24 Hilarious Disney Character Crossover Comics That Are Extra Sweet

We know that you love Disney here at TheGamer. We asked ourselves “what would our fans love even more?” The answer turned out to be a whole double and triple helping of Disney goodness. I’m talking about those sweet Disney crossovers. For as long as fans have been cranking out weird and wonderful Disney fanart and comics (and trust me as a guy who googles a lot of these— there are some weeeeeeird ones), they’ve imagined what it would be like to stick our favorite princesses all together. Perhaps it stems from wanting more of those beloved credits well after the credits have rolled or maybe people simply want to see how Belle would fare with, say, Ariel instead of Gaston. Spoilers: it’s just as annoying.

This entry boasts some truly stunning artwork from talented artists. It also boasts some not-quite-so-stunning-but-equally-entertaining comedic work from people who we will call charming. Okay so you think you’ve already come up with every possible Disney crossover scenario. You’ve got Venn diagrams tacked to the walls shipping Prince Phillip and Jack Frost. There’s nothing that can surprise you. Think again. While there are some classic pairings to be found here, I promise there are some real clever surprises. If you don’t care about any of that, then you can appreciate the artwork. We’ve kept it short and sweet for y’all. Here are 25 Disney crossover comics.

24 BeautyMax


Art by: disnerd5ever.tumblr.com

In this Disney crossover spectacle, we begin with a Beauty and the Beast and a Big Hero 6 crossover. Neither of these are obvious choices to be crossovers, but someone went ahead and crossed ‘em over and to you I say good job, sir or madame. In Big Hero 6, the protagonist Hiro gets a giant Scott Adsit (Baymax) after— SPOILERS— his brother valiantly dies in an explosion. At first Hiro doesn’t give a toss about Baymax, but the big lovable creation follows him around and worms his way into Hiro’s heart. In that regard, both Hiro and Beast have something in common. They’re both grieving and unwilling to let their guard down. Naturally, Baymax is a good companion for Beast too. His cute ministrations translate perfectly. He just treats Beast like a giant cat. You can see in the background that Belle and Hiro are a little horrified but they go along with it anyway. Whoopee dee doo. Like a big cat, Beast has surrendered to Baymax’s ministrations and he’s powerless against them. The cute lovable Baymax has won over the Beast away from Belle. Forget the rose and forget changing back. The Beast has all the comfort he needs right here.

23 When They Get Your Crab Order Wrong


The two most famous crabs in the Disney verse are Sebastian and Jermaine Clement. Clement is of course the bespectacled ladies’ man from the classic Flight of the Conchords. In Moana, he plays the giant crab who loves jewels and almost eats Moana and The Rock when the Rock goes hunting for his hook. Sebastian is Ariel’s crab buddy in The Little Mermaid and he mostly whines and sings about her kissing men while he watches, third wheel style, from the water like a total creep. But what would happen if they got their roles reversed? That’s the question nobody asked but this comic did. What ensues is pretty hilarious to say the least. Clement’s crab isn’t given to as much subtlety as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. As you can see, he’d probably start yelling at Ariel and Prince Eric to smooch already. Sebastian, for his part, would be scared to death to find himself in the Moana world. Knowing how Maui is a vengeful and hungry meat-eating demigod, Sebastian wouldn’t last long either. I’m so glad both these crabs stayed in their respectful films. I would pay a lot of money to see them switched out, though.

22 Disney’s Unrealistic Standards


Art by: Petite Tiaras

The Emperor’s News Groove continues to be one of the funniest Disney films to this day. The early 2000s comedy marked a strange departure for Disney with its irreverent humor. The character arc is pretty standard, though. David Space— I mean Emperor Kuzco— is a selfish, entitled Emperor in Peru. At the beginning of the film, he ranks a lineup of women according to their looks. Being a selfish brat, he eliminates them all based the most non-existent superficial reasons. But what if he was eliminating Disney princesses? That’s exactly what this comic artist decided to take on.

The Disney princesses are there to GIVE you unattainable high standards by which you will judge women for the rest of your life— they aren’t the women by which you JUDGE those standards! Get it right!

Kuzco lines up the roster of our favorite heavy-hitters from the Disney canon, including Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, and Cinderella. Poor Snow White is told, “she has a great personality.” It’s no less superficial— though it is slightly funnier because we know the cast of characters this time. The Disney princesses are essentially flawless too, which makes this all the more infuriating.

21 Rise Of The Crossover Guardians


Art by: gothicichigo.deviantart

This is just too sweet for words. Unfortunately, I have to come up with some. At least two hundred to be exact. Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians is a fan-favourite when it comes to crossovers. Believe me, yo boy Patrick Belmore, when I say ’tis true. I don’t know what it is, but Jack Frost has a kind of Edward Cullen thing going on. He’s an immortal dude, but since he looks like a spicy young kid with a ‘tude, that makes it ok for girls to swarm him. Often he’s paired with Elsa from Frozen for obvious reasons. Both of them have the power to freeze things. That’s where the similarities end. Still, that’s a lot to have in common. But the old Elsa isn’t here right now. Why? Oh, because she’s gone. Instead Anna— with the telltale streak in her hair from the Troll part of Frozen— is giving Jack a makeover. They’re joined by Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon of all things, as well as Rapunzel from Tangled and Merida from Brave. I don’t know what they’re doing to Jack exactly, but things look like they have quickly gotten frosty between all parties.

20 I’ll Make A Merman Out Of You


This makes me laugh out loud. Okay, it makes me smirk. It has the potential to make me laugh out loud. Mulan tells the story of a typical peasant girl in rural China who enlists in the male-only army to save her father from having to go to war. Because everyone in the movie is racist, nobody can tell she’s a girl. Or maybe they’re all blind. Maybe they all have that facial recognition disease that Prince Charming in Cinderella has. In the movie, they have some pretty rad training montages with even radder songs (I’ll Make a Man Out of You, anyone?) During the montage, Mulan trains in the water. But what if she accidentally caught a mermaid while trying to catch fish? Then it would probably be exactly like this comic. I didn’t know that The Little Mermaid took place in Mulan world. You learn something new everyday. The rest of this entry will now be the lyrics from I’ll Make a Man Out of You because I’m a grown-up with a real job and I can do what I want:

Let's get down to businessTo defeat the Huns.Did they send me daughtersWhen I asked for sons?You're the saddest bunch I ever metBut you can bet before we're throughMister, I'll make a manOut of you.

19 Judy’s Friend From Sherwood Forest


Art by: psychoon.deviantart

This is just too darn cute for words. Again, I have to write them though. Everybody remembers Robin Hood except not actually because that movie was all talking animals and no spicy princes and princesses. Robin Hood is a Disney classic but it doesn’t quite have the same lasting appeal as say, Cinderella or Snow White or The Little Mermaid or Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast or Lion King or The Princess and the Frog or Frozen or Big Hero 6 or Sleeping Beauty or The Sword in the Stone or that one with the racist crows on the branch. One movie that looks like it’s going to have a lasting appeal— though it is way too soon to tell— is Zootopia. What do Zootopia and Robin Hood have in common? Take a wild shot in the dark. So they’re both animal-starring films. It makes sense then that there would be a crossover. I’m not sure if Robin Hood is included in the manifest Zootopia Disney cameos in the movie. I love that the little fox wants to spend time with baby Judy Hopps. Wouldn’t it make a bit more sense if he wanted to hang out with the Jason Bateman fox too, though?

18 I Will Show You The World Of Pokémon


Art by: Iguanamouth.tumblr

Here’s a silly one that I just had to include. The entire crossover relies on a pun but that didn’t stop from me sticking it in this list. Yes, I know. This list has mostly “sweet” entries. What does sweet even mean? That’s a good question. TheGamer scientists are hard at work in their lab trying to get an answer to that very question. Some believe it means romantic, adorable, cute— words that are all encapsulated in the adjective “sweet.” So yes this pun is pretty sweet too. In Aladdin, our eponymous hero tries to woo Princess Jasmine by inviting her on a magic carpet ride. Using the wishes that Robin Williams gave him, Aladdin tries to pretend like he’s richer than he is. He flies up to the palace, coaxes Jasmine on board, then sings a creepy song where he threatens her if she closes her eyes. Okay it works pretty well for him. He gets a smooch in the end. Know what would be better though? Um, I’ll tell you. A Magikarpet ride. It wouldn’t matter how poor he is, if Aladdin rolled up in a giant Magikarp. No girl could ever resist them charms.

17 A Hairy Situation


Art by: studiobueno

Wow, rude. So when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012… Yeah, it happened in 2012, dawg, many foresaw what would come next. There would be a whole slew of new Star Wars movies. More importantly, it meant one other thing. Princess Leia was officially inaugurated as a Disney princess. Not only that, she joined the long tradition of Disney princesses with crazy hair as Merida notes— even though she does it right in front her. Rude! Think about it. Merida’s fiery red hair is super curly. While it is tremendous, it’s still not IMPOSSIBLE. That distinction has to go to Rapunzel from Tangled. Um, Rapunzel’s entire story is about her crazy long hair. Princess Leia has those donut buns on the side of her head. It makes you wonder what she’d look like if she let them down. I always loved how the original Star Wars created a brand new hairstyle for Leia. That’s how you make a fantasy world feel real— there would be different hairstyles and whatnot. On the other hand, you have Luke who has the distinctive ‘70s boy ‘do. Everyone else is walking around with hair that makes them look like dirty hippies who disappointed their parents.

16 Technical Difficulties


Art by: accordingtodevin

Here’s a clever comic. Once again, we find ourselves in a webcomic where all the Disney princess are living together. If you like this, I strongly recommend you check out Pocket Princess. It’s very cute. There’s less morbidity. We’re not here to talk about Pocket Princesses though, we’re here to talk about this hilarious piece of work from artist According To Devin. I don’t know why you brought the other thing up. So we all know that Snow White doesn’t do well with apples. In Snow White, the eponymous princess is given a poison apple by the nasty old queen who is disguised as a witch. Snow White then steps on Sleeping Beauty’s toes when she falls into a deep slumber and needs to be awakened by a prince’s kiss. So suffice to say Snow White hates apples. What happens then when Mulan accidentally gives Snow White another apple— not so much the fruity and delicious kind, but more the technological kind? The answer is pretty close. I guess Snow White doesn’t do too well with the cloud or with dongles because she passes out just like she was poisoned again. What’s a princess roommate to do?

15 She Can’t Let This One Go


Art by: Daekazu

Now this comic brings up a ridiculously good point. Frozen might be about Princess Anna— well it’s about sisterhood and transcending gender norms and tropes subversion— but Princess Anna is essentially the main character. We don’t see Elsa standing alone in her bare fortress of solitude for long scenes, do we? So while it’s Princess Anna’s movie, Elsa is the one that won the Oscar for the song. Booyah. Well, technically it was the songwriters who won the Oscar. Did you know that the writers are husband and wife dream team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez? As of the last Oscars, Robert Lopez is the very first double EGOT winner in history. EGOT refers to having on an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Wow. I don’t know what an EGOT looks like but I have to assume it’s an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony all scotch-taped together. He has two of those bad boys. Two. On the mantlepiece. Eat your heart out, Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis. Lopez of course won the first set because of Frozen along with his work on Broadway alongside Matt Stone and Trey Parker for The Book of Mormon.

14 Tower Besties


Art by: johannathemadshop.tumblr

Now here’s an adorable crossover comic I’ll never not include in entries like these. Many fan artists have begun to draw Tangled and Hunchback of Notre Dame crossovers. Why? The reason is pretty simple if you think about it long enough. Both of these movies have protagonists who are under lock and key. They’re oppressed by the villain without knowing it. They’re both pure souls who haven’t participated in society and so they fantasize about going out into the real world. Here we have Rapunzel as the protector. I quite like that. For one thing, it subverts the typical Disney trope where a princess is under thrall to a prince or she’s gotta make her whole life about falling in love with a dude.

Hey, ever notice that Quasimodo is the only dude in the whole Disney ‘verse not to get the girl? I guess they figured that looks do matter in that movie they made about how looks don’t matter.

Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need Esmerelda anyway. He’s got super cool Rapunzel now. They can go on adventures together with their Seinfeld gargoyles and frying pans and lizards. Question: how do they get to each other if they’re both stuck in towers?

13 El Dorado Is An Open Door


Alright, this isn’t technically a Disney crossover. There’s some Dreamworks interbreeding going on here and we all know how sacrilegious that can get. Frozen meets The Road to El Dorado and gender-bending in what may be one of the most unlikeliest crossovers ever.

The Road to El Dorado tells the story of conmen who desperately attempt to steal a treasure— Dreamworks stealing Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove.

The movie was written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, the scribes who would go on to write Disney’s mega-successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. You can actually see a lot of the seeds for Captain Jack Sparrow in the two characters of Tulio and Miguel. I don’t know how it happened, but I love that Disney took the chance on an ambitious new live-action franchise back in the day with some not quite so savory characters. That originality was highly rewarding. Specifically, it gave them the chance to be less original and crank out a sequel for the next fifteen years and milk the cash cow for all she was worth. That’s the real El Dorado.

12 Wrong Closet


Art by: swashbookler.deviantart

I had never seen this comic before and that amazes me. You may not know this, but I, Patrick Belmore, have seen just about everything on the site. I have also taken the deep plunge down into the Dark Net to haul back the best comics so you wouldn’t have to. It has scarred me for life. But comics like this remind me it’s worth it. This is a clever Disney crossover that, as far as I know, nobody else has ever come up with. In Monsters Inc., Mike and Sully are two monsters that travel through little children’s closets to collect their screams so they can power their city. These closest open up to all sorts of doors in our world. One door you might not have guessed is the wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast. Did you know that wardrobe has a name? I mean she was a real person after all, before she got transformed into a door because her master liked good-looking people. Her name is Madame de La Grande Bouche. That’s French for Madam of the Big Mouth. I don’t know if they’re trying to imply she’s a gossip or what. Anyway, Sully travels through her and walks in on Beast at an unfortunate time. Beast seems to know exactly who Sully is. They’re both monsters after all.

11 Disney’s Desperate Housewives


Art by: Bizarro

Ah, a Bizarro classic. This comic was a big hit when it first surfaced, and it has only gained in popularity ever since. I, of course, have no metric or any data to back that up. But trust me. I’m a Disney comic aficionado around here. That’s what they pay me the big bucks. As this comic demonstrates, the Disney princesses have a lot to grouse about. Here they’re called the Disney Desperate Housewives. The Disney canon has been pretty backward, socially-speaking, for much of its run. For half a decade, Disney was making movies about princesses whose only ambition in life was to marry a prince. That trend didn’t even change during the Disney renaissance in 1989 with The Little Mermaid. It’s only been the last decade or so where writers and directors have steered the films into (awesome) feminist territory. Yes, you could argue Mulan was feminist. But the tropes were only really subverted with films like Enchanted and Brave and Frozen. Each of these princesses has had a rough time of things. As Belle notes, her husband is an animal. Cinderella complains that her husband still drives a pumpkin. I think she should be more concerned with the fact he can’t recognize her if she’s not wearing the right footwear.

10 Big Frozen 6


Art by: rikamello.deviantart

Alright, this is fan art and not a comic. I’m allowed like ONE CHEAT, OKAY? This art is way too cool not to include. Alright, so I’ve bent the rules multiple times in the article alone. The job was to find the sweetest Disney crossovers. I didn’t prioritize the comics past as much as having sick crossovers. This image certainly rates as a cool crossover. Frozen and Big Hero 6 are two recent films in the Disney canon that mark a new renaissance for the studio we’re currently experiencing. I would also lump Tangled in there, even though it didn’t have quite the same pop culture appreciation as the other movies did.

This image is bittersweet because of how Hiro’s brother met his end in Big Hero 6

We see him with Elsa. Presumably, they’re going steady like a couple of teens sharing a milkshake at the diner drive-thru on a Saturday night. Aw. Not only is that nice for Hiro’s brother because he’s alive but because he got to find love and not get into a fire. It’s also endearing that Elsa has managed to open up and let go or her past by accepting someone into her life.

9 Ariel Rooms With Belle


Art by: landesfes.deviantart

Ever since artists started to draw Disney princess fan art, they began to depict them in crossovers. I don’t know what it is about crossovers but we have some natural inclination to want to see our favorite characters all lumped together, like so many messy roommates on Big Brother. Since we have such strong attachments to these characters we can’t help but wonder what they would think of each other. Sometimes it doesn’t always go swimmingly. Here we have Ariel from The Little Mermaid lumped with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle is an infamous bookworm. That means she’s an introvert that needs a lot of time alone to read her books. Unfortunately, Ariel hasn’t collected many books in her human collection under the sea. She’s more of a yakker. Just when Belle needs some peace and quiet, Ariel won’t stop talking her ear off. That inspires Belle to say something really racist. I mean a “Selfish Sushi” recipe? Dang, Belle. That’s cold. I get that Ariel is annoying but you just legit discussed turning her into a delicious snack. Add Ariel to the list of people who get on Belle’s nerves along with Gaston. Maybe Belle would like her better if she had a bit more fur.

8 Princess Swap


This one’s super neato, you guys. We get to see what Mulan from— wait for it— Mulan would look like as Merida from Brave. We’re also treated to a Sleeping Belle, who takes the place of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Fitting. Both their names are literally about how good-looking they are. In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora pricks herself on a spindle that casts her in a years-long slumber. It’s only when Prince Phillip breaks into her home and forces himself on her that she awakens. It’s not unlike the relationship that Belle already has with Gaston. Mulan and Merida are also good parallels that most people haven’t ever thought of before. In Brave, Merida just wants her independence but her parents want her to marry a Scotsman and carry on the family lineage. In Mulan— wait for it— Mulan enlists in the Chinese army by pretending to be a dude. Both these movies see an empowered female warrior going on to transcend the limits imposed on her by society. I also give top marks to the art style here. The colors are vibrant. There are no harsh black lines outlining the figures. In that regard, the style is reminiscent of Disney cartoons like the TV series of Tangled.

7 The Princesses Get Dressed Up For Halloween


Art by: Isaiahstephens.deviantart

This is darn cool. This list goes on and on. We couldn’t include everything here because it was too long but I strongly recommend you go google the rest of it. This artist has taken the Disney princesses and dressed them up for Halloween. Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora is dressed up as the Queen of Dragons— sorry I mean Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. That Khaleesi. I love that the artist chose to give her a miniature version of Maleficent’s black dragon. I also think the choice of clothing is pretty choice as well. Further down the list, we have Belle as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. This makes complete sense to me. Like Hermione, Belle is a bookworm. She’s gorgeous, but she’s valued more for her intellect. There’s also a Hunger Games Pocahontas, which makes sense. Like Katniss, Pocahontas is a self-reliant Amazonian who is good with a bow. I also quite like Snow White as Wonder Woman. For far too long, Snow White has been at the mercy of dwarves and hunters and witches. Good that she’s finally fighting back herself.

6 How To Train Your Mermen


Art by: she-sells-seagulls.deviantart

Here’s one for the gals and the guys who like guys. Far too often we get too many scantily-clad images of ladies on this site. I know this because I am a purveyor of images of scantily-clad images of ladies on this site. It’s about time we get to see some shirtless bros too. Here we have an unlikely crossover that’s actually three crossovers in one— there’s Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, and the ocean millieu from The Little Mermaid. I don’t know what inspired the artist to depict these characters under the sea— and without Ariel present no less— but color me impressed. Jack informs Hiccup that they don’t usually take whales as pets. Hiccup can’t help himself. Collecting pets and training them is sorta in his blood. In How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup goes out on a quest to slay a dragon, only to realize that dragons aren’t the murderous creatures he believed they were. He befriends Toothless, a legendary dragon that turns out to be as docile as a puppy. Here he domesticates Free Willy or something. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s bound to make you nerds happy.

5 Frozen Gets A One-Up


Art by: quadforcefive.deviantart

Okay, I couldn’t NOT include this one! Everyone knows the Let It Go song. Even if you don’t want to to know it, you know it simply by virtue of living in a society that co-exists peacefully with human children. 2014 saw this song belted out of every home and car. But there’s one thing you never thought of— How Let It Go rhymes with “IT’S A-ME, MARIO!” Well, there’s one person who DID think of it. And they did humanity a wonderful service by making this comic. Okay, I know what you’re saying to yourself. Your cursor is slipping closer to the X button. You’re about to close the article. You think it’s a pretty thin premise to lean an entire webcomic on. To that, I say GOOD RIDDANCE. If you can’t appreciate the brilliance of “IT’S A-ME, MARIO/LET IT GO” then TheGamer really is better off without your patronage. Where are you going? I’m totally kidding. We need you, ad reven— valued reader. For serious and for true, though, I would totes watch the heck out of an entire remake of Frozen except about the brotherhood of Mario and Luigi. Make this happen. Please. Please? Please.

4 Selfies With Ariel And Giselle


Art by: gating.deviantart

This one is fantastic. The art style looks exactly like the films. I’d swear this was a Disney official production photo if I didn’t know any better— and I probably don’t! Here we have Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Amy Adams from Enchanted. I can’t be bothered to look up her name so she will be henceforth known as Amy Adams. As you may recall, Enchanted is about an archetypal Disney princess who gets sent to the slightly less magical world of New York City. Up until that point, she’s a regular Disney princess who sings to animals and pines for her Prince Charming.

Did you know that Enchanted was originally supposed to be made for older audiences until Disney scooped up the idea and repackaged it into a Disney film and irony is over?

Still, I love the idea even in its slightly neutered form. Amy Adams and Ariel have a lot in common if you think about it— and I’ve had to. A lot. For this job. One of them is trapped in a politically medieval kingdom ruled by men and that one is the real Amy Adams in Hollywood. I’m glad that the mermaid and the cartoon princess got together for some quality selfie time.

3 Mean Boys


Alright, this hardly rates as a comic. It does rate as an awesome piece of work, however. Everyone remembers that one iconic scene from Mean Girls— sorry, I forgot that every scene from Mean Girls is an iconic scene. There’s that one time where Rachel McAdams honks the horn and tells pre-exorcism Lindsay Lohan, “get in loser, we’re going shopping.” Here the best archers from all games and movies honk the horn and tell Merida they’re going shooting. Some of these infamous archers included Link, Legolas, and more! There are so many “Get In, Loser” meme alternatives to satisfy every palate. Now here’s a whole list of “Get In Loser” alternatives that I just googled. Obama: Get in loser, we’re getting healthcare; Wild Hunt: get in loser, we’re invading Nilfgaard; The Doctor: get in loser, we’re time travelling; Eminem: get in loser, we’re getting mom’s spaghetti; pets: get in loser, we’re going to pet smart. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. They are not, however, endless enough to get to the end of this word count. Thanks for nothing, internet. I guess I have to be original and creative and everything is awful.

2 The Emperor Of El Dorado


Art by: lifesabeachsoliveit.tumblr

This one’s GOLD, Jerry! Gold! It’s funny for all sorts of reasons— reasons which, I, Patrick Belmore, will now enumerate in as condescending a way as possible. You’re all familiar with the Disney/Dreamworks battles. It’s sorta like Coke vs. Pepsi. Each one spies on the other and copies what they’re doing. Alright, that’s not exactly true. It’s more like Dreamworks spies on Disney and tries to copy them. Think about it. When Disney/Pixar came out with Finding Nemo, they hit with Shark Tale. When Disney/Pixar released Ratatouille, they hit back with Flushed Away. And in the early ‘00s, when Disney released The Emperor’s New Groove, they made The Road to El Dorado. Both movies take place in a South American past and combine elements of the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas. So when Emperor Kuzco sees a new dastardly duo among his ranks, it could easily be Tulio and Miguel from the Road to El Dorado. They’re pretending to be gods, much the same way they’re pretending they had a totally original concept. I kid. I actually have no idea who came up with the setting first— Dreamworks or Disney— but I do know somebody’s been spying on the other’s homework and not changing enough answers.

1 Rapunzel Chose Jolteon!


Art by: Sunset Dragon

I don’t know what inspired the artist to make this, but I’m sure glad they did. Also, am I supposed to be speculating on artistic inspiration and stuff? Is that in my job description? I’m seriously asking. Nobody has told me how to do this and I’m sorta winging it until somebody finds out I accidentally got onto the payroll.

Here we have Rapunzel from Tangled playing with a Jolteon. I guess someone was like, “hey they’re both yellow!”

And that was enough for them. It’s certainly enough for me. Besides the whole yellow parallel which I delved into deeply back there, can I comment on the impressive art chops? This digital painting is hella good. It also gives one the warm fuzzies to see Rapunzel with some companions that aren’t lizards or frying pans. If she had some Pokémon, she could have busted out of that tower, like, forever ago. I choose you, Escape. Maybe she could use Jolteon’s electric blasts to subdue Gothel and make her way to Flynn Rider where they will have passionate duets. I don’t know what Flynn’s Pokémon would be. Probably a Meowth or something. He’s a sketchy fella like Team Rocket.

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