Devil May Cry 5: Every Weapon, Ranked

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Devil May Cry 5 marries hack and slash mayhem with todays hyper-realistic level of graphics. Continuing the franchise, you must fight your way through hordes of enemies, using insane abilities and all the ferocious weapons in your arsenal.

With three playable characters and a range of weaponry at each of their disposal, it can be hard to choose which way you want to destroy your enemies. Do you hack and slash your way to victory, or are you more of a ranged attacker? Are you obsessed with the new Devil Breakers or would you rather stick to the more old school Devil May Cry weapons? With so many weapons and endless combos, it can be hard to choose.

We at TheGamer have put a ranked list of all the weapons you can use in Devil May Cry 5, so take a gander and try out each and every weapon at your disposal. Fair warning, if you haven’t played or completed Devil May Cry 5 this article will contain spoilers.

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11 Devil Breaker

A new addition to the weapon roster in the franchise, the Devil Breaker is used to replace Nero’s stolen arm. Nico being the engineering genius that she is has created a wide variety of Devil Breaker arms you can outfit to Nero.

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From Overture to Ragtime, the Devil Breaker arms provide a powerful weapon with a long list of possibilities when it comes to obliterating the spawn of hell. You will be able to choose a load-out of different Devil Breakers as you unlock them throughout the story, and whilst an extremely powerful weapon, they have durability which is important to factor in. You don’t want to end up with one arm!

10 Balrog

The Balrog turns Dante into the best combat fighter in all of hell. The Mortal Kombat roster better keep an eye on Dante when he chooses to wield the unruly set of fists and feet that is the Balrog. Whether you want to pummel the hell out of evil (pun intended) or high kick the Empusa, the Balrog brings all your Street Fighter desires to the world of Devil May Cry 5.

9 Shadow

Shadow, V’s black panther materializes when called upon and packs a might punch on V’s behalf when it comes to mowing down the hordes of enemies.

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As with all weapons, if you upgrade Shadow and unlock a lot of its combination moves, Shadow becomes and unstoppable feline, obliterating your foes with sharp precision.

8 Griffon

Griffon, V’s mouthy bird of prey will talk your ear off whilst holding back V’s enemies and chipping away at their health. Using lighting attacks and an array of other ranged attacks Griffon is V’s essential ranged weapon who always, and I mean always, talks back. In addition to being a great weapon at V’s disposal, Griffons allows V to jump and glide down as he hangs off Griffons claws, a handy skill to get those hard to reach orbs.

7 Nightmare

The most formidable of V’s assets, when your devil trigger gauge is high enough you can call upon Nightmare, a colossal beast that falls from the skies to aid V in battle. Having a remarkable amount of strength, Nightmare is V’s go to asset when he’s in a struggle or needs to deal a large amount of damage.

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Whilst powerful, Nightmare is limited to when the devil trigger gauge runs out, so make sure to use it wisely.

6 King Cerberus

King Cerberus is a powerful nunchuck style weapon that Dante acquires later on in the game. If you could use this weapon earlier in the game it would probably be higher on the list, however due to its massively over powered nature it comes later in Dante’s story. Using ice, fire and lightening this weapon provides fast paced close combat attacks that can decimate your enemies.

5 Cavaliere

The Cavaliere is a motorbike-turned-weapon that still acts as a motorbike. It’s pretty bizarre, but it's very, very cool. Sadly, you cannot ride the Cavaliere freely around the world and levels of Devil May Cry 5, but it does provide a powerful heavy weapon for Dante. Wielding the split bike as two separate ‘hammers’ or riding it straight into your foe, the Cavaliere has to be one of the coolest and craziest weapons in Devil May Cry 5.

4 Nero & Dante’s Guns

Nero & Dante both wield long range weapons in the form of guns. Nero has Blue Rose, his trusty sidearm that packs a powerful punch, especially when charged. Dante has a larger repertoire in his armoury. Starting with the double-barrelled shotgun Coyote A and the duel wielding pistols Ebony & Ivory you have the choice of big damage action or high rate of fire bullet hell.

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Later on, you’ll unlock Kalina Ann 2, a powerful rocket launcher that can fire multiple rockets at once, one of Dante’s more powerful and useful long-ranged weapons.

3 Rebellion & Sparda

Rebellion is Dante’s trusty sword that you begin with when you first play as Dante. A vicious sword that holds similar mechanics to Nero’s Red Queen (discussed next), you will be able to hack and slash your way through hordes of Emphusa. Sparda is a legendary weapon Dante acquires later in the game, an ungodly sword that will put the fear into almost all of devil’s hell-spawn. Rocking a garish toothed monster style, this weapon will strike with unforgiving power.

2 Red Queen

Red Queen is Nero’s main starter weapon, a dark sword that Nero uses to cut down hordes of Emphusa among many other enemies. This is Nero’s main close-range weapon, and once you unlock the various skill tiers becomes a formidable blade at Nero’s disposal.

1 Dr. Faust

Dr Faust is a fun, quirky weapon given to Dante by Nico later on in the game. It is a hat that you can throw and also provides healing abilities. It also has a scarf, which again can be used for ranged attacks and can be used to heal Dante.

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