30 Things Even Super Fans Missed In Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is the much-anticipated latest installment in the popular Devil May Cry franchise. It came out not long ago, and, with a 98% approval rate (according to Google,) you could say it’s a rather successful game. Like most Devil May Cry games, it has a rich story, plenty of lore, and hours of gameplay featuring breathtakingly cool weapons and abilities. And, of course, it has plenty of secrets and Easter eggs for players to uncover.

One of key elements of Devil May Cry 5’s success is the way the game ties in familiar characters and references with newer, cooler abilities and enemies. It’s deeply anchored in the Devil May Cry world and feels both very familiar and completely innovative. Newer players will discover an incredible universe, and long-time players will be happy to be able to use their existing knowledge of the game in this latest installment. In short, Capcom outdid themselves.

There’s so much to discover in Devil May Cry 5, we thought we’d give you a top 30 of all the things even super fans may have missed. After all, the game references older games in the franchise, but also the Devil May Cry novels and animated series. With plenty of hidden details and secret missions, you’ll be sure to discover new things every time you play it. Please beware of minor spoilers concerning character appearances, weapon locations, and secret missions (all except the first one, which isn’t mentioned here as it’s fairly easy to find).

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30 The Identity Of Nico’s Dad

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Nico’s dad isn’t explicitly named in the game, but attentive fans will be able to put to put together a series of clues to figure out his identity. All signs point to Agnus, a character you’ll remember from Devil May Cry 4. Indeed, we learn that Nico’s father is from Fortuna, where Devil May Cry 4 was set. He’s also meant to have designed the Red Queen weapon. Not to mention, we know that he was eliminated by Dante… it all lines up!

29 A Secret Ending… Before The Game Even Begins

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Devil May Cry 5 begins with a scenario that’s all-too-familiar for gamers. In the prologue, you face a frightening, impossibly powerful boss that’d be hard to beat even much later on in the game. It annihilates you, and, after a cutscene, the real game begins. In DMC5’s prologue, you play as a considerably weakened Nero, facing off against Urizen. He’s meant to beat you… but if you’re skilled enough, you can actually defeat him, ending the game before it even begins and unlocking a secret ending.

28 Red Grave City: Nod To The Game’s Lore

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Part of the game takes place in Red Grave City; dedicated Devil May Cry fans will recognize this as a nod to the novels and animated series. It’s a reference to Tony Redgrave, the alias used by Dante in Devil May Cry Volume 1 and in the animated series. Another interesting fact about Red Grave City is that the developers traveled to London for inspiration; you can clearly see that while the design of the city is Victorian Era-inspired, some elements are from modern London.

27 Flying Hunter Secret Mission (Secret Mission 2)

While the first secret mission in the game is part of a tutorial and almost impossible to miss, these missions get harder to spot as you progress. You can find the second secret mission during Mission 3 : The Flying Hunter.

In the sewer, you’ll have to remove roots and gunk from a door with a green exit sign. To complete the mission, you have to prevent all the Red Empusa from escaping. This one isn’t too hard, but the secret missions will keep getting trickier!

26 Throwback To Old Bosses

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Did V’s familiars bring back some memories? If you’ve played Devil May Cry 1, that’s normal. Shadow, Griffon, and Nightmare are named after noteworthy bosses from that game.

Some bits of dialogue also reference these bosses, and if you pay close attention to the animation of V’s familiars, they’re very reminiscent of the attacks their DMC1 counterparts had. It’s a cool way to pay tribute to early games in the series! As we’ll see, Devil May Cry 5 is full of little nods to the past like this one.

25 Customized Cutscenes In The Deluxe Edition

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If you didn’t get the Deluxe edition, you may have noticed a greyed-out option in the menu: Customize Cutscenes. Unfortunately, this option is only available to fans who purchased the Deluxe Edition; if you have, all you need to do is complete Mission 2: Qliphoth, and you’ll be able to unlock these customized cutscenes.

These really are live-action cutscenes, which developers used as guidelines. They’re hilarious and, thankfully for those of us who don’t have the Deluxe Edition, they’re on YouTube.

24 V Secret Mission (Secret Mission 3)

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The third secret mission in the game can be found during Mission 4 : V. You’ll cross a bridge that’s going to collapse; after this: pay attention. You’ll need to find and collect the Nidhogg Hatchling that’s located next to a building entrance, on the left. After this, the secret mission starts. On the other side of the building, you’ll find yourself in a fight, where you can use V’s Devil Trigger, which will break a hole in the wall and reveal the beginning of the secret mission later on.

23 A Tribute To The Faust (And To Michael Jackson)

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The Faust were iconic Devil May Cry 4 demons. They were related to the Mephisto, and were easily recognizable thanks to their hats. In Devil May Cry 5, the weapon named Dr. Faust is clearly a nod to the Faust, and it takes the form of, guess what, a wide-brimmed hat.

We see what you did there, Capcom. The weapon grants abilities that are similar to those of the Faust in DMC4, and it makes Dante act in a very peculiar fashion— he starts posing and dancing like Michael Jackson.

22 The Devil Sword Sparda Secret Mission (Secret Mission 4)

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This next secret mission is found during Mission 5: The Devil Sword Sparda. Your objective is to get rid of all the demons without getting injured. You’ll need to summon V’s companion Nightmare to find this secret mission!

Keep an eye out for shipping containers, climb them, and use Nightmare to destroy the scaffolding wall you’ll eventually come across. After defeating the enemies that attack you, you’ll need to climb the yellow stairs, which will lead you to the beginning of the mission.

21 Finding The Kalina Ann

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The Kalina Ann— and especially its upgraded version— is arguably one of the coolest, most powerful weapons in the game. Devoted fans will remember it from DMC3! Unlike most of the hidden weapons, you can’t simply unlock it by finishing a mission—you’ll need to actually find it.

It’s located in Mission 11: Reason. Once you reach the ruins that Dante comments on, you’ll need to destroy all the Qliphoth roots in the checkerboard room, which will reveal a broken window leading to the room where you’ll find this weapon.

20 A Love For Motorcycles

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Talking about Dante’s weapons, do you know what’s even cooler than the Kalina Ann? A demonic motorcycle chainsaw sword, of course. The Cavaliere is just as absurd and as fun to use as it sounds, but it actually serves a dual purpose. Not only is it awesome, it also serves to establish a continuity between the games.

If you recall, Dante does seem to love motorcycles, and there were some in earlier games. By turning the familiar motorcycle into an chainsaw-sword, the Cavaliere gives Dante a great new weapon and reminds fans of previous games.

19 Demon King Secret Mission (Secret Mission 5)

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For the game’s fifth secret mission, you’ll have to reach the goal without touching the ground. Secret Mission 5 can be found late into Mission 8: Demon King. When you reach the second lava fall, you’ll need to find the grassy overhang on the right. From there, you’ll be able to use Grim Grip Points to reach the other side of the room. Jump into the opening and you’ll eventually find the beginning of Secret Mission 5. Just make sure not to fall!

18 Dante’s Fight With King Cerberus

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You’ll definitely be glad to have Dante’s super-powered weapons once you reach the fight with King Cerberus. You’ll find him in Mission 17, so by then, you should have quite a few in your arsenal. This frightening giant demon will throw everything at you: fire, electricity, ice…

In short, it’s not an easy fight. It’s also one that will remind long-time players of DMC3. If you played that game, you’ll remember fighting Cerberus, a “weaker kin” of the boss you face in DMC5. Cerberus could only control ice, but he was still a formidable enemy.

17 Genesis Secret Mission (Secret Mission 6)

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Secret Mission 6 can be found during Mission 9: Genesis. Get ready to fight, because you’ll have to eliminate all the demons before time is up! Before reaching the Catacombs in Mission 9, you’ll see a path blocked by demonic roots. By summoning Nightmare, you can destroy them, which will allow you to pick up the Blue Orb fragment behind them. Behind that fragment are some stairs; jump to them and a red beam should appear. You can then turn around to activate the secret mission.

16 Nico’s Grandmother

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While the identity of Nico’s dad is never explicitly revealed, we do learn who her grandmother is: Nell Goldstein, gunsmith extraordinaire. She’s one of several characters than fans will remember from the Devil May Cry novels and/or animated series.

Back when Dante used the alias Tony Redgrave, he and Nell were close friends, and Dante would often buy guns from Nell. She was removed from the canon after Devil May Cry 3, but Devil May Cry 5 brings her back!

15 Awaken Secret Mission (Secret Mission 7)

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In Secret Mission 7, you fight Death Scissor. You’ll need to be quick and precise in order to take down the enemy in one hit. In fact, you’ll also need to be quick and precise to find Secret Mission 7 (located in Mission 10: Awaken) in the first place, as it’s behind a timed door.

At some point during Mission 10, you’ll find yourself in a room with two timed doors and some enemies. Defeat them quickly, then go through the door on the right and climb the stairs to find the beginning of Secret Mission 7.

14 You Can Read V’s Poetry Book

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V can be heard reading from his poetry book when he's resting up. It’s pretty interesting to listen to, but did you know that if you position the camera right, you can read the poems yourself? The poems on the page aren’t always the ones V is reading (or reciting), so it’s worth a look.

It turns out they’re poems from 19th century British romantic poet William Blake! Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only time he’s referenced in the game: Nico also has a verse of Blake’s poetry tattooed on her ribs.

13 Reason Secret Mission (Secret Mission 8)

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In Mission 11: Reason, you’ll be able to find Secret Mission 8. You’ll know you’re there when you find Qlipoth roots in a vast old building. By destroying the first one, you’ll trigger a cutscene, and the building will sink. Instead of going down, go back up to where you came from; you’ll be able to reach a new pathway; look outside to find the insignia and launch the secret mission. You’ll need to keep a Stylish rank for a minute; activating automatic combos might help.

12 Morrison: An Anime Character With A Different Design

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Devil May Cry 5 brought back Nell Goldstein from the DMC novels and animated series, but also a few other characters, such as J.D. Morrison. In the animated series, Morrison is Dante’s agent, the one who brings him jobs. You might not recognize him at first, though, because DMC5 J.D. Morrison looks very different from his animated incarnation. It’s the same character, though, and a nice call-back for long-time fans! It’s always good to see fan favorite characters pop up in newer games.

11 Patty Lowell’s Call

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Talking about old characters making guest appearances in newer games, remember Patty Lowell? In the animated series, she was a young girl Dante protected. She ended up in his care for a while and lived in the Devil May Cry shop with him very briefly.

They share a bond that’s close and are practically family, so it’s good to hear her voice in DMC5! While we don’t see Patty, she does make an appearance via a telephone call during which she excitedly invites Dante to her eighteenth birthday.

10 Yamato Secret Mission (Secret Mission 9)

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You’ll find this secret mission while playing with Dante in Mission 12: Yamato. When you reach the statue with the sword, open the secret passage below it by filling the four pools of blood. Go down in the tunnel until you find a staircase. From the top of the staircase, you’ll be able to reach a ledge, which will activate the red beam. Finally, turn around to see the secret mission symbol. This mission requires you to stay in the air for more than 15 seconds and is probably one of the easiest secret missions.

9 Tips To Beat Enemies In Nico’s Journal

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It’d be a mistake not to consult Nico’s journal! Not only is it full of interesting lore and story points, it also contains detailed descriptions of enemies… as well as tips on how to beat them efficiently. Sure, pro players may not feel like they need these tips, but take a look anyway— you never know what useful tidbits you’ll find. Not to mention, it’s always interesting to learn more about the creatures you’re facing and about the game you’re playing!

8 Riding A Devil Breaker As A Rocket Board

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Dante’s fighting style and his general use of weapons is extravagant, over the top, and absolutely mind blowing—not to mention incredibly fun. The motorcycle chainsaw sword mentioned earlier might have been a clue. But there’s no reason Dante should have all the fun: Nero’s Devil Breakers are pretty awesome, too.

In particular, the Punchline Devil Breaker allows Nero to launch the hand part like a rocket that he can then ride like a hover board. If you haven’t tried that yet, I definitely recommend it.

7 Diverging Point: V Secret Mission (Secret Mission 10)

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You’ll find the 10th secret mission during Mission 14: Diverging Point: V. Towards the end of the mission, you’ll see Dante and Nero fighting in the background and find your path is blocked by roots. Destroy them, and instead of heading down the path you just freed up, go over the place where the roots were and stand on the red beam then turn around to make the secret mission symbol appear. Your goal is to get to the end of the mission without touching the ground; the easiest way to do that is with Nightmare.

6 Bael The Butcher Stand In The Market

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In Mission 4, you’ll find yourself in the ruins of a London market. Look around and try to see how many Easter Eggs and references you can find! For instance, you’ll see a "Bael the Butcher" stand. Fans who played Devil May Cry 4 will remember Bael, a giant ice-toad you face off in a boss battle.

During the fight with King Cerberus in DMC5, the boss also references Bael. As for the “Butcher” part, it could a reference to the Butchers from DmC: Devil May Cry.

5 A Sign For The Sparda Express

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Not far from the market, you’ll find ads for something called Sparda Express on the walls. As you know, in Devil May Cry lore, Sparda is the Legendary Dark Knight or Legendary Demon Swordsman. He’s also Dante and Vergil’s father, and many things in the DMC universe are named after him, including, of course, the legendary Devil Sword Sparda. An express service seems like an odd thing to name after a figure of legend like Sparda, but it’s a funny little reference you can spot if you pay close enough attention!

4 Diverging Point: Nero Secret Mission (Secret Mission 11)

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Secret Mission 11 is located in Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero. You’ll most probably need the Air Hike ability and the Gerbera Devil Breaker to reach it. Find the hidden path behind the first Divinity Statue of the mission and make your way towards the blue orb fragment with the Devil Breaker.

Using Gerbera and double jumping a lot makes this easier. On the ledge to the right, Nero will say he feels a strange presence. You should head towards the small point to activate the red beam and find the secret mission.

3 A Rose For Your S Rank

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Achieving the S Rank with each different character makes them do a specific taunt, and fans who worked hard enough to get an S rank with Dante know that his is quite entertaining. He’ll throw a rose on the ground and say “And you are set free.” This is an allusion the the monologue Dante delivered in DMC4 when he defeated Berial, which was full of innuendos. Looks like even though Dante is older in DMC5, he’s still got it!

2 Diverging Point: Dante (Secret Mission 12)

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The final secret mission of the game is found in Mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante. Once you jump into the pit with the two rolling lizards and defeat all the enemies in there, head down to the platforms below you and go to the platform with the Red Orb Tree. Take the path behind that tree, reach the platform with the white and green orbs and then the platform with the red and white orbs. You’ll see a small alcove: jump there, then look back out, and you’ll find the beginning of the mission.

1 Just For Mega Man Fans (In The Deluxe edition)

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Mega Man fans will be happy to learn that there’s a nod to their favorite character in Devil May Cry 5. The Mega Buster, one of Nero’s Devil Breakers, is, you guessed it, a Mega Man arm. This is, in itself, pretty cool, but it’s even better when you realize that Nero’s animations change to resemble Mega Man’s once this arm is equipped.  For instance, he’ll jump with his arms extending out. That’s a pretty fun reference to include in the game!

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