20 Disney Afternoon Characters Reimagined As Villains

If you were a 90s kid, you probably remember Disney Afternoon. That time after school where Disney Channel had a bunch of awesome animated Disney TV series that were imaginative, crazy, epic, and silly. This TV block did last for nine years, and it made quite the mark on Disney fans.

While I was a bit young for Disney Afternoon (and our house didn’t get cable TV until I was 12), there were some shows I got exposed to later on. My personal favorites are Gargoyles and DuckTales. Gargoyles had such a different tone from the rest of the TV series, and it had an incredible story and atmosphere. And DuckTales was an amazing series of adventures that were both epic and wacky.

Even though Disney Afternoon ended years ago, many fans still watch the shows that came out of it. These fans still draw fanart of the awesome characters from these shows. And of course, they like to play around with these characters and their designs.

There’s one big question fans like to look at: what would the heroes would look like if they weren’t so heroic? What if the heroes were the villains? Would they look different? How would they be? Well, several artists have decided to answer that question.

So here are 20 Disney Afternoon characters that have reimagined as villains. Let’s bring on all the baddies!

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20 Just Don’t Touch His Money Bin

Via: kermitthefrog223456.deviantart.com

Some may argue that Scrooge McDuck is a type of villain, and his first debut as a character did make him out to be one. But in DuckTales, he’s a bit more of a mixture. He’s not a villain, but he’s also not always strictly good either. He’s just a guy out to find adventure and treasure.

But this artist’s interpretation of a more villainous Scrooge is definitely creepy. This is a guy that looks like he would destroy you without a second thought if it meant he got what he wanted. He also has this kind of demonic look, which is pretty freaky.

19 He’s Seen Things

Via: loko-motion.deviantart.com

You can’t hate Launchpad. You just can’t. The guy is a ray of sunshine, and nothing gets him down. Plus, he’s actually in two shows: DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. And he’s just amazing in both of them. While he tends to crash planes more than he lands them, he’s always there to help, even if he’s not always that helpful.

This art piece isn’t necessarily of a villainous Launchpad, but more of a tough, rough around the edges Launchpad. This guy has seen some things and been through some hard times. If he wanted to become a villain, you probably wouldn’t blame him. Either way, I’m not messing with this Launchpad.

18 He’s A Proud Warrior

Via: pinterest.com

While Goliath may be a hero in Gargoyles, you could see why some people may see him as a villain. His fearsome appearance alone can make this guy seriously intimidating. And if you make him angry, well, you’d better watch out. Plus, Goliath has a legitimate reason to hate humanity, so you wouldn’t really blame him if he wanted to destroy it.

While this art piece doesn’t strictly portray Goliath as a villain, it’s definitely a more frightening look into his character. This version of Goliath is completely spooky, whether he’s the good guy or not. I’m sure Elisa’s glad he’s on her side.

17 He’s Looking All Kinds Of Shifty

Via: loko-motion.deviantart.com

Max is kind of your typical kid, but having Goofy for a dad would probably make you anything but typical. It’s fun to see Goofy and Max interact because you know that despite their differences, they love each other a lot.

Max would be pretty interesting as a baddie. This artist decided to portray him as some kind of delinquent with some... strange tendencies. Seriously, I don’t know what Max has been up to, and I’m not sure I want to know. Based on the blood on his shoes, I think the less I know, the better. Don’t mess with this kid.

16 They’re A Triple Threat

Via: tohad.deviantart.com

You don’t see a lot of triplet characters in cartoons, but that’s what makes Huey, Dewey, and Louie pretty awesome. While in the original DuckTales, they all more or less have the same personality, the rebooted DuckTales has given them some unique quirks and personality traits.

Imagine getting taken down by this family.

I love this art piece of the triplets because the idea of them and Scrooge McDuck being in a type of organized crime gang is a really interesting concept. The three would definitely be Scrooge’s thugs. Can you imagine how freaky it would be to have these three guys trying to end you? Let’s just be glad these brothers aren’t planning on going to the dark side anytime soon.

15 Talk About A Villainous Prince

Via: ekoi1995.deviantart.com

While Timon and Pumbaa were the stars of their TV series, Simba was also there too, and shows up pretty often in the series. It’s cool to see that Simba stayed friends with Timon and Pumbaa after he retook Pride Rock.

Yes, I know that Simba is an adult in this series, but I really like this art piece of a younger Simba, so we’re counting it. Somehow a villainous young Simba is more frightening than a villainous adult Simba. What do you think would’ve happened if a younger Simba had more malicious intentions? The story might have gone very differently.

14 She Could Totally Rule The Underworld

Via: pinterest.com

Meg is a pretty interesting character since she was actually working with the bad guy in the movie and was partially responsible for Hades being able to take down Hercules. But thankfully, she had a change of heart. She only shows up a couple of times in the series, but she’s awesome.

A villainous Meg would be very fascinating. A lot of fans have played around with the idea that Meg defeats Hades and takes over the underworld herself which would be pretty cool. This art piece shows how Meg as the queen of the underworld would look, and she looks fantastic!

13 She Makes Bad Look Good

Via: cristianoreina.deviantart.com

Jasmine is a pretty cool lady since she’s not one to be pushed around. While her combat skills are a bit lacking, she’s still not one to mess with. And I like her in the TV series since she plays more of a role.

I could actually see Jasmine as a villain. We’ve seen her more devious and manipulative side already, so if she wanted to, she could easily switch teams. It definitely would’ve changed things if she had decided to side with Jafar. Aladdin wouldn’t have stood a chance. But I have to say that she looks pretty awesome as a villain.

12 They’d Be A Great Criminal Duo

Via: blizzard.reactor.cc

Apparently Timon and Pumbaa became popular enough to have their own TV series, and it was pretty entertaining. It mostly followed the adventures of these two and Simba after the events of the first movie.

This artist decided to combine Timon and Pumba with a more villainous duo: Junkrat and Roadhoag from Overwatch. (Yes, these two are kind of the good guys now, but they were famous thieves/terrorists before they joined Overwatch.) I love the designs of these two. Timon as Junkrat is hilarious. They look amazing and slightly intimidating.

11 He’s All Powerful And All Bad

Via: jsoleb.deviantart.com

Genie actually shows up in the Aladdin series, mostly as Aladdin’s friend, and he’s his usual funny self. It’s also pretty cool that he and Aladdin stayed friends after he freed the Genie. It just goes to show that making friends with powerful beings is a good idea.

It wouldn't end well for anyone if Genie turned bad.

Considering how friendly and entertaining Genie is, it’s hard to imagine him as this all-powerful being that could actually destroy you if he wanted to. But what if the Genie had been less friendly and more malicious? He could do some serious damage if he really wanted to. But I like this artist’s look at a villainous Genie because it’s subtle, yet incredibly creepy.

10 Oh, He Got Really Spooky

Via: srgshadow.deviantart.com

Did you know that there actually was a villainous version of Darkwing Duck in the show? He’s known as Negaduck and is Darkwing Duck’s villainous doppleganger from the Negaverse. He’s a lot more violent, and unlike Darwing Duck, he intends to do harm and hurts a lot of people.

Imagine having to fight a villainous version of yourself. 

I like this interpretation of Negaduck because the artist portrayed him as demonic. It kind of gives a whole new meaning to fighting your demons. The wings are a nice touch, and it gives this character a more fantasy element. I’d love to see Darkwing Duck battle this version of Negaduck!

9 He Looks Like A Pirate

Via: pinterest.com

I think some people forgot that Aladdin had a TV series, and it was actually pretty good. It involved Aladdin learning more about how to rule Agrabah and dealing with various situations that came with it. And it shows that while Aladdin was serious about wanting to help and protect his people.

So, what if Aladdin hadn’t been so good? What if he was a much more roguish thief that was only looking out for himself? Well, according to this artist, this is what that version of Aladdin would look like. And he looks pretty cool. It would be interesting to see what a darker Aladdin would do.

8 Don’t Mess With This Gargoyle

Via: immarart.deviantart.com

Out of all the gargoyles, Brooklyn was probably the most reckless and headstrong, but he’s the youngest gargoyle, so it’s understandable. This guy was still growing and maturing. And we got to see him learn over the series.

It’s hard to imagine Brooklyn as a bad guy since he’s pretty good-natured despite his temper. But like the other gargoyles, he can look seriously frightening, no matter what side he’s on. And this artist did an amazing and spooky version of Brooklyn. He may not strictly be a villain in this piece, but you still don’t want to make this guy angry at you.

7 He’s One Weird Demigod

Via: artstation.com (Ivan Nikulin)

Okay, the Hercules TV series wasn’t part of the Disney Afternoon block, but it should’ve been. (I’m not sure why they didn’t put it in the block.) This series reminds me a lot of the Aladdin series, so that’s why I’m counting it.

Considering how genuinely good Hercules is and how rarely he gets mad, it’s kind of hard to imagine him as a bad guy. But I like how the only change the artist made is to Hercules’ facial expression. There’s just something so twisted about his smile that’s seriously unnerving. And those demented eyes. It’s simple but very effective. Maybe this poor demigod finally cracked.

6 The Rescue Rangers Just Got Dark

Via: robaato.deviantart.com

For a show about a group of chipmunk detectives, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers was a pretty popular show. The fact that they were also looking out for the little guy is pretty cool. And the show had some pretty fun and interesting characters.

I would totally watch CSI: Rescue Rangers. 

This art piece isn’t exactly of villainized versions of the Rescue Rangers, but it does put them in a darker tone, so I’ll count it. It would be interesting to see these guys try to solve something like a crime or go up against a seriously creepy villain. I would totally watch CSI: Rescue Rangers. Can we make this happen, Disney?

5 Don’t Do This, Goofy

Via: loko-motion.deviantart.com

Goofy is a pretty wacky guy, but he’s also a loving father, and we see that in The Goof Troop. You can tell he adores his son and is willing to do anything for him. In general, Goofy is just a genuinely good guy. He may be clumsy and silly, but he’s devoted to the people he cares about.

A villainous Goofy is an unsettling idea. It’s hard to imagine this nice guy could be bad. But this artist managed to create a rather creepy Goofy. This version of Goofy looks like he will end you and bury the body all in a night’s work. You probably don’t want to get on the wrong side of this guy.

4 Don’t Let His Spells Hit You

Via: mickeymonster.deviantart.com

I think some people forget that Donald Duck has been taking care of Huey, Dewey, and Louie since they were tiny. And in The Quack Pack, we get to see his dynamic between the three as they’re a bit older. You’ve got to give Donald some credit for stepping up and taking care of his nephews.

Donald would be a pretty interesting villain. 

Considering Donald has a pretty infamous temper, it wouldn’t be too hard to picture him as a type of villain. But I do like this artist’s look at him. While it doesn’t specifically say Donald is a bad guy in this art piece, I could see him as a type of dark mage. Can you imagine the crazy magic Donald would make when he got mad? It would probably be explosive.

3 The World Isn't Ready For This Lady

Via: furaffinity.net (Lordstevie)

Gosalyn and Drake Mallard make a pretty cute daughter and father duo. They’re both pretty similar in personality, which does make them clash, but they also complement each other pretty well. Gosalyn keeps Drake’s ego in check, and Drake protects and takes care of Gosalyn.

While this art piece doesn’t necessarily portray Gosalyn as a villain, you could read it that way. She definitely has this dark vigilante thing going on. I can imagine that this is what an older Gosalyn would look like. She would probably go to the dark side if something happened to Darkwing Duck, but it would be more of a vengeance thing.

2 This Old Gargoyle Will Take You Down

Via: immarart.deviantart.com

Hudson is the epitome of a mentor. He used to be the clan leader, but gave the title over to Goliath. And since he’s the oldest and the wisest of the gargoyles, he’s usually the one the others go to when they need advice. In general, he’s an awesome, fierce, wise old man.

Hudson may be older, but he's no less fearsome. 

It’s a little hard to imagine Hudson as a villain since he’s a pretty kind guy. But this artist did a fantastic job in making him look fearsome and spooky. He may not exactly be a villain in this art piece, but you could easily see him going that way. And like the other gargoyles, Hudson would have some legitimate reasons to turn against the humans.

1 Of Course It Was The Bad Twin

Via: winstonthegorilla68.deviantart.com

Talespin is an interesting series since it takes a few characters from The Jungle Book and puts them in a 1930s setting where Baloo is a cargo pilot, and Shere Khan is a businessman. But the premise is a pretty cool idea, and the characters are all rather likable and entertaining. Baloo himself is a bit more motivated than his movie counterpart, but he’s still a pretty relaxed guy.

This artist actually came up with a villainous twin of Baloo named Rick, which is a fun idea. What would happen if Baloo had to go up against his twin? Things would definitely get crazy. And Rick’s design is pretty fun.

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