11 Disney Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune (And 11 That Are Too Embarrassing)

These Disney toys and collectibles showcase two sides of the company: the fortune and the funny.

Disney is a monster company. By that, I mean it has garnered enough conspiracy theories, rumors, and history to fill up its own library and/or museum. You know who loves that? Collectors. Disney fans have a ton of content to work with.

You like Mickey Mouse? You can get everything Mickey Mouse from toilet seats to televisions to toasters. What about Disney princesses? You’re in luck! You can collect their mugs, clothes, and enamel pins. You do not even have to go to Disney World or Disneyland for most of these items. These are all sold online and can be found in random stores like Target or even a thrift store.

In a world where Disney has everything, there is a vast price spectrum. This list will show some of the most expensive Disney collectibles out there. Their item prices often skyrocket due to rarity, material, and/or there being only one of them in the world. Just doing that would get boring after a while though, so we are also listing the embarrassing collectibles. We will put items in that are not listed because of their price, but because of their very design being awful and/or silly.

The takeaway here is that Disney can do whatever it wants. A giant golden statue of Mickey for 4 million dollars? Done. An inappropriate Olaf costume for an adult woman? Done.

22 Fortune: Black Diamond Classic Edition Beauty And The Beast

via: thetab.com

Before you run through your VHS tapes and feel like you have struck gold, let’s first do a reality check. Only once did one of these VHS tapes sell for nine thousand dollars.

This was a fluke that is rarely repeated.

If you fact check, these usually sell from five to twenty-five dollars. However, due to a rumor of the VHS’s rarity, some lucky person got away with nine thousand dollars! There are plenty of these on auctions for thousands of dollars, but with no bids.

21 Embarrassing: Strongman Goofy Figure

via: smosh.com

Sorry if your eyes are now bleeding. We never wanted to see Goofy in a speedo either. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not Goofy, it’s “Goofe” apparently. Does his case show him beating up Pluto? What is going on!? Goofy getting beefed up like this is the stuff of nightmares.

This toy is not Disney licensed but it's Goofy, so it’s on this list. Due to the other awful collectibles on this list though, it wouldn’t have been difficult to believe that this was licensed as well.

20 Fortune: First Edition Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories

via reddit.com

The appeal of this collector’s item is much like the 1950s comic. Amazingly, these comics are still currently being published.

They began back in the 1940s, so they’ve been around and kicking for a while!

This is a huge collector’s item that can go for thousands of dollars. The comics feature the classic characters such as Mickey, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and Brer Rabbit. Rumor has it that the Donald Duck comics were the most popular.

19 Embarrassing: Certain Disney Sippy Cups

via: looper.com

It’s for blissfully ignorant children, so we don’t have to put effort into our products right? Did they forget that children are not the people who pay for these sippy cups?

It’s adults who can’t help but notice the placement of the straw on this cup is inappropriate.

What if there is an undercover villain employee at Disney? Maybe they are to blame. It’s like some Russian spy tries to destroy the innocence of Disney one detail at the time.

18 Fortune: Mickey 75th Anniversary Elton John Statue

via: allears.net

Mickey’s 75th anniversary was celebrated in a grand way by having various artists create 75 different statues of Mickey. These were big statues too. They were each about six feet tall and seven hundred pounds.

The Elton John statue sold for about $62,000!

A nice touch is that all the money for these statues went towards various charities. The statues even went on tour for a while before they were sold off. A lot of famous people participated in the event like Ellen DeGeneres and Shaquille O'Neal.

17 Embarrassing: Moana Maui Costume

via: refinery29.com

It’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last time that Disney has approved offensive merchandise. While the movie Moana had a ton of sensitive hands and research put into its story and depiction of Polynesian people, the merchandise has gotten a little out of hand. This teetered to 100% unacceptable territory and cultural appropriation. Besides all that, it’s just creepy. That kid is literally wearing another man’s skin. Luckily in response to the controversy, this costume is no longer available.

16 Fortune: Mickey And Donald And Snow White Pez

via: pinterest.com

According to syfy.com, these dispensers have been auctioned up to eight hundred dollars! Why? One word: vintage. This is not just for a Disney collector, but there are Pez collectors.

To get this high price, these Pez need to be unopened and some even come with their commercial display box.

Seeing as just Mickey, Donald, and Snow White are listed, these Pez are just around when Disney movies started being a thing. Around that time, these were only about 25 cents too!

15 Embarrassing: Vinylmation

via: theblotsays.com

Trapping characters into Mickey Mouse shaped bodies is pretty darn creepy. These were sold at Disney stores and theme parks. With how many have been made, it seems likely that it garnered collectors. But why? Look at them! Forcing them all to have Mickey’s body makes it looks like they are slowly exploding!

To be fair, not all of these are characters. Some of them are just Mickey Mouse bodies with some designs, which feels a little better to look at.

14 Fortune: Charlotte Clark Mickey And Minnie Dolls

via: greatestcollectables.com

When it comes to Mickey and Minnie dolls, these are ultimate tier. Like the Pez containers, these dolls date back to the 1930s when Disney just started making his movies. Not only are these dolls very vintage, but they were made with a limited number and high-quality materials. Life-sized version display models of these dolls have sold for $151,542 at an auction. There are pictures of Walt Disney himself with these dolls. He loved them. If he loved them, then they are a collectors dream.

13 Embarrassing: Lion King Happy Meal Toys

via pinterest.com

The Lion King is probably one of the most successful of Disney movies, but that does not guarantee that all its toys will be stellar. The facial dimensions of these are hilarious.

It’s like they were melting and somebody desperately tried to sculpt them back into place and failed.

Musfasa’s eyes are so far apart that he looks more like a fish than a lion. Timon looks like he ate a bowl of bees and his head inflated into a pear shape.

12 Fortune: It's A Small World Animatronic Doll

via: icollector.com

Did you know that Disney sometimes auctions off pieces of their theme park rides? That wins them a pretty penny from rich and passionate Disney collectors. One such example is selling animatronic dolls from their famous, “It’s a Small World,” boat ride. Even enthusiastic Disney fans have been known to get crept out by the ride. Dreamworks’ Shrek even made fun of it. Don’t be fooled though, one of these auctioned dolls from the 1960s sold for up to $41,300.

11 Embarrassing: 2017 Belle Doll

via flickr.com

Merchandise for the Disney remakes went a little out of hand. This does not look like Belle or Emma Watson. In fact, doesn’t the head look like Justin Bieber? Posts and articles all over the internet seem to think so.

Others have compared this doll’s look to Lord Farquaad from Shrek or Jennifer Garner.

It’s so tragic because both Emma Watson and Belle are such icons. It’s okay though, as there are other dolls out there that actually look good.

10 Fortune: The Band Concert Film Celluloid

via: dudisneyana.info

The Band Concert was a Disney animated short film in the 1930s. It’s a big part of Disney history since it’s the first film of Mickey Mouse made in color. Celluloids of this are known to sell for thousands.

The animated short features Mickey Mouse as a conductor for a small band while facing a bunch of annoyances and obstacles.

Goofy plays the clarinet and other old characters like Clarabelle Cow play the flute, Peter Pig plays the trumpet, and Horace Horsecollar on percussion.

9 Embarrassing: Mickey And Minnie Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

via worthpoint.com

It’s like their lips were stung by wasps! The sing-a-ma-jig toyline’s gag is that their plushies sing. Granted, I’ve heard the Mickey plush sing and it sounds like Animal Crossing level of gibberish.

It will probably sound more like an eldritch horror once its batteries start to die.

Is it worth mentioning that this looks like some kind of toy no kid should ever play with? Little kids would not know though, and that’s what really matters. Right? Just don’t let them show this to older kids or you’ll never hear the end of it.

8 Fortune: Celebration Mickey

via: catawiki.com

Any dragon would go to great lengths to get this golden Mickey into their treasure hoard. This whopping four million dollar item is 24 karat gold, one hundred pounds, and two feet tall. To make it all the crazier, there is only one in existence and it seems that Disney plans to keep it that way.

So this is definitely one of the most expensive Disney memorabilia to ever exist. Wikipedia notes that the owner of this item is a Florida-based holding company.

7 Embarrassing: Olaf Snow Cone Maker

via: amazon.com

There are actually a couple versions of this toy. The one we are covering is one in which it’s like you are eating Olaf’s innards. You read that right. The ice comes popping out between his chest and stomach.

Since he’s a snowman, this is basically what he is made out of and you’re going to eat it!

That takes a certain level of cognitive dissonance some people aren’t ready for. Olaf’s delighted smile as you do this makes this toy all the more discomforting.

6 Fortune: Giant Talking Ariel Doll

via: slice.ca

Ariel merchandise never fails to sell. One of these dolls sold for $975 on eBay in 2016. It was rare and in mint condition. You can press her belly button to make her talk. Wait, would mermaids have belly buttons? Weird question aside, the doll is rather big. She’s exactly thirty-nine inches tall. With that kind of size, she could be used as a baseball bat! Don’t do that though, as you are sitting on some cash with this doll.

5 Embarrassing: Mickey Clubhouse Microphone

via: complex.com

This Mickey microphone was also deemed inappropriate by Disney customers. For fans, there are plenty of fine Mickey Mouse microphones out there, but this one has an unfortunate shape, so its production was ended.

Disney should just have a job for someone to stop this from happening.

Of course, some imagineer would probably try to find another way to sneak funny shapes into Disney toys.

4 Fortune: Diamond Mickey Mouse Pendant Necklace

via: shopdisney.com

There will never be a shortage of Disney jewelry. That goes for gold and diamond Disney jewelry as well. If you or someone you know has expensive tastes, Disney does not disappoint. At the Shop Disney Store, you can get a diamond Mickey Mouse pendant necklace for $5,200.

You even get a choice between yellow, rose, or white gold.

Its 18 karat gold and diamond encrusted. It’s like if it was Titanic but on a Disney cruise and this necklace is the Heart of the Ocean. It will take more than wishing upon a star to get this necklace.

3 Embarrassing: Adult Olaf Women's Costume

via: patch.com

Yeah, quick question...what in God’s name am I looking at? Just staring at it, all I can think of is that line from Spy Kids, “Do you think God stays in heaven, because he too fears what he has created?” Adult and teenage women’s costumes need to go through their own purge and whoever made this costume needs to sit in a room and think about what they have done. It's just wrong for and Olaf costume to go this route.

2 Fortune: Woody Collectable

via: shopdisney.com

Currently, the most expensive toy in the Shop Disney Store, this Woody doll by Mattel is $1,995. It’s a limited edition and comes with a certificate and authenticity. Being known for their high-end toys, Mattel did not sell Woody short with this version. He is made of felt, pewter, leather, and has hand-made embroidery. The makers threw caution on their website, stating this is for adult collectors only and is not a toy. You’re better off with a twenty dollar Woody for your kid.

1 Embarrassing: Princess Toilet Seat

via: pottytrainingconcepts.com

Oh, just seeing this toilet seat is not the fun part. The fun part is that it has buttons to make noises! Honestly, this might be some genius way to potty-train your kids. Why wouldn’t they love to sit their bare butts on a princess’s face while rapidly pressing a button that makes glitter sounds?

This could be both great and embarrassing at the same time!

It’s portable, easy to clean, and cute. It’s great as long as you don’t think about what’s it’s used for too hard.

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