Dicey Dungeons Rolling Onto The Switch And Mobile Devices Next Year

Dicey Dungeons was released exclusively for the PC, but a post on Cavanagh's blog confirms that both mobile and Switch ports are coming.

Earlier this year, acclaimed indie designer Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV) debuted his newest game, Dicey Dungeons. This new release quickly earned its fair share of critical acclaim, including the Grand Jury award at this year's IndieCade independent games festival. Initially, Dicey Dungeons was released exclusively for the PC, however a new post on Cavanagh's blog confirms that both mobile and Switch ports are currently underway.

Dicey Dungeons is of a similar style to a recent, genre-defining hit, Slay the Spire. Whereas in Slay the Spire players must progress through a rogue-lite dungeon through combat utilizing decks of cards, Dicey Dungeons' similar setup equips players with dice rolls in combat. Different characters utilize dice rolls differently, but ultimately different kinds of rolls amount to different kinds of spells and attacks.

While Slay the Spire was released all the way back in 2017 (in early access, to be fair; its proper release wasn't until January 2019,) a Switch port saw the light of day in June of this year. Like many games before it, the game found new life on the Switch, an ideal system for games that can be enjoyed in shorter play sessions—one "run," in roguelike vernacular—made easier by the console's portability.

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The same could be true of Dicey Dungeons. A single run lasts about half an hour if completed, or less if the RNG gods doom your run early on. The game stays fresh by including multiple playable characters, each of whom utilizes a drastically different core mechanic that requires learning a new way of optimizing dice rolls. Each character can also be played through six unique episodes, each of which adds a different modifier to that character's run.

Since Dicey Dungeons doesn't require an internet connection it's an ideal game for a waiting room, daily commute, etc. The mobile and Switch ports have no announced release date, other than an indication from Cavanagh that they will arrive next summer at the earliest. Whether it takes until the summer or significantly longer to get them into working shape, it's easy to imagine that a game so ideal for portable devices will be a hit all over again.

Source: TouchArcade

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