DICE Removes Duos From Battlefield V Firestorm Because There Aren't Enough Players

Battlefield V has eliminated one of the modes for its battle royale mode, and fans are none too pleased.

The Battlefield series is probably the closest thing that Call Of Duty has in terms of actual competition. Even if it's not as popular as it was in its hey day, COD is still very much a titan among video game franchises, and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's embrace of the battle royale genre has helped the series stay on top of the gaming world.

Battlefield V's Firestorm mode was added later after the game was already released, and it was mostly received as a fun battle royale mode that needed a little bit of work to be truly excellent. That being said, it still led to a great rise in Battlefield V's player base, and gave the world yet another battle royale game to run around in. However, despite its initial popularity, some variations of Firestorm apparently don't have the player base to justify their existence.

According to a Reddit post by DICE, the Duos Mode of Firestorm has been removed due to a low player count. Even though the mode was very popular when it debuted, it was originally intended to only be a temporary mode to begin with. The mode was taken away, but fans were so vocal about it staying, that it was added back in shortly afterwards. Since then, the mode's player count has significantly dwindled, and DICE made the recent decision to disable its matchmaking.

Even though the mode's player count was low enough to justify its removal, fans are actually quite upset with this decision. Many Firestorm players have actually called out DICE, expressing their anger over the mode being cut out of the game once again. Many people on the Battlefield V subreddit have been saying things like "No duos. Back to PUBG then" or "Can they make a single good decision for this game?" Which is probably not the reaction DICE or EA wanted.

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To be fair, DICE didn't declare that the mode was gone for good. In fact, the DICE community manager, who goes by the name "PartWelsh," released a short statement saying that “Genuinely, [Duos] will return. Whether we do that on certain weekends every month, or for a week to celebrate each of the future Firestorm updates - you will see Duo again.” So Duos will return eventually, but most fans still feel that it shouldn't have been removed in the first place.

You can still play the regular Firestorm mode, so if you're looking for a destructive battle royale experience, you can check out Battlefield V on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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