Director Of Final Fantasy VIII Wants Younger Staff Members At Square Enix To Remake The Game

A remake of Final Fantasy VIII likely won't be on the cards for a few more years, but it seems to be at least on the table. One of the key developers of the original game has said he's interested in seeing younger staff members at Square Enix taking on the project for themselves.

Square Enix revealed the Final Fantasy VII Remake during E3 2015, leading fans to hope that remakes of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX would also be made in the future. Not anytime soon, though: Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be released as a series of games, with the first one due to be released in 2020. Square Enix's attention will be focused on that series for years to come and remakes of the other PlayStation Final Fantasy games would likely come after that.

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Yoshinori Kitase, director of games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VIII, was recently interviewed by Famitsu magazine about his role as a producer on Final Fantasy VIII Remake. When asked about the possibility of a remake of Final Fantasy VIII, Kitase said that he would rather see the younger staff members at Square Enix step up and take on the Final Fantasy VIII Remake project for themselves.

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One possible reason for Kitase wanting to pass off the remake of Final Fantasy VIII is due to time, as he is currently fifty-three years old. The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake will have been in development for five years at the time of its release and it only covers a small part of the original game, which means that the whole project could take several more years to complete. It's possible that Kitase will want to retire following the release of the final part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series, with the game acting as the swansong for his illustrious career.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered gave players a glimpse at a version of the game with drastically improved visuals, but a Final Fantasy VIII Remake would need to offer a lot more to justify an entirely new release of the game. With the success of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, remakes of the next PS1 games are hopefully in our future. The main question now is, who at Square Enix will take up the task of turning the concept into reality?

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