25 Crazy Things Only Super Fans Knew About Digimon Fusion

Digimon Fusion was a new era for the infamous anime — only true fans know everything about the franchise.

Digimon Fusion was the sixth series within the popular Digimon anime franchise. While the franchise has been known for its many Digimon, battles, and fantastic storyline, this series took a bit of a darker turn while keeping much of the humor, adding in various tearjerker moments, and plenty of fan service (not so much in the dubbed version, but plenty in the Japanese series!). Of course, the series ran into many issues not unfamiliar to the previous series of the franchise – lots of editing in the dubs, censoring, changing of time slots, changing networks, and more!

Some aspects of the series were received poorly by fans and networks alike, while other areas were highly praised by the fan base. There were highly emotional background stories for some of the Digimon, horrible bad guys we were glad to see be vanquished, hilarious moments between the main characters and their Digimon friends, fantastic and sometimes ridiculous DigiFuses, and everything in between. Those who are DigiDestined are sure to have noticed many of the great moments within the series, and ignored the hate from critics. However, there are lots of aspects even true fans may have missed, like how there were many voice actors in this series that all voiced characters in a very different anime, the very many shout-outs within the series (this even includes a shout-out to the Star Wars franchise), or how the show was almost canceled by the end of the first season! The Digimon Fusion series has been full of surprises and many secrets. Check out the list below and have your DigiDestined mind blown!

25 Star Destroying Techniques

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Gravimon’s first appearance in Digimon Fusion is during episode 31, and it doesn’t take long for us (and the Fusion Fighters) to realize just how bad this guy is. He is not just a sadistic leader and tactical genius, but is also a high-ranking member of the Bagra Army and the Dark General of Canyon Land. Gravimon’s ultimate attack is called Gravity Bang, and it is a forbidden technique. Gravity Bang takes all of the gravity pressure of the Digital World and places it upon Gravimon, and when he reaches his limit, it detonates all of his energy. The power of this attack is strong enough to destroy a star, and may even obliterate Gravimon himself!

Tactimon is one of the Three Generals of the Bagra Army, and also has a really powerful hidden technique.

The attack is called Hoshiwari, and it is capable of splitting a star in half. There isn’t much information given on how this attack works, but Tactimon certainly never uses; probably because it is just too dangerous. It would have been interesting, in a horrible sort of way, to see Gravimon or Tactimon to have used these attacks. Both certainly go overboard, but hey, bad guys need to have ridiculous attacks too!

24 Mon Stands For Monster, Or Does It?

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Digimon is short for Digital Monsters, obviously. The full name of “Digital Monsters” is even shown on the show’s logo. However, during the time of the American subbed series of Digimon Fusion, some fans started questioning this and came up with some really intriguing theories about what else the Mon in Digimon may stand for. One theory is that it has to do with marketing. With each of the Digimon having “mon” at the end of their name, it’s highly unlikely anyone will question what they are or what anime/manga they are from. People would think “Those are Digimon” instead of “Are those Digimon?”.

However, another theory, which I consider to be the most interesting of the fan theories, ponders if maybe instead of mon just meaning monster that maybe instead it relates to the file format for the Digimon themselves. Taking into consideration that Digimon are digital lifeforms, this theory actually seems a bit plausible. Maybe it is really supposed to be a reference to “.mon” just as “.doc” is the extension for Word documents or how web pages typically end with “.html” or “.php”. Digimon are made up of computer data after all. So maybe, just maybe, the file name for Cutemon is really Cute.mon or Bakemon is really filed as Bake.mon!

23 Deputymon Was Heavily Censored In The Dubs

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Changes and censoring isn’t an uncommon occurrence in American dubbed versions of anime. One of the Digimon that say some heavy censoring was Deputymon. You see, Deputymon is a Digimon that wears a cowboy hat, uses guns, and his body becomes a pistol barrel, except in the dubbed version of course! While he pretty much looks the same, it seems that those in charge thought if they changed Deputymon’s coloring to blue and made it looks like he was shooting off lasers that would be much more acceptable!

When I look at the difference in appearance between the subbed and dubbed versions, it just makes me think they turned poor Deputymon into a Nerf gun! Oddly enough, in the English dubs of Digimon Adventures, Deputymon still looked like his normal gun self. Some speculate that part of the reason for the extreme censoring for the Fusion version of Deputymon is due to the dubbed version of the show being targeted mostly towards young children. As such, any show that has such a young demographic in the U.S. tends to be heavily censored, because of the mind frame of “think of the children!!”. In all seriousness though, he looks like a Nerf gun, and I don’t think anyone could change my mind on that one.

22 The Digimon Universe

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Long before Marvel started the trend of a shared universe, Digimon already had one. The main difference here is that fans of the anime series were unaware of this until episode 24 of Digimon Fusion. There really isn’t a given explanation of how they are all part of the same universe – they just are. In episode 24, titled “Of Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time”, every single protagonist is summoned to one place to take on a great evil together.

As amazing as this is, it also really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

This is particularly true when you consider that even the protagonist from Digimon Tamers (in which the Digimon franchise itself actually exists) is summoned for this big battle. In case you didn’t know, in Digimon Tamers, there is a Digimon TV show and a card game. It shouldn’t be able to co-exist within the same universe as the other Digimon series, and yet, it somehow does! While it all seems crazy complicated (who knew Digimon was this complex!?), it just works out this way, and all of the protagonists fight side by side in order to save the Digital World. I’m not going to lie, it still confuses me some, but a shared Digmon Universe is still pretty cool!

21 The Sacrifices Of Baalmon

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Baalmon (also known as Reapmon) is an enlightened Digimon of the Demon Man type with an incredibly sad backstory. While in the Sand Zone, we find out a lot about the history of Baalmon. His sacrifices are many and begin like this: long ago, Baalmon was part of a group of holy warriors. All of his comrades succumb to mind control, except for him, and start fighting one another. Baalmon, being the only one not under mind control, ends up ending the life of all of them, including his mentor, Angemon.

Once he meets the Fusion Fighters, he partakes in a battle where he takes a fatal bullet for Shoutmon, and in the dub, as he’s lying in Shoutmon’s arms, he says “Am I...Am I worthy? Have I become, a warrior?” As he says this, Angemon appears in a vision telling him he has, and Baalmon passes. But then Baalmon comes back as Beezlebumon! However, he ends up sacrificing himself again to stop Lillithmon, and as his life comes to end, he gives us another tear-jerker moment saying “Mikey, thank you for what you did for me. Remember me, and know that I will always be by your side.” These heart-wrenching moments totally got to me, and still do just thinking about it!

20 The American Version Has Lots Of Changes

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Changes between the original and dubbed versions of anime are commonplace. It happens, and we all pretty much expect it. Within Digimon Fusion, there is a mix of both simple and complex changes that includes character names, changes to the artwork, and censoring. Character name changes definitely occurred in Digimon Fusion. Most of the human characters were given English names in the dubbed version: Taiki becomes Mikey, Akari becomes Angie, Zenjirou becomes Jeremy, and so on. A lot of the soundtrack had been changed as well. For example, the Japanese title song was replaced with an English song (the Japanese song was better, in my humble opinion).

Some of the Digimon’s names were changed as well. For example, Baalmon became Reapmon and Lillithmon became Laylamon. Some changes were made to the artwork as well. Hovering rocks were added to some scenes, characters being hit was covered up with effects, the Xros Loader was redone, guns were changed to different colors, and so on. There was also some censoring added in. Aside from changing Deputymon into looking more like a laser Nerf gun, Lillymon’s torso and chest were covered up, and both Mervamon and Lillithmon had their chests covered up as well. Yikes, that’s quite a few changes, and doesn’t even cover all of them!

19 The Show Barely Escaped Being Cancelled

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When Digimon Fusion first started airing in Japan as Digimon Xros Wars, the ratings were great. However, the good ratings did not last for very long. As the first season neared its end, the ratings started to drop. The ratings had become so bad that the anime was at risk for cancellation! In fact, the ratings were so low that the first season of Digimon Fusion had some of the lowest ratings in the history of the Digimon franchise. There was some speculation as to what caused this, but many fans believe it had to do with the show having many delays and being switched from a primetime slot to a Sunday morning slot.

But what saved our beloved Digimon Fusion series from being canceled in the end? Toys! A series of toys and merchandise were launched when the series was first launched. The toy sells were really good. The higher-ups in the network liked that part, and knew it would probably keep fans watching the show. Personally, I’m glad the show was saved, even if it ended up being just to benefit toy sales. Besides, some of the toys from this series were pretty neat (one of my favorites was Digimon Xros Loader).

18 Manga Based On The Anime?

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There are many anime that are based on a manga. Usually, the manga has been out for some time, sometimes even for many years, before demand for an anime version comes about. A good example of this is with the Naruto series – the first time Naruto ever appeared as a manga was in 1997, but the anime didn’t make its debut until 2002. Digimon itself has an interesting history, having started off as a virtual pet toy similar to the incredibly popular Tomagatchi (not going to lie, I’ve bought another one since growing up) before becoming a manga and then an anime two years later. It’s a little different for Digimon Fusion though.

The manga for Digimon Fusion appeared in the V-Jump magazine June 21, 2010. It wasn’t long after that the anime made its premiere on TV Asahi. The debut episode for Digimon Xros Wars in Japan was July 6, 2010, just barely over two weeks after the start of the manga! This has had many fans speculate if the anime was even really based on the manga, or if the manga was more-or-less based on the anime. It’s definitely an interesting and odd theory.

17 Cursed By Networks

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Time and time again, the Digimon Fusion series has had issues sprung on it by the networks involved in airing the anime. This started when the series changed channels from Fuji TV to TV Asahi in Japan. Even just during the first season, there were frequent delays in new episodes, and this was only made worse by the anime switching from a primetime slot to a Sunday morning slot. When it changed slots, the result ended up being an entire month without any new episodes being aired!

The series was hit even harder with the English dub by Nickelodeon.

After the first two episodes were aired on Nickelodeon, the third was pre-empted for Worldwide Day of Play (a reasonable action, mind you), but when the third episode was supposed to air the following week, the first episode was rerun instead. This was just the beginning of the mishaps from the series being aired by the Nickelodeon network. During this time there were many delays and even random times of the show not even being aired. This led to the show eventually moving to the lesser-watched Nicktoons channel. When these mishaps are combined with the horrible treatment of the series by TV Asahi in Japan, many in the Digimon fanbase started joking that the Digimon Fusion series must have some sort of network-related curse.

16 No Movie For You

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Most popular anime have movies to go along with either each major arc or individual series. This has been mostly true for the Digimon anime series as well, but there was not an associated movie made for the Digimon Fusion series. In fact, it was the first time a movie wasn’t made for one of the series within the franchise! There has been no official reason giving for not having a movie for Digimon Fusion, but there has been plenty of speculation made by fans of the show.

One suggestion for the lack of a film refers to the low ratings of the series as a whole, which could very well be the case. Another suggestion hints at the series not having an associated film is just another example of how the Digimon Fusion series has been mistreated by the networks in general (the moving of channels and time slots, and the many episode delays). I’m sure I am not alone in wishing there had been a film – I would have been all for one! In fact, for the higher-ups in charge of the anime and related merchandise, it could have done really well for toy sells.

15 Starmon Is Secretly A Master Manipulator

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Starmon is one of the good guys. In general, he is super friendly and ridiculously enthusiastic. He rocks his big dark shades like the superstar that he is. As a Digimon that is part of the Fusion Fighters, he takes on bad guys with his friends while helping others who need assistance. While he has the outward appearance of a Digimon you want on your side, he is also a bit of a manipulator. I know, that doesn’t sound right to me either, but it’s true! No really, think about it.

Starmon has a group of followers, the Pickmon. The Pickmon are good guys themselves that pretty much idolize the Starmon. The Pickmon follow the word of the Starmon without hesitation. What Starmon says goes; he is the law of the land when it comes to the Pickmon. Maybe this has to do with them being a smaller Digimon than the Starmon, but one thing is sure, the Pickmon followed the commands of their leader. By way of DigiFuse, the yellow Pickmon would fuse with Starmon to form the Star Axe, and the silver Pickmon would fuse with the Starmon to form the Star Sword. By commanding the Pickmon to follow his will, the Starmon helps to defeat the bad guys, even if it’s in a bit of a manipulative way.

14 Shared Voice Talent

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While this Digimon Fusion had a male-leading cast, there were a lot of voice actors from a female-leading anime. Many of the voice actors (or seiyuu, the Japanese term for voice actors in a native-language version of an anime, video game, etc.) came from the anime series Pretty Cure, a magical girl anime metaseries. Here are some of the Pretty Cure seiyuu that were also in Digimon Fusion: Kanae Oki voiced Yu Amano, Taiki Matsuno voiced Lucemon, Kokoro Kikuchi voiced Sparrowmon and Pickmon, and Marina Inoue voiced Tagiru.

A couple of the Pretty Cure seiyuu even played multiple characters in Digimon Fusion.

Houko Kuwashima was given credit for voicing at least five of the series’ characters. She was the voice for Nene Amano, Cutemon, Laylamon, Ren Tobari, Taiki’s mother, and others. Daisuke Kishio voiced even more of the Digimon Fusion characters; eight in total: Dracomon, Gigabreakdramon, Zenjirō Tsurugi, Betsumon, Guard B. MetalTyrannomon, Sephirotmon, Student, Yashamon, and Zenimon. That seems like a lot to me, but really, there were many others from the Pretty Cure series that ended up doing voices in the Digimon Fusion series. Quite an impressive group of seiyuu, if you ask me! As well, there were a lot of seiyuu from various mecha shows that were guest voice actors in this Digimon series.

13 Bringing Back The Goggles

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In series 1 – 4 of the Digimon anime and within the manga, the trademark symbol for the leader of a DigiDestined team were their goggles. These were typically worn around the forehead and were styled like aviator goggles. This was noticeably missing from the fifth series, but was brought back for the Digimon Fusion series (hooray!). Within Digimon Fusion, it was Mikey who wore goggles, but there were a few times when others wore them as well. At one point, while in the Lake Zone and Mikey happened to be unconscious, Jeremy took Mikey’s goggles so that he could repair Ballistamon and lead the group into battle. Of course, once Mikey regained consciousness, Jeremy returned the goggles.

In another instance in the Jungle Zone, there was an amusing incident where Shoutman was falling between Mikey and his goggles, and he ends up being pulled up by the goggles. In the third season of the series, both Mikey and Tagiru wear goggles. Tagiru ends up getting teased some for this since Ewan suggested that he only wore them to mimic his hero Mikey, and Mikey claimed Tagiru needed them so that he could become a superstar. While it’s sweet that Tagiru may have been wearing them to be like Mikey, it was even sweeter when Mikey gave him his own goggles after Astamon destroyed them.

12 The Video Game

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Every great anime should really have some sort of video game to accompany it. So, of course, that means Digimon Fusion also had a video game released for it! In 2011, Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars was released for the Nintendo DS with two versions (Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue). The gameplay is similar to that of previous Digimon Story games, with the Red and Blue versions containing some characters special to only their version.

The game features 17 different zones, and a whopping 393 Digimon that are obtainable!

Many of the Digimon included in the game are ones that were introduced within the Digimon Xros Wars series. As well, the main protagonist for the game is the same as in the series, Mikey Kudo. Unfortunately, even to this day, the game is only available in Japanese (a huge bummer if you ask me). The ratings for the game were pretty high in relation to the series itself, which makes it even more annoying for fans of the series that it is only available in Japanese. However, there has been a small group of dedicated fans that have been working on translating the game over the past few years. So, maybe one day, we’ll get a translated version after all.

11 Ballistamon Likes Art

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Ballistamon is a fantastic warrior Digimon that is a member of Mikey’s Fusion Fighters. There’s no question about him being a good guy, and he is also incredibly handy to have around thanks the neat compartment in his chest that can be used for carrying cargo. Another interesting thing about Ballistamon is it seems that he is also a fan of art. This is shown to us in episode 15, Trouble in Paradise. Throughout the episode, Ballistamon makes many frequent exclamations stating that “Art is an explosion!”. As well, this little statement is a reference to a couple of different things.

One of these may be pretty obvious for fans of the Naruto anime series. In Naruto, the character Deidara, one of the members of Akatsuki, often says “Art is an explosion!”, which is considered his catchphrase. Both of these may be a reference to an actual person though. The phrase “Art is an explosion!” is the motto for a famous abstract artist from Japan named Tarō Okamoto. Considering abstract art can be explosive in nature, I feel the motto is fitting, and even more so for the two anime characters that make use of the motto.

10 Prison Land, Or A Place To Send The Souls Of Your Foes

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While the Bagra Army was causing much chaos across the Digital Word, Bagramon used the Code Crowns he had collected to create a digital wasteland. He created various kingdoms for his high ranking Bagra Army members to preside over. One of these is a bit of an odd, and horrible, one. The eighth kingdom is a bizarre spiritual dimension known as Prison Land. It is no ordinary prison though. Instead of just sending those the evil Bagra Army dislikes to the Prison Land, their souls are what becomes imprisoned! It’s a land not just for the good guys to be sent, but some of the bad guys have ended up there as well.

AxeKnightmon himself sent various souls to Prison Land. He sent some of the Fusion Fighters: Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon. AxeKnightmon had even sent the souls of the seven Dark Generals! In one instance, when some of the Fusion Fighters had their souls imprisoned, Mikey actually let AxeKnightmon send his very own soul to be imprisoned in Prison Land. This was a courageous act done in order to help his friends break out! Ah, the beauty of true friendship; it allows for us (even digital versions of ourselves) to go extreme lengths to save our friends!

9 Treasure Hunting In The Sand

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The Sand Zone, home to Deputymon and Reapmon, is a desert world full of sand, pyramids, and ancient ruins. It is also home to a mysterious city known as Silicalia. In its’ current state, the Sand Zone is an incredibly hot and inhospitable land, it was once thriving. In episode 12, the Fusion Fighters find themselves in this sandy zone. Upon their arrival, Jijimon explains the history of the once prosperous Sand Zone to Mikey. They learn about the treasures that remind hidden within the area. Of course, this would be tempting for anyone!

Mikey and the Fusion Fighters are no different, and a treasure hunt begins.

Unfortunately for our brave treasure hunters, it doesn’t take long before they fall into a trap set by the Bagra Army commander in charge of the zone, SkullScorpionmon. While being chased through a cave, they are saved by Deputymon, who joins them while they continue their treasure hunt. Together they navigate through traps, and fend off members of the Bagra Army, eventually making their way to Pharaohmon’s tomb. The group is tested by Pharaohmon, and Mikey realizes that the test was set up by Pharaohmon and Deputymon to discover those that are worthy of obtaining Code Crowns. Of course, Mikey being a good guy, his intentions were considered pure, and Deputymon bestowed upon him a Code Crown.

8 Shout Outs All Over The Place

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Over the course of watching the Digimon Fusion series, viewers may have noticed shout-outs to other animes or other pop-culture references. In reality, there aren’t just a few of these shout-outs – there are tons of them! Let’s take a look at some that you may have missed. In the dubbed version of episode 51, AxeKnightmon makes the comment: “I find your lack of faith disturbing”, a direct quote from Darth Vader of the Star Wars films. Many believe that Prison Land and Hueco Mundo from Bleach are basically the same since both are bleak desert islands with torn trees that torn-off souls are sent to.

In episode 29, Cutemon states that “There is only one truth!”, a nod to Detective Conan.

Beezlebumon’s “Death the Cannon” attacks are thought to be a reference to Death the Kid from the anime Soul Eater. From the manga, Shoutmon EX6 has an attack called “SoulCalibur,” an obvious nod to the video game series. Tactimon’s design is pretty much what a Kamen Rider would look like if they were turned into a Digimon – huge eyes lens, armor, mouthpiece and more! Speaking of Kamen Rider, Taiki has some posters in his room, one of which looks like it’s from Kamen Rider Double. And this is only a handful of the shout-outs from the series – there are many more!

7 Troopmon And Their Various Jobs

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Troopmon are an interesting type of Digimon if you really think about it. They are an Undead type that was artificially manufactured by stuffing the energy stolen from other Digimon and stuffing that energy into a rubber suit (the whole idea of that sounds kinda gross, if I’m being honest). As such, they are machine-like in their behavior; they can only follow commands, don’t need sleep, don’t fear death, can’t become fatigued, and so on. While they aren’t very strong individually, they use the basis of strength in numbers to take on their foes.

This tactic makes them excellent foot soldiers of the Bagra Army infantry.

However, some of the Troopmon held various other types of roles. Of course, it is easy to make the Troopmon do whatever you like since they cannot act on their own. Within the Forest Zone, two Troopmon were absorbed by MadLeomon so he could become Armed MadLeonmon. Some assisted IceDevimon while he attacked Persiamon’s castle with ice bazookas. Some of them guarded Matadormon's prisoners for a bit. There was a huge presence of Troopmon on Earth during DarknessBagramon's attack. As well, one lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) was even commanded to be Laylamon's personal masseuse!

6 Bake-Off Ala Iron Chef

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In episode 27, the Fusion Fighters help out a Digimon named Spadamon. After being healed by Cutemon, Spadamon convinces the group to help him save his beloved home – Sweet Zone. Of course, when they first transfer to it, their first reaction is something like “OMG! Look at all this yumminess!”. Well, it doesn’t take long before the group realizes the streets are empty, and Spadamon tells them how the lead invader has sent all of the chefs to cook for him while being imprisoned. Before long, the group is caught, and Angie is given a cook-off challenge from Matadormon’s head pastry chef.

This ends up with a bake-off with some noticeable shout-outs to the well know Japanese cooking show Iron Chef. One reference that may easily go without being noticed is that the way the bake-off is done actually follows the format of the show. The main format of the show typically features one of the Iron Chefs competing in a challenge within a one-hour cooking match. While this shout-out could have certainly been missed by those unfamiliar with the cooking show, one shout out would have been recognized clearly by viewers of Iron Chef. In a nod to a signature move by the host of Iron Chef, Chairman Kaga, the lead Monzaemon starts off the bake-off by taking a bite of a pepper.

5 Too Many Zones?

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 Once upon a time, the Digital World was one vast land until a cataclysm in the past split the world into a whopping 108 “zones”! Some of these zones are quite familiar to us, as many battles take place in the anime series within these zones. These include the Forest Zone, Island Zone, Magma Zone, Lake Zone, Sand Zone, Sky Zone, and the Jungle Zone. However, those are just a handful of the complete 108 zones throughout the Digital World. Many of these worlds are probably unfamiliar to most of us since they don’t make big appearances in the series.

Here are some of the zones you may be less familiar with. Revenge Zone is a land where old enemies and grudges come back to fight once again. The Rain Zone is home to the Dark Crystal Palace that holds many Digimon that are trapped in Dark Crystals. The Study Zone is the homeland of BanchoLeomon, who is its legendary leader. The Collessum Zone is the homeland of Agunimon, who is its champion. Some of the zones have little to no information about them out there. This includes the Jupiter Zone, Factory Zone, Stadium Zone, Bamboo Zone, Mist Zone, and Corridor Zone. That’s not even all of them, and it’s still too many if you ask me!

4 A Fair Fight

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There are many instances in Digimon Fusion where it seems that the fights aren’t exactly fair (this can be seen in any anime series that involves battles really). However, in episode 21, “Disaster in the Dust Zone”, this is certainly not the case! In this episode, members of Blue Flare end up fighting what seems to be their opposite within Midnight. Cyberdramon ends up fighting SkullSatamon – both of these Digimon wield a staff, have wings, and an exposed rib cage. MetalGreymon fights SkullGreymon – both of which are an evolution of the Greymon Digimon. Lastly, Deckerdramon fights Guardromon – these two Digimon are both mechanical, armored Digimon that shoot missiles.

In what seems like an unusual, yet perfect, matching of opponents, the battles between the Blue Flare and Midnight are set up so that the Digimon are on equal footing (at least in this episode anyway). This instance has to make one wonder, what if all fights were as fair as this? I guess the results would have more of a 50/50 outcome as who would win. In reality, I think that would take away from it though. If the smaller, seemingly weaker group of good guys didn’t prevail against the larger, scary bad guys, it wouldn’t be as fun to root for them.

3 Cutemon Is Sick Of Being Cute

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Cutemon is well known for an adorable good guy Digimon. Seriously, look at his cuteness – he looks like he’d make a great squishy to cuddle! Cutemon may be, well, cute, but there are times he gets sick of being so cute and cuddly. Believe it or not, sometimes Cutemon wants to give off the bad boy vibe (never going to happen, ever). In episode 40, Cutemon appears to want to change things up. Throughout the episode, he happens to say a few things that would make his mates give him odd looks. He lets it be known he’s tired of being so cute when he declares “Man, what a drag. I'm sick of keeping up the cute, goody-goody act, cu!” and “I'm sick of being cute. I'm gonna get some tattoos and turn into Bikermon.”

I have to agree with Dorulumon when he tells Cutemon that he thinks that’s a bad idea. Dorulumon also proclaims that Cutemon has gone all gangster on us when Cutemon says “Yo, what'chu lookin' at, cu?!”. Cutemon doesn’t let up there. A couple of other not-so-nice things he says to others includes “Screw you, cu!” and “So cool, cu!" Maybe he could go “bad” after all, but even the idea of a little pink Cutemon with a foul mouth is kinda cute too.

2 Lowest Ratings Ever

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When Digimon Xros Wars premiered in Japan, the ratings were okay; not great, but not horrible either. By the end of the first season, however, this changed greatly. The ratings started to drop drastically. To give you some perspective here, Digimon Savers (also known as Digimon Data Squad in the English dub) has been considered one of the worst of the Digimon franchise, and even its ratings were twice that of Xros Wars! During the first season of Xros Wars, the show was even almost canceled because of how low the ratings were (good toy sales saved it though).

Many fans believed that the technically low ratings were due to changing time slots, but before that even happened, the ratings were already the lowest they had been in the Digimon franchise. The low ratings reached its pinnacle during the third season, “The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time”, which, unfortunately, didn’t even have good merchandise to help keep the ratings afloat. The airing of the dubbed version didn’t fare much better either. They were only slightly better, but it didn’t help the show when Nickelodeon moved the show to the lesser watched Nicktoons channel. I know, it’s hard for me to believe it didn’t do well either. Personally, I didn’t think the series was too bad.

1 A Writer Of Fantastical Worlds

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Riku Sanjo was one of the head writers for the Digimon Xros Wars series, and has also written for various other anime, manga, and live-action TV shows. It’s pretty obvious that Sanjo is a fantastic writer considering the Digimon Xros Wars was great, but some of his other works have been just as good (some were even better!).

The manga he has written includes Beet the Vandel Buster and Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai.

The original video animations (usually abbreviated as OAV or OVA) Sanjo has written for are Cybernetics Guardian, Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor, and MD Geist. Aside from Digimon Xros Wars, he has also written for other anime series, which includes Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu, as well as anime versions of manga he has written. Sanjo has also written for a number of live-action TV series: Cute Honey: The Live, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (the Japanese original series for Power Rangers Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge), Satria Garuda BIMA-X, and various series within the Kamen Rider series. Holy cow, Batman! Riku Sanjo has written for some pretty impressive series, and was even the creator of the manga he wrote. He is definitely a treasure of a writer!

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