The 30 Disney Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Lego

These LEGO brick builders have ushered in a whole new era of Disney reimaginings.

Lego’s been creating Disney-themed sets since 1999. While the company began with Winnie the Pooh Duplo sets, it wasn’t long before many more franchises came to life in brick form. Lego released sets for films from Toy Story to Moana. It also produced many movie-themed Minifigures.

Being that Disney has released 56 animated feature films, 20 Pixar films, and various other animated features, it hasn’t been able to create sets for it all. That’s when fans have decided to create their own Lego art. Brick-builders get pretty creative. Sometimes they fashion their own Disney Minifigures using pieces they already own, and other times they digitally dream up huge sets. Either way, there’s a lot of talent out there.

Disney has also created several Lego sculptures. They are displayed at Lego stores on its properties and are a fun way for guests to see how big Lego creations can get. Yes, they’re pretty complex.

Did we mention that Disney has additionally created animated Lego specials for some of its most popular movies? As can be seen, the Lego-Disney relationship stretches far and wide, and both the movie company and fans have contributed to it. We’re here to show you some of the best reimaginings of classic Disney cartoon characters in Lego form. Get your hard hat on because it’s time to put a few blocks together.

30 Aladdin Lego Sculpture

via: flickr.com (Sabrina Hazen)

This giant creation comes straight from the Disneyland LEGO store in Anaheim, California. Here we see Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie made out of what we can assume is a ridiculous amount of Legos. Is that pattern under the magic carpet cool or what?

There are Lego stores across the world including ones located at other Disney-owned properties including Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Paris, France. They’re stocked with unique pieces and sculptures like this one, so they’re worth checking out.

29 The Little Mermaid Bricks

via: ideas.lego.com

Here, we see Ariel in her two forms: as a human and a mermaid.

These depictions of the princess come straight from – you guessed it – the Lego Ideas website. Sadly, this project never gained enough supporters to become a thing (and it’s pretty rare for that to actually happen) but that doesn’t change how cool these creations are.

The hair is specifically noteworthy. It looks as long, thick, and luscious as Ariel’s in her 1989 film. The creator of this one also happened to craft Anna and Elsa in a similar style. We’re loving it!

28 Zootopia’s Nick In Bricks

via: flickr.com (Jordan Schwartz)

Disney’s Zootopia was overwhelming loved by critics and fans alike. Its billion-dollar box office gain speaks for itself.

This here is Nick Wilde: one of Disney’s sassiest characters

Kudos to the creator for maintaining that smug look on his face using only bricks.

Those neon green and warm orange colors our favorite fox is sporting here match the ones he’s animated within the movie. If only there was a Judy Hopps to go along with him!

27 Lady And The Tramp Pieces

via: pinterest.co.uk

Can you think of a word better than “perfect” to describe these Lady and the Tramp Legos? No?

The 1955 musical romance animation is getting a live-action adaption, but until it releases, you can enjoy the adorableness of this imaginary set. It recreates the iconic pasta-eating scene, complete with spaghetti and bread.

Get “Bella Notte” playing and push these pups together for a kiss. The nostalgia is real.

Hurry up, Disney. We need more of these two now.

26 Mickey And Donald Figures

via: twitter.com

Mickey Mouse is arguably one of the most recognized cartoon characters in the world. Making the world a little friendlier since 1928, Walt Disney designed him as the starring character of his Steamboat Willie animation. Disney hasn’t been the same since.

This depiction of Mickey and his buddy Donald is pretty darn good. While it borrows some features of modern Mickey, it gives off retro vibes.

Oh boy! Even that hi-five is swell!

Mickey has been created over and over again in Lego form. You’ve got options.

25 Sleeping Beauty Lego Fight

via: darthmaz314.com

Here, we return to the ever-loved Lego Store located in the Disney World Resort. This sculpture shows Price Philip battling Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty's concluding battle scene. Of course, you’ve got to see it in person eventually.

The details are remarkable, and the colors are vibrant

Thanks to some Disney-magic, the colors have remained bright despite having to fight Florida’s heat.

Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s titular princess actually only has 18 lines of dialogue? She deserves a Lego sculpture, too, to make up for the screentime she lacks.

24 Tinkerbell Figure

via: growingyourbaby.com

Lego has actually come out with many variations of Disney’s leading fairy. Being that she’s an integral character in Peter Pan and leads the Disney Fairies franchise, she probably deserves all the attention.

This Minifigure version of Tinkerbell is chic as can be. And if there ever comes a day she doesn’t feel like being a fairy, her wings can pop right off.

Supposedly Reese Witherspoon will be starring as the fairy in the upcoming live-action Tinkerbelle film. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out; Disney has a bunch in the works. We don’t know when this one will fly into theaters.

23 Snow White And Dopey Statue

via: commons.wikimedia.org

This sculpture of Snow White and Dopey is located at the Disney Springs shopping district located in Orlando, Florida. Yes, it’s right outside another amazing Lego store.

The rest of the dwarves are depicted in a Lego statue nearby this one.

We’re big fans of the bright colors and Dopey’s sweet smile. Who knew you could make something this cool out of bricks?

Disney’s original 1937 animated film has its own rollercoaster located in The Magic Kingdom. Be sure to check it out after you breeze by this artwork if you’re in the area.

22 Up House Creation

via: ideas.lego.com

Pixar’s Up is one of those Disney movies that can put you in tears within the first 10 minutes. This fan’s depiction of the iconic house from the movie might also cause you to experience a freakish amount of nostalgia.

The house is brightly colored and the characters are adorable in this one.

The artist even included a pup to represent Doug!

It comes straight from the Lego Ideas website, where fans can submit their creations in hopes of it becoming a set. Is that cool or what?

21 Alice In Wonderland Figures

via: amazon.com

At select locations including the Disney-based Lego stores, fans can purchase tiny factory-sealed bags containing random collectible Disney Lego figurines. Lego introduces a new series of characters every now and again, and Alice and the Cheshire Cat could have been yours if you happened to get your hands on their 18-character mystery bag.

Holding the magical “Drink Me” potion, this version of Alice is even cuter than the movie version. The classic pink cat is just as crazy here as he is in the film.

20 Minnie Mouse BrickHeadz

via: brickshow.com

Ever heard of Lego BrickHeadz? It’s an increasingly more popular type of set that lets users build blocky renditions of popular characters. From Minecraft Creepers to Star Wars' Yoda, you can build it all. As depicted here, Minnie Mouse is also an option. She’s BrickHeadz’s no. 68 figure and contains 129 pieces.

Her polka dot dress and classic hair bow are by far the best parts.

If she needs a friend, Mickey is also available for purchase. They stand about 2” tall without their baseplates.

19 Wreck-It-Ralph Friends

via: ideas.lego.com

All the world is still waiting for a slammin’ good Wreck-It-Ralph set, and this could be it. Depicting Ralph and Vanellope, this Lego Ideas set makes us ready for the second movie. The sequel to the original, Ralph Breaks the Internet, debuts Nov. 21. This fan designed the characters after watching the trailer for it.

Ralph’s fists can rotate, and Vanellope is the size of her BrickHeadz counterparts.

All in favor, raise your hand. Or, more practically, go support this project on the Lego Ideas website.

18 Frozen Lego Animation

via: slashfilm.com

If collecting Legos isn’t enough for you, you can watch them on TV, too. Lego has created many animated films, shows, and shorts. One of its watchable creations is Frozen Northern Lights.

Featuring original cast members like Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, and Josh Gad as Olaf, these four spin-off shorts extend the widely loved Frozen franchise. These videos debuted in 2016 on the Disney Channel, and we’re glad they did. Don’t these characters look great as Legos?

17 Neverland Minis

via: ibtimes.co.uk

As part of the Lego Disney Series 16 Collectible Minifigure set, these guys came in one of those foil mystery bags. You could have also ended up with characters like Buzz Lightyear or Minnie Mouse, or the earlier introduced Alice and Cheshire Cat. Lucky for huge Neverland fans, you can also buy these two off websites like Amazon and eBay without having to guess who you might end up with.

What’s particularly notable about this pair is their expressions. Peter Pan looks as boyish and happy as always and Hook wears his smirk well.

16 Moana Sets

via: hamleys.com

Lego created a lot of content based on Disney’s smash-hit Moana. This island princess got a few sets of her own as well as a mini-movie. Created in Lego Friends-style, Moana looks a little different than the Minifigures we checked out before her, but she’s still as cool as anything.

Pua, her pig, is also pretty cute.

Moana Lego sets include key icons from the movie including Maui, the island of Te Fiti, and Moana's voyage boat.

You’re glad I told you all this, right? What can I say except you’re welcome?

15 Incredible Minifigures

via: popsugar.com

This “incredible” pair comes from the superhero movie that was huge before Marvel smashed every box office opening. The Incredibles came out in 2004, and its sequel hit theaters this summer. Both were wildly successful, and we’re happy there are Lego sets perfect for celebrating their mastery.

While these two came out of a Disney Minifigure series, there are many The Incredibles-themed sets. You can even get one depicting the snazzy house the superfamily stays at in the newest movie. There’s even a tiny, cute baby Jack-Jack figurine included!

14 Beauty And The Beast Sculpture

via: deviantart.com (DC-mini)

Thank you, Downtown Disney Lego Store, for gifting us with this one.

Beauty and the Beast first hit theaters in 1991 as an animated film, and then again in 2017 as a live-action one. Both were praised by critics and fans alike, making it worthy of this gorgeous sculpture. Who knew Legos could be so pretty?

Complete with Lumière and Cogsworth in the back, this Lego sculpture is stocked with bright colors and a whole lot of sweetness.

13 Dumbo BrickHeadz

via: loz-blocks.com

Have you ever ridden the Dumbo ride at one of Disney’s theme parks? Did you see this cinema classic as a kid? Have you seen an elephant fly?

If your answer to any of those questions was “yes,” you’re going to want to check out this version of Disney’s favorite elephant.

This 169-piece nano block BrickHeadz set is cute enough to set on your shelf. His sparkly eyes and floppy ears are particularly adorable.

12 Stitch Figurine

via: bricksfirst.com

While Lilo and Stitch deserve more Lego sets than it has (which is zero, by the way), you can still buy this sweet Stich figurine. Every last detail was taken into account, from the clips in his ears to the toenails on his feet.

Display this one next to your Peter Pan and Alice figurines, or go for a Disney island theme by setting it next to one of those Moana sets.

Did we mention a live-action Lilo and Stitch is in the works? Maybe that will encourage Lego to come out with some more content for the franchise.

11 Artsy Pooh Set

via: ideas.lego.com

Winnie the Pooh gets a unique spin with these Lego Ideas figures that are more artsy than cute. Complete with a honeypot, this imaginary set contains all the favorites including Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, and of course, Pooh.

The Winnie the Pooh franchise has birthed a handful of Duplo sets, which are Lego toys designed for kids five-years-old and under. This set seems a little more mature, perfect for those of us who are holding onto nostalgia.

10 Lego Friends Cinderella

via: mattonito.com

The Disney Princesses have got it good, starring in many of the Lego Friends sets. Cinderella has brick-filled creations of her own. You can even build her castle with one giant 646-piece set!

Here, we see Cinderella relaxing in a garden complete with a bench, carrots, and broomstick.

She’s even wearing her magical glittery dress!

Like the Moana set we already covered, Lego Friends are aimed at a female audience, but let’s be honest – all types of Legos are fun for all types of people.

9 Baymax Creation

via: flickr.com (Nick Brick)

Sure, he’s simple. But yes, he’s perfect.

This recreation of Baymax from Big Hero 6 is on-point. He’s just as tubby and clumsy looking as his original character.

Now if only we could find a Hiro figurine to go along with him…

If you’re missing the film this one’s from, there’s an animated Big Hero 6 series playing right now on the Disney Channel. You can watch it while you wait for Lego to finally release an official set for this guy.

8 Meet The Robinsons Time Machine

via: ideas.lego.com

Say hello to the Lego Ideas set as underrated as the movie it's inspired by.

Now that the introductions are done, let’s get into the details.

No recreation of Wilbur and Louis would be complete without a time machine, so we’re fans of this artist’s work. Unlike some of the other Lego Ideas we’ve looked at, the Meet the Robinsons set is pretty simple, and that’s a good thing. It makes it feel like something you might actually purchase on the toy aisle.

Did we mention Lego Ideas need at least 10,000 votes to even be reviewed by Lego?

7 The Inside Out Cast

via: ideas.lego.com

Riley’s emotions from Pixar’s Inside Out are featured in this Lego Ideas set. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness have some vibrant personalities, and this depiction proves it.

This project fell short of getting reviewed, but for a moment, let’s pretend it did get reviewed. Let’s say it passed the review phase and moved into production. Then what would have happened?

Well, Lego would have created it as an official set under the “Lego Ideas” title. The original artist would get a one percent royalty of the product’s net sales.

22 Lego Ideas sets have been produced thus far.

6 Lego Ideas Wall-E

via: idea.lego.com

And now, we present to you the Disney Lego idea that became a Lego reality: Wall-E.

This set made it through all the grueling steps and was released in September of 2015. It was actually created by an animator and director at Pixar, who built it near the time Wall-E was being dreamed up. How neat is that?

The set went for $59.99 in the U.S. It features Wall-E’s adorable big eyes and plot-critical plant. We’re glad at least one Disney Lego project came to life. Maybe more will follow!

5 Elsa BrickHeadz

via: bricksfirst.com

We’ve checked out Minnie Mouse and Dumbo in this form. Of course, we couldn’t leave out the ice queen herself.

There are actually three Frozen BrickHeadz characters.

You can buy Elsa, or you could instead choose to pick up Anna and Olaf as a set. Now, all we need is Kristoff and Sven to be made so we can collect the whole Frozen family.

Over 80 BrickHeadz have been designed. Why not add a few more to the mix?

4 Fantasia Mickey Set

via: picssr.com

Mickey starred as the sorcerer’s apprentice in the 1940’s musical animated Fantasia movie. This Lego-builder put Mickey and one of the antagonistic broomsticks from the film in this recreation. The broomsticks actually make cameos in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Tangled.

While this creation is simple, it’s spot-on. The water in the broomstick’s buckets is a nice touch. And finally, when isn’t it great to see Mickey chilling out in Lego form? The hat and robe are a nice change from his usual getup.

3 Sultan And Jafar Figures

via: flickr.com (Okay Yaramanoglu)

We already saw half the Aladdin cast as a giant sculpture at Disneyland. Why not check out a few of the other characters as Minifigures?

A fan created these versions of Jasmine’s father and the antagonist. Yes, they are great. And look – even Iago made it into the picture!

Jafar’s staff and the Sultan’s beard are also nice touches. The creator even took note of their height differences. How cool is that?

2 The Lion King Art

via: ideas.lego.com

Who doesn’t remember watching this 1994 classic as a kid?

The Lion King, featuring a stellar soundtrack and memorable storyline, deserves a set this great. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been made yet. It’s still chilling out on the Lego Ideas website alongside its 336 supporters.

For a Lego Ideas set to get made, it has to advance through many rounds. To be kept up on the website, a Lego Ideas set first need 1,000 votes within a year of its submission. This one isn’t quite there, but we’re still huge fans of these impressionistic characters including Simba, Nala, and Scar.

1 Cars Legos

via: toysonfire.com

No search for the greatest Lego recreations of cartoon Disney characters would be complete without checking out some Cars Legos. Tons of Lego sets have come out for the franchise, and this is one of the coolest. The "Lego Disney Cars 2: Bentley Bust Out" set is as exciting as it sounds.

It's stocked with some of the best characters and contains 743 pieces.

If you’ve got somewhere around a hundred bucks, you can make owning this Cars-themed fun a reality. Who’s ready to get building?

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