Devil May Cry V Patch Removes PS4 Censorship... You Perverts

Rejoice all ye degenerates, the latest patch for Devil May Cry 5 now allows you to see Trish's butt for 3 seconds during a cutscene. However, the patch only removed censorship for American copies of the game on PS4.

Recently, Capcom released patch 1.07 for Devil May Cry 5, which added the Bloody Palace mode. However, in an unannounced change, the patch also removed a lens flare that covered Trish's butt in a certain cutscene. In the cutscene, Dante rescues Trish from a demon, who is holding her captive (and naked) inside of its body.

The lens flare has not been removed from European versions of the game on PS4. Devil May Cry 5 for the PC and Xbox One, as well as the Japanese version of the PS4 game, did not have the lens flare to begin with.

Since the change was unannounced, there's no information yet on why Capcom decided to remove the lens flare from only the American version of the PS4 game but left the European version unchanged. Eurogamer has reached out to Capcom for comment, but the publisher has not responded.

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The back and forth over whether to censor nudity in the PS4 game may stem from recent changes in policy at Sony, who produce the PlayStation consoles. The company has recently been removing or censoring sexual content from many games released on the PS4. For example, last year the PS4 release of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal was delayed after Sony wanted the Intimacy Mode removed.

But, this then begs the question of why the PS4 version was censored in the west but not in Japan.

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The answer probably lies in the long history of nudity censorship in Japanese media brought over to America. The most famous case is probably Yu-Gi-Oh! cards such as the Dark Magician Girl who had cleavage removed or covered in their American versions, as well as Japanese anime that were localized by the infamous 4Kids TV. Perhaps Sony's decision to censor the Western PS4 version of Devil May Cry 5 was an attempt to anticipate the cultural differences of the American audience.

Although, that still doesn't explain why the European version remains censored. Until Capcom or Sony decides to speak up, players will just have to live with the mystery of Trish's disappearing and reappearing butt.

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