Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang Moves To Stream Exclusively on Facebook Gaming

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has announced that he is officially moving to Facebook Gaming, where he will stream games and videos exclusively.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has announced that he is officially moving to Facebook Gaming, where he will stream games and video in an exclusive agreement at fb.gg/DisguisedToast. His first stream took place Friday at 12 PM PT, beginning with Teamfight Tactics.

Speaking about the move, Disguised Toast states that, “One of my favorite things about streaming is that I get to engage with viewers from across the world. Throughout my career, I’ve made it a priority to learn about different cultures and experiences. My move to Facebook Gaming will give me a larger platform to share my voice with a global audience and hear their perspectives on the gaming landscape”

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Via: youtube.com (Teamfight Tactics)

Early on November 20, Disguised Toast tweeted the following message.

One could be forgiven for disregarding the tweet as either a joke, since it subtly references YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer, or that if there were a move planned, it would be to Mixer with the other high-profile streamers who have recently made the jump. Shroud and Ninja are the two most notable streamers to sign on exclusively with Mixer, and Disguised Toast certainly has the clout to be in demand in places other than Twitch.

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Disguised Toast has been a fantastic content creator and streamer for years, beginning in 2015 with the launch of Hearthstone. It was in Blizzard’s online card game the Disguised Toast gained prominence for his creative use of cards and his ability to discover interesting and often broken ways of playing. He recently moved away from Hearthstone like many other streamers because the game has failed to innovate sufficiently over the last year to maintain long-term interest. With each expansion he often returns to test new cards, and now the new “Battlegrounds” mode has brought a resurgence in Hearthstone interest.

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Working towards his goal of worldwide growth, Facebook Gaming is focusing on building a global platform for gaming creators to thrive, with expansion in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Disguised Toast will be donating 100% of his net proceeds earned from Facebook Stars, which is a feature meant to let creators monetize their streams through one-time donations from viewers, to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for his first month on the platform. To celebrate the move, Disguised Toast has already donated $20,000 to patients and their familiar at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Since Facebook Gaming will be where Disguised Toast streams exclusively, it will also be the place to catch all his content for Hearthstone, Pokémon Sword and Shield, League of Legends, and Apex Legends. The move looks to be a big change for Disguised Toast, so make sure to catch his new stream to show some support!

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