All Grown Up: 25 Disney Afternoon Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Adults

These incredible artists have taken Disney Afternoon cartoon characters and reimagined them as adults.

Which nineties kid can’t read the titles Darkwing Duck or Tale Spin without immediately breaking out into the theme songs? The themes immediately conjure up nostalgia: Saturday morning cartoons, sugary breakfast cereals, etc. Is that everyone or just me? Ah, the nineties.

Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin aren’t the only shows on this list, of course. They were part of the Disney Afternoon roster alongside the likes of Rescue Rangers and Mighty Ducks. Scheduled in the afternoon, these shows weren’t Saturday morning cartoons at all. But we don’t care about that. Nostalgia is about a romanticized past that never existed in the first place, thank you very much, and that’s the script we’ll be sticking to.

Much of these shows only existed for a few seasons. They’ve had to languish in the dusty attics of our memories. With nineties kids all grown up, many of us can’t help but wonder what these beloved characters might look like if they’d had the chance to grow up too. What might Darkwing Duck’s Gosalyn Mallard look like if she was in her prime of adulthood? How ashy would Scrooge from Duck Tales be right now? Fortunately, this is the exact question I have tackled in this article. Also, lots of talented artists have tackled it before me, of course.

25 Slide To Unlock The Feels


Art by: twinkel13

Gossalyn Mallard is all grown up. Being a nineties kid such as myself, and I presume, many of you, Gossalyn is now a smartphone-toting millennial. Here she can be seen taking a selfie with Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing’s lovable goof of a sidekick. Although Launchpad may not be the sharpest lightbulb, as it were, he’s loyal and true of heart. You can see him having aged quite well, with his grey temples. He’s a real silver fox— or silver drake.

24 Mighty Duckling


Art by: emily-lorange

The Mighty Duckling has arrived. Kala and Dawn have finally welcomed their youngling into the world. They’re ready for their first real challenges outside of the rink. I know exactly what they should name their baby. Stay with me now. Emilio. Oh, is that the same name as the lead actor in the hit Disney live action film? I hadn’t noticed. I think it’s only fair that they name their baby Emilio after they transmogrified Estevez’s corporeal form into a duck to make that one executive happy.

23 Hackwrench Lifts


Art by: the-unicorn-lord

Well, there’s no question Gadget is all grown up now. Here she can be seen exercising with a wrench. Get it? Cuz her name is Hackwrench? I love that she’s using a regular wrench as a weight. It’s one of those clever cartoonish twists that never fail to impress despite their simplicity (tiny characters using normal shaped objects for different purposes a la Toy Story). Gadget, not one to forget her roots, is also sporting an Oswald shirt.

22 Ship Happens


Art by: yamipea

Ah, yes. Another Molly Cunningham x Kit Cloudkicker ship. Although the artist titled this drawing “Kit and Molly Again” I much prefer the title they were toying with— Ship Happens. It seems Kit and Molly shipping is an entire Deviantart subculture and… yeah, you’re not surprised in the least. I mean you are reading this article, after all. To be fair, it's really neat seeing these characters paired up — it's no surprise artists did it themselves.

21 Gosalyn Grows Up


Art by: twinkel13

Here’s an awesome picture of a teenage or twenty-something Gosalyn Malard. It’s a far cry from the little girl we are used to seeing. The artist claims they wanted to give Rosalyn a Little Mermaid-type vibe, and it’s obvious they pulled it off deftly.

The vibrant colors, movement, and strong contours are excellent.

Images like this beg for a Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales reboot. Fans can agree Gosalyn is more than ready to pick up the mantle and start cracking down on crime.

20 Millennial Molly And Kit


Art by: yamipea

While this image is literally sketchy in some ways, I couldn’t help but including it for the sweet adult renditions of Molly Cunningham and Kit Cloudkicker from Tale Spin. According to the artist, the drawing was inspired by their love for Saturday morning cartoons. Having grown up with these characters, it’s natural to wonder what they might look like now, if they aged the same way we do. It’s the same inspiration behind this article.

19 Meet Quiverwing


Art by: splatterphoenix

This is Quiverwing— Gosalyn Mallard’s future alter-go. Many believe she’d do Darkwing proud, and they’re probably right. From the artist’s page, Quiverwing Quack is, “ready to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers. Again, this is my version of her costume and I'm also very much aware of the fact that she doesn't wear a hat in my design, even though the comics and the show depict young Gosalyn with a Robin Hood-style hat.”

18 Good Morning, Gadget


Art by: arkangel-zigma

Gadget’s morning selfie! This is an elegant and deceptively simple image. I’m sure any artist will tell you it’s difficult to nail the perspective of a selfie down just right, but this artist has nailed it. Gagdet looks like she’s enjoying morning bliss. This being a cartoon, she’s effortlessly put together of course. She’s also employing that cute index on the cheek move popular with the youths today— or so I’m told.

17 Mr. And Mrs. Cloudkicker


Art by: yamipea

In the original Tale Spin, Molly Cunningham is just six years old. This pretty piece of artwork is titled “Fourteen Years Later.” At the age of twenty, Molly is finally old enough to marry Kit Cloudkicker. Kit is pretty young at the start of the show too— only twelve— though he’s not six. It’s a good thing they waited those fourteen years. The six years age difference isn’t that big of a gap in Cape Suzette, especially in the show’s 1930-40s-type setting.

16 Chip And Dale’s Gritty Reboot


Art by: real-sonkes

Watch out. Chip and Dale are coming to town. Rescue Rangers is getting the Unforgiven or Logan treatment here. The chipmunks are now super old (which, we now know because of our chipmunk facts lesson, means they are probably like nine months old). They’ve come to town to avenge Gadget’s loss. Okay, I made that part up, but it fits. Neither of the chipmunk men could ever love again. Pretty weird that they both loved the same girl.

15 Gosalyn And Launchpad’s Later Years


Art by: twinkel13

Another Gossalyn and Launchpad McQuack grown-up photo. There’s a wistful quality to this image, a sense of vague sadness. Perhaps it’s aging. We are so used to seeing these characters fixed in time, being they are cartoons whose identities are ageless, that it comes as a shock when suddenly they’re thrust forward in time like the rest of us mortals. Implicit in that realization is the knowledge that our heroes are slowly marching to their inevitable end… lol, that Launchpad McQuack is so silly tho.

14 The Foxworthy Family


Art by: rosethornart

Another Tale Spin favorite— Myra Foxworthy. Myra is one of the Baloo’s friends, who often runs around to help lend a hand when a particular adventure calls for archaeological expertise. You can tell she’s a scientist because this she’s wearing glasses and this a 90s cartoon. Funny how antiquated that stereotype seems now — we're all nerds today, of course.

13 Goddess Gadget


Art by: kejzfox

Gadget Hackwrench is portrayed here in an “ancient style” according to the artist’s deviant art page. I’m not exactly sure what that means, since I only have a PhD in memes and fan art and not in actually important stuff like art history). But I know what I like, and I like this. I assume that means you people might like it too. In contrast to Gadget’s red dress in another entry on this list, she’s shown here in pure white, yet with an equally elemental flair.

12 Scientifically Accurate Rescue Rangers


Art by: nowortrevor

You wanted to see chipmunks and mice grown up? Well, that’s what you’re getting. These are fully matured rodents, just like you requested. I know you came to this page hoping to get some much-needed verisimilitude as a break from all these unrealistic cartoon depictions. Well here are the facts: the scientific name for an eastern chipmunk is Tamius striatus, it weighs 130g on average, and often lives less than a year. That’s gonna make the reboot tough.

11 A Ducking Good Prom


Art by: emily-lorange

One of the things that always confused me growing up was the connection between The Mighty Ducks live-action film starring Emilio Estevez and the cartoon follow-up. One of them had real people, the Ducks being merely a team name, and in the other, they were actual ducks. I can just see the exec going, “they won’t get it! Make ‘em real ducks!” Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice the difference between Emilio Estevez and a duck. In that, you are wrongfully mistaken. Emilio is a national treasure. Wow, I really should’ve said something about this image instead of waxing philosophical on Emilio’s fowl-like features.

10 Disney’s Ladies Late Night


Art by: hard-headed-woman

It’s ladies night in Darkwing Duck/Tale Spin/Duck Tales/Rescue Rangers. All the ladies are gathered around a cell phone— either taking a selfie or watching a movie on the teensy device. If they were taking a selfie, this would be drawn from the angle of the phone. Maybe. Probably.

You just know they’re all watching Magic Mike on that thing.

Don’t deny it. Why are all the lights off? To highlight Channing Tatum’s crazy definition.

9 Drakes Collide


Art by: hard-headed-woman

I will NEVER get tired of this meme. Therefore, since I’m the one writing these things, it means you won’t get tired of it either. Alright, I know this isn’t technically Dark Wing Duck grown up (although he does seem to have a few extra lines etched around his beak), but it counts because he’s doing a contemporary thing.

This is the original Drake.

Sh. Just accept it. Someone needs to pair this with a good image to the side— maybe rejecting new cartoons vs. better nineties ones.

8 Darkwing Duck High School Reunion


Art by: splatterphoenix

Now THIS is what you came for, isn’t it? Here we have Drake and Kara’s High School Reunion at st. Canard High School. They’re just as pretty as the day they left. Of course, Drake Mallard rose to stratospheric heights when he became Dark Wing Duck, scourge of Saturday morning cartoon bad guys everywhere, but it’s not like he can exactly brag about that at his reunion.

7 Playing Goldeneye With The Team


Art by: emily-lorange

Behold the Mighty Duck, mightily playing… Nintendo 64. Okay, the era checks out. This terrific picture was done by commission. According to the artist’s page: “The descriptions given said it was up to me to decide what they were doing, but there was a suggestion that they were playing video games. Immediately my mind went to a Christmas party I went to, where we were playing the original GoldenEye (hence the N64 controllers).” Makes sense. Double down on the nostalgia for maximum fan service.

6 Scrooge’s Final Hour


Art by: skypiratedash

Welcome to the world of grown-ups, kids. It’s not just questionable depictions of classic characters, it’s also got A LOT OF, SAD. Well it’s doesn’t get much more grown-up than this. So grown-up there’s not a lot of growing up left.

BRB burying my childhood.

Scrooge is on his bye-bye bed and, according to the artist, “Scrooge lost his nephews due to crime.” LOST THEM. I’m sorry but it doesn’t get darker than that.

5 Duck Tales: The Next Chapter


Art by: greyofpta

Here is a decidedly more cheerful image than the one where Scrooge was on his bye-bye bed. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are all grown up and they’re keeping the family traditions alive. They’re engaging in all sorts of adventures— with the help of their trusty sidekick, Scrooge’s billions.

Like their late uncle Scrooge, their superpower is being rich.

Here they are photographed plotting to thwart Occupy Wall Street-type uprisings and perpetuating the widening wage gap. Adorable!

4 A New Duck In The Family


Art by: duckydeares

Donald and Daisy just became grandparents. Let’s hope it was all planned. Can we take a moment to discuss how weird it is that a major plot point of Duck Tales hinges on Donald Duck taking off for the navy? That’s how the show begins. Lots of fathers are in the military. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s only a bit weird considering it’s a Disney Saturday Morning Cartoon and they’re directly addressing the army without any farcical elements. Maybe Donald just got back to the surprise of his new grandkid.

3 Hello Gadget


Art by: junica-hots

Go, go, Gadget. This ain’t no Inspector Gadget, and I’ll spare you the easy and deplorable puns that name calls to mind. Gadget Hackwrench is a main character on Rescue Rangers, starring none other than everyone’s favorite chipmunks (move over, Alvin)— Chip and Dale. She was the love interest for BOTH Chip and Dale. That naturally made things awkward over the course of the show’s run. Here Gadget is depicted in a hyper-realistic aesthetic.

2 Gadget’s Inferno


Art by: kejzfox

Here is another gorgeous piece of fanart. For you Rescue Ranger fans out there, rest assured there is no dearth of Gadget Hackwrench fanart. There is, however, an alarming paucity of acceptable Gadget Hackwrench fan art (because of, like, size dimensions and stuff… yeah). Here she can be seen gracefully dancing in a billowing red dress. It looks like she’s near lava or something. I can’t be totally sure, but the sensuality, color, and use of shadow is awesome.

1 Duck Yeah!


Art by: nowortrevor

It’s exactly like you wanted. More hyper-realistic, all grown up ducks. You’re so sick of these good-looking ducks. You really just want the real thing. Don’t worry, I got you covered. So here are some more fully-grown duck facts via sciencekids.co.nz. Mallards can live up to five to ten years in the wild, and over eight years in captivity. The Mallard is the most common duck. The duck is part of the Anatidae bird family. Happy now?

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