30 Disney Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off)

We didn't think you'd see these characters again, but these cosplayers made it so. It’s no surprise that Disney Characters are incredibly popular to cosplay. Why wouldn’t they be? So many of us take inspiration from their films that played a bit part in our childhoods. Even the most jaded, cynical adult can name the most popular Disney characters and their films have fans from all walks of life. They’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry and shaped us into the emotionally disturbed, nerdy adults we are today. Cosplaying a character is a great way to show your support and love for a fandom, as well as showing off your amazing talents and bringing fans together.

But while there are a lot of well known, typical Disney characters for fans to cosplay, others slip through the cracks. Maybe it can be hard to pull the character off in a way that does them justice. Maybe there is a lot of detail to their outfits that require a lot of effort from cosplayers. Or maybe they are just too obscure to pull attention to. Some cosplays of Disney characters are incredibly ambitious and, while you can appreciate the effort, they don’t honor the source material or end up looking too impressive.

Luckily, there are some cosplayers that just don’t give up! There are many things that make a cosplay good. Attention to detail, along with adding your own personal touch or originality. Very are a variety of reasons that make these cosplays notable and show that it is possible to cosplay any Disney character!

30 A True Sea Witch

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Ursula is a character that I see cosplayed frequently, but rarely does someone capture her true spirit. As we surely all remember, Ursula is the villain from the classic Disney version of The Little Mermaid, who tricks the heroine into giving up her voice in exchange for a pair of legs. Inspired by the drag queen Divine, Ursula is a large, octopus-mermaid with heavy make-up and a large smile. Trouble is, most cosplayers make her out to be too conventionally pretty or too small, their costumes weighed down with large foam tentacles. To me, they often look more like Ursula’s sister Morgana from the sequel than the sea witch herself.

But this cosplayer proved that capturing the spirit of Divine while cosplaying the aquatic villain is entirely possible.

This face makeup must have been incredibly uncomfortable and hard to remove, but it was all worth it for this live-action vision of the terrifying sea-witch. This costume took two months to complete in total and earned the cosplayer three awards at Comic-Con 2017, including Most Innovative Costume and Audience Favourite Award Masquerade Winner. Both of these were incredibly well earned! I hope to see an Ursula this well presented in The Little Mermaid live action sequel.

Cosplay by Jose Davalos.

29 The Amusing Narrators

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Group cosplays are never easy. It’s hard enough to navigate your own costume, let alone keep track of everyone else. You have to agree who is going to be who, what fabric you are all using and then have to stick together for most of the con. It also requires a group of people with similar cosplaying abilities, as it always sticks out if one of the group didn’t have the sewing talents of their comrades. But a group cosplay that is a greater challenge is the Muses, goddesses of the arts, from Hercules.

The Muses work as narrators for the story, taking us through the plot with many catchy songs. They all have their own personalities and each one makes us laugh in their own ways. I also learned recently that the first choice for their voice actors was The Spice Girls, who turned down the role for Spice World!

These guys are amazing, working together and showing us all the sass and fun the Muses brought to the film. You can tell easily who is meant to be who and there pose comes straight from the film. I’m also drawn to the bright color, even if it isn’t the same color used in the film.

Cosplay from CosplayingWhileBlack.

28 Cosplaying The Emperor

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The Emperor’s New Groove is one of those really underrated Disney films that doesn’t get mentioned a lot. The casting was amazing and the story both funny and heartwarming. I personally think the Kuzco should be made the first male Disney Princess! There was just so much sass in this film, it’s one that will always appeal to both kids and adults.

I think what makes Kuzco so hard to cosplay is how elaborate his outfit is. Oftentimes cosplayers look like they are walking around with something silly stuck on their heads.

Since this film isn’t so well remembered, every detail in his outfit needs to be perfect. That, and the cosplayer needs to ooze sarcasm and wicked charm!

I love the look in this cosplayer's eyes, I love the way he’s looking at us, and I love the detail in his outfit. His makeup is absolutely amazing; it almost makes him look like a painting rather than a photograph. Whenever I look at this, I can hear David Spade’s voice in my head. I’m not sure why he is smirking in the opposite direction than in the photo. Not a criticism, just an observation.

Cosplay by Mdprosser.

27 A Perfect Island

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If you think cosplaying a human is hard, try cosplaying an entire island! Until I saw this photo, I didn’t think it was possible to cosplay Te Fiti from the 2016 Disney film Moana. But here is not one, but two that prove it possible. If I saw these both individually, I’d still be very impressed. But together- there are no words!

In an absolutely heart-breaking plot twist (spoiler alert) Moana realizes when she returns to give the heart of Te Fiti back to its rightful owner, the fiery Goddess Te Kā, who defeated Maui and blocked her path. It’s a very sweet and beautiful ending to one of the best Disney Princess films to date. Making this cosplay all the more important.

Both cosplayers have put so much effort into their looks you can’t not admire them. Te Kā looks completely terrifying and that volcanic ballgown is genius. There is also something very elven and graceful about Te Fiti which fits the character perfectly. Despite how amazing they look, it couldn’t have been easy to carry those heavy costume around the con all day! I guess that just makes this even more impressive. Moana would be proud.

Cosplay by Sunchild Cosplay (Te Fiti) and Amber Skies Cosplay (TaKa).

26 Our Favourite Monster

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Celia Mae is a character from the 2001 Pixar classic Monsters Inc. She is the girlfriend of one of the main characters Mikey. While Mikey would be harder to cosplay, technically, being a tiny green cyclops, Celia has far more detail to her than almost any other monster. Cosplaying a monster isn’t easy; just watching the film alone you can tell that, but as this proves it can be done.

Celia Mae is very tall, with four tentacles instead of legs or feet and two tentacles for arms, all purple. She has a green scaly body in the shape of a curvy dress, with some fur around her neck. To top it all up, her one-eyed head is home to some medusa the gorgon style hair, with lots of purple snakes that react to her emotions. I don’t think there is a name for that kind of monster. Some Squidward-medusa-cyclops thing?

While this cosplayer doesn’t have one eye, they do have that cute feminine look in their eyes that Celia had in her… eye. This outfit looks very cute and glamorous, the sequins for scales being a great idea. I think the purple gloves are a much better idea than body paint, as they set her apart from other cosplayers and bring more of Celia out.

Cosplay by Cosplays Orgamicos.

25 The Forgotten Princess

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Sometimes the challenge of a cosplay is just to get people to remember who you are. The Black Cauldron was probably one of Disney’s biggest mistakes. Loosely based on The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander, the film attempted to cram two books worth of plot and happenings into one eighty-minute animation. Trouble with animation and the film being deemed too scary lead to the release date being pushed back five years, the film not coming out until 1985, fourteen years after the book rights were secured. The film also did not do very well, earning less than half its budget back and nearly bankrupting Disney. Because of this, the video for The Black Cauldron didn’t come out until the late nineties, leaving the film mostly forgotten.

Princess Eilonwy, the deuteragonist of the film, is regarded as an underrated female Disney character for her defiance and independence. She’s also one of the forgotten Disney Princesses, as she has never been included in the franchise. This makes a cosplay of her hard to pull off, knowing that you must be spot on to be recognized. This outfit is perfect, the colors match up well, and her hair is pretty, but not extravagant, like Eilonwy!

Cosplay by Alissa.

24 The King Of Toys

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I’ve seen a lot of really good cosplays of the Toy Story toys. It’s amazing how much effort people put into their creations for this fandom. I’ve seen many a hand-sewn cowboy outfit for the series sheriff and hand-crafted space suits for comic cons Buzz Lightyears. But as amazing as some of these cosplays are, you rarely see a cosplay of the sweet little boy who brought so much joy and wonder to these toys.

I suppose a cosplay of Andy is hard to pull off as there isn’t anything particularly notable about him. To cosplay as a young boy (or a teenager depending on what film you're going with) from a film filled with space warriors and cowboys might feel lazy. What does Andy have besides a cowboy hat and some toys? You can just buy those things.

But that’s why I feel like this cosplayer completely pulls Andy off. He’s just a sweet young boy in a cowboy hat and a ranch t-shirt, but it’s the simplicity of it that makes is genius. I love that they made the shirt young Andy often wears and it looks beautiful hand drawn. The only thing I’d pedantically pick up on is that Andy never owned an Emperor Zurg!

Cosplayer unknown.

23 That Little Brat

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I didn’t even remember this girl until I found this cosplay! For those of you who don’t remember, Darla is one of the enemies in the Pixar film Finding Nemo. She is the heavily braced niece of the dentist who captures Nemo, then insists on giving him as a present to Darla, despite her having a terrible track record with fish. Darla does seem a little sweet, appearing to have a genuine interest in fish, but she also kicks, screams, and bites like the little brat we all fear of sitting next to on public transport.

This cosplay can be a hard one to pull off given how long ago Finding Nemo came out and how everyone is now focused on Dory. There is also the fear that someone would realize you’re cosplaying at all and will just think you’re a bratty, braced weirdo. A Darla cosplay needs to be theatrical enough, to make it known and it needs to look young (to make it clear you’re playing an eight-year-old girl... you’re not just a bratty adult). This Darla cosplay made me laugh. Her desperate face is adorable, as is her fish bag! She looks a little adorable, but I don’t want to sit next to her for too long.

Cosplay by Tina Mathias.

22 The Lion Villain

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The Lion King is one of those Disney films that is just as popular today as it was when it came out. It’s still actively watched by both kids and adults today, making it a true classic. Since it’s release in 1994, there have been two sequels, a Broadway musical, and a series on the Disney Channel, The Lion Guard.

The Lion King is one of those slightly random ideas for a kid’s film you’d love to be in ideas room for. “Say, guys. How about we do Hamlet, but with lions!”

Cosplaying animals is never an easy task. Often fans find themselves in big bulky costumes or resort to onesies. But what makes a cosplay of an animal character stand out is the use of makeup! This cosplayer catches the eeriness of Scar’s presence, his resentment and, of course, that trademark scar running down his face is absolutely spot on. Scar is particularly tricky as a cosplay since it’s harder to portray villains than protagonists. But the look in Scar’s eyes here is terrifying, but also very casual like it is his natural face. It’s the mark of a villain who will commit the terrible crimes that Scar does! Or a good cosplayer.

Cosplay by Corydorable.

21 Miss Robinson

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Meet the Robinsons was a sort of kind of science-fiction film released by Disney in 2007. The plot centered around orphaned Lewis who goes into the future and meets an eccentric family known as “The Robinsons.” The film is filled with so many eccentric characters it can hard to keep track of them all. Each character gets very little dialogue of their own but manages to portray who they are in that small amount of time. Tallulah Robinson is one of these characters, introduced to Lewis during a fight with her brother which is stopped by her nervous father and her cranky hand-puppet mother Petunia.

Since Tallulah isn’t seen much in the film, a cosplay of her can be a bit of a challenge, especially due to her eccentric outfit, with a hat made to look like a large city building. But this cosplayer shows us that it can be done expertly. Although the colors are a little different, Tallulah’s clothes are slightly darker in the film, the cosplayer shows a lot of grace while perfectly holding her hairpiece. It’s always a brave move to cosplay a lesser known character, especially one as eccentric as Tallulah, but this is truly amazing.

Cosplay by Crona94.

20 The Candle Man

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How does one cosplay an inanimate object? I’ve always been incredibly terrified of personified inanimate objects, so never really watched the original Beauty and the Beast. I did, however, see last years live-action remake, mostly due to the casting! Despite how insanely creepy all the moving, talking objects of the house appeared, it was a very sweet film and I’m glad so many are able to enjoy it. (I did like that Belle’s father shares my fears, since after seeing a teacup move he decides to take his chances with the wolves! Sensible guy!)

Cosplaying a candlestick isn’t an easy thing. Cosplaying any of the objects in Beauty and the Beast seems impossible. Most dress-ups of this character look like children’s Halloween costumes, made from bulky fabric and are a blinding shade of yellow. But this creation shines beautifully, with a lot of care and attention to detail. There is something very pantomime like about it, particularly the face. The hand-sculpted gold details are perfect, proving that this cosplay is indeed possible with time and care. Although I wouldn’t recommend this one at a party, since you wouldn’t have your hands all evening! Going to the bathroom must be awkward.

Cosplay by JooSkellington.

19 Found Dory

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It’s no secret the Pixar loves sequels, but their films Monsters University and Finding Dory were incredibly well timed. Not only were these films able to introduce a new generation of children to two old classics, but all of us who enjoyed the originals as kids would go back to the cinema to see these new films! I saw Finding Dory with my mother at a 10 PM screening. The cinema wasn’t full, but it as child-free with a decent crowd.

This cosplay may be very simplistic, but it’s also very fitting.

When cosplaying animals, it takes a whole new level of creativity to humanize that character and make it your own. Pulling on a whole blue fish suit often looks sloppy and leads to an uncomfortable, sweaty day at a con! This kind of cosplay adapts the character and allows the cosplayer to portray them in a way that honors the character and their source material, while still being able to see and move freely. All the colors needed are there and the mermaid tail dress is a nice touch. The happy demeanor of the cosplayer shows Dory’s optimism. It would have been good if they have added some freckles though, as that was a small detail the animators gave Dory.

Cosplay by CarolineKnight.

18 Out Of This World

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I can’t help but feel like Lilo & Stitch is a really underrated film these days. It inspired so many Disney films that came after it and was a really adorable film about friendship and family- along with some epic science-fiction scenes. But nowadays it rarely makes its way onto top ten lists. As much as this franchise was done to death by Disney, with two sequels and a spin-off tv show, I’d still really like to see this franchise return.

I’d love it if they made a sequel with an all-grown-up Lilo, maybe on her way to college. Perhaps she tries to smuggle Stitch in the dorms with her or takes him to class. I don’t have much of an idea, but it’s still something I’d like to see.

Usually, Stitch cosplayers just put on a onesie and maybe paint their face, so it’s great to see a little more effort go into this character. It’s clear who they are, even without the extra arms and rows of teeth. The hair seems to flow really well over the ears, giving it that extra bit of detail. Getting the details perfect on a Stitch cosplay is hard, and while this could use a little more flourish, it’s a really great cosplay.

Cosplay by Mimi Reaves.

17 Miss Bo

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It broke fans hearts when Bo Peep, Woody’s love interest, didn’t appear in Toy Story 3. It makes sense that the family got rid of her. She was part of a lamp Molly had when she was a baby! People rarely keep the lamps that were in their room as a baby forever. Even so, it was sad that Woody clearly still missed her. Supposedly, Toy Story 4 will show Woody reuniting with Bo. While we really don’t need a fourth Toy Story movie (the third one kicked us in the feels so hard and felt like the perfect ending), maybe fans will be happy to get a little closure on Bo.

Turning yourself into a porcelain doll can often by creepy more than anything else, with a lot of Bo cosplays looking bulky or clownish. But this cosplayer gives the simple elegance we all loved about Bo. There is just something about her right now that looks like a children’s toy! I guess sheep are a big part of a Bo cosplay. Even though she doesn’t carry the sheep around with her all the time, I suppose they are her thing. A three-headed sheep could look creepy, but the one this cosplayer made is pretty cute.

Cosplay by Rayi-kun.

16 Foxy Robin

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This was a very bizarre film with some very bizarre accents. Based on the old English folk tale, Disney’s adaptation of Robin Hood showed the famous bandit challenging Prince John to free the poor people of Nottingham. There have been so many adaptations of Robin Hood, mostly due to it being in the public domain. But Disney were the ones who had the idea to make Robin and Marion foxes! And why not? Foxes are cool. And can shoot bows. Totally.

I’m not criticizing Disney for personifying animals. That’s like criticizing a tree for being tall. But it does make these characters a little harder to cosplay.

Marion isn’t an easy character to cosplay in the first place, with her extravagant medieval robes. She certainly is one elegant fox! This cosplay manages to pull all the essential elements together without making it look like it was designed for a children’s party. The love in Marion’s eyes as she looks at her daring companion is very sweet, with Robin’s pose being exaggerated and funny, but noble at the same time. The body paint is very professionally done, along with their face make and fox-tails. Animal tails are hard to do well, so these guys should be proud of themselves.

Cosplay by Fabiohazard.

15 The Losing Team

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Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck it Ralph is a surprisingly popular cosplay. I love the concept of Wreck it Ralph. But one of these days Disney is going to run out of things to personify. Ralph is a “bad guy” in a retro video game arcade who wants to feel like a hero, so invades a second game to win a medal. This is then hijacked by Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitch from Sugar Rush who just wants to take part a become a playable character. The game has plenty of background characters from games we’ll recognize and parodies of other games. Among them is Taffyta Muttonfudge, a racer from Sugar Rush who bullies Vanellope for being a glitch.

It’s fun to cosplay characters from this film as they often have colorful outfits and cute details. Taffyta is sassy and mean but with a very cute quality to her. But it’s hard to portray her horrible side through to cute and colorful outfit. This cosplayer pulls it off by showing Taffyta in a poor moment. I love the tears streaming down her face; I imagine them to be pools of licorice! The outfit suits her perfectly, the hat being spot-on.

Cosplay by AnyaPanda.

14 The King’s Major Domo

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Zazu was the major buzzkill from The Lion King, obsessed with keeping Simba in line and spoiling all their fun in the name of safety or tradition. What an evil guy! But he is still a very recognizable character from The Lion King and a personal favorite, mostly due to his voice actor Rowan Atkinson.

Birds are probably one of the hardest animals to make costumes of. It involves sticking a lot of feathers to stick on, which will probably end up places, and creating a beak that you can breathe through but still looks good. It’s never an easy task. Since Zazu is such a recognizable character as a small animated bird, it’s not easy for a fully grown human to portray that they are that character. Unless you are part of a big cosplay for The Lion King where everyone is dressed up as the characters, you might not get recognized.

But I don’t think this cosplayer would have a problem. There is a great sense of elegance and carnival here, which admittedly aren’t very Zazu qualities, but the ruffled hair and the detail on the feathers are exactly the same as his. Plus, there is a bit of a smirk in that beak!

Cosplay by Neuro-chan.

13 An Impossible Villain

via kinpatsu-cosplay.deviantart.com

Shego was one of the villains from the classic Disney Channel show Kim Possible, about a teenage cheerleader who was also a talented spy! I’m not going to lie, I miss this show and can’t wait for the live-action remake. Despite being off the air for around ten years now, fans still remember it well and regard Kim as one of the great Disney Girls! There have been a lot of rumors regarding casting for this much-awaited remake, but the casting of Shego might prove particularly difficult. Shego was a slender woman, with slightly green tinted skin.

While we’re not suggesting that they find an actor with naturally green skin, the actor does need to have Shego’s attitude and amusing smirk.

I quite like that this cosplayer hasn’t tinted their skin, but instead focused on the hair and the demeanor of Shego. Everything Shego does needs to look effortless and fantastic. The wig is of very good quality, Shego always having thick perfect hair. Something that is always far better in cartoons than in real life. I look forward to seeing how they manage to keep Kim and Shego’s hair perfect in the live-action version.

Cosplay by Kinpatsu-Cosplay.

12 Memorable Major

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Zootopia represented a world where animals have evolved to a human-like state, able to communicate with one another, wear clothes and engage in organized crime. The film gets a little weird at times, but it has a good underlying message and some very memorable characters. Amongst them, Assistant Major Dawn Bellweather. Cosplaying a sheep is a whole new challenge. As the animals in Zootopia are entirely personified, unlike the animals in The Lion King, for example, they are given outfits, accessories, and details that make creating their costumes a little easier. But Dawn Bellweather still poses a few problems.

Most cosplayers make her headpiece from wool, which may seem accurate, but can look a little cheap and can fall apart easily. Anyone who has seen a real-life sheep knows that wool looks better animated than in the real world. Even if the sheep shampoos it!

This wig is a lot neater, while still looking like the hair of someone stressed and overworked, giving the look of someone who does work in an official position. Her timid expression is perfect, showing how Bellweather is tired of being pushed around. She may not look entirely like a sheep, but she looks like Bellweather.

Cosplay by Lingling.

11 A Wicked Cosplay

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of Disney’s more terrifying films. Although it has no real resemblance to Victor Hugo’s original novel, the fact that it came from the minds of Disney yet still ended up being incredibly disturbing makes it all the more creepy. Judge Frollo is one of the more memorable Disney villains, with his song Hellfire being one of the most recognizable villain anthems in Disney history. He is twisted, corrupt, and sets out to destroy almost every character in the film. Personally, I doubt The Hunchback of Notre Dame could be made today.

Getting across an evil, corrupt priest isn’t easy.

Given how Disney animation took a lot more effort back then, Frollo would look a lot more detailed now. But this outfit is really impressive and brings back the chilling memories of Hellfire, probably bringing down the mood in the whole con. In a good way. The makeup is probably the best thing about this. They’ve brought Frollo’s whole image alive by adding the extra subtle details to their face, coupled with these big eyebrows, which adds a lot of emotion during his song. Tell me you don’t hear Hellfire when you see this.

Cosplay by MakeupGoddess.

10 The Perfect King

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King Candy was the villain of Wreck it Ralph, controlling the kingdom of Sugar Rush and dominating Vanellope. Although he is a bigger presence in the film than Taffyta Muttonfudge, he proves to be a much harder cosplay. The King wears a lot of extravagant clothing and casts a big personality over the film. He certainly left big villain shoes to fill for Wreck it Ralph 2, both literally and figuratively.

King Candy is a small bald character that looks and acts like something out of a Lewis Carroll novel. He has a high frilly collar, a purple blazer, Tudor like yellow pinstripe trousers and a literal candy cane! He very much looks the part of the King of a world of candy, seeming both ridiculous and creepy. A cosplay of him runs the risk of not bringing enough detail, as there is plenty, and keeping this character relevant. I love the extravagance of this cosplayer and their obvious joy from their creation. Everything in their costume is perfectly oversized, and while it’s hard to make yourself look as little as King Candy, one can show his big personality... or at least this cosplayer can! I just hope the crown is held on tight.

Cosplay by Paul Streit.

9 Old Bill

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The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is often overlooked when talking about Disney. Mostly because it’s hard to remember that it’s Disney. Inspired by a ride at Disney World, the film series stars some incredibly well-known faces and has become incredibly popular over the years. Rarely do Disney focus on projects mainly aimed at an adult audience, and while this franchise has certainly gone on far too long by this point, it’s amazing that they were able to do it so well.

The stories were fantastical, but settings were creepy, and the action was exciting.

But seriously Disney, we’ve had enough now. It was fun, but please stop making these films. Bootstrap Bill appears in the second film as the father of Will Turner, one of the main characters. Pretty much everyone aboard The Flying Dutchman would be difficult to cosplay, cursed for years to look like deformed sea creatures, they would require a lot of skill and patience. Bill requires these, but a lot more work! While not technically a sea creature mutant, Bill has become home to a lot of other sea creatures, all comfortably stuck to his body. Well, comfortable for them; not sure how Bill feels about it!

Cosplay by Vanessa Pardin.

8 Three Rascals

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The Nightmare Before Christmas was another milestone in Disney Animation. Based on the poem by Tim Burton, who worked on the film as a producer, this cult-classic was an amazing achievement in animation at the time of its release in 1993. It later became the first stop-motion animation to be converted to 3D! This creepy classic followed the story of Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, who becomes bored with his normal routines of planning for Halloween and scaring everybody. After discovering Christmas Town, Jack tries to bring the spirit of Christmas home, although the Halloween locals don’t fully grasp the concept.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are three mischievous small children, who Jack enlists to help with his Christmas plans. There have been plenty of Halloween costumes made for these guys, but it takes a lot for cosplayers to make them look as good as they did in the animation. This is also a gender-swapped cosplay for the two boy troublemakers Lock and Barrel, giving them a whole new look. The cheekiness and mischief of the characters are still there, but it puts them in a new light, making the whole thing a lot more fun.

Photo by David Ngo.

7 A Rescued Con

via casraecal.deviantart.com

Very special well done to anyone who remembers The Rescuers. These mice were part of a special, international team (the Rescue Aid Society), who set out to save children who were in distress. Two members of the team, the Hungarian representative Miss Bianca and the societies janitor Bernard are sent to rescue orphaned Penny, who has been taken and is being forced to find a diamond in an underground cavern. The film was released in 1977, so is often overshadowed by more modern Disney Classics. Even so, it is a very sweet and memorable story.

For the sake of honesty, I will say that this cosplay of Bianca is significantly better than that of Bernard. Both are hard to cosplay, being mice who wear very little and have no notable features, expect perhaps Bianca’s large eyes. So, for potential cosplayers, the challenge is to make a mouse outfit that doesn’t look too childish but portrays Bianca’s elegance and Bernard’s clumsy nature. Bianca looks stunning here, her purple outfit going very well against the white. Both of their tails are very well made, not looking shabby or getting in the way. Bernard’s could be better, but they are both a good effort.

Cosplay by Casraecal.

6 A Most Elegant Dog

via instagram.com/msmajorsam

Sometimes, rather than making your way around a con in an animal suit, it’s better to introduce a new element and side to your character. Reimagining animals as humans gives a cosplayer a new challenge and helps them stand out.

This cosplay of Georgette from Oliver and Company does just that. Oliver and Company is a Disney film from the eighties, somewhat based on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Like The Lion King, it shows great random creativity. Oliver in this film is an orphaned kitten adopted into a gang of stray animals. Later a rich girl Jenny Foxworth takes pity on Oliver and adopts him, which is where we meet her pampered, spoiled poodle Georgette!

This is very much what Georgette would look like as a human. She gives off the vibe of a rich, successful woman who does what she wants and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. There is an elegance to this, that suits that pampered poodle perfectly. There is a little bit of a Cruella De Vil vibe here; a sense of confidence and wickedness, even though Georgette isn’t really a villain. But she’s proud, and there is nothing wrong with that! This is certainly a great take on an impossible cosplay.

Cosplay by Major Sam.

5 Shiny Indeed

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Like Bootstrap Bill, this cosplay requires a lot of hunting, sticking and work. Tamatoa is one of the villains from the 2016 animation Moana. A huge, hoarding coconut-crab, Moana and Maui must invade his layer in order to retrieve Maui’s magic fish hook. As described in his villain song Shiny, Tamatoa is incredibly shiny, having covered himself in gold. Portraying a giant crab isn’t an easy cosplay task but making a cosplay of this incredibly shiny beast is probably a lot more difficult.

While this cosplay certainly isn’t scary like Tamatoa was to his captors, there is a really commendable effort here. The cosplay looks absolutely amazing! I can’t help but wonder how long it took to stick all those bits together. Ages, I imagine, but the payoff looks totally worth it! The long, elegant train doesn’t exactly scream evil hoarding crab, but it’s a great detail, the way it shimmers making Tamatoa seem extra shiny. That and the color in the claws and the head matching up perfectly with the character. At a con, this outfit would turn all the heads. Cosplaying a giant crab probably seemed like something that couldn’t be done, but now I think it can.

Cosplay by Stella Chuu.

4 The Breaking Moment

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Cosplaying a character isn’t an easy task. But if you’ve cosplayed for a while and want to give yourself a greater challenge, you can pair up with some friends and create a cosplay of a specific moment.

Frozen cosplays are as popular as the film. If you find yourself in any con, you’ll be sure to see many, many Elsas and Annas walking around, most of them probably outstanding. But with so many high-quality Frozen cosplays, how do you make yours stand out? Well, why not pick a specific moment from the film to present yourselves in? There probably aren’t that many moments in Frozen that can make a cosplay that stands out, but this is certainly a good choice. How could you not notice this Anna and the effort in turning herself into the girl who would do anything for her sister?

This was such a significant moment in the film, and in Disney when they finally admitted that love has many meanings.

So how could you not admire this? Granted, it might not look as amazing when they’re no longer standing still, but even walking through the con, these guys are sure to catch some eyes.

Cosplay by Yuuri-K and Lily.

3 The Tricky Sea Goddess

via the-mirror-melts.deviantart.com

Bootstrap Bill isn’t the only Pirates of the Caribbean character fans have struggled with. Tia Dalma (also known as Calypso) is the mysterious woman and voodoo priestess Captain Jack Sparrow goes to for advice in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Tia Dalma’s image brings a lot. She has large dreadlocks in her hair and is surrounded by trinkets. Her actress Naomi Harris had issues with moving around during filming, sometimes getting stuck on objects or even just the floor. Cosplayers can also run into such issues. Cosplaying Tia Dalma takes a lot of effort due to her extravagant outfit and details on her face, including heavy makeup and rotting teeth. But this cosplayer pulls her together.

Their hair is incredibly large and unmistakeably Tia Dalma’s. There is especially a lot of detail in the face, their eyes and teeth almost matching. There is a lot of Tia Dalma in this cosplayer’s eyes, through the make-up and their pose. I adore the expression they are giving us as well as the blemishes on her face. It could be said that her outfit is a little more colorful than Tia Dalma’s is, but I don’t think it affects the atmosphere.

Cosplay by The-mirror-melts.

2 From Inside To Outside

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Sometimes a cosplay is so bizarre that it just works. Inside Out was a really in-depth look into human emotions, and how one feeling isn’t more important than another. We’ve all been told across our lives to stop feeling something or to act a certain way, even though we know that to have feelings is to be human.

The film also showed us the parts of our brains that we don’t like to share with others, small details that we can all relate to. Part of this is Riley’s imaginary boyfriend! When emotions Sadness and Joy are trying to make their way back to headquarters, they make their way through imagination land where they meet Imaginary Boyfriend, who declares his devotion to Riley.

This may seem like a simple cosplay, that anyone can pull it off regardless of talent, but it takes another level of devotion to a franchise. Imaginary Boyfriend plays an essential part in helping Joy save Riley. So why shouldn’t he be celebrated through cosplay? True, there isn’t a lot to go by on initial glance, but this cosplayer has the hair down, which was Imaginary Boyfriend’s key feature along with his catchphrase! So long as he keeps up the dramatic flair.

Cosplay by Patrick Dougall.

1 More Muses

via reginait.deviantart.com

Sometimes while you think a cosplay is impossible, you’ll find someone pulled it off more than once! Such as with this cosplay of the Hercules muses! This cosplay is great in its own way. There is personality here and great attention to detail, especially when it comes to the Muses' hair. You know immediately who is who, before they set off to convince Meg how in love she is. There is a lot of drama coming from these cosplayers, showing how in the moment they are.

The robes are very Greek, showing how much attention they have paid to the movie and how the Muses dress.

Each Muse has an outfit that is slightly different, one of the things that makes them so difficult to pull off. My only note would be that they don’t look like they are having as great a time as the last cosplay group. The Muses were added to Hercules to make the story fun and lighten up the mood since Greek Mythology is often pretty grim. These guys look picture perfect, but the Muses never let anything get them down. It’s a picky point I know, and I’m sure these friends had a great day. Regardless, this is a perfect cosplay.

Cosplay by ReginaIt.

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