we to believe she went on ahead and scattered them for Nero to find, or is this just a video game thing that I should not think about? I think the choice is obvious.

21 Why Does Nero's Battle Music Spoil His Plot?


The battle music for Nero is “Devil Trigger.” It’s a great song, probably my favorite in the game, but it makes no sense because Nero does not have a Devil Trigger. Only Dante and V do and that song doesn’t play for them as they understandably have their own battle music.

Out of all of these entries, I think this bothers me the least, but I also found it amusing to think about. This changes by the end I guess. The song title then is a foreshadowing spoiler.

20 Mega Buster Costs Money... Come On, Capcom

Attack of the Fanboy

I still can’t believe the Mega Buster, Mega Man’s trademark arm canon, is a Deluxe Edition exclusive. It was advertised a lot in the trailers. If the thing was like $2 extra then okay, I guess that is fine. The only way to pay for it if you bought the standard version on disc is a $15 digital upgrade package that comes with it and other goodies. With the other stuff, it isn’t a rip-off, but it does rub me the wrong way, again, because of how it was advertised.

19 Nero’s Sword Revs Like An Engine... But Uh, How?


Eastern games sure do love to put a twist on classic weapons. I thought Squall’s Gunsword in Final Fantasy VIII was ridiculous, but also cool even if it didn’t seem logical. The same can be said for Nero’s Red Queen, which has an engine attached to it. Revving up a sword is amusing I’ll give it that, but what exactly makes the engine purr? Is there oil in there that he needs to change on a constant basis? Does it have a hemi?

18 Who Is V? And Why Does He Make No Sense?


Devil May Cry 5 does a pretty poor job of explaining V’s origins. It is like he was created just for a revelation, but that late game surprise doesn’t make sense. Virgil got the Yamato katana back, plunged it into himself, and separated man from a demon. That created the more human form of V, which looks nothing like Virgil, and the giant demon lord Urizen. I think someone on the writing staff played and or watched too many hours of Kingdom Hearts.

17 Ok, Why Can V Summon Goth Creatures?


Okay so V is the human form of Virgil. We covered that, but I have more questions to ask. Where exactly did those pets come from? They certainly weren’t established in any of the previous games. He’s like some form of demonic Pokémon Trainer, which is a joke I made before, but I still find it amusing. If V is Virgil then are the animals a part of him too? To bring back Kingdom Hearts, is Griffon a stand-in for Donald and is Shadow a stand-in for Goofy? The plot thickens!

16 How Are The Arms So Weak They Break Constantly?


Out of all the new additions to gameplay for Devil May Cry 5, I think Nero’s new arms are my favorite. I was disappointed to find out the Devil Breakers shatter like glass though and aren’t just various weapons you can swap on the fly. I mean are they made of glass? They’re way too fragile so much so that it makes me think Nico is a shoddy mechanic. How can they break and her van be able to burrow through the earth? Make the arms out of van parts!

15 The Van Is Brilliant — But It Makes Exactly Zero Sense


You know what? Maybe Nico is responsible for putting those arms around the levels after all. She can somehow take her van anywhere and I mean everywhere. At the end of most levels, right before a boss, you can call her up via a pay phone and she’ll come charging in. It gets more and more bizarre as the game goes on. This is strange given that at the start of some missions she tells V, or Nero, that she can’t follow and yet comes through at the end. Is she secretly powerful, or something?

14 Why Did They Hide The Co-Op Mode (Yes, DMC5 Has Co-Op)


The Devil May Cry franchise has always been about single player. So in that regard, I was surprised when I found out the game has co-op. The thing is it’s not implemented in a satisfying way. The game is short so my crackpot theory is it was put in at the last second to stop it from being resold too soon. It really does feel overwhelming underdeveloped which is sad because I do like it. It’s just that, well, it doesn’t make sense the way it is set up now.

13 Does Playing As 3 Characters Actually Work?


Having three characters is great and all, but it also made the game feel a bit disconnected to me. I’m not a fan of replaying games over again with a different character and seeing the same stuff. That’s kind of how previous character unlocks worked in this series.

Instead of doing that the game switches sporadically between Nero, V, and Dante so much so that I could never get comfortable with their play styles, as they are all extremely different.

12 Devil Memento Cry


Being confused by the gameplay regarding all three characters is one thing, but the story is equally problematic in similar ways. The game has you replay the prologue three times with all three characters and all ending the same way. That seemed like a waste. The way and times it chose to flashback was also odd and almost like they just watched Memento and thought, thought, “Hey that looks like a good idea” and then rearranged the story. On the plus side it does have some classic cheesy action we’ve all come to know and love.

11 Where Do Nero's Replacements Come From?


So Virgil comes back from who knows where, tracks Nero down, and then takes back his katana, which was Nero’s right arm. That’s strange, but I can follow it. Then Nico builds a hub network into his stump so he can equip new arms, or Devil Breakers easily. Here is the part I don’t understand. Well, one of many in regards to this. When an old arm breaks, the animation for Nero getting a new one looks like it’s coming from inside him. He holds spares on his belt so I don’t know if I’m seeing things. Is it just me?

10 The Whole "Demon Arm" Logic Issue...


Let’s talk about Nero’s arm. In Devil May Cry 4 Nero’s arm power was called the Devil Bringer, which we were led to believe is the result of some demonic curse. It is eventually revealed that it is actually imbued with the power of the Yamato somehow.

It turns out, in this game, which it is not only imbued with its power, but it is, in fact, the sword itself. I know this is a video game about demons, but this is really perplexing me.

9 Why Did DMC5 Remove Health Items?


Here is a little question that still bothers me. Why did Capcom take away health items? You can still regain health via Green Orb drops from enemies, but you no longer have consumables. In their place, we have Gold Orbs, which not only automatically revive you once fallen, but they restore the Devil Trigger gauge as well. Plus the game is littered with them and on top of that, they are a login bonus. As hard as the game can get I felt this threw off the balance and really eased things up for better, or worse.

8 Why Lock The Harder Modes


The game is tough especially when you’re first starting out and learning how the three heroes operate. Given time you’ll get a handle on things and if you’re having trouble, well I wrote some helpful tips in my previous Devil May Cry 5 article so I won’t repeat myself here. What I do want to talk about is burying the lead. There are two difficulties at the start and each time you complete the game on a newer, harder mode, another will be added. Why make hardcore players wait? They want to feel the burn now!

7 V's Plot Makes No Sense In The Context Of Gameplay


About halfway through the game, it is revealed that Virgil used the Yamato to separate his demon side from his human side thus creating V and Urizen. Since V is mostly human, without the full power of his demon half, he is steadily getting weaker as the game goes on.

So much so that he can barely walk as skin flakes off his face. This is in cutscenes. He is totally fine in battle after that. It is kind of a weird juxtaposition between story and gameplay.

6 Continuity In Nero's Arms


This one could be called a plot hole, but it is funnier to me than anything else. So there were times when I used all of my Devil Breakers in battle, thus leaving Nero with his exposed mechanical stump at the end. Yet somehow in the cut-scenes that follow he has another robotic hand. Maybe this was a bug on my end, because the game usually did a pretty good job of keeping up with environmental changes. I have no idea.

5 The Timeline Makes No Sense


For whatever reason, the game is pretty hardcore about reporting the time and date to players. I guess that’s because they do all of that Memento stuff. Anyway, the final battle with Nero and Virgil ends at about 4 PM. The final scene is around 6 PM with the Qliphoth tree destroyed and Nero and Nico speeding through Red Grave City. You can see construction perimeters have already been established. Really? Two hours after the battle? Who set up the scaffolding? There is no one to be seen.

4 Virgil’s Plan


Okay, let’s break down Virgil’s plan because I am at a loss. So he somehow figured out that he could use the Yamato to separate his two forms thus making his demon side more powerful. As a demon, he persuaded other demons to help grow the Qliphoth in order to grow a blood fruit that would power him up further to fight and defeat Dante. Then what? Oh, and how did he know Nero’s arm was his sword, but didn’t know he was his child? And then he turns sides at the end. It’s all very confusing.

3 The Secret Ending Is Lame


If you heard there was a secret ending in Devil May Cry 5, but didn’t look into it, please, let me spoil it. There really is nothing to spoil I should say because it is completely lackluster. It is possible to defeat Urizen in the first level with Nero.

If you do he fades away, you get some obscure text, not a cutscene, and then get credits. It’s supposed to be a joke, but brother, I wasn’t laughing. This is a wasted opportunity.

2 The Whole Dr. Faust Thing Is Hilarious (But Plain Ridiculous)


Late in the game, Nico gives Dante a white cowboy hat that belonged to her grandmother, the creator of Dante’s trademark pistols. When he puts it on he starts dancing like Michael Jackson, which admittedly was funny, but out of the blue. It also made a scarf appear. I thought this was just for comedic effect, but it’s actually a weapon. It’s called Dr. Faust and it lets you hurl Red Orbs at enemies via the scarf. Again, I have no idea how that works.

1 Yes, There Is Motorcycle Kung Fu ... But Come On.


The best weapon in the game probably makes the least amount of sense and it’s another one for Dante. After one of the boss fights he uses parts of its armor to resurrect a broken motorcycle. He doesn’t use it to just ride around. That would be silly.

He splits it in half and uses each side as a massive blade. What’s more, you can slap it back together in the middle of the battle and do some sweet motorcycle kung fu.

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