Devil May Cry Director Says He's Surprised By V's Positive Fan Reception

Hideaki Itsuno, the director of Devil May Cry 5, has admitted that he's surprised by the warm reception the game's new character, V, has received since its release.

With the game having launched on March 5th, Capcom has experienced great satisfaction in their quest to keep fans happy; and two million copies sold in two weeks is a testament to the game's success.

Devil May Cry 5 saw the introduction of a new playable character in V, who turns out to be the human half of Vergil's soul. Itsuno says he is very surprised by the way fans have taken to this new inclusion who he thought would be "more divisive."

"I'll be honest, I was actually very surprised by the positive reception, he told USgamer.net. "When we created the character, I thought V would be much more divisive, where I thought people would either really like him, or be very lukewarm about him.

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"From what I've seen, everyone's actually been very welcoming of his addition, which has been really great. I think it's because I made him quite powerful. I have a rule that when you introduce a new character, you need to make them very formidable.

"I think that's part of the reason why he was received so well. In terms of comparing him between Nero and Dante, I felt like we didn't expand his gameplay nearly as much as Nero and Dante. You actually see him appear in fewer stages, just to kind of balance that out. I think that level of tuning also added to the satisfaction of his gameplay component. All in all, I was surprised, but still very happy that he was received so well."

Itsuno has credited the emotional storyline with the game's overall success, claiming he wanted to "make people cry after Mission 20." Having read comments online and gone through a few YouTube reviews, he's found out that some people did cry after beating the mission and he's pretty proud of that.

"It's cool to see that kind of feedback and know that I was able to accomplish what I had set out to do," he adds. "That was a great success."

The irony here is too rich.

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