20 Hilarious Beauty And the Beast Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney film that is loved by both the young and old. Belle is the perfect surrogate protagonist, desiring to have an adventure and is an outcast from her village due to her love of books and dislike of Gaston. It’s difficult to not connect with her, especially since if you like Disney, you probably also desire to have an adventure and love stories.

Beast is just fun! Unlike a lot of Disney princes of that time, he is super flawed. He’s a brat with anger issues who is stuck in the form of a wolf-buffalo man. What is not entertaining about all that?

Gaston is one of Disney’s greatest villains since he thinks he’s the hero. He’s a classic misogynist who thinks monsters are just creatures rather than realizing real monsters are in the hearts of men like him.

The Disney film has inspired many adaptations such as musicals, live-action remakes, video games, and even comic books. In Fables, Belle and Beast are the only fairytale couple who have not gotten a divorce since moving to Manhattan. This is probably because they knew each other’s flaws from the beginning and were able to work through them more easily.

Besides the adaptations is a lot of work from fans. That includes comics! Here are twenty Beauty and the Beast comics that we found.

20 Orphan Preteen

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The live action remake got to explain a lot of these issues. We learned that Prince Adam’s mother passed away while he was a child and that his father was an abusive jerk (I guess he passed away eventually too?).

However, in the original there was evidence that showed Prince Adam was only eleven years old when the enchantress came knocking at his door. This was shown by a quote from Lumière in “Be Our Guest” when he says “Ten years we’ve been rusting.” The narrator also said, "The rose, which was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year." Since the petals are falling at the time of Belle’s visit, that means ten years must have passed, right? Some fans refuse the theory since Adam looks more like an adult in the stained glass prologue than a child. We also see a portrait of him in the castle looking older than eleven. But then what about the evidence? Was Lumière exaggerating? Or did turning into a beast halt his aging?

Also if he was a child, why was it him to answer the door rather than one of the servants?

In Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, we learn that Prince Adam hates Christmas because that was the day he was cursed. In that film, we see that he was in fact ten or eleven years old. In other words, there is evidence for both sides.

19 The Hairiest Chest

via: rain1940.deviantart.com

In Gaston’s song, he brags about how masculine he is. From his muscles, taxidermy, and hunting skills, he claims to have it all. At one point, he opens his shirt to brag about his hairy chest. That’s a little awkward since the Prince he’s competing with is utterly covered in hair.

To be fairer, Prince Adam’s human form does not seem to have a hairy chest. We see some of his bare chest from the opening in his white shirt after he transforms back into a human and there is not hair.

I know, I know, way to be a party pooper. The whole statement showed in Gaston’s song though is about how men think certain traits make them more worthy of praise. It’s all about toxic masculinity, that you have to have muscles, chest hair, and know how to hunt to be a good man. The whole point is that the hairy chest doesn’t matter. If the villain is singing about it, that’s a sign that it’s not the right way to measure yourself.

Beauty and the Beast is about measuring oneself through what’s on the inside rather than what’s on the outside. That’s the whole thing the enchantress was about since she disguised herself as an old woman and asked for help.

Art was done by rain1940.

18 Happy Endings

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Wow, Prince Adam’s library has way more books with happy endings than not. Then again, aren’t happy endings more common in books since people usually read them as a was to escape from a depressing reality?

Based on her description of what she’s reading at the beginning of the film, Belle seems to have a taste for books about far off places, princes, sword fights, and magic. Well...there are a lot of those in the world! She’d probably live in the young adult or fantasy section of any bookstore or library.

If she knows all the books that do and don’t have happy endings, I guess that means she read them all. How long was she trapped in the castle while Prince Adam was still a beast? Did she really have time to read all those? Maybe this comic would make more sense if it was post-movie.

Also does Belle really care so much for happy endings? I only ask because she was shown to love Romeo and Juliet in the remake. That is a story known for its tragic ending. Maybe she actually moved all the books with happy endings, so she can get to read the tragic ones.

17 Enchanted Bookmark

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There is a lot of discussion about exactly how much of the castle is actually alive. How many servants did Prince Adam even have? Well, just watch “Be Our Guest.” There are hundreds upon hundreds of beings dancing around in that musical number. Just from the castle’s kitchenware, there are easily hundreds upon hundreds of servants that have been cursed.

Just opening a silverware drawer probably reveals up to thirty people. So what about other places like the library or guestrooms?

If there are sentient bookmarks, they should not be put into books! Isn’t that imprisoning them? They have no way to get out!

Have you ever thought about what inanimate object you’d want to be if you were cursed, but had a choice of what you got to be? No one would say bookmark. I think most people, like me at least, would take advantage of the situation and be a doll or stuffed animal. Toy Story has shown us that toys can have a wonderful life. You could also be just the creepiest object in the castle if you want and be a super old and cracked porcelain doll. I’d want to be something cute though, like a plush.

16 So much reading

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There is no way she finished that many books in a night, unless she was halfway done with all of them already. The average person can read about two hundred to three hundreds words a minute.

There is such a thing as the World Championship Speed Reading Competition where contestants test their speed reading skills. They have to read as fast as they can while retaining and understanding the information they are reading through. Through such competitions, the highest rankers could read one thousand to two thousand words a minute. That’s crazy! Belle would have to be like them to get through that many books in one night.

The man who holds the speed reading world record is Howard Berg. In 1990, it was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records that he could read and comprehend up to twenty five thousand words a minute. Now that trails along the inhuman!

There are techniques that speed readers use such as skimming, chunking, and meta guiding. Meta guiding is when you trail your finger along the words you are reading. If you do it fast, it forces you to read faster. I suppose Belle uses these to get through those book so fast.

15 “Am I odd?”

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Is it fourth wall breaking if Belle is aware of the song being sung about her?

Believe it or not, early on in the making of the movie, Beauty and Beast was not going to be a musical. Of course that changed. Since The Little Mermaid was such a big hit, they wanted to relate it more to a formula they already knew worked wonders for their audiences.

The song about Belle is very Broadway-like, with all the characters singing and the song to be plot-furthering as a way to introduce the protagonist and villain. The songwriters were pretty skeptical at first to write something that was inspired by Broadway, even fearing that the song could potentially end their Disney careers. There were some concerns that it was too much information in a small song since we learn about Belle and Gaston’s village roles and relationship within just a couple minutes.

The risks that were taken in the song were well rewarded though. In The New York Times, it was described as "A spectacular opening number that captures the essence of this film's appeal.”

The song is very catchy too, making it easy to recall it’s every word. Seeing it on Broadway is probably the best.

14 A good book

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Everyone has had that game, book, or show that made them cry at the end. It’s not because it was bad or even sad at the end, but it was so good that your body goes into a breakdown over the fact that it’s over.

Belle is definitely like that. She’d probably cry after finishing book seven of the Harry Potter series or just finishing The Office on Netflix. In modern times, I bet she would love DC, Marvel, and anime. Disney World would also certainly be her happiest place on earth.

Beast thought she was crying because it was a bad book... Has anyone ever read something so bad that they cried?

Crying due to how funny something is from its badness is a real thing. But just it’s badness? I’m not sure. It’s something is bad, you just won’t care, right?

Maybe Prince Adam is so spoiled that when he read a bad book, he cried. What’s an example of a bad book? How about something rated super low like Does God Love Michael’s Two Daddies? by Sheila K. Butt on Amazon? With that in mind, maybe Prince Adam read a piece of really dumb and offensive propaganda and knows it's still somewhere in his library.

13 Mentally a Child

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Unlike Prince Adam’s situation, it was made clear that the servants are stuck the same age as they were on the day they were cursed. If not, then Chip would be a teenager!

You would think being cursed for ten years as a cup could do wonders for child trauma and maturity. Would he have his own strange version of Peter Pan syndrome, where he acts like a child despite being an adult because his childhood was too traumatizing to behave like a child? Except he’s a cup. What does that do to a kid on a psychological level? He’d probably be messed up because he’s so fragile yet he has all that kid energy.

As a cup he doesn’t have to eat, drink, or use the bathroom. After not doing those things for ten years, what would it be like to suddenly have to do those things? That’s enough to mess an adult up, so what about a kid like Chip?

It’s the involvement of children like Chip that make a lot of fans consider the enchantress a villain. Do children even count as servants? He seems only to be the son of a servant, which is as innocent as a character can get.

12 The Bright Side

via: nerdism.com

Prince Adam was already a grump, so of course he took becoming a beast in the worst way. What if he liked it though? It’s amusing to think of enjoying the curse, but we need to think about the little things the transformation entails. Eating and chewing must be completely different with a beast mouth. It’s obviously built for hunting, which the Beast doesn’t do. So instead, that jaw and tooth structure would become an annoyance.

Worst part? Getting things stuck in your fur. Imagine getting fleas! All your servants are inanimate objects, so they probably can’t help you with a flea problem. There are also ticks.

Beast was probably susceptible to rabies and other diseases humans do not usually worry about.

Anyone who doesn’t live in a castle on a normal day would probably be excited about the castle part. To Beast though, he always had the castle as a human. Now it’s just a prison since he can’t leave.

Also what’s the point of having a cool singing voice when you look like a monster? Your servants won’t care. You can’t go out into society and become a rock star if they’ll want to run or fight the moment they lay eyes on you.

Art by Andy Kluthe.

11 Vet Visit

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The cone of shame is used on animals that cannot stop reopening their wounds via licking and biting at the stitches. This seems appropriate since Prince Adam would definitely be a baby who can’t stop picking at his wounds.

Beast's fight with the wolf pack was a highlight of the movie for those who like action. With a body like his, it definitely has to be seen in action against other beasts. Of course, Disney does get some grief about the wolves since wolf attacks are very rare and it can hurt conservation efforts if the animals are constantly seen as villains in kid flicks.

Beauty and the Beast took place in France and, oddly enough, a large number of people during the time the movie took place suffered from wolf attacks. There are statistical records that about five thousand four hundred people had been taken out by wolves between 1580 and 1880. That’s a big number! Maybe the wolves had to make the move on humans because their natural prey had been demolished due to infrastructure?

Another highlight of the film is how much Beast complains when Belle is trying to treat his wound. It may be an overused character trait to be good at fighting and then a baby when being treated for injuries, but it still never fails to amuse.

10 “Change Back”

via: johnsu.deviantart.com

There has always been this phenomenon where the fans are unhappy with how Prince Adam looks when he turns back into a human. This was the same for both the animated and remake versions. Why? A lot of fans say that his human form is less attractive than his beast form. People fell in love with a furry beast and got attached to that form throughout the movie. So seeing the blonde haired and blue-eyed Prince instead of that brown fluffy creature was a little much for the fans to take.

Even the makers of Beauty and the Beast had trouble with Prince Adam’s human form. In the movie’s DVD commentary, the animators mentioned that they did not spent a lot of time on Prince Adam’s human form because they knew he would be a letdown compared to the Beast they made.

After the award-winning hit, The Shape of Water, which embraced human and monster love, I think we can admit that we live in a world where being a monster is no longer considered to be entirely a curse. We live in a world where Frankenstein is considered the monster rather than the being he made. We are just a monster-loving society.

Comic was made by JohnSu.

9 Reading to him

via: eskatoad.tumblr.com

Something sweet that Belle and Prince Adam had a connection to was reading. While Belle was treated as an outcast due to being a woman who reads, Adam recognized it as something that made her special. We see this when he gives Belle his library and in another scene where she is reading to him. Just like in this comic, except he’s in his Beast form, she reads a book to him while he has his loving look on his face.

She probably still reads to him post-movie. In this comic, she is reading Shakespeare’s King Lear to him. The story is a tragedy about the king’s slow decent into madness. Oh...how sweet?

Along with the illustration, the artist wrote “I was like what if they still read together like this after the Beast’s transformation and Belle would read him all her favorite Shakespeare plays.”

Of course King Lear would be one of Belle’s favorite Shakespeare plays. One of the lessons of the story is how pride can be a man’s downfall. Like Beauty and the Beast, it’s a story that shows that seeing things for what they are on the outside rather than the inside can end in tragedy.

Comic was made by eskatoad.

8 A different story

via: dorkly.com

Belle being a villain would have made for a very painful movie to watch since Prince Adam is already in the worst situation ever. It was interesting that the rose was never used as a weak point for the Beast. What if Gaston learned about it and went after it instead of the Beast himself? What if he broke it because he thought if Adam stayed a Beast, than Belle wouldn’t stay? Then the twist would be that Belle doesn’t care and will stay with Beast anyway? That would’ve been cool!

Something that bothered a lot of fans in Beauty and the Beast was the same thing that bothered Shrek fans. Both films were afraid of a human and monster relationships.  In Beauty and the Beast, Prince Adam had to become human and in Shrek, Fiona had to become an ogre. When you think about, that’s not very progressive, is it? We have to be the same race to be together?

So yeah, the Beast staying a Beast could have offered a deeper lesson in the fairytale. Of course it couldn’t occur like in this comic, where Belle makes the choice for him. That’s just cruel and selfish. The Gaston idea would be the best.

Comic by Peter Westover.

7 A Woman’s Touch

via: goneintorapture.com

Does that mean the potpourri is magical or is the magic part gone?

This would be before Belle even knew about the curse and the rose, so she does not know that she just doomed everyone in the castle. If it’s that early on, Beast would probably lose his mind and just kick her out if she’s lucky.

Though honestly the fact that the rose was under a protective glass case should be a big hint that it’s special and not potpourri material. The rose also looks magical, doesn’t it? It’s not potted or in a vase, it’s floating! Belle would have to be a fool to not realize the rose was special. So this is an idiot Belle alternate universe where she dooms us all.

Being stuck as a Beast, Beast would probably become more beast-like. He’d probably abandon his servants and become like the local Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster. Maybe he’d lose his mind and terrorize people?

Then the servants, since they have each other, remain sane. They form a superhero team to defeat the beast and save the local populace. The castle would remain their hideout. Maybe a servant turned into a wagon so they can travel quickly to stop Beast from attacking others.

Comic was made by GoneintoRapture.

6 Cup Children

via: goodbearcomics.com

A subject that has been up for debate from the original Disney film has been how many children Mrs. Potts has. In the battle at the castle, we see she has about six other children besides Chip. We see her ordering them to pour hot tea on the castle intruders.

The first time we are led to believe she has way more children than just Chip is when she puts Chip to bed in the cupboard and calls the other cups his brothers and sisters.

We see a lot of other little cups sleeping in that cupboard. We also get to see them dance in the song “Be Our Guest.”

Some fans have been suspicious though. When Mrs. Potts turns human, she looks more like she could be a grandmother than a mother. If so, who is Chips’ mom? In fact, who is his dad? This was answered in the remake, but we are still unsure in the original film. When it comes to servants in a castle, I can imagine that kids are probably raised by the whole servant community rather than be utterly attached to their own parents. Maybe Mrs. Potts just attracted them all since she has such a motherly personality.

Comic was made by James Lecarpentier.

5 Be a Man

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That is not exactly true love's kiss, but maybe it is to someone?

The boot camp sequence of Mulan is so catchy that any Disney fan can probably recite it word for word. The song is mostly about overcoming obstacles and the cultural expectations of the men of China. It juxtaposes the beginning song, “Honor to us All” which is about China’s cultural expectations of the women at the time. “Be a Man” is a song that shows that Shang views femininity as weakness, which is the whole issue that the movie tackles.

To be honest, Shang is probably one of my least favorite Disney princes next to Aladdin. In my eyes, he just did not redeem himself for his cruelty to Mulan once he discovered she was a woman. That’s just my opinion though. Knowing that, he probably would be very close minded if he met Beast. The man-thing to do in his eyes would probably be to fight Beast. Of course Beast would win, but Shang sort of fits into the “lawful stupid” category so he would probably try even if he knew he would lose. I think most Disney fans would be cheering for Beast too.

Still, this drawing style is adorable, as is the screaming at the end.

4 Gender-bent

via: pinterest.com

Oh my god, Beast is so cute in this! She’s like a vicious Pomeranian. What would Belle’s gender-bent name be? Beu maybe? He also looks beautiful.

I suppose a female Gaston would be a fem fatale sort of character who wants to marry Beu. Maybe her name would be Giselle? Instead of Prince Adam, maybe Princess Amanda? Princess Amanda versus Giselle would be awesome.

A Beast woman versus a gender-bent Gaston on top of the castle? Sign me up.

It would also be refreshing for Beu to break male stereotypes. Maybe he loves sewing, cooking, and cleaning and that’s why he’s an outcast in the village. Giselle only wants him because she’s desired by all men in the village except him, much like how Gaston feels about Belle.

Mr. Potts would be amazing because he’d just have a ton of daughters. He could be the king of dad jokes. Also an enchanter would curse Beast instead of an enchantress, so that’s exciting. Belle having a cute, eccentric, and inventive grandmother instead of grandfather would also be cool.

The gender-bent outfits are also stunning. I like how they kept Beast’s coat but made her wear an adorable dress with it. Male Belle looks great in his white and gold clothes.

3 Father-in-Law

via: eyoha.deviantart.com

Despite Adam locking Maurice in a tower and sort of kidnapping his daughter, maybe they would bond and get along after Adam turns back into a human. The artist wrote, “I love these characters, I always thought that they were two great children and I always imagined a big complicity between them!”

They have a good point, as it would be fun to see these two unconventional guys interact. Beast would definitely need to apologize to Maurice for locking him up and taking his daughter away though. If he’s still awkward about it, I’m sure Belle would help them connect.

Adam and Maurice could connect through inventions like how Belle and Beast connected through books. Prince Adam must have some interest in Maurice’s cool ideas. If not, then they would connect anyway because they both love Belle.

Maurice would totally move into the castle too, right? He’d probably have a ton of room and resources for experimenting with his ideas. He could also get a lot of help due to all the servants that work in the castle.

You know who would get along with Maurice the most though? Chip. Chip would definitely play around with his inventions and ask a crazy amount of questions about everything Maurice does and makes.

Art was done by eyoha.

2 A Scary Story

via: eboydr.tumblr.com

This piece seemed to be a Halloween project since the artist as they wrote, “Scary stories in Beast’s castle. Halloween is a great night to tell them by a roaring fire and a friend to hug when it gets spooky”. The chibi art style is adorable and makes them look like little kids.

What scary books were out during the time of Beauty and Beast? There is The Castle of Otranto, which many regard as the first Gothic piece of literature. Whatever scary story Belle is reading to Beast should take place in a castle because that’s probably the spookiest thing to do.

Often times the larger the place, the scarier it is right? There are more dark corners, more places for monsters to hide. That’s why scary stories are always in rich people houses or large shacks. Beast's castle is the epitome of a place that seems haunted. If I was a servant, I would probably never wish to walk the halls alone at night. The gargoyles can easily be mistaken for a scary intruder. Even when you know the Beast, it’s probably scary to accidentally bump into him in the dark. His silhouette would strike fear into anyone.

Art was done by eleazarart.

1 Odd Couple

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Lumière's feather duster girlfriends’ name is Fifi. While Lumière was a butler, Fifi was a maid. It seems the two were made for each other since Fifi and Lumière are complete flirts. Though Fifi is more shown to get jealous due to Lumière's womanizing ways.

Oddly enough, Fifi and Lumière were the only characters in the animated version to possess a French accent despite the movie taking place in France. This could be since French people being more socially loose and graceful is a stereotype often portrayed in cartoons, so the Disney team decided that Fifi and Lumière should be the French stars.

Fifi’s name is a little confusing because it never is mentioned in the original film.

It was in film sequels and merchandise that her name was revealed. Fifi’s name also changed a lot. She became Plumette in the live-action remake, Marie in the comics, and Babette in the musical and The House of Mouse.

This comic is funny. I imagine it’s not that Fifi doesn’t exist, but Lumière accidentally kisses a real feather duster while thinking it was her. I wonder if the servants would be weird around inanimate objects since they were inanimate objects for a while. Like would they have a stressful breakdown if they accidentally break a cup or plate?

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