Dishonored: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Lurk

As a character who has appeared in nearly every Dishonored game in one way or another, Billie Lurk has undeniably left her mark on the franchise. She first appeared in the DLC for the first game, The Knife of Dunwall as the assassin Daud's right hand. Her second starring role was in Dishonored 2 where she provided the player with key information and ferried them to and from their destinations. Her final appearance thus far was in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, where she at last took center stage as the player character as she and Daud sought to end the Outsider once and for all.

For a character who crops up so often, Billie has an enigmatic past that many players don't know much about. While there are audio logs and journal entries scattered throughout the levels that help reveal some of her history, these are entirely optional and may not tell the full story. With that in mind, let's take a look at 10 things you may not have known about the mysterious assassin Billie Lurk.

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10 A Lover Of Women (And Occasionally Men)

While it doesn't draw to much attention to it, Dishonored 2 is chock-full of LGBTQ characters if you know where to look. Playable character Emily Kaldwin is in a relationship with a noble named Wyman, whose gender is left deliberately unspecified. Aramis Stilton, whose manor you explore later in the game, is implied to have been romantically involved with the old Duke. Even the villain Delilah and her lieutenant Breanna Ashworth are said to have shared something special. This isn't even mentioning the various vignettes you can find throughout Karnaca, some of which also imply gay or bi relationships.

Billie Lurk is, canonically bisexual as can be learned from some of the notes, journal entries, and audio logs in the the game. She makes numerous references to Deirdre, a childhood love who died before her eyes. She also states in an audio recording that she has loved many women, and a few men, making her yet another LGBTQ character in the game's long list of them.

9 Stranger In A Strange Land

Although the Dishonored games take place exclusively within the Empire of the Isles (and sometimes the Void, wherever that is), Billie is not actually a native of the Empire itself. She was, in fact, born far away from the Empire, on a small island off the coast of Pandyssia.

While she may not have been born in the Isles, it seems that she grew up on them. From a young age, she lived in Dunwall, with her mother. It is living in this city that would ultimately set Billie on the path to becoming the character she is today.

8 Hard Beginnings

Billie's early life was not an easy one, characterized by suffering and hardship. She lived initially with her mother, but this did not last. Her mother was an alcoholic, unloving and cruel. She physically abused Billie throughout her childhood, inflicting terrible trauma on her.

It was this abuse and neglect that led to Billie leaving home rather than remaining under her mother's oppressive thumb. She ventured out alone into the world, but soon found Deirdre, whom she fell in love with. The two became inseparable from then on.

7 Youthful Thief

After leaving home, Billie decided to turn to thievery to make her way in the world. It was a preferable occupation to the others that she saw available to her, which included scavenging the riverbed as a mudlark or selling herself as a child prostitute. Thieving was something she was good at, and so she chose to pursue it.

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Billie did not want to be a thief the rest of her life, however. As skilled as she was, she wished to one day leave the criminal life behind her. Her dream was to become captain of a ship, a dream she would one day fulfill as she captains the Dreadful Wale in both Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

6 The Murder Of Radanis Abele

One fateful day, a young Luca Abele and his brother, Radanis Abele, came to Dunwall. Luca was a long way off from becoming the villain seen in Dishonored 2 and Billie was not yet a supernatural assassin as their paths crossed. Billie and Deirdre got in the way of the Abeles' carriage and Luca pushed his brother into striking Deirdre, a blow that killed her.

Stricken with grief and rage at the death of her love, Billie snapped a decorative wooden gazelle's head from the carriage and drove into Radanis's eye, killing him as well. This led to the full force of the City Watch pursuing her and becoming an outcast even within Dunwall's underworld.

5 Meeting Daud

After some time of living on the run, Billie witnessed the assassin Daud, the Knife of Dunwall, as he deftly executed three people. She was morbidly fascinated by his skill and his abilities, and as he left the scene, Billie decided to follow him. She trailed him all the way back to the headquarters of the Whalers gang, where Daud revealed that he had known she was following.

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Confronting Billie, Daud liked her natural ability and the fearlessness she displayed even in the lion's den and agreed to train her as a member of the Whalers. Billie quickly took to the work, rising through the ranks of the gang to one day become Daud's right hand. She grew too ambitious, however, and in the events of The Knife of Dunwall, she attempted to betray Daud and take his place, which led to her being exiled from the Whalers and leaving Dunwall.

4 Smuggler Of Karnaca

After the trials and tribulations of her past, Billie wanted nothing more than to forget her misdeeds and tarnished history as she began anew in Serkonos. She took a new name, Meagan Foster, and obtained the Dreadful Wale, a ship whose name can be unscrambled to spell the phrase "Farewell Daud." These words indicate both her desire to leave her work as an assassin behind and, in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, the death of her old teacher and mentor.

While in Karnaca, the capital city of Serkonos, Billie fell back into her old criminal lifestyle as a smuggler, ferrying goods and contraband to those who were willing to pay for it. While it may still have been on the wrong side of the law, it wasn't the business of murder and assassination, and so Billie was content with it for a time.

3 Friends In High Places

During her time as a smuggler in Karnaca, Billie met a great many people and made friends with some rather significant figures from the Empire and in Serkonos high society. She was notably quite close with Aramis Stilton, the miner turned mining baron who disappeared prior to the events of the game. It was shortly after his disappearance, in fact, that Billie lost her arm and eye attempting to infiltrate his manor. If the player saves Stilton, then he and Billie remain friends as he appears on the Dreadful Wale to offer his assistance.

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Billie also met the noted natural philosopher Anton Sokolov. The two became friends, albeit with an occasional clash between the two given their strong personalities, and Billie even invited Sokolov to live on her ship. Sokolov accepted and continued his investigation into the imminent coup, which eventually led to his kidnapping.

2 Devoid Of The Outsider's Mark

Although Billie has both possessed and currently possesses supernatural abilities, she is the only playable character throughout the Dishonored games who does not have the Outsider's mark as the source of her powers. While Daud, Corvo, and Emily all draw their strength from the Outsider, Billie has always used less direct ways of working with the Void's energy.

In The Knife of Dunwall, she possesses several of Daud's powers and, later, several of Delilah's. This is due to the ability of both Daud and Delilah to share their supernatural strength with their followers who do not have the Outsider's mark themselves. After being cast out of the Whalers, Billie lost her abilities until Death of the Outsider. There, she was visited by the Outsider who, instead of offering her his mark, replaced her arm and eye with mystical artifacts that draw power directly from the Void.

1 Beyond Time And Space

The end of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is not the end for Billie Lurk, apparently. The story of the games has been continued and expanded upon in a variety of media, including in books and graphic novels. One such work is The Wyrmwood Deceit, a series of four comic books that were compiled into a graphic novel, detailing events taking place after the first Dishonored title but before the second.

The story of The Wyrmwood Deceit explores a complex criminal conspiracy as Corvo Attano sets about dismantling it. One of the characters, a guardswoman named Martha Cottings, sacrifices herself at the end by setting off an explosion to kill the villain. However, just before the explosion hits her, time stops and Billie Lurk appears. Billie tells her that events must carry on the way they are, and then takes her through a portal, away from certain death. This scene would seem to imply that Billie's story is not over yet, with more twists and turns to come outside even the limits of space and time.

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