Devil May Cry: The 10 Most Insanely Difficult Missions In The Series

Devil May Cry is a series known for being insanely difficult, but these missions are beyond frustrating. Anyone up for a boss fight against Dante?

People generally shy away from difficult games, but Devil May Cry’s charm has been how much of a challenge it presents to players. Due to its reputation as standing out among the hardest games there are, the series has garnered fans who want to prove themselves as the best out there.

In case you’ve got your hands on a Devil May Cry collection, then you’ll certainly want to go on a binge run of the series; and for that, you need to know which missions will present the most difficult path. With that in mind, here are the 10 most insanely hard missions from the Devil May Cry series.

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10 Mission 19 - Devil May Cry 4

This was designed to be a repetition of a similar level in Devil May Cry 3, and became equally as frustrating. Here, you had levels to go through in order to reach the main antagonist. Unfortunately, these levels comprised of hitting a dice, which would firstly require you to battle several enemies, followed by the worst part of the mission.

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The end of a level had to do with battling a boss you’d met before in the game, and this whole process was repeated once you went on a higher level. Basically, you had to fight the previous bosses all over again, along with fighting several enemies at once.

9 Mission 20 - Devil May Cry

Every time Nightmare showed up, he did so to haunt our dreams. In this final confrontation with the antagonist, we had a mission totally dedicated to bringing him down, which wasn’t even half of how fun it sounds.

There’s no point in going through the strategy to beat Nightmare because it was more or less a case of your luck going your way. As always, the antagonist kept bobbing around the place and attacking us at every turn, with the horrible strategy of exposing him to light causing us all kinds of headaches. Even after killing this guy we didn’t feel satisfied, because of all the trouble he made us go through.

8 Mission 12 - Devil May Cry 3

If someone were to tell us we’d have unlimited Devil Trigger we’d have been whooping in delight, but this mission made it such a burden that we couldn’t wait to get past it. The Devil Trigger was on for the duration of the mission, but so was the health bar draining at rapid levels.

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Bringing our misery in further was the presence of hundreds of demons on the cart we had to stand on for quite a long time, as Dante’s health kept on being a burden; it didn’t help either that enemies came in the form of explosive ones.

7 Mission 15 - Devil May Cry

Making this more difficult than it should’ve been was the confusing route that had to be taken. With so many ways to venture toward, it was inevitable you’d get lost, and the game would always throw in several enemies as well-meaning you didn’t have any time to gather your bearings.

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There was also the matter that every environment within this mission comprised of cramped spaces, which took out the option of jumping and giving yourself room to attack. Finally, adding the punchline to our woes was the final Griffon boss fight, potentially dying by whose hands meant you had to restart the confusing mission again.

6 Mission 18 - Devil May Cry 4

We’re not sure if we should call this difficult or just plain frustrating; either way, Mission 18 really takes the cake where feeling the heat is considered. The mission required you to navigate Dante around a series of broken platforms in order to incapacitate the enormous Savior statue.

The hard part came with all the needless platforming required, which had you running around the whole time trying to avoid blasts from the antagonist and breaking apart crystals on its body, all of which were placed in extremely difficult places. A whole lot of repetition also came with the territory, and a couple of mistakes meant going through the process again.

5 Mission 5 - Devil May Cry 3

This might be among the most difficult levels ever, and not because of the difficulty in fighting enemies, but due to the fact that we could never understand just where the heck we were supposed to go.

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There were no direction signs in Temin-ni-gru, meaning you had to get yourself lost several times just to memorize where the pathways were. Those that don’t have access to walkthroughs will have no idea which way to go, and the presence of hundreds of enemies in every door meant valuable health and time was wasted in figuring this out. Plus, once you did get on the right track, the enemies here would jump at you all at the same time.

4 Mission 4 - Devil May Cry

The missions started off in the worst ways by presenting the wraith-like enemy on our face, taking whom out was both a chore and a guaranteed way of losing half of your health. Making this enemy’s presence all the more infuriating was what was waiting for us afterward.

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Nelo Angelo made his first appearance, and his resemblance to Dante’s style meant we had nary a clue how to beat him. With our health already quite depleted, Nelo Angelo would proceed to wreak havoc on our only newly acquired skills. Beating him took several retries since there was hardly a way to understand what his fighting strategy was.

3 Mission 2 - Devil May Cry 3

The intro to the game had us believe Dante was this invulnerable guy who could survive clear impalings, but this mission brought us back to reality. New players to the Devil May Cry series were left shellshocked to find this mission be so insanely difficult.

Since the game didn’t give the Easy mode option straightaway, the entrance of the Grim Reaper-like demon spelled the player’s doom several times. Getting past the horde of demons was already a ridiculous challenge, but when this demon with the scythe walked in, it would be curtains for new players. And on Dante Must Die mode, even seasoned players had more than a few retries.

2 Mission 10 - Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry has never been a platformer game, so any time we are required to undergo the business of dodging and jumping, it almost always results in a depleted life bar. This mission predominantly comprised of navigating Nero around several lasers, all of which would cause Nero to land several steps back if hit by even a fraction of a laser.

Once you managed to dodge all these obstacles, you’d be hit with the toughest boss in the series in Dante. Dante was like those laser obstacles in the flesh, as he would cut through Nero with venomous jabs, with almost no strategy working against him. First-timers usually had to pull a trick like the Holy Water to beat Dante, seeing as he was so freakin’ difficult to land a hit on.

1 Mission 18 - Devil May Cry 3

This was the level that caused gamers to rage quit and then maybe even burn down their Devil May Cry 3 disks. It was bad enough the game had made us fight such difficult enemies, now it forced us to fight all of them in the same mission!

There was no going around it either, as a confusing pathway had to be made on a map based on the enemies killed in order to proceed further, which meant you could have the fight of your life and have it mean squat because it wasn’t relevant to the map. There were hardly any health upgrades either, and the dozens of enemies had their difficulties amped up to the highest degree as well. Just thinking about this mission gives us panic attacks.

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