Disney And DreamWorks: 30 Crossover Relationship Pictures That Are Too Sweet For Words

These incredible fan artists have combined the worlds of Disney and DreamWorks into something awesome.

Fans truly are incredible. They will work to bring their one true pairing together against all odds. Different countries, universes or times mean nothing in the face of a fan's desire to see their couple together. There are thousands of fanfictions, theories and, most importantly, fanart of characters together. This same determination and creativity go double for those who ship characters from competing animation studios Disney and DreamWorks. These fans know that there is the slimmest of chances that their favorite couples will be together officially, but still ship them anyway.

These characters have will never meet in cannon Disney and DreamWorks are rival companies, but this has never stopped fans before. There are some more famous couples such as Jelsa, Merricup, Jackunzel. Prepare to see some 'fandom bicycles' who are shipped with everyone (looking at you, Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians) but there may be some characters and pairings here that will surprise you, like Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6.

Although some pairings may surprise us, fan artists and writers have known that these couples would work together for a while, endeavoring to introduce us to them and bring us into the fold. I mean, I did not realize that Proteus and Megara was a thing, but now I am shocked that I did not discover them sooner.

I have hunted down the cutest fanart of couples big and small for you to fawn over. Let us know if we found your one true pairing or introduced you to some new favorites. Now, let's get into it.

30 Big Home 6

via we heart it

This was a surprise one for me. Here we have Hiro from Big Hero 6 and Tip from Home hanging out grabbing lunch. If you've kept an ear to the ground for Disney/DreamWorks ships, then you've heard of Rise of The Brave Tangled Dragons, a multi-crossover universe in which Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost are friends and/or lovers. There is a smaller following of fans that think Tip, Hiro, Riley, and Miguel would be friends, hence this ship. This seems too chill for a first date, so maybe this is well into them dating or perhaps this is just them as friends. You can just imagine them taking so many selfies trying to find the perfect Insta post. This is so cute that it doesn't even need a filter.

29 I Can Show You The Universe

via emuyhn's twitter

Artist: emuyhn

Ah, klance; one of the fandoms' biggest modern pairings. This is the pairing of Keith and Lance from Netflix's reboot of the Voltron series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. Klance is the juggernaut ship in the Voltron fandom, fighting for dominance with Sheith, the pairing of Shiro and Keith. Here we have the boys setting the scene for the iconic 'A Whole New World' sequence from Aladdin. I can only imagine that Keith takes lance for a ride across the galaxy in his lion. Someone make that an animated video!

28 Selfies In A Winter Wonderland

via pinterest.com

This is the kind of picture that would appear on your Instagram feed. This is the kind of fun that you want to see the two happening; snowball fights, hot chocolate, long walks through Arendelle in the snow. It sounds picturesque and I want it. Jack does have a cheeky glint in his eye though, he was probably going to crush the snowball on her head immediately after this picture was taken. Elsa looks so happy with Jack and honestly, that's all I want for her.

27 The Purrfect Match

via chatnoir's Tumblr

Artists: Sabrina

This is so unexpected but I am not complaining. Lance and Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug (which is on Disney Channel) are very similar characters in many ways so I can see this pairing working as friends or otherwise with an older Chat. There's a casualness to this picture which shows they've known each other and their best angles for a while. Women would not be able to get away from the storm of corny pickup lines and punny jokes that these two would put out there. I see these two as the ultimate bros and wingmen personally, but do see why you would ship these two otherwise.

26 Sweet As Pie

via kiome-yasha Tumblr

Artist: kiome-yasha

This cozy couple of Rapunzel and Hiccup would be very cute. They would fuel each other's creativity and maybe even help each other create new inventions. Rapunzel would whip up some hazelnut soup and pie and would not need to let down her hair as Hiccup can just hop off of Toothless' back. Hiccup could fly Rapunzel wherever she wanted to go, her hair flying out behind her.

Without a doubt, these two would have a lot of fun together and engage each other mentally and creatively, making for an interesting match. However, Hiccup seems a little shy in this picture, so these possibilities will have to wait until they get to know each other a little better.

25 Three's A Crowd

via deckdarcie's deviantart

Artist: deckdarcie

Uh-oh, Herc's in trouble. We have a bit of a three-way crossover going on here. It seems like Hercules is dating the lovely Ariel (but there's also the theory that they are cousins) but the sneaky Eris has caught his attention.

Don't be like your dad, Herc!

Perhaps Eris said something suggestive after bumping into them in Athens, or maybe she just strutted her stuff and Herc can't keep his eyes off of her. All I can say is that Herc should probably stay away from Eris, since whatever she's doing to him cannot be good.

24 An Experimental Friendship

via sites at Penn state

First of all, how cute is this picture? I did not know how badly I needed this image in my life until now. You can just imagine all the weird situations Stitch and Toothless would get into together. I imagine lots of pranks ending with a frustrated Nani and Hiccup. They're wearing onesies, so maybe it's winter in Berk - imagine the snowball fights. Maybe there would be hot chocolate and naps curled up together after a day of causing mayhem.

23 Juggling Kids and Royalty Is Not Easy

via frozenblume's Tumblr

You can't do a Disney/DreamWorks crossover couple article without talking about Jelsa. This is the pairing of Jack Frost of Rise Of The Guardians and Elsa from Frozen. Jelsa is the Titanic of Disney/DreamWorks ships. These two are well-loved and they are everywhere. Putting them together makes sense; they both have ice powers and have been isolated for most of their lives. Jack could show Elsa how to control her powers and have fun with them. Just look at how cute their kids are. How can you not love this?

22 Soaring Into The Sky

via kaiayame's twitter

Artist: kaiayame

This crossover is genuinely perfect. This is Keith and Lance riding Jim's solar boards from Treasure Planet. Jim is broody, competitive and hot-headed, just like Keith, but he is also sensitive, loving and has awesome hair like Lance. These two rivals competing against each other on solar boards is so like them and the space theme of Voltron and Treasure Planet just makes this work so well. I love this.

21 A Titanic Love

via Pinterest

This is more of a bittersweet multi-crossover. Jack and Merida not only suit these roles visually but also in terms of personality. Merida comes from a well-off family and rebels against the rules placed upon her by society in a similar way to Rose. Jack comes from a poor family and has been doing what he can to get by in life, but also having fun and going where the wind takes him, just like Jack. As Jack does not have his frost powers judging by the brown hair from his human form, I can't see him moving the iceberg to save everyone in this universe.

20 Can You Paint With All The Colors Of The Galaxy?

via picluck

The blending of both worlds in this is amazing. We have the field of juniberry flowers from Allura's memories of Altea, we have the pastel pink version of Pocahontas' outfit, Keith has similar hair to John Smith. The fact that these two are a canon couple the same way as Pocahontas and John adds a nice layer to this image.

If Allura can bring Shiro back from the astral plane, I think she can.

Also, Allura's hair is beautifully drawn in this picture; those flower petals in the wind as well are stunning. Well done, artist!

19 Modern First Date

via Tumblr

Artist: oh-sweet

This is such a cute date fan art! The way that Jack and Rapunzel look at each other is adorable and their outfits are so on point. Seriously, why do fan arts always make the characters was more stylish than me? I mean, it's not hard to be more fashionable than me, but that's beside the point. I bet they're going to get dinner or are going for a walk through the forest to pick hazelnuts. Either way, this is too cute.

18 Bonding Over Royal Hairstyles

via pictoxo

This is adorable. Both Allura and Rapunzel have fabulous hair that they style wonderfully. I can practically hear them exchanging anti-knot tips and traditional braiding techniques. I love that we have a floral theme since both of these princesses have been connected to flowers. I also like that Rapunzel is barefoot, it just seems so natural here. The way that the trees have been water colored is also lovely. I wish my hair was like theirs (but maybe not as long as Rapunzel's.)

17 Hugs And Kisses All Around

via Ebiko-chan's Tumblr

Jack and Elsa being so happy and carefree is all I want for them, to be honest. The way they are holding each other so gently and while laughing so hard is so touching. Elsa's dress is flowing so nicely and just the coloring is exquisite. Although they both got happy endings in their respective movies, it would be nice for them to have this moment as well. I wonder what made them laugh so much?

16 Exploring The Great Wide Somewhere

via fanpop

These two would be an interesting match for sure. Belle wants to leave her provincial life and explore the world, learning as she goes. Sinbad does nothing but explore and go on adventures like the ones Belle spends her whole life reading about. Sinbad could be her escape, her way to an exotic world of gods, treasure, and beasts, while Belle could be a voice of reason, an anchor in his turbulent life. There's a real tenderness in the look they share here; it's touching.

15 Living Life In Pastel

via Pinterest

This is a sweet couple right here. Where Jelsa is the power couple, Jackunzel is just a sweet little pairing. These two help each other get over their loneliness and create wonderful things. They feed each others' imaginations and wonder which is a joy to experience, be it through art, fanfiction, or playlists. Jack and Rapunzel have a candyfloss texture to them which can either give you cavities or a sugar rush - which is it for you?

14 Friends to Lovers?

via lightning red's fanpop

These two could be considered an obscure pair of characters. We have Phoebus, the Parisian guard who Esmeralda falls for in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Then we have Marina, the ambassador turned pirate from Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas. She wants to see the world, he wants to live a good life. Maybe they meet while she is on a diplomatic mission to Paris - maybe he is her guard. The love story is writing itself here.

13 Once Upon A Dream

via Pinterest

Keith and Allura from Voltron have a long history together. In the original 80's Voltron series, these two were the endgame couple. In Legendary Defender, things are a little different, but that doesn't stop kallura fans from shipping. It is so easy to imagine them dancing like this at one of Allura's balls or a diplomatic event. It would be a little awkward, thanks to Keith's lack of dance skills, but Allura would guide him through it. This art just feels like two classics coming together - it's magic.

12 A Brave Marriage Of Dragons

via minttuR's Pinterest

Artist: minttuR

What a power couple! Rather than seeming reluctant to be married, Hiccup and Merida seem confident and secure in each other and their decision. She would bring out Hiccup's courageous side and he would ignite her passion for the outdoors and exploration. The joining of their fierce tribes would be an alliance to reckon with. They would probably sneak off and practice archery and riding - I bet Merida would love to ride a dragon.

11 A Love Sent From Heaven Or ...

via Pinterest

You almost do not want these two to get together. Here we have Hades, God of The Underworld with Eris, The Goddess of Discord. They both have mythic creatures as pets, are sassy to the max and have a great goth aesthetic.

While Hades is more of a 'stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours' kind of guy, Eris is way more mischievous. While they would have a cheeky relationship, it would be better for humanity if they did not get together.

10 Soaring Beyond The Horizon

via Pinterest

The reasons for shipping these two are similar to those who ship Sinbad and Belle together. She wants to be free of her royal restraints and to see beyond the palace and happens to have a thing for street rats. He is a street rat turned pirate, stealing precious goods from all over the world and selling them to the highest bidder. These two would have a sensual and fun relationship sailing across the horizon together. It's the stuff movies are made of.

9 A Day In The 'Frost'

via Pinterest

First of all, this is a fabulous manipulation. Second, these two would be an intriguing pairing. Jack and Astrid are both stubborn thrillseekers who just want to prove themselves to their peers. They would challenge each other and have a competitive edge to their interactions. Respect for each other's skills could slowly turn into something more. This image shows a softer sweeter side to these two that just makes you want to grab someone and hold them close, preferably under blankets.

8 A Fated Meeting Under Moonlight

via deckdarcie's deviantart

Artist: deckdarcie

Megara and Proteus. Proteus is the prince who exchanges his life for Sinbad's in order to let him return the Book of Peace. He loved Marina, but ultimately let her go when he saw how much she cared for Sinbad and being on the open ocean. Megara has been burned in love before and is cautious around men, always expecting the worst. These two meeting under moonlight and bonding over their wounded hearts is such a bittersweet idea. That look between them is charged with attraction - there is definitely something here.

7 Flying Above The Kingdom

via 1zoom.me

Stunning is the only word I have for this fanart. The angle we can see everything through and the way Elsa's dress flutters in the icy winds is amazing. It seems as though Jack is either helping Elsa build her castle or showing off and Elsa is making some tweaks to her enormous ice castle. The fact that Jack and Elsa are embracing their freedom while being powerful and brave together is wonderful.

6 Sweet As Candy, Cool As Ice

via suddenly sanna's tumblr

Adorable as always, we see here that Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph has made a new friend, but Ralph is not so sure about him. The anime-esque style is sweet but so is Vanellope's face - how could you say no to that?

Does this mean that Jack is a video game character here? Or did they meet online?

Jack just looks happy to be there but also a little awkward. This scenario is easy to picture and it would be great for both Vanellope and Jack to make more friends. They would have so much fun pranking people and exploring.

5 Rise Of The Brave Tangled Dragons - Child Edition

via the ROTBTD wiki

While this fanart is not romantic, it's sweet in a familial way. No doubt Jack and the kids have had a lot of fun playing together all day and now the kids have passed out for a nap. You can see how much it means to Jack to be able to spend time with people who can actually see him, even if they are children. This nap pile reminds him that he does exist and is still here. I'm not crying, you are!

4 A Floral Date For Jackunzel

via INK.K's Twitter

Artist: INK.K

This art style is lovely! Jack and Rapunzel look like they are just having a cute little conversation and hanging out together. The way the flowers are drawn is honestly so beautiful and adds a sweet touch to the whole image. This fan art piece looks as though it would be in a children's book it is that good. I adore this piece even though I do not ship Jackunzel.

3 A Heated Gaze In A Frozen World

via eliorni's zerochan

Jack and Elsa's first meeting. She's running away from Arendelle frantic and desperate; he sees her from above and flies down to talk to her. She attacks with her icy spikes, wanting him to stay away, but still, he comes closer.

Did I just write fanfiction of my own?

You can see in Elsa's eyes how much she needs help and Jack is determined to help her control her powers. It's exactly how I imagine their first meeting to go.

2 The Keithpossible Crossover

via Pinterest

This is less sweet and more funny to me. Just Keith's face at having to wear Kim's iconic outfit (which he should be grateful to wear) and Lance's concerned face. Keith tries to be cool with the grappling hook to cover up for the initial shock, but we all know.

Does this make Pidge Wayde?

I love Lance's sad and awkward face in the corner as well. Kim Possible was an iconic show and this crossover is now my new favorite thing.

1 Meeting Their First Love In The Classroom

via mumiro's Pinterest

Artist: Mumiro

Here we have a sweet little high school romance. It seems like Jack and Rapunzel have just started dating, perhaps they aren't official yet judging by the under the table hand holding and their blushing faces. Rapunzel's quiet happiness and Jack's bashfulness combined with the pastel coloring is just perfect. I would absolutely read this fanfiction or fan comic, but for now will just admire this picture instead.

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