All Grown Up: 23 Disney Characters In Their Old Age

Disney is one of the world's largest providers for entertainment. Whether you're young or old, everyone loves a Disney movie. Sure, they're made with the intention to target kids; however there are messages within these movies that we only understand once we're adults, and this is what makes Disney appealing to absolutely everybody.

Princesses, talking animals, robots, monsters, magic carpets and flying saucers - there are endless amounts of random characters and adventures in the movies that has made us fall in love with them. The first Disney film was released in 1937, which means it is still going strong 81 years later with more and more new stories and ideas being developed every day.

Many of our favorite movies never followed up with a sequel, so we sadly didn’t have the chance to see what happened to our most loved characters. This isn’t a bad thing as sometimes sequels can potentially ruin a story, if it gets dragged out too much. But we are curious to see what happened to some of our favorite individuals in the Disney universe.

Fortunately, there are some hardcore, dedicated fans out there that have taken the time to creatively draw what they envision some of our favorite friends would look like now. Check out these 25 Disney characters in their old age to see what they look like and are up to nowadays…

23 The Incredibles

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The Incredibles truly are incredible!

A superhero couple (Mr.Incredible and Elastigirl), are forced to live normal lives when all superhero activities have been banned by the government. They had normal jobs, produced superhero children, everything was great. However, Mr. Incredible missed his adventurous days. Luckily,  he was invited to an isolated island to defeat a giant robot! Soon enough, he was in trouble and his family had to combine their various skills and abilities to save him.

Now that they're older, we can see that Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack are comfortable in their new heroic roles. Dash kind of resembles DC's the Flash, which quite frankly, makes him even cooler.

22 Tangled (Rapunzel)

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Tangled is an incredible adaptation of the original fairytale, Rapunzel. The beautiful princess was locked away in a tower, unable to experience any of the wonders of life any young girl is entitled to. She was taken when she was a baby by a mysterious old woman for her magical hair.

Rapunzel's long luscious locks have the power to provide eternal youth, and the evil antagonist, Mother Gothel, has been using this power to keep herself young. When a wanted thief uses her tower as refuge, Rapunzel rebels and runs off with the handsome fellow to experience the outside world. A  romance blossoms and he helps her escape, and years later they're still as loved up as ever.

21 Phineas And Ferb

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We all know how catchy the theme song to Phineas and Ferb is. It is also, by far, one of the funniest installments to the Disney world. The TV show follows two young brothers who are determined to make their summer vacation the best. They're what you might call 'creative scientists', who spend their days building the craziest gadgets. We've seen them build roller coasters and even travel back in time!

Their platypus, Perry, is a secret agent who fights his nemesis, Doctor Doofenshmirtz.

If they were that smart back then, we imagine as grown-ups they are the wealthiest, maddest scientists the world has ever seen.

20 Frozen

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Frozen was one of the biggest hits in Disney history, drilling the theme tune of the song 'Let It Go' into our brains until it drove us insane. The musical fantasy tells the story of a snow queen Elsa, who is gifted with magical powers. Sadly, she hasn't learned to control them. When she loses control of her powers, she decided to flea and, unknowingly, causes an eternal winter in Arendelle.  She builds herself a palace made of ice off in the mountains away from everyone else. Anna (Elsa's sister) joins forces with a mountaineer and talking reindeer, to find her and help break the icy spell before the kingdom is doomed.

Now they're in their old age, it seems like they worked everything out. They're still friends with Olaf the snowman too!

19 Kim Possible

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This action-packed animated series hit television screens in 2002. It made us believe that we, too, could be a spy! (Who wouldn't want to be a high-school kid who fights supervillains in their spare time?)

Kim was an average girl who took part in cheerleading and leads a completely normal life dealing with everyday teenage issues, whilst trying to stop the works of an evil scientist. Kim Possible attracted both younger and older audiences, combining elements of teen drama, romance, and action. All grown up, they're still fighting crime and they're skills have only grown with them.

18 Ariel

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The Little Mermaid is not so little anymore. This fascinating underwater fairytale stole our hearts with its release in 1989 and has continued to up until today. Ariel was supposedly just sixteen years old at the time, so that would now make her... 45!?

The animated musical fantasy portrays the story of a rebellious mermaid, who admires life on land. She falls in love with a human Prince and is determined to make it work. Ariel makes a deal with Ursula, a sea witch, and is given the opportunity to become human for three days. After a whirlwind of ups and downs, Ariel and her prince exchange their vows and sail off into the distant waters. They even have a child in the sequel!

17 Mulan

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Mulan is inspired by an actual historical figure 'Hua Mulan', who was a prominent and powerful female warrior in Chinese history between the period of 429 and 589. In the 1998 animated film, Mulan is a courageous young woman who sets out on a quest in order to protect her Father (an elderly veteran who must go to war one more time). Worried about her Father's health, Mulan disguises herself in his armor and proves herself to be better than anyone expected.

Now, it appears the warrior has a family of her own, and is teaching her children the same skills and techniques she was once taught.

16 Pocahontas

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The Native American beauty wowed us in this powerful, romantic tale. Pocahontas' story follows her life in the Powhatan Tribe in North America, and her fear of being wed to a warrior who she has no feelings for (by her Father, Chief Powhatan).

Not far across the seas, a ship is caught in a storm, home to a crew of English settlers. One sunny day out in the wilderness, Pocahontas and a man named Captain John Smith, run into each other, and it was love at first sight. Smith was one of the English men aboard the ship - however, as the relationship blossoms, her Father doesn't hesitate to express his disapproval for marrying someone who isn't a warrior.

But, it seems like they're just as loved up as ever!

15 Merida

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A more recent addition to Walt Disney Pictures, this story takes us on the journey of a feisty redhead who blew us away with her Scottish accent and ranged weapon skills in the Brave.

In Medieval Scotland, this bad-ass female brings anger to the Highland Lords for breaking an old tradition. The sixteen-year-old has some impressive archery skills for her age and undoubtedly these have only improved drastically over the years. Released in 2012, Princess Merida would now be.... only 22 years old! Let's hope she's a little more behaved now she's all grown up...

14 Pinocchio

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Pinnochio has been around a long, long time - based on the children's novel 'The Adventures of Pinnochio' published 1883, we first saw the 'real boy' come to life in 1940 when woodworker, Geppetto, sees a fallen star and wishes for his puppet to come to life. Sounds like a horror movie when you think about it... Puppets coming to life? No, thank you.

The cultural icon soon became one of the most famous reimagined characters from children's literature to date. Now he's all grown up, we wonder if he still tells any lies?

13 Russell (UP)

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Easily one of the most lovable characters in animated history, this chubby little guy has to be one of the cutest (and kind of annoying) characters we have ever seen!

The six-year-old wilderness explorer has grown up to be quite the looker, and it still appears he's dedicated to his hobby as a scout. Never have we seen a kid with so much spirit and determination, and that fact that he went to the ends of the earth to help his elderly friend, Carl, is just mesmerizing.

12 Snow White

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Snow White has and always will have, a special place in our hearts. The 1937 film portrays the tale of a lonely princess who lives under the thumb of her evil stepmother (and queen) in this Grimm fairytale.

A magic mirror informs the Queen that Snow is the fairest in all the land; this enrages her to send Snow into the forest to be killed by the Huntsman. He has a change of heart and lets her flee, and from this day she fends for herself. She makes friends with wild animals, and later stumbles across a cottage home to seven dwarfs. When the queen learns she is still alive, she conjures an evil plan to give Snow a poison apple that will bury her alive until her true love's kiss.

Luckily, a prince falls in love with her, breaks the curse, and takes her and the dwarves back to his castle - we're guessing this is where she is still now?

11 Aladdin

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Having your very own magical flying carpet would be the coolest thing in the world. Aladdin brought a true change into the Disney world with its diverse culture and exciting tale. From a street rat to a prince, this lucky guy was able to transform himself in order to capture the eyes of Princess Jasmine. However, his plan comes with many consequences. Although, judging by the image - it seems like he got everything he wanted, including a load of mini-jasmines!

10 Belle (Beauty And The Beast)

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Belle has one of the most kind-hearted souls. People say that looks aren't everything, and in this case, that's right - considering she falls in love with an actual beast (with the help from his enchanted servants). Belle got to know the beast for who he really is, and this is why we admire her so much.

The curse was broken, and the beast went back to his true handsome self (we bet she was pretty relieved deep down), and continued their life together in the castle with their three children.

9 Princess Jasmine

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We already know that she was tricked into falling for a prince (Aladdin - who turned out to not be a prince at all), and lived happily ever after. She has the voice of an angel, and although she possesses similar traits to many of the other Disney princesses, Jasmine is more 'before her time' and resembles a significant amount of intelligence and ambition that makes her more contemporary. We can only guess she has grown more elegant and a heck of a lot wiser!

8 Lilo And Stitch

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Lilo and Stitch is an exciting journey of two mischievious and eccentric individuals, on their journey as they try to sustain an inseparable relationship running away from a bunch of mad aliens!

Lilo, a Hawaiian young girl, wants to adopt a small ugly creature named Stitch (who for some reason thinks is a dog), but little did she know he's an alien from a genetic experiment who has escaped from an unknown planet. Through her love, faith, and kindness, she takes Stitch in and teaches him the same morals and disciplines she had learnt in the Ohanian community - it's pretty adorable. Although, we would be skeptical about stumbling across an alien creature...

7 Alice In Wonderland

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Is Alice still in wonderland? As a little girl, Alice dropped down a rabbit hole after chasing the famous white rabbit into a magical land.

Here she encounters an assortment of random and peculiar characters like Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat. However, not everyone was as friendly as this pair - Alice ended up in the court of the tyrannical Queen of Hearts. She must choose to stay on her good side or be beheaded. Clearly, Alice worked things out as her head is still very much intact now she's older...

6 Mowgli (The Jungle Book)

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Mowgli was a feral child who grew up in a wild Indian jungle. He was found by an adorable pack of wolves who decided to take him in as their own. Along with his journey of growing up, Mowgli makes friends with Bagheera (a black panther) and Baloo (a bear), who try and help protect him against the wicked tiger, Shere Khan.

Mowgli and Shanti's relationship is still going strong in their adulthood

This movie represents the real kindness and care that animals behold, as many often assume these kinds of wild jungle creatures would attack - a great picture to draw for their younger audiences.

5 Mother Gothel

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The wicked old woman that kidnapped a baby princess from her loving family (Rapunzel) and raised her in a locked tower where she could steal her magical powers - who could do such a thing? If it granted you eternal youth, we guess that gives her a pretty good reason, but still... it's pretty heartless. Mother Gothel didn't get away with it though, and in the end gets what she deserves when she returns back to her old haggy self.

4 Mickey And Minnie Mouse

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1928? These guys must be very old by now, however, they're still looking glamorous. In this piece of art, Mickey looks like a pimp, and Minnie... his piece on the side? What on earth happened to these sweet little young mice?

"He'll stride into the room; a light will glow from him. I'll hear music. He'll bring me flowers. He'll swing me off my feet! And I'll know he's the one when he makes me laugh."

Whatever happened, by the sounds of that he's a keeper!

Mickey Mouse is one the most recognizable character is the face of Disney, and he also appears to be a proper gentleman, no wonder Minnie never let him go.

3 Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty hasn't had the best of luck in her time. Cursed by an evil witch, Maleficent, to die on her sixteenth birthday, the princess had a lucky escape and was put into a deep sleep (with thanks to her guardian fairies), until she was awoken by a true love's kiss, Prince Philip. After Maleficent heard of his intention to stop her, she captured and imprisoned him. The fairies were brave enough to step in and save the Prince, and if it wasn't for them, Princess Aurora would not be looking as good as she does now...

2 Boo

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We all remember the cute little girl from Monsters Inc. who made our hearts melt. We wonder what happened to her after she was caught up in an adventure with a bunch of crazy monsters in a scare factory? Mike and Sulley, two employee's who try and send her back home, are taught by the sweet youngster that humans aren't what they had learned to be. After a long adventure, the trioseparatese when Boo is sent back home and her 'door' is demolished. Luckily, they reunite in the end, and we're guessing they're still friends...

1 Bambi

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Bambi is known for being one of the saddest stories ever told (even for us adults). The cute little fawn was just a baby when his mother was ended in the forest, and it brought tears to the eyes of many viewers. With his father gone too, Bambi makes friends with a rabbit named Thumper, and a skunk named Flower - they explore their forest home, learning how to grow without guidance and looking out for the dangers of the open meadow. He later meets a pretty young doe named Faline, and learns of the struggle amongst the beauty of living in the forest. Now, his antlers have grown and he is a wise old deer!

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