Devil May Cry Animated Series Is Coming, Set In The Same Multiverse As Netflix's Castlevania

The Devil May Cry series has seen a revival of sorts over the past year, with the announcement of Devil May Cry 5 at E3 and an upcoming musical based on the series that will be performed in Japan.

Soon, the Devil May Cry series will be entering the world of animation, as Adi Shankar has announced that he is helming a cartoon series based on the franchise.

Adi Shankar revealed in an interview with IGN that he is adapting the Devil May Cry video games into an animated series and that it will share the same multiverse as the Castlevania series that he produced for Netflix, which he refers to as the "bootleg multiverse."

Adi Shankar has yet to confirm whether Netflix will be involved with the production or distribution of the series, which suggests that he may still be shopping the idea around to different networks. The fact that he has claimed that the Devil May Cry series is connected to Castlevania suggests that it will be a Netflix production, with a potential crossover between the two series in the future.

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Adi Shankar said that he purchased the rights to produce the Devil May Cry series himself, which may explain the lack of Netflix involvement at this stage.

The Castlevania series produced by Adi Shankar/Netflix has been a huge success and has proven that video games can indeed be adapted to the screen. The popularity of the second season of Castlevania meant that a third season was greenlit almost instantly and will be coming in the future.

The upcoming Devil May Cry animated series won't be the first cartoon based on the franchise, as there was a twelve episode series called Devil May Cry: The Animated Series released in 2007 by Madhouse.

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Devil May Cry seems like an easy fit for an animated series, due to its action and flashy visuals. What really makes us excited about the prospect of a "bootleg multiverse" of shared video game cartoons is that we may be seeing a televised version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was something that Marvel themselves attempted in the '90s when they crossed over their Spider-Man and X-Men animated shows.

The reason why a lot of attempted cinematic universes don't work is that the people in charge want to rush to making The Avengers without making sure all of the individual elements are in place. If Adi Shankar's crossover plans are to come to fruition, then he needs to make sure the Devil May Cry series stands out on its own without needing to rely on a crossover with the Belmonts to draw in the crowds.

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