Digimon ReArise: How To Digivolve

Digimon ReArise dropped in Western regions earlier this month on the mobile platform, quickly rekindling many fans' nostalgia for the spunky digital creatures. The game is wonderfully immersive and has players eager to start digivolving their Digimon friends. However, the process is a little more drawn out than some would like.

The ability to Digivolve doesn't become available until after completing Act 3 of the main story, but it's not a bad idea to get the ball rolling ahead of time as Digivolving is quite the ordeal and has several requirements.


Quality Bonding Time

Start off right away by working up a Digimon's Bond, which will need to be maxed to level 20 in order to Digivolve. Do this by feeding them in the Digitown. Feeding a Digimon one of its favorite foods will boost its Bond to a greater extent, but if the Digimon has a specific request, feeding it that food item will produce the greatest boost to its Bond level.

Upgrading Digimon


Upgrades, along with virtually everything else in the game, cost bits and lots of them. Farm this currency from quests. Digimon will also have to upgrade to a required level- Rookies to level 20 and Champions to level 60- however, Digimon usually come to the Digitown with a level lock of 10 for Rookies and 40 for Champions.

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Awakening Digimon

In order to break this level lock, the Digimon must be Awakened. To do this, the Digimon must use training equipment to earn six training stamps. This will unlock a button to 'Awaken' them and allows the Digimon to progress through further levels. The training equipment required can be earned through various quests and Dimensional Vortexes.


One More Thing

Once all of these requirements have been met, go to the Digivolve page to check the required Digivolution materials. These materials are earned through Clash Battles (raids). After gathering the needed materials, all requirements have finally been met and the Digimon is ready to Digivolve, for the price of a few more bits of course.


Digivolving is quite a lengthy process, but its a big focus in the game and a crucial mechanic to progress through the story. So hit the grind for those bits and get those Digimon on a strict training regimen, because it is a long haul to Digivolve those Rookies all the way up to their Ultimate and Mega Digivolutions.

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