The 10 Most Difficult Choices to Make in RPGs

RPGs are classically loaded with opportunities for players to make difficult choices. These games made it harder than ever to do the right thing.

Making decisions can be fun, but sometimes it can also be very difficult. That is a real-life fact, but what about in video games?

There are some people out there who would say, “How could making a choice be difficult? It’s just a game with no real-life consequence.” Except what they do not take into account it that the player is attached to the story and characters. While their choice will have no consequence on reality, it will have a consequence to the characters and the story within the game. If they find they do not like the consequence based on their choice, it’s possible they will turn off the game and restart from the beginning. That’s a real-life consequence.

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So here is a list of some of the most difficult decisions players had to make in video games.

10 Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Well Of Sorrows

Until Dragon Age 4 comes out, players may still not know the full extent of the consequence of this choice. However, it felt like a big one.

All you know going in is that drinking from the Well of Sorrows will bestow power to you. Depending on the companions you bring, you get different amounts of information. For example, Cole tells you that you will always be hearing voices. Sera thinks the water will possess you. Solas wants nothing to do with it and will not elaborate as to why either.

You have the choice between you or Morrigan drinking from the well, and Morrigan is more than willing. So not only are you measuring the consequences on both of these characters, but you also have to decide whether you trust Morrigan with the power or not.

9 Life Is Strange: The Bay Or Chloe

In Life is Strange, you go from choosing on whether to water your plant or not to choosing the life of an entire town or the life of your best friend.

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Max can time travel and she used those powers to constantly save Chloe's life. In fact, the first time she used her power was to avoid Chloe getting shot in the school bathroom. Through the game's progression, you find out that every episode ends with a strange environmental happening. For example, a bunch of whales get beached or there is a surprise eclipse. The last episode has an enormous storm. Then you find out the storm is your fault, because of the constant use of your powers. Chloe realizes this and offers to sacrifice herself for the town. All you have to do is go back in time and not save her anymore. Except, this is your best friend. So what do you do?

8 Mass Effect 3 Endings

Mass Effect 3's endings were so emotional for the players, that they even rioted when the endings did not meet their expectations. To be fair though, the endings were not very fleshed out until Bioware later released free DLC.

The three choices were to destroy, control, or synthesize with the big bad of the game, the Reapers. Most fans went into the ending with plans of destroying them but then found it difficult, as destroying them would also destroy all other A.I. life (which includes some of your close companions and entire races like the Geth). So it was a tough call for many fans.

7 Bastion: Abandon Or Reset

Bastion beings at the end of the world and your goal is to get enough power to fix a device that can undo the calamity. Once you fix it, you can either activate it or use the power to leave for a better place.

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If you activate it, you and your companions will be launched back in time before the calamity. However, it's pointed out that you still may fail to undo the apocalypse. It all depends on whether you retain your memories and can find your companions.

If you just leave, then you guarantee the safety of yourself and your companions. So at least there is a guarantee. However, you did not save the world.

6 Fable III: Be Evil And Save Everyone Or Be Good And Let The Them Die

A huge ethical question humanity has dealt with is "Do the ends justify the means?" Fable III took that question and made it the driving force to the games' plot.

The decision is an umbrella over a bunch of little decisions. All you know is a devastating threat called the Darkness is coming to Albion. You need gold to fund Albion's defenses.  The easiest way to get gold is through obvious evil choices, such as destroying land for gold or turning an orphanage into a brothel. If you pick the good decision though, you lose gold. The good decisions would be to clean the environment or to better the orphanage.

5 The Walking Dead: Do Or Do Not Kill Lilly

At the end of episode 3 of The Walking Dead game, you get a choice to tell AJ to either shoot Lilly or shot her mercy. Lilly has killed and taken children, so why not let AJ shoot her?

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Well, the complicated part is James doesn't want you to. He thinks AJ is on a dangerous path towards becoming a monster. However, if you do what James wants, Lilly kills him. If you have mercy on Lilly though, James absolutely hates you and AJ displays some disturbing behavior.

4 The Witcher 2: Vernon Roche Or Iorveth

This choice is about whose companionship is more desired. Geralt has to choose between two very characters, Roche or Iorveth, to spend a long time with. What makes this decision difficult is that it determines the game. Picking either one will take you to a completely different area with different characters and quests.

Besides choosing different paths, which guy do you like hanging out with more? Besides that, which cause is more righteous? Helping the oppressed elves or advancing Temerian interest?

3 Skyrim: Kill Or Do Not Kill Paarthurnax

The real decision behind killing or not killing Paarthurnax is whether you want to hang out with the Greybeards or the Blades. There is a moral implication in the choice as well. Paarthurnax has committed awful acts on humanity in the past, and the Blades think that he should pay for those crimes.

However, Paarthurnax mentions that he is a changed dragon and he brings up a thoughtful way to think: is it better to always be good or to be transformed from bad to good? If you kill him, the Greybeards will no longer speak with you. If you do not kill him, the Blades will no longer speak with you.

2 Fallout 4: The Fate Of The Institute

The first part of the plot in Fallout 4 is to find your son who was taken by the Institute, a highly advanced group that influences the wasteland from the shadows. Throughout your journey, you learn of the atrocities they committed, like murdering entire settlements.

However, when you find your son you learn that he is an old man and leader of the Institute, you have to make a tough choice.  Do you join your son, who was your reason for braving the wasteland? Or do you take down the Institute and make your son your enemy?

1 Nier: Automata: Delete Your Game?

Once you get the true ending of Nier: Automata, you get take on a heavy choice as a gamer. Do you delete your save file and all the progress you have made in order to help other players beat the game?

This could be easy for some players, who do not pick up a game again once they beat it. However, it can be hard for others who just like to keep a games' progress as complete as possible. Deleting your save data goes go to a good cause, as the ending of the game is severely difficult without help from other players. However, are you sure you want to make that sacrifice just yet?

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