10 Best Devil May Cry Cosplays In Time For Halloween

Devil May Cry is a great source of inspiration if one is looking for a badass and stylish take on Halloween. The series is known for its Gothic and twisted creatures and enemies, the protagonists being half-demon themselves. For a series as long-running as DMC, there will be plenty of awesome cosplay to go around.

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The biggest challenge with these cosplays is the large weapons (e.g. Rebellion, Kalina Ann) that need to be crafted. It doesn’t help that these weapons have many details and extra parts. That doesn’t stop these cosplayers from getting super stylish! Here are some amazing DMC cosplays just in time for Halloween!

10 LeonChiro As DmC Dante

Via Antonio Starace

The Devil may Cry reboot by Ninja Theory wasn’t well-received by the DMC fanbase and got favorable to mixed reviews from critics. That did not stop some fans from cosplaying as this alternate version of a younger and edgier Dante.

Leon Chiro, a prolific cosplayer, presented his rendition of DmC Dante at Kitacon 2014, an annual geek fandom convention in England. Leon was able to nail the hairstyle, outfit and the cool appeal of DmC Dante. The best part of the cosplay is the sword, which had much care put into its craft. Well done, hunter!

9 Carol Island As DMC4 Nero

Via Carol Island

Carol Island is a Chinese cosplaying who enjoys drawing and painting. She provides a detailed cosplay of DMC4 Nero on her Tumblr blog. The hair is almost perfect, the outfit is greatly assembled. The best part of the cosplay is the Devil Arm.

The arm took Carol a month to construct, and they were originally going to put lights in it. However, they were not able to get it to light up. They simply replied with “Sad [sad face].” Lights or not, the cosplay is amazing! Carol has created other cosplay related to DMC, including DMC3 Dante and V from DMC5.

8 Candy As Trish

Via Milligan Vick

Mick Villgan was the photographer of this cosplay and did Candy’s make-up. Candy has the perfect hair and face to dress up as the enemy-turned-ally of Dante. Milligan Vick, the photographer of the photoshoot, did the make-up for Candy.

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There are slight deviations to the outfit, such as the white designs on the upper hem of the corset top, but it compliments the look. The inclusion of Trish’s dual pistols and pizza also fits the setting and cosplay overall.

7 Giu Hellsing As DMC4 Lady

Via Giu Hellsing

Here is a SSSpicy take on Lady’s DMC4 outfit. What’s so mesmerizing about this cosplay is how bold Giu Hellsing’s heterochromatic contacts are; it really reinforces Lady’s cold and focused stare. She even has the sunglasses to match the outfit. It’s like Giu borrowed Lady’s outfit for the day.

Giu posted this cosplay in celebration of International Women’s Day this year. She noted that Lady is one of her favorite characters and that she “sometimes I see [her]self in her!” Her previous cosplay work includes Samus Aran (Metroid), Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill), Bayonetta (Bayonetta), Bowsette and DC Comics characters like Wonder Woman and Batwoman.

6 Narga As DMC3 Lady

Via Grigoriy Volodkin

Narga cosplayed as Lady with her DMC3 costume. She first presented the cosplay at IrgoMir 2013, an annual Russian exhibition for video games. Narga assembled all the necessary details to make the cosplay as real as possible: the buckles, the gear, the gloves and boots and much more. Even the hair is precise and close to Lady’s hairstyle in DMC3!

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For the Kalina Ann, an associate created the prop while Narga herself painted it. Narga also created the costume and prepared a performance. Her previous cosplay work include Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) and multiple female characters from Warcraft series, including Jaina, Tyrande, and Alexstrazsa.

5 Limo Liz As DMC3 Dante

Via Limo Liz

Limo Liz presents a gender-bent cosplay of the demon hunter on the cosplay Amino. She tackled Dante’s DMC3 appearance, throwing on a black shirt, lowering the brown strap and wearing a black miniskirt. It appears that she is also wearing leggings that has cross-shaped designs – a great add-on.

The hair is one of the biggest changes; instead of keep Dante’s short hair, Liz opted to have long hair that flows past her shoulders. She noted in the post that she created the sword Rebellion herself and that it is mounted on her wall. You go girl!

4 Nethicite As DMC3 Virgil

Via Nethicite

Another cosplayer brings a gender-bent flavor to a classic DMC character: Virgil. Dante’s antagonist brother gets quite the change in Nethicite’s interpretation. She has much longer white hair that Virgil’s spiked hairstyle. Nethicite’s top is a little revealing but stays true to Virgil’s actual dress shirt. The signature blue coat is the best part of the cosplay along with the hair.

The photography was done by Matthew Dudley. Nethicite’s previous cosplay work includes Felicia (Darksiders), Tatsumaki (One Punch Man), Poison (Street Fighter), Bowsette, X-23 (X-Men) and Fran (Final Fantasy XII).

3 Kuji Oniisan As V

Via KujiOniisan

Kuji Oniisan pulls off a super stylish cosplay of V from Devil May Cry 5, the mysterious third protagonist of the game. He has all the necessary accessories while getting the costume itself right! The most notable parts of V’s appearance are the tattoos and cane. Kuji nailed the tattoos, and the cane almost looks like the real thing!

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Kuji and his partner LadyxZero created the cosplay together. He makes it no secret that he is a big fan of the franchise, too. His previous work includes Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Sephiroth, Noctis and Vincent Valentine.

2 ContraMundi As Nico

Via ContraMundi

ContraMundi delivers a stunning cosplay of DMC5’s Nico, the mechanic who tinkers with Nero’s Devilbringer arm. Everything is on point: the hair, expressions, outfit – even the tattoos are matching beat for beat. The Russian cosplayer posted the photoshoot earlier this year on Twitter to celebrate the release of Devil May Cry 5.

Hideaki Itsuno, the game director of DMC5, even gave her cosplay a retweet and shout out on Twitter! Itsuno said, “Awesome! It sounds like a real thing! No, than the real thing!” DualShockers covered her impressive cosplay when DMC5 was released.

1 LeonChiro & Glory Lamothe As Dante & Lady

Via Photographes Sans Frontieres

LeonChiro returns in a duo cosplay photoshoot with Glory Lamothe. Lamothe portrays Lady, while Leon takes on mainline series Dante. The pair even had a setting structured like Dante’s office from DMC1 to 3. There were great action shots with guns, while more comical and normal shots show the pair playing around with pizza.

Kotaku AU covered this cosplay photoshoot, highlighting the sexual and romantic undertones in half the photos. Leon and Lamothe got close and personal, the article highlighting a fan shipping between Lady and Dante. The photography was done by Photographes Sans Frontieres.

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