20 Hilarious Disney Character Pictures That Are Too Funny For Words

Disney fans everywhere have created hilarious pictures online. These ones are beyond funny.

Disney’s first animated film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937. Ever since their inaugural and innovative feature, the Disney name has become synonymous with words like “imagination,” “film,” and “really long wait lines.” The Disney train was unstoppable throughout most of the 20th century, and if it can be believed, the 21st century has shown that the train isn’t stopping for gas. Like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II’s Ego, Disney has consumed just about everything in the biosphere. The list of franchises they own is staggering: Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, FOX.. the list is nigh endless. In 2016, their net worth was estimated at 92 billion dollars. That certainly justifies Star Wars’ 4$ billion price tag.

But you’re not here for a Disney history lesson. You’re here for a Disney laugh lesson. My point is, there’s been a lot of goofs along Disney’s long and storied history. Unfortunately, much of these goofs were lost to time as they didn’t have the internet throughout the vast majority of the 20th century. With the advent of social media, meme artists and fan artists have risen from their dwellings to share these goofs with the world. In this article, you’ll encounter parodies of all kinds— funny screenshots, art, and live-action photos. Hopefully, most of it will bring a smile to your face and make you crave your favorite Disney flick. Here are 20 Hilarious Disney Character Pictures That Are Too Funny For Words.

20 Flynn Sees The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Art by: tsaoshin

Artist TsaoShin must have been getting a little annoyed with all the constant Disney princess fan art pieces (who the heck promotes those things anyway?) The artist took it upon themselves to inset Grumpy Cat into every Disney princess movie.

I think Flynn really does “see the light” now.

Although we can’t include every single one here, we’ve included a few choice ones like this Tangled one here. Grumpy Cat isn’t having any of Flynn Rider’s antics.

19 You’re The Merman That I Want


Can anyone guess why this is such a clever crossover? I’ll give you a hint by telling you: Grease and The Little Mermaid share certain themes. Both feature female leads who are willing to change everything about themselves for a man.

Grease and The Little Mermaid: change yourself for your man.

Despite everything that came before it, the last scene of Grease has Olivia Newton John becoming a greaser like her boyfriend while singing he’s the one who better shape up. Ariel leaves her entire world behind and becomes a different species.

18 The Genie Of Notre Dame


Art by: scribblenscratch

This meme will never go away. There can be every permutation imaginable. Case in point: it’s now entered the Disney verse. Okay, there have already been lots of Disney versions of this meme but I think this may be the first time somebody took the time to draw it— and so well too! Don’t feel too bad, Jasmine. Esmeralda’s allure is built into her character. French Megabyte— I mean Frollo was all about his temptation for her.

17 Girls Will Be Girls


Art by: briannacherrygarcia

This image is from 2006 and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. I spend all day combing through Disney fan art like an FBI special agent going through old boxes of files trying to find the one clue that will lead him to the criminal. But my search is worth it, unlike that FBI agent’s. Artist briannacherrygarcia has gifted us with a delightful take on the Disney girls being silly. It’s refreshing to see them goofing off for a change.

16 Toy Story Meets Lion King


Now whoever took this photo really is pure evil. Mufasa’s, um, fall is still one of the most traumatic moments in children’s cinema.

He’s called Scar because he scarred our childhoods.

The Lion King is based on Hamlet, after all, and the whole point of that movie is about Hamlet avenging his ghost daddy after ghost daddy was made into a ghost by his uncle. I have to say, I always thought the decision of making that ghost-daddy bit happen within the movie itself was better than it happening before the movie began like in the original Hamlet.

15 Dog Logic In Disney Movies


Art by: andydiehl

Any idea why this is weird? Go ahead, take your time, I’ll wait. Pluto is a dog and you’re supposed to walk dogs, right? So far so good. But then you remember that Goofy is also a dog and none of this makes any sense. It’s enough to make you ask who’s running The Mouse House. This reminds me of that comic where Mickey screams when he sees a mouse. It’s only a matter of time before Mickey and Goofy have existential crises.

14 Frozen Funds


Looks like Elsa’s account is…

Currently out of funds. I mean FROZEN. DARN IT. Now the whole premise of Frozen can be seen in a new light. Elsa becomes Queen and finds out how deep Arendelle is in debt, so her first decision is to run and live in the wilderness. That’s a valid response for most college kids come out of school with student loan debt. “Let it go” then refers to letting society go because there’s no way you can ever hope to return without getting arrested.

13 Jarvis, Was That A Bird?


Art by: dragonarte

There is no shortage of parody-able content from Aladdin’s magic carpet ride scene. First and foremost, the lyrics to the song itself is cause for some concern: “don’t you dare close your eyes.” We’ve seen a bunch of magic carpet ride spoofs over the course our internet careers, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen Tony Stark enter the mix. If you like this, you’re highly recommended to check out the artist’s other work.

12 Frozen Bae


Now if you’re like me, you’ve seen this meme before but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. I’ve come to help. By help, I mean I’m copying and pasting what it says on knowyourmeme: “Salt Bae is a nickname given to Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who was widely discussed on social media following the circulation of a viral video in which he flamboyantly sprinkles salt on a carved steak.” The more you know! Also, um, Elsa!

11 Cinderella’s New Comfortable Footwear


Art by: Amy Mebberson

What? Can it be? Cinderella and comfortable footwear? Ye gads. I’ve mentioned this one or twice before, but Prince Charming suffers from facial blindness or “prosopagnosia.” That means he can’t recognize faces, so he has to go by foot sizes.

Foot sizes aren’t exactly unique fingerprints, Prince Idiot.

Logic is one of the things that gets turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, it seems. We don’t care though because Cinderella is charming. Right?

10 Someday My Meal Will Come


Art by: xpwebcomic

There are a series of Disney princesses as raptors because of course there are. You ever start saying something ironically and then it became the way you really talk, dawg? At first artists were spoofing all the Disney princess fan art craze with Disney princess sloths, furniture, and now raptors— but I think it’s not so ironic anymore. If you like what you see here, I highly recommend googling the artist’s other jurassic work (and maybe getting yourself checked out).

9 The Grump King


Art by: tsaoshin

Here is the second entry from artist TsaoShin’s series on Disney Grump Cat. Rather than assume the role of a princess this time, Grumpy Cat is playing Hamlet— er, I mean Simba. He doesn’t look too happy to be at the center of the circle of life, but then again he doesn’t look too happy doing anything. I’d love to see an image of Grumpy Cat playing Scar as he kicks Mufasa off the cliff. Jk. That still hurts to think about.

8 Tony Stark Is Pretty In Pink


Never wanted to see Tony Stark don pretty pink armor? Too bad. He’s part of the Mouse House now so Walt Disney’s floating brain can make Stark do whatever it wants.

Disney owns Marvel now, so this is canon.

Not that this is a bad thing. In all the remixes out there, I think we can find room in this crazy and cruel world for a sensitive Disney princess Iron Man, don’t you? It would heal the hurt.

7 Taco Belle


Yes, the bar really is that low. This is what we’ve come to. Should we pack it all in and go home? Of course not. There’s so much lower we can go. You know, I include a lot of truly phenomenal artwork here and even if there are occasional faults to criticize, it’s not my place. Not so with the kid who photoshopped this in five seconds with cinnamon-twist dust on his fingers. I CAN’T criticize it because it’s a masterpiece. Flawless.

6 Mean Princesses

via pinterest.com

Art by: Laura Cooper

Ariel would totally be the Lindsay Lohan character in a Mean Girls Disney princess version. She’s got all the trimmings. For example, she’s got red hair. No wait, there’s more.

Ariel and Cady will change everything about themselves to fit in.

Cady learns that it isn’t right to drastically re-invent yourself to suit someone else’s needs, and that it’s important to be true to herself. Ariel, not much. She’s more like, “Whooo! Lemme get at that bipedal spicy prince! Heck yeah, I’ll live on land forever and never see my home again.”

5 A Whole New Universe


Art by: xeternalflamebryx

Wow, you’d think there was enough room in the night sky that you wouldn’t have to risk two flying objects bumping into each other. But we’ve already had two entries where Aladdin and Jasmine have run across someone else. Steven Universe looks pretty embarrassed to be caught here. We can’t really see Aladdin and Jasmine’s expressions but I think it’s a fair guess that Aladdin is annoyed the magic came to an abrupt halt.

4 Overly Attached Ariel Wants To Be A Part Of Your World


Art by: otusasio451

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m not sure what we’re looking at. I think this was supposed to be an Ariel meets Overly Attached Girlfriend fan art, but I don’t know why otusasio451 took the time to actually sit down and make this. It feels like the more you stare it, the more years you add to the curse. Still, it's kinda funny (and cute?) to see The Little Mermaid in a modern context.

3 Getting Down With Weselton


Early on in Frozen, Duke Weaseltown— I mean Weselton— asks Elsa for a dance. What guts. Elsa shoots him down, but throws Anna under the medieval fantasy bus by saying her sister likes to dance. Weselton whisks Anna away and they proceed to have a very awkward dance as he tries to impress her. The exact line in the script is “the Duke showboats.” Not this time. Anna’s all about that showboating trade partner. Take that, Elsa. She learned to dance while you were in your room all those years being emo.

2 Be A Man


Art by: theartofknightjj

This is everything we wanted it to be and more. It’s about time the Disney princes were the ones who had to change for their women, wouldn’t you agree? There are so many choice princes here. If you haven’t glimpsed him already, may I please draw your attention to The Beast in the background? He makes giggle every time. Then there’s Eric splashing around above water and poor Milo, who looks like he’s out of his depth (get it? Out of his depth? Atlantis?)

1 Belle Is All Caged Up

Now, this is perfection. There can be no doubt we’re in the presence of the venerable Nicholas Cage, and a masterpiece of fan art for the ages.

Disney will be remaking all the movies with Nick Cage in the roles of every princess.

One really wonders with Nick Cage. He’s an Oscar winner for Pete’s sake. Have you seen him in Adaptation? He’s brilliant. Then it’s like the rest of his career has been a series of escalating dares— not that we’re complaining.

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