30 Disney And DreamWorks Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled It Off)

These incredible Disney and DreamWorks fans have made new cosplay that captures these classic characters perfectly.

In the incredible and fascinating world of cosplay, there is a vast array of different cosplayers who take on some of the most famous characters in pop culture history. Regardless of what notable character a cosplayer chooses to emulate, a lot of time, effort, and usually, money goes into perfecting the entire cosplay look.

But imagine just how difficult it becomes when choosing a character that is nearly impossible to replicate. That is precisely what these amazing cosplayers took on when attempting and succeeding in cosplaying their favorite Disney or DreamWorks characters.

Both Disney and DreamWorks have created many animated films that have incredibly iconic characters that are difficult to attempt to cosplay simply because they need to be absolutely perfect to get the look completely right. Go big or go home, as they say. But other characters are nearly impossible to cosplay that most don’t even want to try it.

On the other hand, there are the cosplayers who give it their all and are entirely successful in cosplaying the likes of Lord Farquaad, or Hades, or even the Emperor himself - Kuzco. All of these characters share the common trait of being very unique and out-of-this-world looks to try to cosplay. But the brave souls who perfected their replications of the classic characters did them justice, as you are about to see.

Prepare yourselves to be absolutely blown away by these cosplays. Here are the 30 Disney And DreamWorks Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled It Off).

30 The Rise Of Jack Frost

via Nerdist

Cosplay by: Pugoffka-sama

Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians is the immortal manifestation of winter. Known for his witty and mischievous personality, he used his capabilities of manipulating ice and snow to his own amusement rather than using his powers for their true purpose, at least at first.

Aside from his unique personality, he also has a one-of-a-kind look with his icy blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and incredibly fair skin.  In this cosplayers look, it's as if Jack himself has stepped off the screen and into our reality.

They literally look like the embodiment of winter.

It is a wonderful depiction of the film's young protagonist.

29 The Perfect Hades

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: Your-Pain

Hades might be one of the most difficult characters in Disney history to cosplay, but to that, this cosplayer said "challenge accepted" and boy, are we glad he did.

It is quite honestly the most impeccably detailed cosplay of Hades I myself have seen. The God of the Underworld does not have an easily replicated look, as we all know, and yet, this cosplayer perfected everything from his angular face, to his blue skin tone, to his wild hair. Even his teeth are just as frightening as the original Hades.

28 The DreamWorks Logo Come To Life

via Pinterest

This is hands down the most brilliant cosplay I may have ever seen, and is also hilarious in its own way. They have decided to not cosplay a DreamWorks character from its movies, but rather from its famous logo that is shown before its films. Yes, this cosplayer has recreated the "boy on the moon" logo DreamWorks has had for years.

He not only recreated the boy's look with an all-white ensemble and painted white face, but also created a set of sorts with the moon and his fishing pole. It's absolutely incredible.

27 No One Looks Like Gaston (Except This Guy)

via DeviantArt (LeonChiroCosplayArt)

Cosplay by: LeonChiroCosplayArt

If you were to imagine Gaston coming to life in our own reality, this would be the exact guy you pictured, right? His entire cosplay is perfect, and all of the details in his coat and ensemble is what really sells it.

But what helps is the fact his facial features are nearly identical to the Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. That is not something easily replicated, and granted, he was born with his rugged good looks, but the rest of the cosplay is a thing of genius.

26 The Beautiful Toothiana

via Nerdist

One of the more difficult characters to cosplay from Rise of the Guardians has to be Toothiana, otherwise known as the Tooth Fairy or the Guardian of Memories.

Seeing as the character of Toothiana is a half-human/half-hummingbird hybrid, you could imagine how difficult it would be to perfectly replicate her look. But this cosplayer took on that challenge head on and was successful in her attempt. From her exotic looking feathers adorning her body to the fairy-like wings, to even the makeup that gives her an ethereal look, she did a fantastic job.

25 Cruella Has Arrived

via DeviantArt (Bewitchedrune)

Cosplay by: Bewitchedrune

One of the most notorious and hated villains in all of Disney's many animated films is none other than Cruella de Vil, and as infamous as her exploits are, so is her look in 101 Dalmatians.

Her hair alone is hard to replicate, with half of it being stark white and the other being pitch black.

She also dons expensive looking outfits that revolve around her love of white, black, and red. This cosplayer emulates all of these aspects of Cruella perfectly while including her signature grimace in this photoshoot.

24 Princess Fiona’s Roots

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: Sweets4aSweet

Princess Fiona has undergone a variety of changes to her looks throughout all of her appearances in the Shrek films. But during Shrek Forever After, Fiona lets her hair down for once - literally.

In the new reality Shrek found himself in during this film, Fiona is a much more abrasive personality as she is leading the ogre rebellion. A noticeable difference in her looks is not only her Scottish-inspired attire but the fact she has her long hair flowing down as well. This cosplayer is the picture perfect image of Princess Fiona in Forever After from her ensemble to her props to her entirely green skin tone. It's truly amazing.

23 Herc To The Rescue

via Reddit

Cosplay by: LeoBane Cosplay

Hercules told the tale of the son of Zeus and Hera, Hercules, who became mortal due to his evil uncle, Hades. He still retained his godlike strength, though, and eventually looked the part of the god he truly was.

He's incredibly muscular with strawberry blond hair and this cosplayer embodies Hercules' traits wonderfully.

He looks almost exactly like Disney's Hercules and has even recreated his costume amazingly well. All he needs is his love, Megara, to complete this picture perfect iteration of Herc.

22 Tulio And Miguel Are Looking For Gold

via Twitter

The Road to El Dorado featured Miguel and Tulio as the Spaniards looking for the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. Each of the two men had very distinct characteristics to their features that would make it difficult to replicate in a cosplay. But these two cosplayers did just that and excelled in it if I do say so myself.

Not only are the two dressed head to toe in their signature costumes, but they are even holding the map to El Dorado.

It makes for a perfect rendition of the DreamWorks classic.

21 The Shadow Man

via Pinterest

Dr. Facilier was the main villain in The Princess and The Frog and he has quickly become a fan favorite villain. With his long, lanky body and menacing smile, his is not an easy look to try to replicate.

But in this next cosplay, they have managed to accomplish Dr. Facilier's classic look in a skilled way.

He not only got his hands on an exact replica of Dr. Facilier's costume but even made his fingers creepily long, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

20 Beware Of Ogres

via Alienware Arena

Shrek tells the story of an ogre by the same name, who wants to live his life in peaceful solitude in his swamp. Of course, all of that goes awry but leads him to fall in love with a Princess, no less.

This cosplay of the ogre in question looks exactly like Shrek in the very first film of the franchise. Between his plaid pants and worn shirt with vest, and his green skin with ogre ears, this is perfection from head to toe.

19 Jafar Is Up To No Good

via worldcosplay.net

Cosplay by: Aokiji

Jafar is one of those Disney characters whose mere presence sends fear shaking through his peers, and through the audience as well. He has a tall, lanky figure but his eyes give off a look that demands your attention.

His entire appearance exudes authority while looking menacing at the same time.

To say portraying all of those aspects in Jafar is difficult would be an understatement, but the cosplayer behind this did so astonishingly well. What really completes the cosplay is the infamous staff he always has on hand.

18 Princess Poppy And Branch Are Quite The Duo

via Amino Apps

Cosplay by: Captain Cody Cosplay

Certain characters in films are just really difficult to cosplay, and most of them are animals or other non-human creatures. So when a duo decides to take on the two main Trolls characters, Princess Poppy and Branch, and they actually accomplish their goal in emulating the characters, it is truly astounding.

Princess Poppy has a bright pink skin tone and hair to match, while Branch has a more dull teal skin tone with a head of hair that sticks straight up. These two cosplayers have perfect both of their looks seamlessly.

17 A New Interpretation Of Lord Shen

via Pinterest

Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 is the main antagonist in the film. He is the heir to the Gongmen city throne and is considered a White peafowl. While he may be evil, he had gorgeous markings since he is a peacock.

This cosplayer managed to take on the role of Lord Shen by doing her own interpretation of the villainous character.

Not only is she donning an all-white ensemble with red and white hair and makeup, but she even is using a fan that has the same markings as Lord Shen. It's truly creative.

16 Te Ka And Te Fiti

via Pinterest

In Moana, the title character herself, Moana, had a goal of restoring the heart of Te Fiti, who had become the demon, Te Ka, when her heart was stolen by the demigod, Maui.

Te Fiti was the goddess with the power to create life, which meant without her heart, as Te Ka, everything around her was dying.

Now we see that two cosplayers have taken the inspiration of the goddess and the demon, and created their own cosplays of Te Fiti and Te Ka. It is not an easy feat, that is to be sure, but they did an excellent job.

15 Watch Out For Yzma

via Amino Apps

Cosplay by: Ellycatt

Yzma was the advisor to Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove before she was let go. Then she was dead set on finding her revenge against the Emperor with the help of her not-so-bright assistant, Kronk, and her sorcery ways.

The skills that this makeup artist had to have to actually pull off the interesting look that Yzma is known for is incredible in itself. And then she even got the creepy smile nailed down. It actually feels as though Yzma has come to life through this cosplay.

14 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

via Amino Apps

Cosplay by: Andrea Barbieri

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame told the story of Quasimodo and his unrequited love for Esmeralda. Quasimodo is an outsider because of his deformities, including his hunched back.

That means that it is incredibly difficult to even attempt to cosplay as Quasimodo, so the fact that this man was able to complete his transformation into the hero is astounding.

It is so real and life-like that it makes you feel as if you have fallen into his world all of a sudden. What an amazing job.

13 The Emperor Has Arrived

via Pinterest

Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove is completely full of himself and loves living his lavish lifestyle. But all of that changes when he's turned into a llama, of course.

Before that occurred, he was known for being a slender, young man with long black hair and wearing outlandish outfits, such as his signature red robe and his many wild accessories. And this cosplayer looks exactly like the cocky Emperor with his appreciation of the finer things in life. He better look out for Yzma and her nefarious schemes.

12 An Incredible Megamind

via Nerdist

Megamind was the masterful superhero comedy that DreamWorks produced in 2010. The main character was indeed Megamind, who is a reformed supervillain and is now the hero of Metro City.

Upon looking at him, you will see his alien features immediately, with his blue skin tone and enlarged, bald head. Not to mention, his entire costume is black and blue, to match himself presumably.

This cosplay managed to pull off all of these little - and big - details of Megamind's look. The enlarged head alone would seem impossible to replicate, but he did so perfectly.

11 Beauty And The Beast Have Their Moment

via Bored Panda

Cosplay by: Knightmage and Superkayce

We have all surely seen plenty of Belle cosplays in our day, and they are almost always done beautifully. Sure, this one of Belle is absolutely breathtaking, but what is truly amazing is the Beast cosplay that is accompanying her.

The Beast is such an iconic character that is (nearly) impossible to cosplay, yet this person was able to take on the difficult task.

They not only got their Beast look down pat, but also recreated his signature ballroom ensemble from their classic dance scene. It makes for a very romantic picture.

10 Pitch Black Is Here To Haunt Your Dreams

via Facebook

Cosplay by: Manuel D'Andrea

I think everyone was afraid of the Boogeyman growing up, so when Rise of the Guardians did their own version of the creature with Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, he was bound to look creepy.

With his nightmarish features including sickly pale skin and the looming presence that his tall and lithe form presented, it's no wonder he was the villain of the tale. And this cosplayer took their makeup skills to the next level to turn themselves into the evil antagonist of the film.

The incredible way they transformed their nose and chin to look like the scary Pitch Black is probably the most incredible part of it all.

9 Mulan’s Feminine Friends

via heraldextra.com

Cosplay by: The Concubines Of Utah

Besides the fact many adore the way the Mulan film showed Mulan becoming the hero despite all of the odds against her, there were other aspects of the film that were loved by all.

This includes Mulan's fellow soldiers in the army, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po. They end up assisting her in saving everyone from the Huns, and in doing so, they have to don feminine disguises to trick their opponents.

It is a comical yet heroic moment for the three men, and these cosplayers pulled off their disguises almost as well as the original trio.

8 Astrid The Viking

via Flickr

Astrid Hofferson is the petite young Viking who also happens to be Hiccup's longtime girlfriend in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise.

The thing about Astrid is while she may be considered small for a Viking, she has a strong and fiery personality that cannot be rivaled.

The cosplayer here has captured the many traits that define Astrid, like her long, braided blonde hair, her Viking attire, and her fierce and tenacious nature shines through here as well. It's a fantastic cosplay.

7 Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: Christine Alward

The Evil Queen from Snow White's tale was known for her volatile anger towards Snow when she found out she was the actual fairest of them all, instead of the Queen.

While that may be the case, there's no doubt that the Queen had her own unique beauty that made her quite striking. And this phenomenal cosplayer has all of those same qualities while easily falling into the role of the Evil Queen. Her entire regal outfit and poison apple just completes the look.

6 The Other Fairy Godmother

via Geek X Girls

Cosplay by: Matsu Sotome

We all know the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella's tale, but there was another that was just as memorable. And that was none other than the Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2.

She's also known for being Prince Charming's mother, who is known not only for her evil scheming, but her icy blue dress and lavender-like hair.

The cosplayer here took on the role of the Shrek villain seamlessly and looks nearly identical to the animated character. Even the setting of the photoshoot makes it seem all the more realistic.

5 A New Maleficent

via Flickr

Cosplay by: Leeanna Vamp

This version of Maleficent may be a far more appealing one, but it still is masterfully pulled off. This cosplayer took the evil villain we know from Sleeping Beauty and Angelina Jolie's Maleficent film and created a cross between the two. With maybe a hint of sensuality thrown in too.

Either way, it is a gorgeous interpretation of a character that is really difficult, if not impossible, to cosplay correctly.

Her features are just as striking as Maleficent's and I love that she also included her staff to complete the look.

4 Master Shifu At Your Service

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: AsakuraIrma

Master Shifu is one of the main characters seen throughout the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is a red panda who also happens to be the current senior master of the Jade Palace.

The Kung Fu warrior would not be the first DreamWorks character to come to mind when thinking of who to cosplay. But that was no problem for this cosplayer, who transformed into Master Shifu effortlessly. Well, maybe not effortlessly, but the end result was definitely worth their hard work.

3 The Hag Witch, Indeed

via topsimages.com

Cosplay by: c-fornasari

Who could forget the form the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took on when she was trying (and succeeding in) poisoning Snow White with an apple? The hag witch she became was that of nightmares, and now we have a cosplayer who completely transformed into the awful character.

It takes a lot of time and effort to complete a cosplay such as this, so to see everything including her black robe, the poisoned apple, and her haggard facial features in this one cosplay is pretty amazing.

2 Lord Farquaad

via Pinterest

Cosplay by: FopPrince

Lord Farquaad was the original villain in Shrek who everyone loved to hate. There were many jokes made about his small stature throughout the movie, and he also had a very harsh personality, to boot.

So the fact that anyone was able to take on a cosplay such as this and actually accomplish their goal is awesome. This Lord Farquaad cosplayer actually went the extra mile and had smaller legs attached so they could kneel and look exactly like the ruler of Duloc.

1 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

via The Enchantment Entertainment

It isn't often that you see someone cosplay the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, let alone see it done right, but that is what makes this next cosplay a true treat.

She completely nailed the look of the Fairy Godmother, even if she looks a tad more youthful than the one from the Disney classic. She still is donning her stark white hair, with her colorful ensemble and makeup, and is ready to transform Cinderella for the upcoming ball. All we're waiting for is her to say, "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!”

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