10 Burning Questions That Another Dishonored Game Can Answer

The Dishonored series is much beloved by its fans and boasts a sizable library of content, with two main franchise titles, a handful of DLC, and most recently a standalone adventure featuring the vocal talents of Rosario Dawson, Michael Madsen, and Robin Lord Taylor. In addition to its stellar gameplay mechanics, Dishonored has built an enrapturing world for players to explore in the Empire of the Isles. With its grim aesthetic, steampunk flair, and engaging characters, there are a lot of reasons to love these games.

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As of the writing of this article, there are no currently announced plans to continue the Dishonored series, but that doesn't mean there's no more territory for hypothetical future titles to explore. In fact, there's a whole host of unresolved questions and plot threads from the previous games that could be investigated. Here are 10 of our most burning questions that another Dishonored game could answer.

10 State Of The Empire

At the end of the currently existing timeline, things seem relatively stable in the Empire of the Isles. Empress Emily Kaldwin rules from Dunwall, having reclaimed her throne from the sorceress Delilah and her coven. Her hold on the other island states appears to be solid, as tensions have diffused and everything has returned to a sort of status quo.

But good games - and good stories, for that matter - don't happen without conflict. It would be fascinating to see what future problems escalate into a disaster providing the spark needed to kick off some character's quest to restore their honor.

9 Technological Progress

The technology of the Dishonored games has been described as "whalepunk" by its creators, given that it blends the steampunk aesthetic with elements of early whaling culture. It focuses heavily on ports, ships, and of course whales, with the oil derived from these animals providing the main source of fuel in the Empire. Dishonored 2 expanded on the technology shown in the first game, including mechanical automatons and an entire moving mansion.

With the amount of technological progress already on display, a third game set further down the timeline would surely see even more development. Who knows what sorts of innovations would be created in the years to come? Another game would have the opportunity to showcase these inventions.

8 Wyman

A character mentioned occasionally throughout Dishonored 2 is Wyman, who appears primarily in letters delivered to the player. We learn that Wyman is noble from Morley and Emily's lover, their relationship developing between the two main games in the series.

While not an overly significant part of the story, Emily's connection to Wyman provides some detail in the character building of Dishonored 2, giving her another reason to take back her throne. It would be interesting to see more of their relationship, perhaps even to see them married by the time another installment comes around.

7 Ecological Impact

Though not as talked about in the series, there is definitely an environmental impact generated by the constant pressure to catch and kill the whales in the waters surrounding the Isles. The exploitation of these creatures is even touched upon in the supernatural aspects of the games, with whales being very significant to the magic that powers the characters' abilities.

Dishonored 2 addressed this growing concern somewhat as the city of Karnaca was powered in part by renewable wind energy, although whale oil was still predominant. There is not an infinite supply of whales in the ocean, however, and the Empire of the Isle must eventually deal with this looming shortage as a society almost entirely based around whale oil would be interesting to see.

6 Explore The Empire

The Dishonored series has taken us to two cities so far: Dunwall and Karnaca. The former is the capital city of the Empire of the Isles and Gristol, while the latter is the capital of Serkonos. Even disregarding the other cities that must be found somewhere on these two islands, that still leaves Tyvia and Morley as areas completely unexplored in the games.

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We have a bit of information on the two islands from in-game references and books. Both isles are north of Gristol, with the capital of Morley being Wynnedown and the capital of Tyvia being Dabokva. Both isles have a history with the Empire, with Morley having engaged in open revolt in the past while Tyvia is largely independently ruled by a military tribunal. Either one would work well as a fresh new setting for another game.

5 Delilah's Coven

The Coven formed by Delilah Copperspoon, also known as the Brigmore Witches, were some of the most formidable antagonists of the second game. Their connection to Delilah gave them supernatural powers such as teleportation, a devastating scream, and the power to summon massive thorns to damage their enemies.

With Delilah's defeat at the end of Dishonored 2, however, the Coven lost its connection to the Void and their powers. Those who resided in the Royal Conservatory in Karnaca were captured and tortured by Overseers, but the fate of the rest is unknown. It was never specified if Delilah's Coven was limited to Dunwall and Karnaca, or if she had cells all across the Isles, waiting for her commands. Though they may not have their powers anymore, they could still return in a future game as potential enemies.

4 Pandyssia

By far the most mysterious landmass in the Dishonored series, even more so than Tyvia and Morley, is the continent of Pandyssia. This massive region dwarfs the Isles and has never been fully explored, according to sources in the games. The rat plague from the first game came from Pandyssia, and those who travel there tend to be driven insane, such as Vera Moray aka Granny Rags.

With not much definitively known about Pandyssia, it is a rich opportunity for any future Dishonored games to explore. Whether the continent is the main setting of the game or just one level among several others, it would be a fascinating place to uncover.

3 The Outsider Cult

Another supernatural group seen in the Dishonored games is the cult surrounding the Outsider. Unlike the Brigmore Witches, they don't seem to gain any supernatural powers themselves from their association with the Outsider but are instead a group of influential people who dedicate their lives to keeping their god isolated from the rest of the world.

After the events of Death of the Outsider which, unsurprisingly, brought an end to the Outsider's power, it was never really explained what happened to the cult surrounding him. They weren't entirely based around having special abilities as Delilah's Coven was, so it's entirely possible that they still exist in some form or another. Perhaps they're trying to create another Outsider - or perhaps they have other, unknown goals that haven't been fully revealed yet.

2 Canon Endings

The Dishonored series is famous for its multiple endings, with the first game having three primary possibilities depending on the choices you made. The same is true for both Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, each of which sees different people rising to power (or falling from it) depending on your actions.

We know there is a canon ending for the original Dishonored as certain events are referenced in the sequel reflecting the choices that the protagonist, Corvo Attano, made. What we don't know are the results of the endings to the next two games in the series. Another game would be the best way to show the canonical choices that were made over the course of those two stories.

1 The Outsider's Gifts

Finally, this entry deals with the implications of the ending to Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. While the Outsider doesn't necessarily die, as you can choose to save him or turn him back into an ordinary human being, his influence on the world is decidedly over.

This raises the question of what happens to those who have the Outsider's mark, such as Emily Kaldwin (or Corvo Attano, depending on how you played Dishonored 2). We know that when people like Delilah Copperspoon or Breanna Ashworth lose their powers, those they empowered tend to suffer the same fate. The question is then whether or not the end of the Outsider means the end of all supernatural abilities. Given that we're still holding out hope for another magic assassin game from Arkane, we hope not, but only another title would be able to definitively answer this question.

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