Diablo 4: 10 Things We Want Blizzard To Include

The Diablo series has gone through some interesting changes, both bad and good. Many fans consider Diablo 2 to be the highlight of the series with Diablo 3 introducing some interesting developments to the gameplay.

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Many fans are both hopeful and leery of the promised Diablo 4 and whether it’ll be a return to formula, an innovative breakthrough, or a half-handed cash grab. In any case here’s what fans hope for in the upcoming game.

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10 PVP Expansion

Diablo 2 had some interesting PVP gameplay that gave players a competitive incentive to grind endlessly for better gear and constantly tweak builds to nudge that DPS a little higher.

It would be interesting to see that fleshed out more heavily in Diablo 4. Competitive matches between teams, tighter 2 vs 2 matches, tag teams, even some creative game modes. Players enjoy testing their mettle against each other and having that accounted for in Diablo 4 would give players a reason to grind.

9 Longer Story Mode

It’s becoming more and more common for RPGs to have sprawling and interesting storylines for players to grind through. Diablo 2 had a story that took roughly 35 hours to complete and fans are hopeful Diablo 4 will expand on that by delivering a game that takes 40-50 hours.

It’s important to note that the length should be a result of a long and engaging story, not ridiculous grinds in order to progress or because it takes that long to explore the world. It should stay linear, but dive into more locations, more meaningful quests, and show the player growing gradually over time.

8 Meaningful Loot

The grind for loot is only worthwhile if the loot is good. Diablo 3 introduced an interesting concept to have players grind for more and more personal power, but this had the effect of making the items less interesting or important.

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Instead of players grinding for that powerful sickle for their necromancers they were wielding random spears or axes because it boosted their overall power. Introducing powerful items that shakeup the gameplay or interesting synergies would put the grind back on items and less on Paragon levels.

7 More Difficult

Something that would be fun to see in Diablo 4 is having the player become more and more powerful, but never feel like they can throw caution to the wind. It’s a great feeling watching enemies fall before your axe or fire spells, but it gets boring if there’s never any threat.

The character should grow as a result of the player strategically planning their build, donning the right equipment, and grinding with purpose. Shredding through tough endgame enemies should feel like a reward not the default style of play.

6 Larger Parties

One of the most addictive experiences in Diablo 2 was running the campaign in co-op mode with a total of eight players. The game ramped up the difficulty to match the fire power of the party and it made for some great moments.

For whatever reason Diablo 3 stepped back to only supporting four player co-ops and this was frankly a mistake. Fans would love to see Diablo 4 return to the large co-op style of play and even introducing large raid dungeons for 10-20 players to tackle together.

5 Skill Tree

The Skill mechanics have been a controversial subject for fans. On the one hand players like the Diablo 2 skill tree that has players focusing on different skills for unique builds to complement their style of play. On the other hand players like that Diablo 3 took the pressure of planning builds, removed the risk of creating broken characters, and having to restart if you want to try a different skill set.

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Finding a compromise or even a hybrid of the two would be a great way to satisfy the fan base. Skill trees that allow players to pick individual skills or pick an automatic template that makes the choices for them, even introducing the skill trees again but with a respec/reset option would be a great middle ground for fans.

4 Pets/Minions

Admittedly Diablo 3 did a great job of making gold gathering more automated and seeing a continuation of that in the next game would do wonders. Having pets or minions that not only run around scooping up gold, but possibly also gathering items based on your filters would streamline play and bring more focus to the fights.

Also having a mechanic that allows the player to store items on the pet/minion or even send them back to camp to drop off the goods would keep players in the grind and be a great quality of life improvement to the series.

3 Deeper Endgame

Diablo 3 recognized that players are wanting more to do in the endgame and tried tickling that itch with Paragon levels and endless replay ability. Its’ a step in the right direction and should be expanded on in Diablo 4.

Customizable dungeons, crafted areas, missions, even realms reserved specifically for the endgame would give players something to do when they want to grind after the story is over. Gamers like having a reason to log on after the credits roll and giving them more to do in the endgame is the way to do it.

2 New Realms

The Diablo series in general has done a great job of taking the players to wild locations and chaotic realms. Endless deserts, terrifying jungles, crumbling cathedrals, the depths of hell and the heights of heaven, but there’s so much more that could be explored.

The lore of this universe is rife with interesting possibilities, the Black Abyss within the Burning Hells, the Void, unknown pocket dimensions where powerful beings either hide or are imprisoned in, other worlds where the war between heaven and hell are raging and places that have already succumbed to demons. There are countless possibilities and Diablo 4 could take players to places other than Tristram, the top layer of hell, or another desert.

1 Darker World

The first Diablo had a gritty storyline of players descending into a cathedral consumed by corruption. Diablo 2 saw the former heroes fall into madness and the demons fighting amongst themselves as they conquer the world.

Returning to that dark and gritty tone of the first games is probably the biggest wish of the fanbase right now. Many want to feel that their actions matter, the morality of it all is a dark shade of gray, the heroes must make horrific sacrifices simply to delay or contain evil because defeating it is not possible, and maybe even see the player unwittingly carry out the demons’ plans like the first game did.

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