25 Disney Channel Characters Reimagined As Parents

Disney Channel shows always like to have that family-friendly vibe! While their main demographic is undoubtedly very young children (often painting them an unrealistic, positive portrait of what high school is going to be like), some of the shows mentioned on this list are old classics that we all remember fondly and even a few new faces that almost everyone enjoys.

Fan art like this really shows how deeply some people connect with characters. Even though most of these Disney characters were children when their shows aired, it’s still easy for some fans to place them in the role of a loving parent and family person. While the idea of having children certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone, it’s a big theme in Disney television, so it seems like a natural path their characters would take when grown up. I’d personally love to see sequels to some of these shows, exploring their family lives!

Given that some of these shows aired over a decade ago, this list might be a trip down memory lane for some of you. Despite the abysmal sitcoms that Disney insists on throwing at us, they’ve also given us some of the most memorable and delightful cartoons! I’d personally love to see the budgets of some of the sitcoms cut and see some sequels of these cartoons instead. But for now, enjoy these sweet reimaginings of these Disney Channel characters grown-up with children of their own! Be prepared to see some outstanding cuteness.

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25 Mother Possible

via lionkyu.deviantart.com

I was thrilled to find out about the plans for a live-action sequel to Kim Possible. I’m not sure what it’ll entail, I’m trying not to find out too much, but given that this was one of the best Disney Channel shows ever made, I have great expectations for it!

One thing I do ask is how old Kim was when she had her kid. I adore this realistic style of Kim, and hope that she looks similar in the sequel, although that will depend on her actor. There is a very sweet family resemblance here, but also a lot of happiness and maturity in Kim’s face. Her daughter having Ron’s eye colour yet still looking mostly like Kim is a nice touch on the artist's part.

Artwork by Lionkyu.

24 Papa Stitch

via pandalove93.deviantart.com

This one made me think a little bit. Stitch and Angel were made in a lab weren’t they, so I don’t think it’s possible for them to breed. It’s certainly not impossible, but I think it’s unlikely, unless the plan was to breed the most successful project to create multiple unstoppable destruction machines!

But, given that their little baby is still in a jar, it could be that rather than having a baby in the traditional sense.

So Jumba combined their DNA to create this little bundle of joy for them! This idea asks less questions and is more fitting in the theme of Lilo and Stitch: The Series. Although I’m sure their tiny island has more than enough experiments as it is.

Artwork by Pandalove93.

23 Phineas’s Little Girl

via celesteyupi.deviantart.com

Phineas and Ferb is one of those really weird cartoons that was always charming, despite its bizarre nature. If nothing else, you had to give this show credit for showing a warm, loving blended-family, which was probably no more dysfunctional than a regular family. Albeit with a lot more crazy ideas!

I’m sure Phineas Flynn would be a wonderful Father who would encourage his kids to make the most out of their summer vacations!

I’m unsure of his age in this particular artwork, but I hope that he’d be able to keep up with his kids and put them through a lot of the same antics he went through when he was their age. So long as he kept the same spirit he had when he was her age, this little girl is in for a great childhood.

Artwork by Celesteyupi.

22 Things Don’t Change

via code-e.deviantart.com

Anyone else remember Goof Troop? I completely forgot that it existed until I came upon this! It was a really sweet program, throwing away the conventional family dynamic that we were used to seeing on TV at the time, but instead showing us a single father and his son. The world is made up of all sorts of families and it’s great when TV shows remember that.

Even though Max is in a big more of a nuclear family, it’s nice to see a reflection of his relationship with his own father here. After being embarrassed by his own father for so many years, there was no way he was going to let his own kid get off scot-free. That would have been totally unfair!

Artwork by Code-E.

21 Sonic’s Heritage

via zengel.deviantart.com

I’m not sure which branch of Mickey Mouse this was in fact supposed to connect to exactly. But given the grand number of cartoons he’s appeared in over the years and given that there have been several Mickey Mouse cartoons on Disney Channel, including the Mickey Mouse TV series that airs at the moment, I think this qualifies for this list.

I can honestly say that I never saw a similarity before now- but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not see it after this!

He has the same cute little face and nose, plus it would explain those gloved hands. Plus, Mickey was always super fast. Although I’m not sure where that blue comes from. Maybe little Sonic is only half mouse…

Artwork by Zengel.

20 She Finally Got There

via flopylopez.deviantart.com

I have memories of being absolutely fixated with this cartoon as a teenager, having pencil cases, notebooks and pens decorated with this strange, obsessed little girl. On reflection, there might not have been a lot to be excited about. The story lines weren’t exactly original, and it was very corny at times. But the animation was colourful, and it was a very cute show!

What does make me laugh about this is that Garu still looks a little reluctant! I can’t imagine him ever coming around to Pucca’s feelings, but they are probably a lot, lot older here than they are in the TV series. So maybe he saw a different side of her when he grew up. Even so, it would be out of character for him to be super excited!

Artwork by FlopyLopez.

19 Possible-Stoppable Family

via lionkyu.deviantart.com

This time we have Kim Possible and her whole family together for a portrait. Although I think Disney certainly overdo the whole “first love” and “teenage sweethearts” thing a little too much, I honestly can’t see these two not ending up together forever. I guess I’m too nostalgic.

Ron and Kim’s daughter is super cute in this, with small details from both her parents. Given that both Kim and Ron had freckles when they were younger, Ron’s apparently never going away, it makes sense that their kid would also be adorably freckled, at least when she is young. She just looks so sweet and very happy. Kim herself looks very relaxed when looking at her. Even epic heroes need a break now and again.

Artwork by Lionkyu.

18 Baby Pines

via mr-what-zit-tooya.deviantart.com

Gravity Falls is without a doubt one of the best shows to come out of Disney Channel in recent years. I still can’t believe that it was canceled, although Disney Channel shows rarely last more than a few years. I still live in hope that it’ll be continued or picked up again by another network. It just had so much to offer both kids and adults!

This is a Gravity Falls sequel set in the very far future with Dipper Pines and Wendy Corduroy saying hello to their new baby! Wendy’s hair does look a little different (although she did just have a baby and probably didn’t get a chance to style it, I don’t know what I’m picking on that). It’s a very sweet image.

Artwork by Mr-What-Zit-Tooya.

17 Rapunzel And Baby

via kristenreevesart.tumblr.com

I’m not sure what the rules of Rapunzel’s hair are when it comes to Tangled: The Series. Maybe I haven’t seen the episode where it’s explained (entirely possible, since I’ve only seen a few). But didn’t Flynn cut her hair off at the end of the movie? And the series is set after the movie, right? In any case, her hair is naturally brunette like her parents, so wouldn’t her kid’s hair be brunette too (assuming it’s Flynn’s kid).

I know, it’s awful to start looking for plot holes when you can look into the eyes of this sweet little princess!

There’s nothing like being trapped in a tower by your crazy adoptive mother for the first seventeen years of your life to teach you how to be a compassionate parent.

Artwork by Kristen Reeves.

16 A New Pride

via darthmaul1999.deviantart.com

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about The Lion Guard. Some Disney fans really seem to love it, while others are really annoyed by its very existence. I guess it doesn’t have to be canonical if you don’t want it to be since the films came out first. I know I can’t say much given that Disney wasn’t a big part of my childhood, but this show doesn’t seem overly difficult to ignore.

Although you could ask why Kion isn’t in The Lion King II.

This is a very sweet image of the future. All ties mended and one big happy family together. Queen Kiara’s brother is certainly a much less jealous and loving uncle than Mufasa’s was, helping to take care of the young cubs.

Artwork by Darthmaul1999.

15 Humans Are Gross

via jackasrulez95.deviantart.com

This artwork is another future version of Goof Troop, but this time with Max and Roxanne reimagined as humans. Although the faces of these dogs were very humanized in the TV show (obviously), I like how the artist has given their faces a more realistic style and made the characters their own.

Max’s face while holding his new baby human is probably the same face I’d have.

Babies are cute, but they aren’t a lot of fun! And a lot of the time they smell! Puppies, on the other hand, are absolutely adorable, fun and, while still being a lot of work, are less effort than human babies. I’m not sure where the line is with anthropomorphic puppies, but I’m fairly certain even an anthropomorphic puppy is easier than a human baby.

Artwork by JackasRulez95.

14 Space Babies

via jwolf-97.deviantart.com

I’m not going to lie, I was really hoping to find a Pleakley and Jumba family portrait. Maybe having adopted a little alien or raising something Jumba had created through science. I found it adorable the way these two characters interacted, how much they bickered and cared about the other’s opinions. I think it shows a great deal of innocence and blindness to pair them off with someone else.

But nevertheless, this is a very sweet image. After everything he went through, Pleakley deserves happiness and a family. The only thing I worry about is whether they will be raising their babies on Earth or on their home planet. It would probably be better for the kids to return to space, but I don’t like the thought of Pleakley leaving his Earth family!

Artwork by JWolf-97.

13 Under The Sea

via madam-marla.deviantart.com

I suppose this technically isn’t a reimagining since The Little Mermaid TV series showed Triton and his wife with their multiple daughters already. But it’s a cute, fan-created family image that deserves plenty of praise. Although I am now wondering why, since both Ariel’s parents were redheads, why all their other daughters have varied colored hair. Most of them are brunette, some blond, and one has jet black hair, which is not genetically possible!

That’s certainly not something I’m going to forget in a hurry.

It’s nice to see this cute family moment, especially since Disney will soon tear it apart with their rule that at least one parent must suffer a tragic fate. Probably for the best since Athena might have stepped in and insisted that Ariel go on a few more dates with Eric before abandoning her whole life for him.

Artwork by Madam Marla.

12 The Agent

via renatamer.deviantart.com

Here, our favorite teenager turned secret agent is expecting parenthood, yet apparently still ready to save the world! Knowing how super awesome Kim is, I doubt motherhood would really interfere with her goals and ambitions. But if she’s still waiting for her baby to come, then she probably should take it easy! Although I am enjoying how casually she looks about the whole affair. She looks surprisingly comfortable, like carrying a whole new human isn’t a big deal for her. I can’t say how she feels about actually having the baby (it’s definitely unrealistic to ask expectant parents to spend nine months in a state of constant excitement or dread). But I like that she isn’t trying to hide her pregnancy or be body shamed because of it.

Artwork by Rena Tamer.

11 Future Of Gravity Falls

via markmak.deviantart.com

This image is just so beautiful and so peaceful, that I feel happy every time I look at it! It’s a great image. After all the adventures these two go through in Gravity Falls, they certainly deserve a few quiet moments to smell the flowers and enjoy life.

The artist does a great job here with aging up Dipper and Wendy.

They look like a very happy couple here and I adore Dipper’s beard! It suits his face very well. So weird that a crush you had as a teenager could turn into this happy family (mind you, Disney is good at that). What I love most about this is how much their daughter looks like Aunt Mable! There is a great family resemblance there.

Artwork by Markmak.

10 Dragon Junior

via srebak.deviantart.com

I discovered this show fairly recently and I was very impressed with it. Maybe because I watched it as an adult rather than with the vulnerable eyes of a child, I thought that the series could have ended perfectly with the Homecoming episode. It was very sad, but it showed a lot of maturing on the main characters part and a lot of acceptance. For me, the final scenes of Homecoming were better than the final episode. But I’m sure people who know the show better would rightly disagree. After all, these two went through, it’s possible that they would end up here! Their kid must be part dragon too, so who knows what it will grow up to be capable of. Only time will tell.

Artwork by Srebak.

9 Mickey’s Little Mouse

via gizzle-the-awsome.deviantart.com

This immediately reminded me of one of my little cousins who, when she was a tiny baby, would always grab my glasses off my face whenever I held her!

Babies, in general, do that weird grabby thing with their hands, I don’t know why, but maybe there is a biological reason.

This image is incredibly cute though. I hope Mickey doesn’t mind too much when his baby reaches out and grabs his nose, since I imagine it happens a lot. Maybe its cute for him the first few times she does it, but eventually when the sleep deprivation sets in and her hands get stickier, he might get a little annoyed. Mind you, I’ve never seen a little baby with a Mickey Mouse toy who hadn’t shoved his nose in their mouth, so he should consider himself lucky!

Artwork by Trujayy.

8 Heirs Of Avalor

via pinterest.com

Elena of Avalor falls into the weird category “of not quite a Disney Princess but still a princess from Disney.” At this stage, I don’t know what the rules are. You need to be popular enough, but not too popular. Have an animal sidekick but not pay too much attention to said sidekick.

Be a princess except for the times when you’re not a princess. I won’t pretend to understand the formula!

Elena is, however, one of the more awesome princesses that Disney have introduced in recent years, and is more of a positive role-model. At least when you have a TV show rather than a movie, you have time for more adventures! I hope the series ends with her being crowned Queen with lots of amazing stories to tell her future children.

Artwork by Lovely Rugbee.

7 A Possible Family

via next-generation-kids.deviantart.com

I’m not for one moment trying to suggest that Kim ends up with Shego instead of Ron after the end of the series, but I still enjoy it that people support this ship. “Enemies with feelings” is a popular premise, although it might not make the best story when your kids ask how you met.

I like fan art that stays true to the show, but as this is more of a fan’s image, it feels right that they look more original.

They look so comfortable together and so happy, you can’t deny it’s very sweet, even if you don’t ship it. I also love the family resemblance in the kids, although I don’t know if it was harder to find a ginger donor, or one with green skin!

Artwork by Hazura Sinner.

6 Happy Alien Mother’s Day

via fishlover.deviantart.com

Despite these guys being aliens from another planet who has the ability to destroy us all should they choose to, you can’t deny that they’re also cute and fluffy! While I do protest Angel being pink, curvy and the typical “girl” of all the experiments, I think her children in this are adorable and I’m glad Stitch found her. It doesn’t matter whether those children were grown in a lab by Jumba, or whether or not she and Stitch have the biology on their own. The only thing that matters now is that these two fluffy things love their parents and live as one big happy Ohana! Even though this franchise was done to the end by Disney Channel, it remains one of the sweetest Disney franchises to date.

Artwork by Fishlover.

5 Future Troop

via arkham-insanity.deviantart.com

Even if this is a similar concept to the first Goof Troop artwork we saw on this list, it’s so great that fans see the same image of grown up Max! They (and by they, I mean my teachers and parenting forums) say that we always end up raising our kids like our parents raised theirs, even if we try not to.

If that’s true, then there is no way Max’s kids are going through their early years unembarrassed!

And as I said earlier, that would be grossly unfair anyway! Most of us are embarrassed by our parents at some point or another, it’s just the way of things. Even if it wasn’t fun when we were in the kid’s position, I can’t help but find this adorable.

Artwork by Arkham-Insanity.

4 New Troublemakers

via sam-ely-ember.deviantart.com

Although most of the entries on this list have been completely adorable, showing the sweeter more delicate moments of family life, we always have to remember that growing up isn’t always easy!

Phineas and Ferb certainly had an active, adventurous family life, but it wasn’t a perfect family life. They had a lot of conflict with their sister! Granted, there's a loving family underneath, but siblings fight, and parents fight with their children. I love the idea of Phineas sitting there, not knowing what to do! As a natural optimist, he probably doesn’t know how to defuse this conflict. What I love about this are the subtle details in the background, like the good grades on the fridge. Their daughter is obviously a genius but still gets into trouble!

Artwork by Sam-Ely-Ember.

3 An Alternative Pines

via turquoisegirl35.deviantart.com

Even though most artists seem to ship Dipper with Wendy, others disagree and it’s always great to see other pairings out there. I did prefer the other artwork, simply because I liked how much Dipper’s kid looked like Mable, but there is so much charm here, that you can’t help but admire it. I imagine that these two met again years after Gravity Falls ended and found some romantic feelings between them.

Again, there is so much maturity in the characters faces. I love the style of their clothes, which gives you a great idea of their ages and what stage of their lives they are in. There is a sweet subtle mix of both parents in their child, especially with her face shape and hair.

Artwork by TurquoiseGirl35.

2 Pucca Pony Family!

via kitten-of-drawings-2.deviantart.com

You can’t escape pony-fication, so don’t even try! Although I don’t consider myself to be a brony, I love how this tv show is so popular that it sneaks its way into other fandoms. After all the fan art, fan films and fan music, it still isn’t enough for the extreme devotes that follow the adventures of Princess Twilight!

Ponies or otherwise, there is no way Pucca would ever give up on Garu!

Yes, their relationship is creepy if you think too much about it, but the cartoon was so cute and colorful I’d be willing to forgive it for (almost) anything. The colors of both pony’s match perfectly with their inspirations. Their little foals are adorable, just like their parents! There is nothing funny about the love in this family.

Artwork by Kitten-of-drawings-2.

1 A Possible Ending

via hotrod2001.deviantart.com

For all the high school sweethearts Disney throws at us, this is the only ending I’m completely sure of. I can’t say if Dipper and Wendy end up together, Jake and Rose, Phineas and Isabella. Even in the world of cartoons, I don’t think it’s realistic to say that all childhood sweethearts end up together (even if that’s what Disney wants us to think).

But this is a Disney family that I completely adore!

This is a great quiet moment between mother and son, the pictures in the background being a marvelous touch! It’s nice to see that Kim is still into her agent work, the living room setting in the lair showing a nice balance between the two. This is the future I imagine for Kim Possible!

Artwork by Hotrod2001.

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