25 Disney Prince Cosplays That Are #RelationshipGoals

These Disney Prince Cosplays show how great the love stories of Disney cartoons really are.

Too many times when growing up and watching Disney movies with fairytale endings, there were moments when we all wondered when our Prince or Princess would come into our lives, I'm sure.  The reason for that was most likely because of the epic romance between the two title characters who fell madly and deeply in love and prevailed regardless of the many, many obstacles they faced.

For those of us who were waiting on our own dreamy Prince to come to no avail, just imagine that the likes of Prince Eric or Aladdin just jumped straight off the screen and came to life in our reality. Well, that may not necessarily be what happened here, but these Disney Prince cosplays might make you think otherwise.

Many strikingly handsome men who are humungous fans of Disney have taken the time to completely immerse themselves in the roles of Disney's most famous Princes and have stolen the hearts of many by doing so. They look like the spitting image of the Princes we have come to know and love and the transformation is really quite astounding.

So for the many of us who just can't help but still have a crush on these iconic Disney hunks, this list of Disney Prince cosplayers are sure to make you swoon. And this will be especially true when you see the romantic Prince and Princess cosplays on this list that are too gorgeous for words. Here are the 25 Disney Prince Cosplays That Are #RelationshipGoals.

25 Beauty And The Prince

via Dorkly

Cosplay by: Ryoko-demon

Disney films may be known for being romantic in nature, but Disney's Beauty and the Beast might be the most romantic film they've ever produced. And this cosplaying couple seems to emulate the romanticism from the classic Disney film perfectly.

Sure, in the film we may know the Beast more than the Prince he actually was before he was cursed, but by the end of the movie, we do get to see the handsome Prince who stole Belle's heart. And this cosplayer has many of the same features as the Prince and also nailed his signature royal outfit in the film. Job well done, sir.

24 A Different Ending For Anna

via Flickr (Lele Draw)

Cosplay by: Lele Draw

At the start of Frozen, Princess Anna alarmingly quickly falls in love with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. Later in the movie, we find out that he has some nefarious plans for Anna and her sister, Queen Elsa, which also leads to her finding love with Kristoff, instead.

But these cosplayers decided to go as Princess Anna and Prince Hans on the night they first met - and "fell in love".  Even though we weren't exactly rooting for Prince Hans, these two do look like the picture-perfect couple. Plus, the man dressed as Prince Hans could really be his twin.

23 Prince Phillip With His Sleeping Beauty

via DeviantArt (LadyGiselle)

Cosplay by: LadyGiselle

Most of the time when you see a cosplay of Sleeping Beauty, she is in her signature Princess gown. But here we have Princess Aurora in her Briar Rose persona thanks to this cosplayer. What makes this even more special, though, is the fact she is accompanied by her fellow cosplayer who is donning his Prince Phillip get-up.

He personifies Princess Aurora's dear Prince and even looks at her as if he is completely and totally in love with her.  That alone makes this a swoon-worthy cosplay.

22 Prince Charming And Family

via Dorkly

Cosplay by: falketta

Any Once Upon A Time fan will immediately recognize who this trio is meant to be. We have Snow White and Prince Charming with none other than their daughter, Emma, who will go onto save Storybrooke (many times).

All three of these cosplayers have done a remarkable job at creating their looks to become the Charming family.

But Prince Charming has a striking resemblance to the original character.

Other than the fact his costume is spot-on, he also looks a lot like Josh Dallas, who played Prince Charming on the show. It would definitely be hard to tell the two apart.

21 Prince Eric Come To Life

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: LeoCamacho

At this point, most people who love cosplay and Disney cosplay, in particular, will most likely recognize this guy. His name is Leo Camacho and he is very well known in the cosplaying world, and mostly for his portrayal of Disney characters.

In fact, he has gone viral for his cosplay of Prince Eric, as seen here.

As you can tell, he looks as if he jumped straight out of The Little Mermaid with his classic sailor Eric costume. Oh and there's the fact that he has incredibly similar facial features as Eric, too. No wonder he went viral.

20 Flynn And Rapunzel

via DeviantArt (Usagi-Tsukino-krv)

Cosplay by: Usagi-Tsukino-krv

Flynn Rider, otherwise known as Eugene, in Tangled was the unlikely love interest for our dear Rapunzel. But he quickly showed that he was much more than just a (former) thief and stole Rapunzel's heart along the way.

Now we get to see what Flynn would look like in reality.

These two cosplayers definitely look the part of Rapunzel and her love, Flynn Rider. I must say that the Flynn cosplayer is so spot-on and he even has his hair and facial hair down. It makes perfect send why Rapunzel fell so madly in love with him.

19 Princess Tiana And Prince Naveen’s Happily Ever After

via DeviantArt (DisneyLizzi)

Cosplay by: DisneyLizzi

These two cosplayers are dressed as Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen and they look like they stepped right out of the film that made them famous in the first place.

While in the film the two got off on the wrong foot, they ended up getting their happily ever after - together. And here we get to see just what that would look like in actuality.

The Tiana cosplayer is, of course, breathtaking. But the Prince Naveen cosplayer is sure to take your breath away too, with his good looks. They make quite the handsome pair.

18 A Happier Ending For Pocahontas And John Smith

via DeviantArt (BellesAngel)

Cosplay by: BellesAngel

Pocahontas and John Smith came from two very different worlds, but put their differences aside and tried to better both of their communities. They also fell in love with one another along the way.

Unfortunately, they had to go their separate ways in the end, but they would always have their memories.

Now, we get to see two cosplayers portraying the star-crossed lovers.

It shows us what their life might be like had they stayed together.

John Smith has the perfect blonde haircut and is as handsome as ever thanks to this cosplayer's portrayal. If only he had gotten a proper chance to be with Pocahontas…

17 The Perfect Aladdin And Jasmine

via Flickr (Lele Draw)

Cosplay by: Lele Draw

Aladdin was the street urchin turned Prince and love interest for the gorgeous Princess Jasmine. Like most Disney films, they fell in love and got their happily ever after once they got through some serious obstacles.

And now we have two cosplayers who are portraying the lovebirds spectacularly and have done a truly wonderful job in the details with their cosplays of the iconic Disney couple.

This Aladdin is just as dreamy as the cartoon version we know and love. Together, the two make a beautiful couple who look exactly like the character's they are cosplaying.

16 Someday My Prince Will Come

via Oh My Disney

On the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White herself and her Prince visited Central Park in NYC to celebrate. They even brought along the seven dwarfs.

Unsurprisingly, they went all out for the event and were posing in Central Park in their classic costumes.

Here, Snow White is obviously spot-on with her signature blue, red, and yellow gown. But her Prince is just as perfect with the costume he wore in the film on display. They even are looking on adoringly at one another, which makes it all the more wonderful. Talk about "Relationship Goals”.

15 Li Shang And Mulan

via Flickr (gamefan23)

There's no doubt that Li Shang in Mulan was the ultimate hunk and good guy for Mulan. Of course, Mulan was just as beautiful, good-natured, and an ultimately great warrior. But she did have a pretty great teacher - Shang.

At a Con, these two cosplayers went as Shang and Mulan and absolutely killed it. The duo emulated the great warriors who unexpectedly fell in love perfectly.

Li Shang is definitely the dream guy, whether he's in cartoon form or a cosplayer, that's for sure.

14 Prince Charming And His Cinderella

via DeviantArt (BecciLindsay)

Cosplay by: BecciLindsay

In what appears to be a slightly updated version of Prince Charming and his Princess Cinderella, the two look like the epitome of a gorgeous Disney couple.

The kind young Prince here has many of the same features as the Prince Charming from the film.

From his dark hair to fair skin to model good looks, he is definitely on par with looking like Prince Charming. And Cinderella is just as beautiful as her Disney film counterpart. They are completely and totally correct in their cosplays and it makes for a very dreamy photo.

13 Tarzan Meets Jane

via DeviantArt (Liv-is-alive)

Cosplay by: Liv-is-alive

This next cosplay couple just might be the most surprisingly accurate on the entire list, and that's seriously saying something considering their stiff competition.

In all seriousness though, both the Tarzan and Jane cosplayers, respectively, look nearly identical to the characters they are portraying here. Tarzan, in particular, has the rugged handsomeness and dreadlock-like hair that we have known the character to have for as long as we can remember.

Jane looks just as perfect as her love interest and this definitely makes them cosplaying couple goals.

12 Here Comes The Smolder

via Digital Spy

Cosplay by: J Stryker

This Miami-based cosplayer is Jonathan Stryker and he has done several upon several unique and strikingly on point cosplays. A favorite of his is to do is Disney Prince Cosplays, including none other than Flynn Rider.

While it certainly helps that Jonathan already has Prince-like features that already make him quite dashing, he also has the perfect hairstyle, makeup artistry and costuming on his side.

He looks exactly like Flynn Rider even down to the pose he is striking. All he is missing is his love, Rapunzel, to enter the picture.

11 Part Of Eric’s World

via DeviantArt (arijana1988)

Cosplay by: arijana1988

This is yet another iteration of Prince Eric, but this time with his true love, Ariel. It is a completely ethereal and dream-like photo capturing the two cosplayers as one of the ultimate Disney fairytale couples.

Ariel is seen in her mermaid form while lounging on Prince Eric in a romantic pose.

They both are gorgeous individuals, but seeing the two cosplayers in full-on costumes from The Little Mermaid is out of this world beautiful.

And Prince Eric would definitely be reason enough for us to want to be part of his world.

10 Anna And Kristoff In A Winter Wonderland

via Pinterest

We have already seen a different type of cosplay of Anna with Prince Hans instead of Kristoff. In this version, though, we see the happy ending Princess Anna actually got with Kristoff.

Kristoff may have been the unlikely choice for Anna in Frozen initially, yet he grew not only on her but the audience as well.

He's a lovable guy with rugged good looks, so who could blame Anna for falling for him? I, personally, love this cosplay not only because it shows the love between the two characters, but is in a winter setting, much like the film.

9 Beauty And The Beast

via Bored Panda

Cosplay by: SuperKayce and Knightmage

Is there even a more iconic scene in Disney history than Belle and the Beast's first dance in the ballroom? It was so elegant and beautiful, which is exactly the vibe I'm getting from this photo of these two cosplayers.

We have already seen a cosplay with Belle but with her love in his Prince form. While that was gorgeous, too, I still love seeing this version of a Belle cosplayer with the Beast in a full-on Beast get-up.

The detailing is impeccable and makes you want to watch that epic scene all over again.

8 Colors Of The Wind

via WorldCosplay.net

Cosplay by: Lele Draw

The Disney Pocahontas film was a very romantic story that had heartbreaking moments, to be sure. At the center of the story were Pocahontas and John Smith, the handsome English explorer who comes into contact with both Pocahontas and her tribe.

Each of their characters has a very specific look to go along with their backstory, and these two cosplayers nail their looks completely.

Pocahontas is in her typical attire and is as gorgeous as ever. And John Smith is beyond handsome with his striking blue eyes and chiseled features. It's easy to see why Pocahontas fell for him.

7 Milo On A Mission

via Cosmopolitan

Cosplay by: J Stryker

Jonathan Stryker is at it again with his dead-on cosplaying. He is now doing his own version of Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and he looks the part of the expert cartographer from the Disney film.

Milo may be incredibly intelligent but he is also an adventurer which is evident in this cosplay.

He is the type of guy who is an attractive nerd, which may not always be easy to pull off, but he does. And Jonathan Stryker emulates all of that in this cosplay of the character.

6 Hercules To The Rescue



It is very rare that a cosplayer looks exactly like the character they are cosplaying as with little effort. But this is a prime example of one that does just that.

He is seen here in his Hercules garb looking exactly like the God we saw in the Disney classic.

He is not only scarily accurate to the character with his red hair and spot-on costume, but he is just as good-looking and buff as Hercules himself. Job well done to this hunky cosplayer.

5 Prince Naveen

via WorldCosplay

Cosplay by: Lele Draw

Prince Naveen surely looks much better in his regular human form than the frog form he was transformed into by Dr. Facilier and this is the best proof of that.

Naveen is the eldest son and Prince of Maldonia and he is also the man who won over Princess Tiana and fell head over heels in love with her in The Princess and The Frog. Here we have a cosplayer who looks almost scarily identical to the cartoon version of Prince Naveen.

He legitimately looks like royalty and more specifically, just like the absurdly handsome Prince.

4 The Handsome Prince Eric

via MetDaan

Cosplay by: J Stryker

This is not only another version of Prince Eric that looks like the spitting image of the young Prince from The Little Mermaid but is also another amazing cosplay by the one and only Jonathan Stryker.

He had modeled his entire look to match that of Prince Eric's and has absolutely nailed not only the costume but also the dark, full hairstyle and even his pose.

Of course, he has very regal and handsome features already, so that surely helps with his cosplaying. It's truly impeccable.

3 Simba Just Can’t Wait To Be King

via Digital Spy

Cosplay by: J Stryker

This is the final Jonathan Stryker cosplay that will be featured but it is one of the more incredible ones if you ask me. He has completely transformed himself into Simba, the title character from The Lion King.

It must have taken him hours to get the makeup just right to look like the young lion.

Even the wig perfectly matches Simba's glorious mane and makes the overall look he's achieving completely perfect. This is definitely the most drastic cosplay on the list and he nailed it.

2 Peter Pan

via Amino Apps

Cosplay by: Blondecay

Peter Pan and his adventures with Wendy Darling and her siblings made for a very entertaining Disney movie. He was the boy who didn't want to ever grow up and now he's come to life in this cosplay.

This young cosplayer looks exactly like the rambunctious and adventurous Peter Pan. He is even posing just as Peter would.

From his costume to his wig to his posing and even his boyish good looks, he could easily slip into the role of Peter Pan should there ever be a new live-action version of the film.

1 Captain Hook: The Dashing Rapscallion

via Onedio

Cosplay by: LeoCamacho

This next one will be immediately recognized by any true Once Upon A Time fans.

It is Captain Hook in the flesh.

Or at least a cosplayer that looks exactly like Colin O'Donoghue, who played the popular character on the hit show.

While his character isn't traditionally a Prince, I think the fact he married Emma, who is indeed a Princess on the show, means he is now a Prince. And a rather dashing one, at that.

Leo Camacho, the Disney cosplayer who has gone viral, favors this cosplay over most of the others. And he does a fantastic job at portraying the charming and dreamy pirate.

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