Digimon ReArise: Beginner's Guide

Digimon ReArise finally made it's way over to mobile platforms in North America and Europe on October 7th, a year after its original release in Japan. The wait didn't dampen eager spirits, however, as devoted fans immediately started sorting all the ins and outs of the game. Below is a rundown of the essentials players will need to know to get started in Digimon ReArise.

Game Modes


Though there are several game modes to try out over the course of the game, there are two modes in particular that players should familiarize themselves with to start off.

Main Story:

Like many other games, Digimon ReArise has a story mode in which the player follows the main questline to divulge the story. In Digimon ReArise, 5 Rubies are earned for completing each Act. Additionally, 15-25 Rubies can be won for earning the full 3-stars on each Act within a given chapter.

Clash Battles:

Clash Battles (or raids) are vital to progression and are proving to be quite the tedious grind. These battles consist of facing off against a raid boss. At the moment, the current boss is WarGreymon. Clash Battles can be encountered by playing through story Acts or throughout the Dimensional Vortex.


Clash Battles are the game's mechanic for earning evolution codes for Mega Digivolutions. So, in the instance of the WarGreymon raid, players can discover and join raids in the effort to obtain Digivolution codes to digivolve Greymon into WarGreymon. The evolution codes are the only way to digivolve the Digimon to their Mega forms within the game, and it's not an easy feat to secure one.

The drops for these codes are random and appear only on level four or higher Clash Battles. Difficult raids have a slightly greater chance of yielding the codes, but the player must place within the top three for damage dealt to get a chance to claim one. Clash Battle founders also have an increased chance of acquiring a Digivolution code.

Here lies another hurdle, Clash Battles were not made to be conquered alone. With only five minutes to complete a raid, the friend feature of Digimon ReArise is key to success. Founding a raid costs time and energy, so joining friends is an easy alternative for beginners. What's more, filling up the friends list with powerful friends can boost a beginners' success rate even more.

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Game Currencies

There are several currencies within Digimon ReArise, and each one has a different value.

Bits, Bits, and More Bits:

The grind for bits is ongoing, as they are required for just about everything, from upgrades, Digivolutions, and more.

Rubies: The Premium Currency:

Rather self-explanatory, Rubies are used to purchase nearly everything within the shop.


Special Currency:

There are a few other forms of currency within the game, which hold more specific values.

CB Medals - Coins obtained through Clash Battles, used to purchase Digivolution codes.

BP Medals - Coins obtained from PvP (coming soon).

DigiOrbs - As the exchange rate for Digimon, DigiOrbs are used to purchase skill stones for upgrading other Digimon.

  • Rookie - 5 Orbs
  • Champion - 20 Orbs
  • Ultimate - 50 Orbs
  • Mega - 100 Orbs

Strategically, it's best to digivolve Rookies into Champions before selling them off. The Digivolution from Rook to Champ is worth it and yields a valuable increase in payout.

Social Points - Earned through interactions from the player's friends list, these points are highly valuable for refilling stamina and can also be used to pull from plug-in gacha.

Event Currency - As the name suggests, this currency is to be used exclusively in the event shop.

Digimon Stats

Each Digimon has two status gauges the player should pay attention to.

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A Digimon's Bond with the player increases by feeding it food, and more Bond is awarded for feeding it its favorite or requested food. A maxed-out Bond-level is required for Digivolving.


A Digimon's Mood is also enhanced by food, but this stat will decrease again overtime if the Digimon is not fed regularly. Digimon who enter battle in a good mood, increase drop-rates slightly and are also more efficient in battle. Because of this, it's a good idea to feed active Digimon right before a big battle.

A Daily Grind


There's no way around it, Digimon ReArise is built heavily on farming resources and a daily grind is pertinent to progress. This is rather unfortunate, but thanks to the efforts of Redditors and the game's devoted Discord, many of the technicalities have been brought to light.

Given its relatively easy game mechanics and nostalgic factor, Digimon ReArise makes for a fun, reminiscent experience overall.

Digimon ReArise is currently available for free for Android and iOS.

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