Disgaea Publishers Debut New Trailer For The Alliance Alive HD

The Alliance Alive

A brand new trailer has dropped for the upcoming release of The Alliance Alive HD remaster.

You might have missed the original The Alliance Alive, a game that released on the Nintendo 3DS back in the heady days of 2018. These days it doesn’t take long for a game to get a remaster, so not even a year later, NIS America announced that The Alliance Alive would get an HD makeover later in 2019.

The Alliance Alive is a pretty typical classic turn-based JRPG. You start off with two characters that eventually grow to a full party of nine as you all quest to save the world from a bunch of evil Daemons. They blocked out the sun and shattered the world 1,000 years ago, so it’s up to a bunch of plucky young warriors and magicians to save it.

It’s all pretty standard RPG tropes from here on out. Of note is an interesting Guild Tower system that sort of serves as your team’s base of operations as you foment a rebellion against the Daemons. Each Tower grants buffs to the party and there are 5 different types that can be built, depending on what characters are available at the time of construction.

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The rest is a turn-based battle system interspersed with cutscenes and text-based dialog that ratchets up to stakes until you’re saving the world. Like we said, standard RPG stuff.

An HD remake was announced back in March that will take the game from the tight confines of the 3DS and let it gallop in the technological freedom provided by the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Windows PC. It’s a big leap going from the 3DS to more modern hardware, and it really shows in The Alliance Alive’s graphical fidelity.

In addition, since the game is no longer being played on a handheld with two screens, The Alliance Alive’s battle GUI and menu screens are getting overhauled to be far more intuitive and easy to follow.

The Alliance Alive HD arrives October 8th, 2019. Check out the trailers above to see what’s in store.

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