Digimon ReArise: Every Game Mode Explained

The daily grind in Digimon ReArise consists of battling in various game modes in order to upgrade or accrue materials. What's the payoff? Harder battles for greater rewards, leading to more battles. The monotony is broken up of course with the excitement of Digivolving and raising the Digimon. However, all eight game modes consist of various motives for battling.


The first two game modes were covered briefly in the Beginners Guide, but the Battle Park (PvP) has recently opened and there are several other modes to discover as the game progresses.

Main Story Mode - The Leveling Grind

Rather self-explanatory, this mode is comprised of the main questline to progress through the story. In Digimon ReArise, five Rubies are earned for completing each Act. Additionally, 15-25 Rubies can be won for earning the full 3-stars on each Act within a given chapter. Additional chapters are in the works, which promises plenty of plotline for story-driven Tamers.


Main Story mode is good for leveling up both Tamer Level and Digimon Bonds. Each battle awards bits and a set of various items. A lot of the time those items include food to increase Digimon Bond, more bits, or other bonuses and power-ups. Playing through the story mode will also randomly spawn Clash Battles.

Clash Battles - The Digivolution Grind

Clash Battles are essentially boss raids. At the moment, the current boss is WarGreymon. These battles are vital to progression and prove to be one of the more tedious grinds within the game. They can be encountered by playing through story Acts or throughout the Dimensional Vortex. Clash Battles are the game's mechanic for earning evolution codes for every Digivolution above In-Training levels, meaning Tamers will constantly need to farm these battles to continue Digivolving.

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Clash Battles provide exclusive chances to acquire Mega codes for the active boss raid as well. So, in the instance of the WarGreymon raid, Tamers can discover and join raids in the effort to obtain Digivolution codes to digivolve Greymon into WarGreymon. The evolution codes are the only way to digivolve the Digimon to their Mega forms within the game, and it's not an easy feat to secure one.


The drops for Mega codes are random and appear only on level four or higher Clash Battles. Difficult raids have a slightly greater chance of yielding the codes, but the player must place within the top three for damage dealt to get a chance to claim one. Clash Battle founders also have an increased chance of acquiring a Digivolution code.

This brings up another mechanic of Clash Battles; they were not made to be conquered alone. With only five minutes to complete a raid, the friend feature of Digimon ReArise is key to success. Founding a raid costs time and energy, so joining friends is an efficient alternative. What's more, filling up the friends list with powerful friends can boost a Tamer's success rate even more.

Battle Park - The Freemium Grind

A non-real-time PvP mode which - unfortunately for those who typically shun social modes - cannot be brushed aside in Digimon ReArise. Tamers will need to farm this mode as it's the best source of the freemium currency (Rubies). The number of Rubies awarded scales with the Tamer's weekly ranking. The Battle Park also awards BP medals which are the currency for the in-game shop within this mode.


Underworld - The Extra Grind

For Tamers who can't get enough of the DigiGrinds, there is the Underworld. This is a tower climb style end-game mechanic. This mode offers one-time rewards such as DigiEggs and elemental codes. More bits and rubies are awarded here as well, though they are also only one-time rewards.

Story Event - The Event Grind

Separate from the Main Story, Story Events feature a particular Digimon which is awarded to the Tamer upon completion of the event. This mode features some additional cutscenes and a separate gacha mechanic fueled by event currency.

Community Raid - The Freemium Grind (Again)

A lot like Clash Battles, except Community Raids offer additional rewards based on the number of bosses defeated worldwide. For instance, one million bosses defeated earns 50 Rubies for all Tamers involved, five million bosses taken down earns 100 Rubies and so on.

Special Event Raid - The Holiday Grind

Really just a raid mode with additional event currency. The events usually tie into seasonal holidays such as the Lunar New Year, Halloween, or Christmas.

Jijimon Quests - The Alternative Digivolution Grind


A typical achievement mechanic, where the set of goals resets every two weeks. Jijimon awards various Digivolution codes and minute amounts of Rubies for the completion of typical quests such as "Win Clash Battle 10 times" or "Digivolve 2 Digimon."

The Grind Doesn't Stop

Needless to say, Digimon ReArise is an endless grind. Determined Tamers will want to strategize a daily regimen to maintain progress throughout all aspects of this game.

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