24 Disney Channel Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off Anyways)

Disney Channel characters are incredibly recognizable when we see them. After all, so many of their shows remain classics and many of us grew up with them. Who hasn’t heard of Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana? Even if you didn’t watch a lot of Disney Channel growing up. However, when it comes to cosplay, fans have some really big shoes to fill.

There are several reasons why it can be hard to create a decent Disney Channel cosplay. First since, if a show does any small success, Disney will commission a costume for it. I found out that you can buy an Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place costume... which is basically a normal outfit with a wand attached. So, when cosplaying, players must make a costume that is entirely theirs and unique from any generic ones. The second is that it can be hard to capture the sass and characteristics of these timeless characters in a costume. While many characters have their own unique style, it’s their speech and mannerisms that really capture them, making it difficult to convey them through an outfit alone.

But despite these and other hurdles, some devoted fans have managed to make them work. Not all of these cosplays are perfect, and some are absolutely amazing, but they’re all great portrayals of Disney Channel characters. They show great knowledge of the show and its characters, as well as being entertaining. So here are twenty-five impossible Disney Channel cosplays that fans managed to pull off.

24 The Real Wendy

via ver1sa.deviantart.com

A big part of cosplay lies in the make-up, helping you create the same face of the person you’re portraying. But what happens when the person you want to recreate doesn’t wear make-up? What if they’re all about being natural, comfortable and being themselves? Like Wendy from Gravity Falls.

Perhaps a large part of this is the rustic cabin backdrop, but this cosplayer could walk into a live action version of the show and fit right in.

It might not be hard to find the right hat and shirt but putting the detail in to make Wendy’s look takes time and effort.

Cosplay by Ver1sa.

23 Green Goddess

via khainsaw.deviantart.com

I suppose when the long-awaited live-action version of Kim Possible finally comes along, we’ll see how these characters were actually meant to look. But I think, for now, this cosplayer gives us a great image.

A lot of Shego cosplays I see, while being good cosplays, don't put enough detail in. It's not enough to just paint your face green. There is a lot of mystery and attitude to this character. She’s certainly not your average supervillain! Seeing this character dressed up in front of us brings up feelings of nostalgia for the original show. Even if you don’t want to mess with her!

Cosplay by Khainsaw.

22 True Dragon

via duysphotoshoots.deviantart.com

Dressing up as a dragon rather than a teenage boy might seem like a more impressive challenge or at least a more interesting cosplay, but if you want to bring back the love someone felt for American Dragon: Jake Long, dress as human Jake Long.

I’m not going to lie, if I saw one of these guys alone, even if it was Jake Long, I wouldn’t get it. Perhaps if you’re a bigger American Dragon fan you would, but there aren’t a lot of distinct features here. As a group though, the cosplay works and they all capture their characters well.

Cosplay by DuysPhotoShoots.

21 The Flynn-Fletcher Clan

via otherbuttonscosplay.deviantart.com

This is probably the only Disney cartoon that I still watch regularly as an adult. It’s bizarre how so many iconic moments from the show happen in the first season.

Often when I see people cosplaying these characters they’re wearing big styrofoam heads to make sure everyone knows who they are portraying.

But I don’t think that’s necessary. Here is a family of two young boys, an annoyed older sister and their oblivious mother. You know who they are portraying through their clothes and mannerisms, even if they don’t have weirdly shaped heads. To me, that’s a better cosplay.

Cosplay by OtherbuttonsCosplay.

20 Raven’s Back!

via popsugar.com

I’ve yet to watch the revival of this show (and what is it with the number of revivals lately?) but I’m certainly going to! This show was without a doubt one of Disney’s most popular.

The moment you see this, you know it’s Raven. Raven was so much more than a girl who could see into the future. She had problems the same as any other teenager, some of them pretty deep. She had her flaws and she had her traits. This cosplayer captures all of Raven in this photograph and it really makes me smile! This makes me want to watch the whole series over again.

Cosplay by Ashlan33.

19 Star Vs Cosplay

via pinterest.com

With a show as cutesy and fun as Star vs The Forces of Evil, it can be easy to make your cosplay too cutesy. This show is funny and along with having lots of cutesy sparkly imagery also satirizes it.

So, whenever I see someone cosplaying Star and they’ve literally covered themselves in glitter, it doesn’t impress me. It just makes me roll my eyes.

This cosplay shows Star being her happy, cute self with all her happy, cute accessories, without going overboard. She looks absolutely spot on and won’t blind everyone else with her shimmering sparkle.

18 Back To Recess

via facebook.com

The attitude here is just radiating off the character. I enjoy cosplayers who upload a photo of themselves next to a specific moment or pose from the character/show. Sure, it makes it obvious who they were supposed to be playing, but it also shows how much they know the source material and how much they compare to the original character.

Spinelli from Recess was a wild and independent character. Every kid should aspire to be a little bit like her.

This cosplayer certainly knows what she’s all about. Just don’t call her “Ashley” at school!

Cosplay by Asta Young.

17 She’s Possible

via reddit.com

It probably sounds weird, but when watching Kim Possible as a kid, I always remembered their lips. Their lips were shaded in a slightly different way and stood out as part of the animation style.

This cosplayer has tried to recreate Kim and Shego, not just by making a ginger girl and a green girl, but by making up their faces in the show’s style of animation. It’s clear in their eyebrows and hairlines, but mostly in the way, they have shaded their lips. Since this is something the live action version isn’t going to show, I’m glad we’re able to see it in this cosplay.

Cosplay by Kinpatsu Cosplay.

16 New Descendants

via instagram.com

I’m afraid that Descendants is just one of those franchises I don’t really get. It’s a great idea, I just never really got into it. But I appreciate that there are fans out there who are obsessed with the show.

Why I think it’s hard to cosplay is because the show’s characters look like cosplayers. Good cosplayers of course, but that’s what they look like to me.

Cosplaying a cosplay is a unique challenge, but I think these guys pulled it off. They’ve obviously studied the costume design of the show and their devotion to their fandom shines through.

Cosplay by Disneytwincess.

15 Another Way To Cipher

via pinterest.com

Sometimes a great cosplay is one that isn’t taken too literally.

Okay, I’ll give credit to the guys who spend all day walking around con in a big triangle outfit. I’m sure you put a lot of effort into your costume and that you’re very hot and uncomfortable.

But it shows a lot of creativity to take a character and make it work in a new style. Look at this, anyone who has seen Gravity Falls knows exactly who this is, even if they are not literally a big yellow triangle. I also love the Burton-esque style of this cosplay.

Cosplay by Amadey Zimin.

14 Lizzie’s Back

via pinterest.com

The Lizzie McGuire Movie was somewhat disappointing. Given that it was a show about real teenage problems, even including an episode on eating problems, turning Lizzie into a pop star was a little weird. Stuff like that doesn’t happen.

But while this doesn’t portray the real Lizzie we know from Disney Channel, it is very obviously her. The outfits worn by Hillary Duff on stage are very memorable and it's cute to see them recreated here. However, the rest of the cosplay, such as faces, and personality does fall short. Perhaps this one is a near miss.

Cosplay by Knoxdrinkideas.

13 Next Goof Troop

via gwan-chan.deviantart.com

This is another show I’d really like to see a revival of. Or maybe it was perfect as it was. Either way, let’s never forget it.

With human and animal hybrids, it’s important to find that balance between comical and underwhelming.

Yes, they’re dogs, but they’re dogs who talk and go to school. Despite being dogs, the characters in this show had mostly human features. Perhaps when you boil it down, this cosplay isn’t that difficult, it’s just often poorly executed. These players have opted for subtlety and simplicity. In my opinion, it’s paid off and brought on the nostalgia.

Cosplay by Gwan-chan.

12 Sofia The Best

via pinterest.com

For every Disney girl who can be called a princess, even if she isn’t an official “Disney Princess,” Disney sells a dress to go along with her. You can either buy the dress and call yourself the character. Or you could try to create your own outfit based on hers, like this cosplayer.

While this dress is certainly a Sofia the First dress, there are subtle differences in the pattern to show that it is an original creation. Such as the position of the white spots or perhaps the color of the dress. It reflects the Princess without being a copy.

11 The Girl Next Door

via aliciamigueles.deviantart.com

The trouble with Isabella from Phineas and Ferb is that her style isn’t that inspired. She looks a lot like a typical cartoon girl. (Then again it could be argued that no character from the show has a bold sense of style.)

Like the Kim Possible cosplay from earlier, I like that this cosplay has tried to mimic the style of the cartoon. The colors are bright (although her bow could be larger). The blue lenses, that make the cosplayer's eyes look bigger, she the characters sweetness and curiosity. Either that or the player has naturally big, beautiful eyes.

Cosplay by AliciaMigueles.

10 Memorable Doctor

via pinterest.com

If you want to dress up as Dr. McStuffins, you can go to Amazon and order the costume. Or you could make the effort to put your own together.

Since the character is a young girl, homemade cosplays of this character look more like her than official costumes. The character's clothes are her own. By all means, match up to her patterns and colors, but subtle differences show more of the character the straight precision. My criticism would be that the cosplayer could have used a little makeup to recreate the character. Such as drawing on freckles and rosy cheeks.

9 Ms. Cipher

via dk-nightmare.deviantart.com

This cosplay always comes back to me when I want to talk about Gravity Falls. This cosplay embodies everything I thought was great about the last Bill Cipher cosplay on this list. It’s original, it doesn’t take the character literally, it shows the players unique style and it looks amazing!

The fact that it’s also a gender-swapped cosplay gives new layers to the character and how we see them.

At the end of the day, Bill Cipher is literally a dream daemon. It makes more sense to think of him as something we all see differently. This is how I’d like to see Bill.

Cosplay by Dk-Nightmare.

8 The Next Queen

via aminoapps.com

Like Sofia the First, it’s too easy to buy a costume for Elena of Avalor. I’m not trying to shame cosplayers who don’t make the entire costume themselves; goodness knows I certainly don’t. But there is something to be said about making something your own and showing your side of the character.

This cosplay packs so much elegance into such a simple pose. Various aspects of the character come across here and show why this Princess is so popular. I like that it’s not an over the top Princess dress like most Disney Princess cosplays. It’s more natural and more Elena.

Cosplay by LittleMissLatina.

7 Playing Sisters

via youtube.com

This cosplay is just really fun and enjoyable. Perhaps not a cosplay that is truly “impossible” but one that takes effort and cooperation with your group.

I see a lot of cosplays of this family around, but they often look sloppy or incomplete. The make-up is either overdone or not blended. Or the people cosplaying haven’t coordinated their clothing properly. Sometimes the cosplayers turn up in three different shades of blue! This cosplayer had the advantage of creating all three sisters themselves, but you have to give them credit for the precision in each sister.

Cosplay by ThouArtAnuli.

6 The Last Attack

via imgur.com

This is the last “Shego” entry on this list, but I think you’ll all agree I saved the best until last. Her lip has been painted to match the memorable animation style, and her eyes just look so big and bewitching. This isn’t a supervillain you’re going to mess with.

If you were walking down the street and saw someone with those eyes, you’d certainly run away from them!

Every part of this cosplay is so polished and flawless, it’s hard to take your eyes off it. If live action Shego looks half as good as this you know it'll be amazing.

5 Cuteness Invasion

via acparadise.com

Whenever I see “cosplays” for this pair, it’s always some people dressed up in onesies. Sure, you’re cute and fluffy. Sure, it’s all you really need to portray these characters, but it’s not all you can do. Come on, their aliens for goodness sake, try and have some fun with it!

So that’s what I like about this one. These guys are clearly having a lot more than those in the stitch onesies, plus their costumes just hold so much more personality. You don’t know what Stitch would look like if he was really this tall! Experiment when playing experiments!

Cosplay by TheLadySasha.

4 The Real McGuire

via pinterest.com

While the last Lizzie McGuire cosplay showed a much more glamorous and recognizable outfit, this one shows a much more recognizable Lizzie.

There is teenage awkwardness here and real feelings. This was clearly created by someone who loves the show!

An accurate part of the show's costumes was the extravagant accessories. When you’re in high school, you need to build a unique style with pretty much no money, so most days are slapping on as many small things as you can. By taking the time to recreate this image, these cosplayers have recreated a notable nineties style we all remember.

3 All The Family

via phineasandferb.wikia.com

One of the things that made this show so popular was its wide variety of characters. Characters from all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of families. Perhaps the best way to make this cosplay work is to do it all together as a team!

I’m a little confused by the giant platypus costume though. Is it supposed to be Perry in spy mode and Perry as a normal platypus?

Either way, I think the giant platypus is a little distracting. Other than that, I think that there is a lot of cuteness here and a lot of love. Probably helps that this was shot on a sunny day though.

Cosplay by Mouseinphilly.

2 The Smartest Cosplay

via pinterest.com

The great thing about Recess was the diversity of this friendship. It’s something that only really happens in adolescence, the smart kids hanging out with the sports-loving kids. When these guys moved on to high school, they probably wouldn’t have hung out anymore.

Usually, when someone cosplays Gretchen, they just make her look like your typical nerd. And while she was that, there was more to her, so it’s nice to see someone focusing specifically on what made her look so distinctive. I will point out that she looks a little angry, though. Wasn’t Gretchen always so happy?

1 Back To Gravity Falls

via kawaielli.deviantart.com

I’d love it if Disney Channel made another series of this show. I get that it’s good for a series to end rather than for it to go on for too long and become a shadow of its former self (as with most good cartoons.) But it feels like this one got cut off too soon.

Perhaps Gravity Falls is another cosplay you have to do as a group. You can’t just turn up at con as Mable without Dipper.

The outfits here look absolutely perfect, with everyone nailing the small details. I would have liked Mable to look a little more enthusiastic though.

Cosplay by Kawaielli.

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