25 Totally Impossible Star Wars Cosplays (That Fans Still Pulled Off)

Star Wars has the most intricate characters of any franchise, but the dedication of fans always takes them above and beyond.

The Star Wars franchise has spanned generations now, using new stories and characters to create a dynamic and adaptable universe that has massive appeal. People are as drawn to the Force as they are drawn to magic! It is an unidentifiable and intangible energy that captivated science fiction fanatics of all ages. Whether you prefer the Jedi, the rebellion, the Republic, the Empire, or the First Order, there is a faction for every fan.

I remember seeing the original trilogy on cassette for the first time as a child. Every day, I would either watch Star Wars or Indiana Jones while doing (or putting off) my homework. The prequels happened, and as a humble teenager, I enjoyed the heck out of them in the theatre. We all make mistakes!

When I learned of the new series, I was hopeful that the new team had learned from the mistakes of the prequels to deliver us some amazing content. While they have done a decent job of writing some entertaining stories, there is still so much about both the old and new stories to love. We all care so deeply about the stories being told, and the characters involved. The stories succeed because of the brilliant characters, as fans attest through their marvellous creations. Cosplaying truly is one of the sincerest forms of flattery, and all these talented individuals represent many of the Star Wars characters we love so dearly.

Except you, Kylo Ren. No one likes you. You know what you did, and you should feel bad about it.

25 A Flower Blooms At Twi’lek

via cosplay-it.com

This beautiful rendition of a Force-sensitive Twi’lek is none other than Aayla Secura. If you haven’t watched Clone Wars, you might not be familiar with her. She is a Jedi Master who becomes a Jedi General to support the Republic. She is bold, brave and not afraid to fight alongside her troops.

In fact, Aayla Secura was a big part of the battle that began the Clone Wars.

Where do you think this Aayla Secura is, crouched as she is among the flora of some lush world? On Tokmia? Dubrillion? The cosplayer has really put in her dedication to making this look stand out. The boots are detailed, the body paint is literally flawless, and her headpiece is amazing! The material is absolutely perfect. It very nearly matches her skin, and seems but a flawless extension of her head.

Cosplay by Kimette.

24 Stand Aside!

via imgur.com

Across the fandom, one thing I love is the ability to be super creative. People take established characters and recreate them to absolute perfection. And then, there are other artists who know how to tackle an idea, a entire class, an alignment or all of the above! Being able to create an original character based on just that is absolutely outstanding.

Here, we have a Sith OC that the cosplayer Scarlet Jewel created and named Kiora Mal. She has sewn her own costume, inspired by the overall look many Siths seem to have. Siths seem to prefer a Goth-style and edgy sort of look, and Scarlet Jewel as nailed it. Her wig is extraordinary, since you don’t see a hairline at all. Her makeup is particularly interesting since it makes her contacts stand out and add depth. Her irises match her lightsaber, which is extra cool.

Who doesn’t want matching accessories?

Cosplay by ScarletJewelCosplay.

23 Something Wicked Sith Way Comes

via geeklandmag.com

If you are a big fan of cosplay, especially with greater dedication and appeal, you are probably aware of famous cosplay artist Jessica Nigri. Here, again, we have an excellent version of an OC Sith.

The costume is fabulous and is really enhanced by the little details.

The fraying of the cape reminds me of General Grievous. The detail of her makeup is also superb. The small mark on her nose, as well as the heavy black lines across her forehead and cheeks give her a slightly alien and Sith-like air. Again, the contacts she is wearing enhance her allegiance to the Dark Side, as do the myriad edgy buckles on her costume. Her shin guards are another nice touch, giving this piece an additional sci-fi feeling. I only wish we knew her name!

Cosplay by Jessica Nigri.

22 A Mirage Afar

via facebook.com

Cosplayers are so dedicated to their craft that they often focus on lesser-known characters, or invent their own with detailed backstories. This is one of those moments. I had never heard of Darth Mirage, and, after much digging, can only find a reference to her on the Star Wars Fanon website, stating that she is “a female Sith during the Federal Sith Empire.”

That aside, this cosplayer has shown us clear dedication. That costume is gorgeously built. Every piece is well-thought out, and, through her makeup, you can see fangs. Fangs! The production of this photograph is just as phenomenal. The photographer is Milos Mlady (*tips fedora*), and he is talented to put that background together. The effects are super realistic, and the movement of the piece is brilliant.

Cosplay by Germia.

21 An Orbiting Satele

via nebulaluben.deviantart.com

Here we see Satele Shan throwing herself into battle to actually save the day, like the amazing Padawan she is. She is such a cool character, and let me tell you why: she comes from a Force-sensitive family, and studies hard to become a Jedi. She goes to Korriban to further her skills, and is there when the Sith retake the planet.

She manages to escape and warn the Republic of the event. After becoming a Jedi Knight, she fights in the Great Galactic War. What makes her great is that she is not perfect. She falls in love with Havoc Squad Commander Jace Malcolm but is strong enough to end it when he begins to be corrupted. She bears his child and gives the baby up to keep fighting!

Cosplay by Nebulaben.

20 A Luminara In The Dark

via kokorodzasysu.tumblr.com

This gorgeous cosplayer is posing as Luminara Unduli. Luminara is a Mirialan Jedi Master, and is the master of Barriss Offee.  This happened before Barriss turns on everyone and everything she ever stood for—no, I am not still bitter about that.

Luminara is strong-willed and brave, even going on to face Ventress alone, knowing how dangerous she is. She almost loses in battle, but is thankfully saved by Ahsoka Tano, another amazing Jedi knight.

The level of detail on this particular cosplay is phenomenal. The material of her skirts, the velvet panel on her chest, and how her bracer matches the runner down her front are all amazing. That headdress looks like it is made from velvet, and weighs probably a billion pounds. Her makeup is fantastic, including her hands. She also has done a great job on Unduli’s chin tattoos.

Cosplay by Su-kun.

19 A Bright Duo

via cpt-tightpants.tumblr.com

Speaking of Ahsoka Tano, here we have a young Tano posing happily with young Anakin Skywalker. This obviously happens before he goes all bonkers fulfills the prophecy. Tano, or “Snips,” is the perfect foil for Anakin’s broodiness. She is a Togruta, and was eager to prove herself in her Jedi training.

She disobeys orders on a decently regular basis, but even after defeat, she finds a way back to victory. And then we have Anakin, who is a rather different style of character. You really can't tell what turmoils lie in wait behind that calm and happy interior. Even so, both cosplayers have achieved the carefree childishness of their young characters, displaying proud poses and bright, happy colors. Playtime with these two would certainly be a time to watch!

Cosplay by Cpt Tightpants and Mina Kess.

18 A Whirlwind Of Fun!

via cleigh-cosplay.deviantart.com

What do we have here? Why, I daresay that is Darth Moros! If you have no idea who that is, do not be afraid or ashamed. She is someone’s OC, a Torguta Sith. Her motto seems to be: “Peace is a lie; there is only passion.” This seems properly Sith-like to me.

The headpiece is striking, and seems almost to glow. Her outfit is gorgeous and her hand-painted skin is, again, flawless. And can we take a moment for me to just admire those super cool thigh-high boots?

So much detail has gone into the beautiful headpiece and costume, but we shouldn't forget the amazing photographic retouches. The swirl of blue around her hand suggests a deep and abiding power in this strong-willed Sith character, and we love it.

Cosplay by Cleigh Cosplay.

17 Knight In Living Color

via aminoapps.com

Let me tell you a thing or two about the Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren! She is a revolutionary leader against the Galactic Empire, and is the living inspiration behind the symbol of the Alliance.

Before she was in the rebellion, she built weapons she erroneously believed to be used for peace. Unfortunately, those very weapons were used on her loved ones, after which she left her home of Mandalore. Working as a bounty hunter, she was convinced to join the rebel crew by Captain Hera Syndulla, whom we shall see lower on this list.

Thus, Sabine Wren became an important part of the rebellion and a symbol of hope. She is colorful, to say the least, and this cosplay lives up to the character. From her flawless wig to her war-worn armor, she embodies the character.

Cosplay by Crazy Twinkle Star.

16 Simply Luminous

via cosplay.com

We have the amazing duo of Luminara Unduli and her faithful apprentice Barris Offee. Both look fantastic, but it is the Luminara we want to discuss. It is up to us to imagine, but to me, she seems always ready to engage in battle. Her lightsaber is ready to be drawn, and she knows how to use the Force to calmly take down an enemy or twelve.

Aside from the makeup, which is expertly done (I mean, check out those chin tattoos!), I think my favorite aspect of this cosplay is the headdress. That took time to make, and is so beautifully detailed. The trim alone probably took hours to sew, or paint.

She has the intensely vibrant blue eyes of the character, which stand out amongst all the neutral browns and deep greens of the image. The Barris Offee is also quite beautifully crafted, and her cape is amazing.

Cosplay by Hiron.

15 We're Gonna Take Offee

via supercoolpics.com

Even more than Anakin, Barriss Offee breaks my heart. Offee begins her journey as a loyal Jedi, training under none other than Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. She is smart, eager and dedicated to the cause. She becomes close to Ahsoka Tano, despite how different Tano is.

As the war drags on, Offee begins to question the Order more and more, thinking they have strayed from the ideals of true Jedi.

Unfortunately, it leads Offee to attack a Jedi Temple, even going so far as to frame Tano for the crime. She eventually confesses and thereby frees Tano, but it is too late for Offee. She has already fallen to the darkness in her heart. This cosplay is fabulous because, not only are the tattoos perfect, but even the material of her shirt is exactly as it should be!

Photography by Thomas Cordy.

14 This Sith Is Bananas

via soylent-cosplay.deviantart.com

This gorgeous cosplay is none other than Darth Talon, a Sith Lethan Twi’lek. They are red skinned Twi’lek, with is the rarest color of all. As a Sith lady, Talon holds one of the highest ranks for a Sith.

It is little wonder that each of her black tattoos represents an instance of combat when we learn that she overtakes her own trainer to fully become Sith, rather than just an apprentice. She goes on to (reluctantly) train one of Luke and Leia’s direct descendants, Cade Skywalker (who is just as reluctant).

This cosplay is gorgeous. She has the tattoos well done, and the headpiece is longer than other Twi’leks, which is accurate. In the comics, Talon has quite long head-tails, or Lekku. But this cosplayer has been generous withTalon’s outfit, as the Sith loves to expose her tattoos.

Cosplay by Soylent Cosplay.

13 Ky-Whoa!

via instagram.com (@curly_detective)

Can you believe that this is the same person?

Ah, the magic of makeup! This cosplayer has done an amazing job at providing us with both super detailed versions of Kylo Ren! On the left, we see the gender-bent Kyla Ren. She is perfect feminine mirror of the classic Kylo Ren, on the right.

I really enjoy the well-thought-out details: on the female version, she has added beauty marks all across her face. On the male version of our favorite new Sith, there is an added depth to his eyes. The red and blue are both illuminating his irises beautifully.

She has even added some nice bags beneath his eyes, letting us know how haggard and emotionally drawn he is. Well, considering what he just did, I cannot say I am surprised.

Excuse me, I have to go grumble angrily into a pillow for the next, say, twenty minutes.

Cosplay by Curly Detective.

12 Mother Of All Buns!


Can you believe that this is cosplay? I mean, can you actually believe that this young woman made all that and styled herself in such an impeccable and uncanny way? She is Padmé Amidala. I have to confess, this is one of my favorite cosplayers, and I follow her on Tumblr.

She has done some amazing cosplay in her day, as I have linked to her Tumblr page below. She is a fantastic cosplay artist, and a great example of the dedication and drive required to effectively create this kind of art.

Look at her! This picture is actual art. That dress and that embroidery belong in a museum, next to this framed picture. This is one of my favorite dresses Amidala wears, and this cosplayer has replicated it so well.

Cosplay by Starbit Cosplay.

11 Oh My Goddess!

via pinterest.com

Hera Syndulla, a green Twi’lek from Ryloth, is a central figure to the early rebellion. She experienced great loss early in the Clone Wars, and becomes an top class pilot, setting off to begin her own rebellion against the Empire. She picks up others along the way, like the magnificent Sabine Wren we saw higher up.

She is eventually promoted to General within the Rebellion.

Let’s discuss this beautiful image of Hera. This cosplay took dedication to make, and no detail is too small to include. She has her flight suit down to perfection, but even took the time to paint the parts of her wrists that would be exposed between her sleeve and her (super cool) gloves. Her headpiece is, again, done so beautifully. It really passes as an extension of her own body.

Cosplay by Feyische.

10 Bow To The Queen

via jedimanda.com

When I first looked at this image, I was absolutely speechless. I mean, the background itself is a piece of literal actual art. The painted ceilings and walls show an opulence that is the perfect backdrop for someone so elegant and sophisticated as Queen Amidala.

Do you know how long it must have taken to make that wig? To decorate it with those ornate headpieces? Can you imagine how heavy that would be?

But she seems airy and light even under the weight of that wig. The makeup is beautiful, but we have come to expect that of cosplayers, haven’t we? Take a few minutes and really look at that outfit: the cuffs, the trimming of her robe, the two fabrics that match so perfectly, and then the pleating of her gown topped with that amazing beading.

I’m gonna go pass out from the sheer beauty.

Cosplay by JediManda.

9 Chewie’s Angels!

via instagram.com (@chewiesangels)

I have so many feelings about this group, and all of them are excellent. These pastel Wookies are probably my new favorite cosplay set and if you can’t see why, then you are a lost cause.

There is just no explaining it!

The trio is rocking some pretty amazing go-go boots, all of which match their colorful fur so perfectly. I mean, I think it's fur! Maybe it's hair? Their accessories obviously match their gloves, from their lasers to their purses. Do you think they sound just like Chewbacca does? I feel like they should be singing in some 80s girl group!

Singing is their day job and their cover. After the show, they support the rebellion!

Cosplay by Chewie's Angels.

8 No Time For Moon Jockeys

via aicosu.tumblr.com

Another one of my favorite cosplayers!

Here we have a feisty Princess Leia, probably in the midst of wreaking havoc and causing all around mayhem. Where do you think she is? On a star ship? I would say a rebel base, but the vast amount of pristine white leads me to believe otherwise. The caption is the quote, “You know, I was getting along fine before I met you two moon jockeys,” so she is probably mid-break out with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Leia is so cool. I believe her when she says she has a plan. She did not need help escaping. She was just biding her time! One can only hope to be as capable and collected in the midst of an enemy takeover.

Cosplay by Aicosu.

7 A Sith By Any Other Name

via nebulaluben.deviantart.com

Here we have a Sith Pureblood, a character lacking any human heritage. Many Sith became “diluted” when they had children with the Human Exiles on the Sith home world of Korriban.

Probably due to their intense nature, the name Sith became synonymous with an allegiance to the Dark Side.

This particular Sith is based upon Vindican, a Pureblood Sith Lord who is eventually attacked by his own apprentice, just after a Jedi attack. I do not know why anyone would want to become a Sith Lord, in all honesty.

You are probably going to be preyed upon by your trainee, so why even bother? Anyway, this Sith costume is just outright amazing. That “leather” coat was probably super difficult to sew. I love it all!

Cosplay by Erikku-Kun.

6 A Blond Bombshell

via kokorodzasysu.tumblr.com

This is Darth Zannah, for any Star Wars fans who didn't recognize her in all her glory. When she was young, she wanted nothing more than to grow into a powerful Jedi Knight to help people. Alas, that dream was short lived. Her dearest friend was lost to two Jedi who were trying to protect their army.

Already powerful with the Force, she attacked them in her grief, and her emotional outburst caught the eye of Darth Bane.

She went on to become a Sith Sorceress, excelling at Sith magic to harness the power the Dark Side offers. She went on to defeat her master in soul-combat, and became a Sith Lady. This is a fabulous rendition of Darth Zannah, even getting the eye makeup down the cheek exactly right. The lightning detail on her cape is a great touch as well.

Cosplay by Su-Kun.

5 Love Never Loses


Maybe you are not impressed by this simple cosplay, but gosh darn it, this is the cutest thing I have seen all week! This is how I like to think of Leia Organa and Han Solo: aging but strong in spirit, mind and love still.

Obviously, someone had to go and change all that. Ahem. Excuse me. Nope, no I am definitely still not over that outright problem.

Their outfits are so well done. These two looked like Han and Leia just stepped off the set of The Force Awakens, and literally no one is mad about it. It makes it even cuter to know that these two are married in actual life, and helps to fulfill my dreams of Han and Leia as an eternal couple.

I have to go angrily brood over Kylo and how he is such a great son.

Cosplay by Carol and Dave, in-laws of E Jones.

4 The Sith Is Strong With This One

via la-esmeralda.deviantart.com

There were so many brilliant cosplays by La Esmeralda, but my favorites were a little more intense than we needed here. All I can say is she does a mean Princess Leia. Here, she is representing an original Sith warrior.

The internet boasts quite a lot of original Star Wars characters, but people love to make their own Sith! I think it is super creative and neat! Her Sith Lady is based on Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku’s own apprentice before he fails to dispatch her.

Her outfit is great, and her dual lightsabers are even better. But my favorite part of this whole cosplay is the detail in her stunning eyes. The contouring on her cheeks is also amazing.

Lord have mercy, teach me your amazing secrets!

Cosplay by La Esmeralda.

3 A Rey Of Light

via n1njag1rl.tumblr.com

I do not care if it is problematic to say, but I think Rey is the star of the new trilogy, followed closely by Finn. Now that we have that established as FACT, let’s have a chat about this brilliant version of Rey.

Her wig is super well done, even if her sideburns are a bit dramatic. I love the fabric she chose to turn into Rey’s tunic! It looks soft and sheer, even if it's not perfect desert-attire. It looks quite beautiful, even if the weather makes us question her clothing choices.

The belt looks like it is made of worn leather, and her lightsaber is the perfect shade of blue. We can totally believe that Rey is about to start her Force lessons with Luke Skywalker!

Cosplay by N1njaG1rl.

2 A Force To Be Reckoned With

via sallozare.deviantart.com

This second excellent rendition of Aayla Secura is, yet again, a masterpiece. I just adore the swirl of energy flashing brightly around her as she battles to protect the rebellion. The makeup is beautifully attended to, and her headdress looks like it could be actually just a continuation of her head.

Cosplay artists truly know how to work that Twi'lek latex magic!

Her Lekku head-tails have cute white freckles, which are a very nice touch. The determination on her face mirrors Aayla’s own, and we can see her amazing skill with the lightsaber, for which is she renowned.

Her eyes are a matching glowing blue, complimenting her intensely pink lips. The detail and texture on her sleeve reflects the character costume very well, down to the little rectangles that start at the shoulder.

Cosplay by Sallozare.

1 No Rest For This Nite Owl

via nastasiyafun.tumblr.com

Bo-Katan Kryze is a Mandalorian warrior, leader of the Nite Owls. She is the sister of Satine (yes, that Satine), and disagreed with her pacifist ways. She briefly worked with Darth Maul to try and overthrow her sister, and only realized her mistake when Darth Maul took the thrown for himself and his followers.

She worked to get her sister out of prison, only to lose her soon after. This is an excellent version of Bo, as Satine called her. Her wig is just the right shade of orange, and her eyes are a startling green. She has the look of fierce determination that Bo-Katan had, and her warrior’s armor has definitely looks like it has seen battle. Heck, even the wear and tear on her suit is identical to Bo’s damage in the show.

Cosplay by Nastasiyafun.

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