22 Disney And DreamWorks Crossover Relationship Pictures That Are Extra Sweet

These fan artists have given the Disney and DreamWorks characters adorable relationships.

Disney and DreamWorks fans, let us cease comments for one moment. Fan artists, sheathe your poison pens. Let us all come together and celebrate in what we love most from both studios— their characters. Fans and artists have long shipped some of their favorites together in fan fiction and art.

Rather than competing, the beloved cast of characters from DreamWorks and Disney are paired together in Romeo & Juliet love stories of sorts. Their studios may forbid them from ever getting together— along with narrative logistical issues— but we can dream. Jelsa— that is, Jack Frost and Elsa— is one such pairing. It’s a wildly popular one, since they both have ice powers. But as you’ll see when you read my article in depth two or three times, that’s a superficial reason for their relationship. They have way more going on than the ability to make a good ice-cone at will.

There are also not-so-obvious pairings in this list. Hades and Eris from Sinbad? Now that’s a perfect ship if I’ve ever seen one, and I’ve never encountered it before now. Trust me. I dive deep into the net to carry back these fan ship gems. I’ve seen it all— and it’s often quite something. My man Jack Frost is the MVP of this list by far; he’s paired with the most Disney characters, the lucky so-and-so. Here are 22 Disney and DreamWorks couple crossovers.

22 Jealous Of Jelsa?


Art by: strongyu.tumblr

Jealous of Jelsa? You should be. They’re the most famous Disney/DreamWorks crossover couple in all of Disney/DreamWorks crossover couple history. If you think that isn’t a big Venn Diagram of nerds, then you haven’t been paying attention, my sweet summer child. Most people lump Jack Frost and Elsa together because of their ice powers, but we have a ready answer for those fan fiction fools. Join me on my quest through this article as I struggle to find new things to say about the dozens of Jelsa entries here.

21 How To Train Your Baby


This. Is. Precious. Hiccup and Merida are welcoming their new baby into the world. It’s such a special baby that it already has a full head of hair. Fancy that! It would seem that Hiccup’s genes are the more dominant ones, since we don’t see a flash of the Scottish red on that babe’s head— though it may be too soon to tell. Again, Hiccup and Merida are a delightful pairing because of their polar opposite personalities. Hopefully, their kid inherits the best parts of mom and dad.

20 A Match Made In... Down There


Looks like Hades has finally found his match in Eris from Sinbad. I don’t know why we don’t see more pairings of these two all the time. They’re perfect for each other. Both of them are ancient Greek Gods that revel in destruction and chaos. Well, that’s more Eris, but you get the point. Hades, although not quite the devil and simply a guardian of the underworld in ancient mythology, is the closest thing Disney could find to a villain.

19 Herc Taking After Dad


Art by: Deckdarcie

We got ourselves a double crossover here, boys and girls. Not only is Hercules dating Ariel, he’s tempted by another goddess— Eris from Sinbad. Eris is the villain of that film. She’s the ancient Greek goddess and chaos and discord.

Does this look like a familiar meme to you?

It would make sense then that she’s the one to sow discord between Ariel and Herc. Poor Ariel. Whenever she found a man she loves, there’s always a wretched sea harpy who comes along to steal him away.

18 The Emperor's New Girl


You can’t have a respectable Disney/DreamWorks relationship crossover article without including some Road to El Dorado and Emperor’s New Groove fan art. The reasons are obvious. Both films— while set in different times and places— are similar. It’s funny how that happens between the two studious, huh? Not unlike Coke and Pepsi. Perhaps Chel would have been the spitfire needed to melt Emperor Kuzco’s cold, cold heart. This image is heartbreaking because it makes us imagine all the possibilities of what might have been.

17 Vanellope Von Frost


Art by: suddenly-sanna.tumblr

Now, these two may not be a couple, but they could work together. Jack Frost is an immortal being while Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph is a regular aging person (presumably). They would be unstoppable. And besides, they live in such different worlds that if they did crossover they would have a lot to teach each other if their worlds did crossover. It's a really fun concept to think about, and of course this incredible artist has.

16 Hogwarts' Coolest Students


Art by: frozenistand.tumblr

Frozen meets Rise of the Guardians meets Harry Potter. I’ll give you people a minute to clean up the drool. Now Harry Potter isn’t one of those franchises where the characters have elemental powers. You know what I’m talking about. Many YA series now are characterized by characters who can control fire, water, lightning, etc. a la Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jack Frost and Elsa may specialize in ice powers at Hogwarts, but they’re also learning a diverse set of magical skills too.

15 Braving A Relationship


There’s a certain connection between Merida from Brave and Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon that cannot be denied.

Merida is the one that would bring home the dragon bacon— of course, Hiccup would never let her harm a dragon.

Hiccup is the anti-Viking; he’s a pacifist with a big heart. Maybe Merida needs a sensitive soul she can look after, rather than settling down with one of those boorish macho suitors her parents try to saddle her with?

14 Celebrating Their Love


Art by: milady666

Typically, I don’t include CG photoshops into these pieces but this one is too good to pass up. Here we see some prime Jackunzel. Don’t know the word? Look it up. Here we find Jackunzel doing better than ever; Jack and Rapunzel are on the boat for festival day on Rapunzel’s eighteenth. She’s finally eighteen, like Jack Frost has been for millennia. I don’t know what happened to poor Flynn Rider, but he’s been thrown overboard apparently.

13 Shipping Hidda Or Merup


Art by: deviantart.com/graphitedoll

Adorbs! In contrast to some of the other older Hiccup and Merida pairings seen here, we see them as cute kids together. Not only are they sharing a fish date together, they’re joined by Toothless.

Merida is joined by her mom (in bear form) so you know that’s a successful date.

Here’s what the author had to say about their work: “i [sic] watched Brave a couple weeks ago and I've been wanting to draw a cross-over between these 2 movies ever since. So here's Hiccup and Merida and their companions talking over a smoked fish dinner.”

12 Jelsa Anime


Art by: deviantart.com/esther-shen

Ah, yet more Elsa x Jack Frost fan art. You could say that Jack Frost, being an immortal ice-wielder wizard person thing himself, was the only one who could truly relate to Elsa when she was going through that troublesome face of spraying frost everywhere. Maybe he’s a figment of her imagination, or maybe he’s there in spirit form. But, of course, to this fan artists' imagination, these two are kindred spirits — ice friends after all.

11 In Your Warm Arms


Art by: Sakimichan

Gool ‘ol Sakimichan. Did you really think we wouldn’t include this ultra-talented artist’s work in an article about Elsa and Jack Frost pairings? For those who may not know (first of all, what is wrong with you?) — Sakimichan is a Montreal-based artist famous for fan art digital paintings in a hyper-realistic style. If you’ve spent an iota of time on this site, you’ve no doubt encountered Sakimichan’s work. Word on the street is Sakimichan rakes in over 600k a year through patreon, but I can’t verify if that’s true. Definitely believable!

10 Tangled Crossovers


Now this image is truly terrific. The main love interest for Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon is Astrid Hofferson.

Astrid is every bit the fire-breathing Night Fury that Hiccup is a baby Gronckle.

Look it up. Here we can see Astrid embodying her character type to a tee as she takes on Rapunzel’s role in Tangled. Wielding the customary frying pan, she prepares to clobber poor Hiccup and send him tumbling down like Flynn Rider.

9 Rise Of The Playdate


Art by: kiu1023.tumblr

My. Heart. Can’t. Take. It. What if Hiccup had met Jack Frost as kids? They’d be besties for life obviously. It’s simply fascinating to see Jack Frost as a kid because he’s an immortal being who never grows up. Maybe he DOES grow up— just at a ridiculously slow speed. Omg, you guys, what if Jack Frost could conceivably be in every Disney/DreamWorks movie because he’s alive for all of history? He’d witness the rise and fall of the Vikings, Arendelle, and the Scottish clans.

8 Astro And Merid


Enjoy some gender bent Astrid from How to Train your Dragon and Merida from Brave. I’m not sure if they’re being match-made, since they’re both from times where traditional gender ideas were more vigorously enforced, but maybe they’re being, like, friend-matched? If that makes sense? Their parents are making them go hunting or doing something manly together. If that’s the case, it’s not working out too well. They’re both looking mighty peeved at having to spend time together. You know that dynamic is going to change over the course of a three-act structure, though.

7 Satisfied With Your Comfort


Art by: kadeart.tumblr

Now here are two Disney/DreamWorks characters you might never see together— Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Toothless from How to Train You Dragon. Unfortunately, such a meeting would likely go down very much like the scene we see here.

Toothless would bite on Baymax like a pool toy and nobody would be satisfied with their comfort ever again.

There’s also no romance here. For romance, see the new Dragon film heading down the pike, where Toothless gets with a white Night Fury.

6 Rose And Jack Frost


Surprise, surprise. More Jelsa on this list. This time we’ve put a Titanic twist on things, if you will. There’s a good reason for it— Jack Frost has the same name as Leo does from the movie! Okay, I’ll grant it’s pretty thin on premise. It’s a thin on premise as the iceberg they’re hurtling towards is thick.

Let's hope for a happier ending.

Sadly, Elsa and Jack’s relationship is as doomed as Rose’s and Jack’s. They can’t make it work ‘cuz Jack is an immortal being who sees all his loved ones grow old and perish. What fun!

5 Proteus Meets Meg


Art by: Deckdarcie

Not many may remember Proteus. That’s what makes this fan art match so obscure and unique. He’s from the Sinbad movie from DreamWorks. He’s a supporting character that helps Sinbad find The Book, which is totally a thing I remembered and didn’t have to Google. Here he can be seen meeting up with Megara from Hercules. Judging by the charged stare between them, it’s a meeting of godly proportions. That’s just as well. Apparently, Proteus got rejected by Sinbad’s girlfriend or something, or so Google tells me.

4 Belle's Russian Voyage


Art by: Deckdarcie

Ok, full disclosure. It just occurred to me that what’s his face John Cusack from Anastasia is a FOX film and not a Dreamwork joint, but that won’t stop me from including it.

This fanship is doubly clever since both Belle and Anastasia’s singing voice are played by the same voice actress, Liz Callaway.

I know it’s a quagmire considering FOX has just been bought by Disney (can you believe that?) but all the same, this will remain. It seems like Belle enjoys dancing Once Upon A December with John Cusack Man.

3 Big Home 6


Art by: rutchellen.tumblr

Ah, here’s a pairing you may never have seen before— Hiro from Big Hero 6 and Tip Tucci from the DreamWorks film Home. She’s voiced by none other than Rihanna. I’m not sure how many of you philistines (kidding) haven’t seen Home. It’s about aliens who go looking for a home to call their own after being chased away from their home planet. Naturally, they find earth. The modern setting of that film matches well with Big Hero 6’s San Franksokyo setting.

2 It Isn't Cold With You


Art by: pugeum

Here’s some gorgeous anime-style art of Jack Frost and Rapunzel… floating in space or something. Whatever.

It doesn’t have to make sense to be beautiful. Does poetry make sense? No. It never does.

Gone are the days of Jelsa. I know. It sounds like heresy. See instead: Jackunzel. No, I didn’t make that name up. I wish I had but you know I didn’t. Jackunzel may not be as big of a fan ship favorite as Jelsa, but they’re up there.

1 Jackunzel Forever


Art by: milady666

Is it possible? Could we really have more Jackunzle in this article than Jelsa? Quick! Count the entries! I love this delightful comic version of Jackunzle. Jack is having a ball playing with Rapunzel’s hair while looks at him in the face of someone annoyed from always hearing about their hair. It's adorable, and a perfect way to close-out our list of Disney and DreamWorks characters.

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