Digimon World Next Order: A Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Digivolution

The Digimon games are more intricate and difficult than they seem, and here are a few tips for players who can't quite handle Digivolution.

The Digimon franchise has had a lot of games over the years. In fact, the whole franchise was created from a game itself, a sequel to the Tamagotchi brand of digital pets. Digimon World: Next Order is the latest of the Digimon World series in which players have two Digimon Partners as they travel the Digital World.

The main objectives of the game are for players to battle other Digimon and train and care for theirs to get them to Digivolve. There's a lot that goes on with Digivolution, so here is a helpful guide to give you tips on everything you need to know.

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10 Play On Easy Mode

Sometimes higher difficulties offer a better gameplay experience, but not with Next Order. In fact, there aren't many differences between Easy and Normal mode. The requirements for Digivolution are higher on Normal mode, and the Stat gain from gyms and battling is half the amount as it would be in Easy mode.

It makes it both longer and harder to make a player's Digimon stronger, and, considering that one of the main focuses of the games is proper time management, it's better to work smarter rather than harder.

9 Learn About The Digimon Stages

Digivolution isn't a form of leveling up, nor does it happen when a Digimon gains experience. Rather, it has to dow with how they are raised, so to speak, and it happens naturally over time.

They start as eggs and can evolve into dozens of different Digimon based on a number of different variables. All Digimon go through the same six stages; in-training, in-training II, rookie, champion, ultimate, and mega. Each evolution into the next stage happens after a certain amount of in-game days. It takes 7-10 in-game days for a rookie to turn champion, 9-15 for ultimate, and 9-15 for Mega. Mega is the last stage in most situations.

8 Be Mindful of Evolution Requirements

Most Digimon can take on many different forms. so any player that wants their Digimon to evolve into a specific form has to take into consideration the evolution requirements for that form. The six statistics and seven values determine what form a Digimon will take, with each Digivolution having its own requirements.

Training raises the six stats, those being Stamina, Wisdom, HP, etc., and Digimon values can't be directly affected. How many battles are won, the bond between a player and their Digimon, and even how often they let their Digimon successful use the bathroom influences Digimon values.

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7 Rookies Gain More Stats Than Champions

Certain Digimon seem to get more stat points from a fight than a Digimon from a higher evolutionary stage. The game gives out points based on the level of difficulty set for each battle, based on the Evolution stage and the power of the Digimon.

Rookies who take on and win against Champion Digimon will get more points because it's thought to be a more difficult fight. Fighting against Digimon on the same evolution stage gives less because the game figures it'll be a more even match.

6 Be Mindful Of Unwanted Digivolutions

Every Digimon has different paths they can take when it comes to evolution. Players will find that their Digimon partner can sometimes meet the requirement for more than one of their possible evolutions.

Unfortunately, in those situations, a player's partner will randomly evolve into any of the available choices. Players can also negatively influence their Digimon Partner's evolution by not treating them well or not taking care of them. If a Rookie has more points in Strength than Wisdom and doesn't meet any of the other requirements for their Champion forms, they will evolve into Numemon.

5 Take GrapLeomon's Quest To Unlock The Digivolution Dojo

Unwanted Digivolutions are a problem in Next Order, but there is a way that players can get the one they want. It involves unlocking the Digivolution Dojo, which can be done at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Go to the Sever Desert and find Grapleomon who will send the player on a quest. Once the quest is complete, GrapLeomon will open up the Digivolution Dojo. Once it's unlocked, players have to upgrade it to level 2 to gain the ability to "block" Digivolutions. They can even block several evolutions at a time.

4 Check Out The History Page Often

There are over 230 Digimon in the game, as well as tons of different Digivolutions, so it's impossible to keep track of all the stats and requirements they'd need to Digivolve. This means that the history page in the Digimon menu is going to be a player's best friend.

The History page shows a Digimon's evolution "tree". It shows its past generations, and, as players interact with their Digimon partners by praising/scolding them, winning battles with them, gaining more experience with them, etc., they will unlock the requirements for different evolutions, which they can easily refer back to.

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3 Battle The Right Digimon

For players who want a higher level Digimon partner as they evolve or who want their partners to evolve into specific Digimon, maintaining their stats is important. And, while they can use the Training Facility in the game to increase their stats, it's actually pretty helpful at the beginning of the game, as the time it takes to finish isn't quite worth the few points it gives out.

Battling Digimon that players will encounter in the world is the best way to go with each type giving points in certain stats. For instance, Gotsumon gives Endurance, and Goblimon gives Strength.

2 Know The Different Types Of Evolution

In Digimon World: Next Order, things can get a bit confusing or even seem like a bit of a challenge when it comes to Digivolution. One of the more confusing aspects of it is the four evolution types and what they mean. They're pretty much stat increases that will make a player's Digimon stronger.

There's Good Evolution, which is the general evolution. There's also Fresh, which increases stats for evolving into new Digimon. There's also Evolution Veteran which increases the stats of a previously acquired Digimon, and then there's Great Evolution, which gives the biggest stat increase for evolving.

1 Remember To Have Fun

Eventually, all good things come to an end—even Digimon. They only live about 20 in-game days naturally, and when one dies, it'll revert back into a Digi Egg and players can start their adventure over again with that Digimon.

As sad as it might be, it's one of the aspects that let players explore all of the Digimon possibilities in the game. Digimon World: Next Order is a very long game and can be difficult at times, but experimenting and having fun is the best way to get the full experience of the game.

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