24 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected Disney Couples

Disney fan artists create elaborate fiction for their art — and it's amazing.

While Disney is certainly satisfying, we cannot help but have our imaginations wander to other possible fates for their characters. Sure, Moana is single and Anna x Kristoff is canon, but what if that was different?

When did this sort of thing start? Back when Shakespeare lived, did people do crossovers with characters from a Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet? We don’t have those answers, but it’s worth wondering when you research and select fan art through pages and pages of crossover fanfictions and alternate universes. Is it a way to flex our creative muscles or are do we just love what is already deemed impossible?

Some of the characters on this list feature those who are canonically single. Living in a romantic society as we do, it’s no wonder that there is a ton of fan art of Merida and Elsa in relationships. It’s not that we do not admire their stories of independence and family-love, but (to put this humorously) we are thirsty, so yeah — So let’s take a look at this list!

24 Merida And Rapunzel

via: deviantart.com/emilyjayowens

Something these two princesses have in common is that the animation for their hair is amazing in their films. In terms of what Flynn Rider would think of this picture, the artist wrote, “Huh, I'm pretty sure he doesn't think about it because he...doesn't exist in this Meripunzel universe.”

Apparently, this crossover couple is pretty popular online.

Is it their amazing hair? Or is it their adventurous personalities? The dresses are sweet and informal, making this moment seem more intimate.

Art was made by emilyjayowens.

23 Belle And Gaston

via: luuuuuke-evans.tumblr.com

The handsome Luke Evans playing Gaston in the Beauty and the Beast remake got the character a whole new batch of fans. Despite being drawn in an anime style, it’s not hard to recognize that this crossover was inspired by the live-action remake rather than the animated original.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine Belle having any feelings for Gaston. Does he change in this alternate reality or has Belle? What’s the story people have for Gaston x Belle fanfiction? Do we really want to know?

22 Sophia And Amber

via: deviantart.com/auntthea

From the Disney TV show, Sophia the First, Amber and Sophie are not blood-related, but they are step-siblings. In the show, they are kids, but this art depicts them as young adults or teenagers.

In personality, they are pretty different.

Amber was born a princess and is used to always getting her way and is very girly. Sophia was born a regular villager and is very open-minded and adventurous. Seeing those two personalities collide in a romantic relationship would be interesting.

Art was made by Jess Deaton.

21 Elsa And Hans

via: imgur.com

Instead of you know...trying to overthrow her via ending her and taking over her kingdom, what if Hans actually fell in love with Elsa? There are a lot of theories as to the Hans twist since some people could not believe he was truly villainous. It’s amazing how easily some fans got attached to him only to get their hearts ripped out like Anna by the end.

Frozen is a movie about the power of love with a twist. For some viewers though, it seems they wanted more of the same, a romantic love story.

20 Eric And Phillip

via: pocho.com

Of course we were going to slip at least one wedding picture into this list! Back in the older days, Disney did not give their princes that much screen time. Eric and Phillip are among the lucky since they actually get names!

Unfortunately for personalities, they were not so memorable.

They were...brave? Phillip did take on a dragon and Eric fought a giant Ursula. Together they can probably take on any monster. Is it just me or does the priest look like the actual current Pope Francis?

19 Moana And Maui

via: deviantart.com/ryukigaryu

Moana was not a love story and it did not even feature a romantic side plot. That did not stop some fans from shipping Moana with Maui though. Their size difference makes the relationship very cute in the fan art. Though Maui is a demigod, so that could complicate the relationship a little.

In actual branches of Polynesian mythology, Maui does have a wife. In New Zealand, a goddess named Hina was his wife. Is she canon in the Disney movie? Maui probably would have a tattoo of her.

Art was made by ryukigaryu.

18 Anna And Belle

via: animationscreencaps.com

Anna has a totally opposite personality from Beast. It’s hard to imagine her being very rude or losing her temper. On the other hand, Anna probably would not connect with Belle’s bookworm tendency since Anna is never seen reading or talking about books in Frozen.

In fact, it’s easy to imagine Anna getting bored depending on the book.

Belle probably would like Anna though. She’s an awkward goofball. Belle may have a short patience with Anna’s naiveté when it comes to romance and the world.

17 Tinkerbell And Captain Hook

via: danbooru.donmai.us

This Captain Hook design definitely looks more handsome than in the Disney animated movie. The question is, does this Captain Hook know that Tinkerbell is there? Is this Hook a villain or is this an alternate universe where he is good?

Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell is a person driven by emotion. She can be irrational and make impulse decisions. We’ve seen this with her jealousy of Wendy. Having a crush on the movie’s big bad would definitely be her downfall. Her size in this art is also much bigger than we are used to!

16 Gaston And Lefou

via: deviantart.com/darkbutterflyofnight

While Lefou is canonically gay in the Beauty and the Beast remake, he and Gaston as a couple are not. It’s probably a good thing too since Gaston would make for a selfish and problematic partner. Still though, Lefou did have a pretty obvious crush on the man. That’s not too far off from the realm of reality though.

Plenty of people get crushes on jerks, even while knowing they are jerks.

This picture is very cute though. Lefou is so happy for the hug.

Art was made by darkbutterflyofnight.

15 Ariel And Jack Sparrow

via: weheartit.com

This is a crossover that makes a lot of sense. Mermaids exist in Pirates of the Caribbean. Sure, they are just a tad more monster than person and drown sailors but maybe that was just a sinister tribe of mermaids and Ariel is from a good mermaid community.

Being a Disney princess though, it’s very doubtful that she would fall for Jack Sparrow.

14 Maleficent And The Queen

via: pinterest.com

These two villains have a lot in common. True love soiled their strangely specific villainous plans and they are both have the same dark and elegant aesthetic. They also both shape-shifted!

A dragon and old woman (one far more epic than the other though).

The Queen is human though while Maleficent is a fairy. With that in mind, Maleficent may not be in this relationship for the long-run since a long-run for her would be more like a couple hundred years.

13 Rapunzel And Quasimodo

via: johannathemad.tumblr.com

Rapunzel and Quasimodo would have a deep understanding of each other since they were both isolated from society. It’s really sad but it’s also really sweet. The artist who did this made Rapunzel’s face and gesture so gentle, kind, and loving.

Quasimodo is probably the opposite of the worldly Flynn Rider. While Flynn is goofy and mischievous, Quasimodo is deep and compassionate. A story about these two would be one about healing and would probably make the audience teary eyed.

Art was made by Johanna The Mad.

12 Jane And Amelia

via: deviantart.com/artaith-21

We never thought we would see this couple together even in a crossover. Doesn’t it just seem random? After a certain fan-made Youtube music video was discovered by Disney audiences, a lot of people actually ship this couple.

According to the artist for this piece, they do not usually do crossovers, but the fan-made Youtube video made them convert.

The maker of the video, TheNamelessDoll, created a story of Jane joins Amelia’s ship and they fall in love, but Jane suffers from nightmares about her ex.

Art was made by artaith-21.

11 Hades And Maleficent

via: pinterest.com

With both Hades and Maleficent being mythical (a Greek god and fairy), they probably make a convenient couple. Maleficent tends to be more of a serious character than Hades, but they might love that about each other. Maleficent probably has some sick sense of humor and Hades would just love how wicked and cool she is. It’s hard to not fall in love with a woman who can transform into a dragon, right? Actually the more I think about it, she’s out of his league.

10 Woody And Bo

via: deviantart.com/green-kco

Fans were pretty sad when Bo was separated from the other toys in Toy Story 3. There are rumors that the reason the writers got rid of Bo was because she was made of porcelain, and thus would never be able to survive the incinerator scene unscathed.

Though there could have been plenty of ways to keep her but not put her in that very scene.

She and Woody did act like they had chemistry or a history in the series.

Art was made by green-kco.

9 Merida And Elsa

via: pinterest.com

Here are two princesses that did not need a romantic plot in their canon films. Or maybe they are just lesbian and Disney has not told us yet. We know Frozen is getting sequels so those dreams may not be so impossible.

A lot of fans ship Elsa and Anna, despite them being sisters. Their personalities are opposite, so it makes for good romance writing. However, this relationship makes more sense since Merida has Anna’s personality and they are not blood-related.

8 Mother Gothel And Frollo

via: pinterest.com

After shipping the movie protagonists, of course, fans then resort to the villains! Here we have two villains that resort to isolating their victims and giving them Stockholm syndrome.

That’s a pretty specific thing to have in common in a couple.

Gothel is probably Frollo’s type too. She looks like an older version of Esmerelda, and we know that he was attracted to her in his movie. Though, that was why he wanted her destroyed. He would probably want to destroy Gothel for being a witch too. Oh well.

7 Charlotte And Dr. Facilier

via: deviantart.com/katarina-mor

Admit it, tons of people thought Charlotte was going to be a traitor by the end of The Princess and the Frog. It was a smart move by Disney to not go that direction, but what if they did? Even if they did, she would want a prince rather than a voodoo guy.

The shadows are very cute though. Dr. Facilier’s shadow was one of the best parts of their movie. It acted like it had a life of its own. Giving life to Charlotte’s shadow to be with Dr. Facilier’s in this piece is very cute.

Art was done by katarina-mor.

6 Merida And Young MacGuffin

via: deviantart.com/yuramec

Why ship these two? Isn’t Young MacGuffin a very minor character? His voice actor, Kevin McKidd, revealed that Young Macguffin was actually going to be the suitor Merida chose before Disney decided to keep her single.

Knowing that information, this ship makes a lot more sense.

Merida’s petite size struggling to help him with his hair makes for a sweet scene. In this alternate universe, is Young MacGuffin understandable or would his dialect cause misunderstandings? Brave would be a very different movie is Merida wasn’t single.

Art was made by yuramec.

5 Cinderella And Ariel

via: deviantart.com/theminions13

These princesses are rocking their veils, jewelry, and ball-gowns for their wedding. In this alternate universe, Ariel would be making Cinderella a princess of the sea since Ariel is royal blood and Cinderella is not until she marries into royalty in her movie.

They keep their original princess dresses from their movies. Pink and blue look so cute together. Is this the same universe where Eric finds Prince Phillip and they get married?

Art was done by theminions13.

4 Dory And Marlin

via: deviantart.com/marsbarrl

In Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, Marlin and Dory do not seem to be interested in each other on a romantic level. That does not stop the fans from daydreaming about the possibilities though.

Dory’s short-term memory loss has been known to frustrate Marlin to the point that he has said pretty cruel things to her.

He seems to look at her as more of a child to take care of. These human versions of Dory and Marlin are very cute though.

Art was made by marsbarrl.

3 Aurora And Belle

via: deviantart.com/ehryel

This is one out of many beautiful Disney fan arts made by this artist. They especially have an affinity for pairing princesses together. They called this picture, “Silent Desire,” on their DeviantArt page.

In terms of how these two princesses would be together, it’s a little difficult to tell since Aurora’s personality was not so fleshed out in her movie.

We can say for sure that these two are both dreamers and romantics. Due to how she was raised, Aurora may be more naïve than Belle.

Art was made by ehryel.

2 Flynn Rider And Elsa

via: deviantart.com/mrs-frost

In a funny sort of twist, the artist who made this actually ships Flynn Rider and Anna, not Flynn Rider and Elsa! Their piece was made as an art trade.

“I don't really ship these two (since I prefer Helsa and Flynn/Anna...) but I just felt very satisfied in completing this work hence why I went all out in the details of Elsa's dress,” they wrote. “I think it's Flynn's little smile and the warm lighting contrasting with the color of Elsa's dress that makes it look calming.”

Art was made by mrs-frost.

1 Belle And Ariel

via: deviantart.com/missangest

Ariel ships all around huh? This was a commission and the artist wrote, “Haven't thought about pairing these before but I got to say that I may be caught in this now, they are adorable together!”

Everything in this picture looks so soft and calming.

Ariel’s dreams of being on land and having more than just the sea along with Belle’s desire for adventure make it seem like they would make a good pairing. I wonder what they are reading.

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