DisguisedToast Explains Why He Moved To Facebook Gaming And qXc Calls Him A Liar

Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, recently detailed the reason behind his move from Twitch to Facebook Gaming, and Felix "qXc" Lengyel says he's lying.

Canadian streamer, Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, recently detailed the reason behind his move from Twitch to Facebook Gaming, and Felix "qXc" Lengyel says he's lying. 

Streaming platforms are in an all-out war for content creators right now, and DisguisedToast’s transition is simply the latest in a long line of gamers that are leaving Twitch for other streaming services.

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Onstream, a donor asks, “How do you feel about being a Facebook Streamer.” Disguised toast immediately responds with a cheerful “Good.” He proceeds by explaining his decision in greater detail. Watch the full video right here:

Disguised Toast goes on to mention that he did receive offers “from pretty much every major platform,” which confirms the fact that streaming services are actively seeking out top streamers and paying them big bucks to join their teams. For instance, estimates put a price tag for Ninja’s Mixer contract somewhere between $6 and $30 million dollars a year. As one can imagine, streamers aren’t turning money like that down to just stay on Twitch.

As to why he chose Facebook, DisguisedToast says that he feels like Facebook offers this “untapped market potential” that no other platform seems to possess. This is in part due to the varied demographics and global reach that the platform presents in his eyes.

Sentiments toward Facebook Gaming are varied. Some streamers claim that it is considerably easier to build a subscriber base on Facebook Gaming than it is on Twitch, while others support the idea that Facebook Gaming is terrible for streamers. Similar to the hostilities that are taking place in the TV streaming space right now, it may be too early to tell who will emerge the victor. Perhaps multiple platforms can and should learn to live in harmony.

“On Twitch, it was nice. I was a top streamer, but I feel like I’ve plateaued a little,” finishes DisguisedToast. “It’s a pretty saturated market, so I want to try something different. Obviously everything you do in your career is a risk. I’ll still have my YouTube, I’ll still have my friends at Offline TV, I still have my personality, and my big brain. All the stuff that made me good to watch I still have, right? I want to see if I can take Facebook Gaming to the next level.”

Following DisguisedToast's move to Facebook, qXc criticized him for lying about why he made the switch. qXc claims that DisguisedToast only chose Facebook because they offered him the most money.“I don’t like it because it’s just not true dude. It’s not true dude. Like this untapped market potential? Dude, come on man. Like dude, it was more money.

It's clear that money is the primary factor in motivating top streamers to abandon Twitch, but it's hard to say how much it weighs into each streamer's decision regarding which platform is "right for them." Any guesses are purely speculation, as contracts are still being signed behind closed doors.

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