20 Disney Characters Reimagined As Your Favorite Foods

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that, at some point in your life, you’ve eaten a beloved Disney character. As silly as that sounds, if you’ve ever been to a Disney theme park, you can get you hands on all sorts of crazy confections bearing the visages of beloved Disney icons. At the very least you’ve likely eaten a pancake roughly hewn into the instantly recognizable three-circled faces of Mickey or Minnie Mouse—a veritable delicacy among children under the age of ten.

That’s not the kind of reimagining we’ll be doing, though. Sure, you’ve probably seen tons of wannabe social media dynamos whipping up complex, intricate culinary delights for their kids which so closely resemble the characters they’re based on that the amount of time they have on their hands should really be called into question. That stuff is cool, but we’re pursuing a much zanier school of thought. Have you ever stumbled upon one of those weird mock-ups of Disney princesses redesigned as potatoes, rocks, or even cement mixers? There are tons of amateur artists on the net who have come up with some really, really bizarre stuff, and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t cover it. Didn’t you always secretly think that Cinderella would have been a little better if the princess had been a jelly donut? Don’t you think that Disney’s Mulan was desperately lacking in fried pickles? Well, here are 20 Disney characters reimagined as foods, you strange, strange person.

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20 A Part of Your Peep

via: nerdism.com

I think this spring-themed marshmallow confection comes second only to the cadbury cream egg in terms of Easter time treats. I’m not knocking these sugary delights, but they do seem to lack any real kind of substance when compared to those peanut butter and chocolate treats.

Now, what do peeps have to do with Disney’s The Little Mermaid? I have no idea, but somebody obviously thought they should be paired as there’s a whole bunch of art online recasting the leading roles of beloved Disney animated features with the chick-shaped marshmallow candy. I find the Ariel peep to be one of the funniest, as these things don’t tend to stick around after being submerged in water. Much like cotton candy, they just kind of melt when they get wet, so this version of everyone’s favorite redheaded mermaid must be particularly brave.

19 If the Flatbread Fits

via: halfbakedreport.com

Subs, hoagies, grinders; whatever you want to call them, they’re a popular style of sandwich all over the world. Little did you know, however, that they’re a favorite amongst Disney princesses, as well—they’ve taken it a bit far, though. I’m not sure what kind of role Walt Disney actually played in the creation of these classic characters, but the original concepts, while great, were ever so lacking in edibility.

This reimagining makes these royal women all the more relatable: Popeye had his spinach, Homer Simpson had his donut, and now these princesses have sub sandwiches.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that life as a sandwich would be a drag given that all of your condiments would probably fall out, but these girls seem to have it together. Perhaps this is an alternate universe concept where Cinderella’s fairy godmother accidentally turned her into a sandwich—I’ve read weirder fanfiction.

18 May the Frosting Be With You

via: youtube.com

When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas in 2012, many were skeptical about what that might mean for the future of the franchise. Nobody wanted Princess Leia to don the glass slipper and stake her claim as an heir to the Disney throne, but it couldn’t be denied that, for better or worse, she was a character among the ranks of Snow White and Cinderella.

While the jury is still out among fans of the galaxy far far away concerning the quality of the recent Star Wars films, I’m glad that some enterprising chef out there has taken it upon themselves to serve up a treat worthy of stellar royalty. Destined to become a reality since Carrie Fisher’s hairstyle took the world by storm with the release of A New Hope in 1977, we finally get to see the Princess of Alderaan take the form of a cinnamon confection.

17 Beauty and the Crisps

via: comedycenteral.co.uk

Would someone please tell me what Lays has to do with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I suspect that there isn’t a connection, and this is just the work of some madman with a strange sense of humor, but, if there’s some inside joke here, I would really like to be clued in. I suppose the bag is yellow, which is also the color of Belle’s dress in this ballroom scene, but that seems like a tenuous connection at best. At no point in my life have I ever walked down the snack aisle and been reminded even slightly of Belle and the Beast waltzing across the dance floor. Furthermore, much like the peep thing, you might be shocked to know that basically every Disney princess has been reimagined as a bag of potato chips. Please, I just want to know why this is a thing.

16 Reception at the Pizza Palace

via: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Well, I suppose this one makes a little sense: Cinderella’s dress was woven from magic (or something like that), so it follows that her Fairy Godmother would have the power to make a gown of a… well, particularly italian flair. It may be eye catching, but not for the right reasons.

Honestly, I’m worried that all of the cheese and pepperoni will long have melted to the floor by the time the clock strikes midnight.

It’s a interesting concept, at the very least, and it sort of matches the pumpkin carriage, but can you imagine all of the grease that would be pouring off of that thing? I guess it’s a nice idea, but nobody would want to dance with this poor girl if shows up to the big dance sporting something like that. Couldn’t she choose something, I don’t know, a little less slimy, perhaps?

15 Corn Dogs are Better than People

via: buzzfeed.com

There’s a trend among people who envision Disney princesses as household objects to simply place an iconic hairdo over an everyday item and label it as an inventive reimagining. Well, I don’t know about you, but I never thought Frozen’s Princess Elsa looked a whole lot like a corn dog of all things. Shouldn’t she be something, you know, frozen? An ice cream cone, a popsicle, even a bag of frozen peas? She’s pretty slender, I suppose, but I would hesitate to compare her to some fried meat on a stick. This one is almost so bizarre as to be past the point of humor, but perhaps I’m just a Disney purist who doesn’t instantly think of carnival food whenever I watch their movies. What does this mean for Anna, then? Is she a funnel cake?

14 Someday My Bowl Full of Lukewarm Water Will Come

via: buzzfeed.com

This has to be among the most absurd images on this list. Again, I’ve seen Disney princess take the form of almost everything—I’m currently waiting on the release of a fan remake of The Little Mermaid which replaces Ariel with a tempura shrimp—but this makes literally no sense. I guess the artist included the famously tainted apple in this render, but it honestly does little to associate a literal bowl of lukewarm water with the character. On the short list of things that didn’t come to my mind while watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the princess becoming a bowl may be near the top. This could have been done with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears perhaps, but this is just so laughably strange.

13 Listen With Your Hot Dog

via: popsugar.com

DIsney’s Pocahontas was a heartwarming triumph of filmmaking which offered a Romeo and Juliet-like story of a blossoming romance in the midst of distrust and disagreement. Tragic, given the historical circumstances around which it was based, but an overall thrilling movie experience. Now, what was it not about? Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure didn’t see any hot dogs when I was watching it.

In fact, I’m relatively certain that this movie takes place hundreds of years before a hot dog would even be invented.

That aside, I would totally eat this Pocahontas themed hotdog. I’m honestly not a huge fan of putting cheese on my dogs, but I’ll make an exception here. Mulan may have had some infamous Szechuan sauce, but this native American princess, at the very least, has a hot dog.

12 May the Fries Be With You

via: viralrecall.com

I don’t mean to disrupt the photographer’s artistic vision, but I don’t really believe that Princess Leia looked that much like an actual potato. Perhaps this is an alternate reality depiction of the Alderaan royal in which she didn’t quite make it out of the Death Star’s trash compactor in time. That’s also a pretty potato-ey version of the Millenium Falcon, too. That actually may be some other ship, I honestly can’t tell.

The Star Wars expanded universe is pretty extensive, and, if there’s some off-the-wall tale out there in which everyone’s favorite characters get turned into potatoes, I guess I wouldn’t be all that surprised. In that case, this is a pretty great recreation, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming film Star Wars: The Potato Strikes Back directed by J.J. Abrams.

11 On A Magic Pizza Ride

via: reddit.com

This is the kind of awful, mind-melting amalgam I would expect from the combination of pizza and princesses. A pizza dress is one thing, but this is a whole other level of distressing. It’s honestly pretty funny for the first few seconds, but the more you look at this thing, the scarier it becomes, and it’s sort of proves the point that the combination of two good things doesn’t always make those things better. I like pizza, and I like Disney princesses, but I do not, under any circumstances, like Disney princesses made out of pizza. This reminds me of something you’d ask a genie to make, but he’d contort your words and plague you with a monstrosity of this sort. If you are into pizza princesses, than more power to you, I guess, but I’ll stay away from it.

10 A Dream is a Wish Your Jelly Donut Makes

via: buzzfeed.com

First pizza, and now jelly donuts—what could possibly by next? I am no film scholar, but I just can’t decipher the possible parallels between Cinderella and jelly-filled donuts, but I guess they do look pretty slick with blonde hair. This presents a pretty major plot hole, I would say. How could Cinderella’s foot possibly have fit in the glass slipper if she didn’t have feet because she was a jelly donut? How do donuts wear shoes in the first place? These are the questions scientists should truly be pondering.

It would also be tough to land a handsome prince boyfriend if you’re a dough-based confection, but maybe he actually had a thing for donuts, who knows?

Maybe she actually gets to return to her human form after midnight—at least, I hope so.

9 Tale as Old as Time, Hot Dog as Old as Rhyme

via: popsugar.com

This is a pretty rough approximation of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but this is a hot dog we’re talking about, so I’ll give it a pass. I do like the dress—cheese and mustard—only a true princess could rock a gown like that. Also, I’m not sure how they managed to do her hair, but it looks like it may be barbecue sauce, which has no business being on a hot dog. I only wish whoever cobbled this together had found a way to incorporate that famous rose from the film—perhaps some relish and a dollop of ketchup? I would also like to see Belle’s bestial counterpart in edible form, and I can only imagine that he’d take the form of one of those jumbo foot-long hot dogs.

8 Prince Ali, Glorious He, Made Out of Pizza

via: pastemagazine.com

Everyone loves pizza, even fictitious middle-easterners who lived thousands of years ago (or thousands of years in the future if you believe some of the fan theories). I would like to think that the artist wanted to convey the idea that Princess Jasmine wasn’t in need of a prince. All she really needed to ease her sorrow was, in fact, pizza. Pizza is love, pizza is life, and everyone knows it. Were George Lucas the director of these movies, we’d doubtlessly have seen this in some sort of special edition by now. Actually, now that I think about it, there were at least two sequels to Aladdin, so perhaps this is a scene from one of those. If so, then maybe I’ll actually bother to watch them at some point.

7 I Want Much More Than This Provincial Chicken

via: buzzfeed.com

Despite the powerful characterization present in Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast, it seems that everyone thought of Belle as nothing more than various kinds of snacks, and I really don’t understand why. Perhaps less ridiculous than a bag of chips, her depiction here as a crispy chicken wing is still more than a little weird. What are the themes of this film? The triumph of love over evil, the importance of looking beyond someone’s appearance? The virtue of eating chicken wings? Did everyone see a different version from the one I watched?

At the end of the day I choose to interpret this image as a metaphor for Beast’s internal craving to be loved; I have to believe that, otherwise these crazy reimaginings will drive me insane.

6 Chewin' Chewie

via: sugarwings.com

This is probably the best Disney Star Wars related things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Though cute, similar to the ewoks from Return of the Jedi, Episode VII’s birdlike porg creatures felt like something of a cash grab. The Mouse House was almost certainly hoping that they would be cute enough to shift a few million toys, plushies, and countless other merchandise. Unlike that stuff, though, I really want to get my hands on these cookies.

In a weird way, I could live out my inner Chewbacca and actually eat a porg like he does in the most recent film.

Then I could enact porg revenge and eat him, too! As far as I can tell, nobody has deconstructed Star Wars to the point of re-imaging Han and Leia as ice cream scoops or cement mixers, so, until that happens, we’ll have to stick to this.

5 Never Had an Egg Roll Like Me

via: buzzfeed.com

Did you watch Aladdin and lament the absolute lack of egg rolls in the movie? Of course, how could you not? Though traditionally an asian dish, there’s just something about Princess Jasmine that screams “deep fried shredded cabbage.” Honestly, I’m not sure how you could watch that film and not wish for Chinese food-based characters. It only makes sense, and it’s been a criticism often leveled at Disney films.

On another note, check out just how confused the sultan is. He’s pretty wacky himself, so you’d think he would be able to roll with the fact that his daughter turned into a delicious fried dish. He’s reacting like a normal human being might, though, and I, just like him, would like to know the set of circumstances which led to such an odd transformation.

4 When Will My Peep Begin?

via: cosmopolitan.com

Here’s another reimagining based around those fluffy Easter confections. Now, this is pretty adorable, but I really wouldn’t want to find hair in my peep. However, this does change the dynamic of Rapunzel quite drastically. In the 2010 animated film Tangled, imagine that Flynn Rider had only climbed to the top of the tower to simply get his hands on a colorful marshmallow. It might be pretty funny, but I’d have to imagine that a change of that nature might cut a considerable amount from the film’s runtime. It could turn out to be a cool reimagining of the classic story, though. There are few Easter-related movies, and even fewer good ones, so an alteration like this could open Disney up to an entirely new market.

3 I’ll Make a Fried Pickle Out of You

via: buzzfeed.com

I’ve complained endlessly about these reimaginings making little sense already, but please cut me some slack, I really don’t know what state of mind in which you’d have to be to conceive of an edit to Mulan where the heroine is a fried pickle.

To be quite honest, I’ve never actually seen Mulan and I’ve never eaten a fried pickle, but I can’t imagine that the combination of the two could be any good.

Maybe there is a strong inside joke relating to pickles and Chinese feudalism in the film—I wouldn’t know, and I suppose everyone would laugh at me as the joke sails over my head. I really doubt it, though, and I’d like to be directed to whoever conceived of this insanity, as I am in desperate need of some insight here.

2 We’re All Potatoes Here

via: godlenmoustache.com

This one is honestly sort of adorable. Sure, nothing has been done to the actual potato, but the playing card and the stop watch are all that I need to know that this potato is actually supposed to be the poor, hapless Alice caught in the mad, mad world of Wonderland. Spooky as Lewis Carroll's original work is, I have a major soft spot for it and the subsequent Disney animation. The Cheshire Cat may have given me nightmares as a kid, but the story’s brilliant mix of mind-boggling fantasy and scathing social critique continues to astound me. Perhaps it’s just as well that Alice is a potato—it makes about as much sense as anything else in Wonderland. You can’t help that, I’m afraid. I’m a potato, you’re a potato—you must be, or you wouldn’t have come here.

1 Snow White and the Seven Potatoes

via: goldenmoustache.com

This one made me smile and you really don’t even need any context to understand what this photo is referencing. The potato isn’t even dressed up, and there’s nary an apple in sight, but we can all understand just the same. You can almost imagine those seven little lumps singing “Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to potato we go!” The concept is pretty adorable, and it makes me want to re-watch the original film. I wonder if Walt Disney ever considered that his creations would someday be so drastically reinterpreted.

This whole concept could be expanded; snow white could be a peeled potato, Maleficent could be a particularly dark potato, and the old witch could be a gross, gnarled potato. The possibilities are endless, and Disney could really capitalize on the burgeoning potato market.

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