15 Disney Cartoon Movies Being Made Now (And 15 That Were Canceled)

Disney has so many spectacular movies already. Here are 15 Disney cartoons slated to become movies! And 15 that were canceled.

For almost a century Disney has been entertaining children and adults with wonderfully animated films based on classic tales and original works. From the companies 1937 hand-drawn take on Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs through to the Pixar co-production of computer animated latest blockbuster superhero flick Incredibles 2, Disney have always been at the forefront when it comes to animated features.

Having recently released a list of all the upcoming live-action flicks I've decided to take a gander at all the upcoming animated films heading to the cinema in the not too distant future. As well as featuring hyped up and coming titles such as Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4,  I've listed films that are no longer being made, like the long-rumored Gigantic and Beatles themed Yellow Submarine.

Needless to say, there's a lot for Disney fans to be excited about — Disney never ceases to amaze (and even when they disappoint, they look good doing it).

30 Confirmed: Frozen 2

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The success of Frozen meant it was inevitable Disney would film a sequel and that's exactly what's happening, with Frozen 2 set to hit screens late next year.

There's not a lot of information regarding the plot but we do know the original cast is returning (Anna Kendrick, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad) and the film will feature brand new musical numbers. Many fans are hoping for a lesbian subplot but considering this is Disney I wouldn't keep your fingers crossed, no matter how great and forward thinking that storyline would be.

29 Canceled: Catfish Bend

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Catfish Bend is a series of books by author Ben Lucien Burman about a group of animals who live in, surprise surprise, Catfish Bend, Mississippi.

Disney snapped up the rights to Burman's first three books in the late 70s and planned to release the first film in 1981 but nothing came of it. Although the project has been shelved indefinitely you can still grab copies of Burman's books online and enjoy the tales of the eclectic group of animals living on the banks of the Mississippi River.

28 Confirmed: Lilo & Stitch

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After the surprise success of the first Lilo & Stitch film there have been three direct to video and television sequels, a short film, three animated series and a plethora of video games.

With the announcement of a live action Lilo & Stitch film there's also been rumblings another animated version is in the offering.

While details are scarce, like many forthcoming Disney projects, the film is said to be a tie in with the live action version and will include all the main characters of the series.

27 Canceled: The Gremlins

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Not to be confused with the 80s live action horror comedy, Gremlins, Disney's version of Ronald Dahl's 1943 children's book focused on the strange looking characters who were said to be responsible for sabotaging British aircraft during the war.

After working on a number of character designs the film was eventually scraped when Disney couldn't acquire the official rights to the film and the British Air Ministry's involvement became overbearing. I think this one had the potential to be a fascinating film and hope they give it another crack someday.

26 Confirmed: Suburban Fantasy World

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Although not the official title, this Pixar flick was first announced in 2017 and comes from the creators of Monsters University. The film is set in a humanless world of elves, trolls, sprites, and other strange and wacky creatures and follows two teenage brothers whose father passed when they were young.

The duo embark on an adventure through a modern magical fantasy world for the chance to spend one last day with their departed dad.

It sounds like a real tear-jerker in the mold of Up and Inside Out and is sure to be another classic from the Pixar/Disney stable.

25 Canceled: Dumbo II

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This planned sequel to the highly successful Dumbo found the titular character along with a number of animals lost in New York city, spending the film trying to find each other while overcoming a variety of problems.

This one was actually close to being completed, with a short behind the scenes trailer featured as part of the 2001 60th anniversary DVD release of the original. The film was in production for many years before John Lasseter canceled if for good when he was named CEO of Walt Disney Animation Studios in early 2006.

24 Confirmed: Dragon Empire

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This original fantasy epic concerns a young heroine named Jan-Nin who embarks on a yet-to-be revealed quest with her 900-year-old mentor, Bolin.

The film marks the directorial debut of Paul Briggs (head of story of Frozen and Big Hero 6) alongside longtime Disney story artist Dean Wellins, with a script by Kiel Murray (Cars, Cars 3). I assume the film will involve dragons but that hasn't been confirmed, nor has any vocal talent been connected to the film, with a tentative release date of 2020 being floated.

23 Canceled: Chicken Little 2: Mission To Mars

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Why Disney even proposed a sequel to Chicken Little is beyond me but for a few years the film was in production, although thankfully it never got past the storyboarding stage. The film was going to feature Chicken Little in a love triangle between Little's childhood sweetheart, Abby “Ugly Duckling” Mallard, and the very attractive French sheep, Raffaela.

There's no mention of Mars anywhere in regards to the plot so why that's in the title is anyone's guess.

Once the flick was canceled, the video game Chicken Little: Ace In Action served as the film's sequel.

22 Confirmed: Phineas And Ferb

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A feature-length film surrounding the adventures of Phineas And Ferb has been in the works since 2011, but many believe it will come to fruition within the next few years. A script is believed to have been written for the film and it's just a matter of when and not if the film gets made.

There's not much else to go on with this one but if it's anything like the series expect a fun-filled romp with laugh out loud humor and some hilarious musical numbers. Hopefully favorite characters like Perry The Platypus and mad scientist Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz all feature.

21 Canceled: Chanticleer

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Based on the pre-World War II French play, Chantecler, this flick was in production for 20 years (between the 1940s and 1960s) before finally being given the boot.

The film contained classic Disney themes, with the vain rooster Chanticleer having to overcome a number of obstacles as he gains humility while saving his barnyard friends from an evil group of animals led by a fox. It was almost revived in the 80s but with an unsympathetic main character and a high budget - the same problems that plagued the original script - saw it permanently put on the shelf.

20 Confirmed: A Bug's Life 2

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One of the more underrated Disney flicks, A Bug's Life deserved much more credit than it received when it hit screens two decades ago. Well, it seems a new generation of Disney fans might get the chance to experience the film after the official Disney/Pixar Twitter page posted an image of A Bug's Life Flik with the caption, "Try a new perspective."

Fans went into overdrive speculating what this meant and although Disney has neither confirmed nor denied a new film starring Flik, I think it's worth a mention. Details floating around the internet suggest the film will focus on Flik and his insect friends battling Experion, the dastardly leader of the grasshoppers who is also the cousin of Hopper. Fingers crossed.

19 Canceled: Roger Rabbit II: Who Discovered Roger Rabbit

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This film was originally planned as a prequel to the Bob Hoskin's starring original, with Roger Rabbit searching for his birth parents while girlfriend Jessica gets taken.

It sounds rather crazy but was almost ready to go into production in the early 90s until skyrocketing costs forced Steven Spielberg to pull out.

Since then there's been little word about the prequel getting off the ground, besides Robert Zemeckis confirming a new script has been written. As fun as a new Roger Rabbit film could be, I'm ok with never seeing a prequel or sequel to this classic animation.

18 Confirmed: The Chronicles Of Prydian

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In 2016 Variety reported Disney had secured the rights to Lloyd Alexander's fantasy series The Chronicles Of Prydian. Based on Welsh mythology the books follow pig keeper Taran as he dreams of becoming a hero.

Disney has already taken a stab at one of Alexander's novels, with the 1985 feature The Black Cauldron based on his third novel in the series. Although this film almost bankrupted Disney, it's not as bad as the reviews suggest, and there's no doubt Disney would love the chance to remake this film with a bigger budget for a modern audience.

17 Canceled: Newt

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Originally scheduled for a 2011 release, Newt was soon pushed back to 2012 before disappearing off Disney's release program permanently. The official Disney press release for the film stated; "What happens when the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet are forced together by science to save the species, and they can't stand each other? That's the problem facing Newt and Brooke, heroes of Newt."

It's certainly an interesting premise and that became the films unfortunate downfall, with those involved unable to make the concept work as a feature-length film.

16 Confirmed: Wreck-It Ralph II: Ralph Breaks The Internet

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Taking place six years after the first film, the steering wheel controller for Sugar Rush breaks and forces Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz to evacuate all the residents to other games. The duo then uses the internet to search for a new steering wheel where they encounter new worlds and characters from properties such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and other Pixar characters.

John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, and Sarah Silverman are all returning while Gal Gadot joins the impressive vocal talent. This one is set for release next month and is already shaping up as a worthy sequel.

15 Canceled: The King Of Elves

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A Disney film based on a Philip K. Dick's 1953 short story is an odd one so it's no wonder this one never made the cut. The tale is about a band of elves and their dwarf friend who live in the modern-day Mississippi Delta.

After a human named Calder saves them from an evil troll they declare him their king and hilarity ensues.

TheKing Of Elves was intended to start production over a decade ago but was continually pushed back until eventually being canned around 2013 due to story problems. This is another Disney film many, including myself, would like to see revived.

14 Confirmed: Cars 4

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The Cars franchise has been hit and miss and after the release of last year's Cars 3, speculation is rampant the fourth installment is on the cards.

Leaked plot details hint at the film being set 9 years after the events of Cars 3. A greedy businessman named Jack Albertson comes to town and wants to close Radiator Springs and build a new city. When Lightning McQueen and his friends are alerted to this by newcomer Louis, a 2015 Corvette Z06, the two must band together to stop Albertson's plan.

There's no official release date for this one but plenty of internet hearsay pointing to the film's release sometime soon, hence its place on this list.

13 Canceled: Army Ants

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Before A Bug's Life, Disney was in the process of producing the insect-themed Army Ants. Revolving around a pacifist worker ant stuck in a militarised colony who looks to cause an uprising, the film was first touted in 1988.

After a number of years in development hell, the film was officially put on the back burner.

Numerous attempts were made to get it off the ground in the mid-90s until it was eventually left in the scrap heap, with A Bug's Life taking its place.

12 Confirmed: The One And Only Ivan

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This fantasy film is based upon the book of the same name about a captive Gorilla named Ivan who tries to piece together his past with the help of an elephant named Stella and a dog named Bob. As well as finding out where he comes from Ivan and his cohorts try and  while escape back into the wilderness.

This one features some top notch vocal talent, with Sam Rockwell, Angelina Jolie, Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, and Danny DeVito all attached. The One And Only Ivan should be hitting cinemas sometime next year.

11 Canceled: Gigantic

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Gigantic has been on the radar of Disney fans for years but unfortunately looks like never getting an official release.

Loosely based on the classic tale Jack And The Bean Stalk, Gigantic is set in Spain during the Age of Exploration and revolves around a young boy named Jack who discovers a world of giants hidden in the clouds.

The film was meant to arrive this year but was replaced by Wreck-It Ralph II on the release schedule and pushed back until 2020, before finally being taken off Disney's forthcoming release list for good.

10 Confirmed: Auntie Edna

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Although only a short movie, Auntie Edna is worth mentioning as it features one of the Incredibles best characters. Set to be included on the blu-ray of the Incredibles 2, the flick depicts events taking place off screen during the main films story.

In the short Edna has to come over late at night and look after the troublesome Jack-Jack while Bob catches up on some sleep.

It's a great bonus for anyone who wants to purchase a copy of the Incredibles 2 and helps expand the mythology of the film and its characters.

9 Cancelled: Morgan's Ghost

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An unreleased Disney original dating back to around 1939, Morgan's Ghost would have been the first film to feature Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy (that honor instead went to 1947s Fun And Fancy Free).

The film has a plot centring around pirates, ghosts, and hidden treasure and after being put in the vault, was later adapted as a comic book called Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold, with Donald's mischievous nephew's Huey, Dewey, and Louie replacing Mickey and Goofy.

8 Confirmed: Big Hero 7

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Fans have been hanging out for a sequel to 2014s Big Hero 6, and they might be getting what they want in the next couple of years with Big Hero 7 on the cards. Although producer Roy Conli has said the film's status is "still up in the air," many believe it is one of many unnamed projects on Disney's recently released schedule.

Rumors persist the film will feature Tadashi, the brother of Big Hero 6's protagonist, and could feature all manner of new robots. While this one is still 50/50 I'm willing to take a punt it will be officially announced soon.

7 Canceled: The Aristocats II

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A planned sequel to the well-received The Aristocats, this Robert Reece scripted film would have seen the kittens on a cruise ship getting mixed up with a jewel thief. The film was described as Murder On The Orient Express without the crime, so take that how you will.

The main reason The Aristocats II never materialized was due to problems with the script.

Many other writers tinkered with Reece's original story but nobody was able to get it up to scratch so it was scrapped.

6 Confirmed: Gargoyles

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A fairly successful kiddies show in the 90s, Gargoyles is ripe for a remake or reboot. A much darker animated series than most other releases of its time, the show focuses on a group of gargoyles who battle evil in New York.

While Disney has played their cards close to their chest in regards to a film version, Get Out director Jordan Peel has pitched his take on a Gargoyles film to Disney and is waiting to see if they jump on board. Fingers crossed this one gets an official date.

5 Canceled: Hercules II

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While Hercules wasn't a massive drawcard when released in 1997, upon reflection it's seen as an underrated gem by many fans. Speculation was rife Disney wanted a sequel that was set to feature Hercules and Megara living in Athens with their daughter, Hebe. When Hercules' good friend Helen is taken by Paris of Troy, old mate Hercules joins the Greek army and embarks on a rescue mission.

For some reason the film was scrapped although a direct-to-video flick called Hercules: Zero To Hero was released in 1998 and featured a young Herc's struggles during his school days.

4 Confirmed: Hover Car

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Aussie author Matthew Reilly's young adult novel Hover Car has been in the hands of Disney for over six years now. After constant rewrites on the script and numerous delays, the futuristic film about humans racing hovercars could be hitting screens soon.

While information is scarce about the film the IMDB page has recently been updated to in development so I'm taking that as a positive the film is moving forward, although knowing Disney, this one could still be a few years away.

3 Canceled: Hiawatha

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In 1949 Disney wear gearing up to release an epic animation about former Indian Chief Hiawatha. A follower of The Great Peacemaker and his spiritual traditions, Hiawatha was a well respected Indian who was responsible for the uniting of the Iroquois people.

The film was said to be similar in style to Fantasia but never ended up getting finished. It wasn't all bad news though, with concept artwork for the film inspiring the art direction of Pocahontas.

2 Confirmed: Toy Story 4

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Few animated films are as entertaining as Toy Story, and what's even more of a surprise, each one of the sequels is just as good.

With this in mind, many fans got excited when the long-awaited Toy Story 4 got an official release date.

Opening in June next summer, this fourth installment in the successful franchise finds all the cast members reprising their roles (bar Don Rickles who sadly passed away this year) as Woody and Buzz head out on a journey to find Woody's lady friend Bo Peep.

It's sure to be another emotional roller coaster with plenty of laughs and hopefully lives up to expectations.

1 Canceled: Yellow Submarine

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At one point in time Disney thought about a CGI remake of The Beatles 1968 psychedelic flick Yellow Submarine. Director Robert Zemeckis was planning on incorporating 16 classic Beatles' tunes into the film as the Fab Four travel to the magical Pepperland in their yellow submarine to get rid of the music-hating Blue Meanies.

It sounds as ridiculous as the original film and even went as far as to cast actors to voice each of The Beatles (Peter Serafinowicz as Paul McCartney, Dean Lennox Kelly as John Lennon, Adam Campbell as  Ringo Starr, and Cary Elwes as George Harrison), but eventually the project was cast aside in 2011 and looks like never being made.

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