29 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected Disney And DreamWorks Couples

When it comes to producing top-quality animated movies, there are two companies out there who've seen some serious success; Disney and DreamWorks are both at the top of their games when it comes to producing entertaining movies! Disney is behind classics like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, while DreamWorks' animators have given us Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, and The Road To El Dorado, among many other great films. We all have a lot to thank these two companies for.

As anyone who's spent any time on the Internet knows, fans of various TV shows, movies, and books love to “ship” their favorite characters together. For the uninitiated, this means that they love to create romantic pairings between characters. Sometimes, these are characters from the same movie or show; in other cases, characters from totally different fictional universes are paired up. Some fans out there seem to enjoy shipping Disney and DreamWorks characters together. So, who cares if they were created by totally different film studios? Some of these characters are clearly meant to be in love! Some crossover pairings make a whole lot of sense when you consider the attributes of the characters involved, while others are seemingly completely random acts of shipping. You may not have imagined two characters getting together, but someone on the Internet has surely thought of the idea. Not only that, they'll have probably created fan art that shows their unexpected Disney/DreamWorks couple being blissfully and happily in love. Here's a selection of super-cute fan pictures of some surprising crossover couples.

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29 How To Train Your Brave Dragon

via: weheartit.com

If there's one thing people on the web love to do, it's crossover DreamWorks' How To Train Your Dragon and Disney's Brave. It makes sense, in a way. They're both medieval-set fantasy stories, after all!

It just happens that one features dragons, and one stars a witch who can turn people into bears. Anyway, in this cute fan piece by an unknown artist, Hiccup and Merida have struck up a relationship. We feel slightly bad for Astrid, but hey, you can't deny these two make a good couple!

28 Tangled Meets Dragons

via: picturesboss.com

Tangled is another popular Disney movie that's often crossed over with How To Train Your Dragon. People love to ship Hiccup and Rapunzel, and that's exactly what's going on here.

Hiccup's looking rather bashful as Rapunzel presents him with a presumably hand-baked pie. While this does clash with one of the cutest Disney pairings of all – Rapunzel and Eugene – we'll let it slide. For one, Hiccup would have found it very easy to rescue Rapunzel from that tower by flying up there with Toothless. Mother Gothel wouldn't even know what hit her!

27 The Next Generation

via: hubedihubbe.tumblr.com

We've already addressed the whole Merida/Hiccup ship in a previous bit of artwork. However, this piece by Hubedihubbe on Tumblr takes things one step further: Hiccup and Merida aren't just in a relationship, they have a child, too!

A daughter, to be more specific. The artist has done a pretty good job of guessing what these two characters' offspring would look like. Their unnamed daughter has Merida's slightly wild hair and Hiccup's coloring. Also, can we talk about the fact that Hiccup is now incredibly burly and presumably chief of his people? It really suits him!

26 Hades Finds Love

via: jeremy-mendoza.deviantart.com

Even villains can find love, as this artwork by Jeremy-Mendoza shows. Two characters with strong connections to Greek mythology have paired up and even have a little bundle of darkness together. Hades, the antagonist of Disney's Hercules, and Eris, from DreamWorks' Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, make a pretty cute couple!

According to the artist, their child is Pitch from Rise of the Guardians, making this ensemble a three-film crossover! Hopefully, Eris and Hades can put their villainous plans aside for a while to raise their son. Either that, or they'll get him involved in their wicked deeds...

25 Ice Royalty

via: ubackground.com

It's not difficult to see why lots of Disney and DreamWorks fans love to ship Frozen's Elsa and Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost. They have something pretty major in common: their ice powers!

In this fan art by an unknown artist, this shared trait has brought Jack and Elsa together romantically. It's good to see that they've both overcome the loneliness they felt in their respective movies. Of course, lots of people are expecting Elsa to get a potential female love interest in Frozen 2, so we'll see how this pairing holds up after that...

24 What About Hercules?

via: fanpop.com

She may not be an official Disney Princess, but Hercules' Meg is one of the most popular female characters to come out of the Disney Renaissance. She's smart, she's brave, and she has sass levels to match those of the Muses. Her relationship with Hercules is also incredibly cute.

However, it looks like Herc has been ditched for a different adventurer! In this artwork by an anonymous artist, Meg is showing interest in Tulio from The Road To El Dorado. Tulio, though, looks more tired and confused than enthusiastic.

23 Love On The Seven Seas

via: isamisa.deviantart.com

Some clever photoshopping by DeviantArt user Isamisa has created a ship that makes a lot of sense! DreamWorks' Sinbad and Disney Princess Ariel could well be poised to become the power couple of the Seven Seas.

Instead of falling for the handsome Prince Eric, Ariel seems to have started a relationship with a rather dashing pirate who's been sailing in her family's waters. It looks like Ariel is in her human form at this point, but will Sinbad get the girl? We bet there's a fanfic out there somewhere that tells this couple's story...

22 Jarida Is A Thing

via: rise-of-the-brave-tangled-dragons.wikia.com

Looks like Hiccup isn't the only DreamWorks hero that Brave's Merida is shipped with! In this fan art by an unknown artist, she's romantically linked to Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost instead, and in a way, these two compliment each other perfectly.

Merida's fiery personality balances out Jack's icy origins. They've got a lot in common, too, as magic has played a crucial part in both of their lives. Just as long as Merida doesn't accidentally turn Jack into a polar bear... Now that would be an interesting Brave sequel!

21 Crossover Heartbreak?

via: cartoonswallpapers.net

This Disney/DreamWorks crossover couple may not be an end-game pairing, judging by how miserable the characters involved look. Sinbad and Mulan seem to be going through something pretty emotional in this anonymous crossover art.

Are they going through a difficult time in their relationship? Is Sinbad comforting Mulan after her somewhat unsuccessful trip to the matchmaker? Who knows. In all honesty, he looks a bit shifty here! This unexpected pairing could be a doomed one. At least Mulan is a strong, independent woman who can definitely look after herself.

20 Is That Tarzan's Mom?

via: fanpop.com

Yes, really, that is Tarzan's mom. In this piece by an unknown photoshopper, Tarzan's father seems to be out of the picture, and The Road To El Dorado's Tulio is definitely in it.

Let's ignore the logistical impossibilities of these two characters being able to strike up a relationship. Sure, they live on opposite sides of the world and in completely different time periods, but fandom shipping can always overcome such trivial matters! Here's hoping this new family can survive in the jungle, and maybe even find some treasure while they're at it!

19 Partners In Crime

via: pinterest.com

It looks like Hades and Eris are a pretty popular crossover couple! This clever image manipulation by an unknown artist shows them spending some quality time together in Ancient Greece. Together, they're probably coming up with some nefarious plans to impact the lives of mortals and gods alike.

We all know that Hades is the leader of the Underworld, so you wouldn't want to mess with him. Add Eris (the goddess of chaos), into the mix and you've got a recipe for catastrophe!

18 A Thawed Heart

via: onceinawhile89.deviantart.com

It's time for some more artwork depicting everyone's favorite icy Disney-DreamWorks couple. This adorable piece by OnceInAwhile89 on DeviantArt gives a glimpse into what looks like a pretty cute relationship. It's always nice to find someone who truly understands you, and you'd better believe that Jack and Elsa can sympathize with each other's struggles.

The question is, have they been affected by the same type of ice magic? We're never told how Elsa got her icy powers. Maybe the Man in the Moon bestowed them upon her as he did to Jack hundreds of years ago!

17 Escaping The Tower

via: changeintoaflower.tumblr.com

Move over, Shrek, there's a new anti-hero in town, and it looks like he's rescued Princess Fiona! You've got to admit, Tangled's Eugene is probably the most qualified person to rescue Fiona from the tower (he has a lot of experience in helping princesses escape confinement).

However, it looks like his charm and his classic “smolder” haven't managed to win over Princess Fiona quite yet (she always was a pretty no-nonsense character). Would these two make a good couple, or would Eugene drive Fiona bonkers? The jury's still out on that one.

16 Love Is An Open Door

via: smitth.deviantart.com

Elsa isn't the only princess from Frozen who frequently features in Disney/DreamWorks crossover pairings. Turns out Hiccanna is a thing, too! This artwork by smitth on DeviantArt shows this ship in action.

It's an unexpected pairing, but a cute one nonetheless! Would Hiccup and Anna go on double dates with Elsa and Jack? We bet there's some fan art somewhere out there that's made that happen. At least Hiccup is a much nicer guy than Anna's first love interest, Prince Hans...

15 Double Date

via: dewdrop34.deviantart.com

Speaking of double dates... It's time for our first foray into the extended universe that fans refer to as Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. As you might have guessed, it combines the worlds of Brave, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon, and Rise of the Guardians.

Usually, Merida and Hiccup are depicted as being together, as are Rapunzel and Jack. Cue all of the fan art depicting them on double dates, or just hanging out as a group! This fan art by dewdrop34 on DeviantArt is just the tip of the iceberg.

14 A Whole New Ship

via: youtube.com (AniMagix101)

In this anonymous artwork, it's not Aladdin who sweeps Princess Jasmine off her feet and shows her a whole new world, but rather, Miguel from The Road to El Dorado!

To be fair, we can see why Jasmine would fall for him. Miguel is a fan of adventure, just like Aladdin is, and he's pretty fun-loving, too. Maybe Jasmine could fulfill her wish to see new things by heading off to El Dorado and going treasure-hunting with Miguel. Either that, or Miguel could explore the wonders of Agrabah. He might even stumble across some treasure, and maybe, a very dusty-looking old lamp...

13 Belle's New Love

via: fanpop.com

What is it with Belle being paired with characters from Biblical DreamWorks movies? In this anonymous fan art, she's in a relationship with Joseph from King of Dreams. There's also a third wheel in the picture: The Little Mermaid's Ariel, who seems pretty happy for her pal Belle!

How Joseph managed to get to provincial France is beyond us, but again, fan art does stretch the limits of possibility a lot of the time, and honestly, we're just glad that nobody seems to want to pair Belle with Gaston.

12 Princesses In Love

via: hipwallpaper.com

Note to both Disney and DreamWorks: couples don't always have to be mixed-gender! As most viewers will have realized, neither of these film companies are great when it comes to same-gendered representation, so fans have decided to create diverse couples themselves.

This Disney-DreamWorks crossover art by an unknown artist depicts Frozen's Anna and Shrek's Princess Fiona looking very happy and in love. Maybe Anna decided to escape her oppressive castle walls in Arendelle and go and rescue Fiona from her tower!

11 The Road To Unexpected Shipping

via: disneycrossovercreator.tumblr.com

As you might have guessed by their username, Tumblr's Disney Crossover Creator has produced a lot of crossover art in their time. This particular piece mixes The Road to El Dorado and Aladdin, with Jasmine and Tulio being depicted as a happy couple. They're going for a stroll through town and are doing the classic couple-in-love thing of gazing into each other's eyes.

Since both of these characters have pretty adventurous spirits, we can see them working pretty well as a couple!

10 The Emperor's New Girlfriend

via: fanpop.com

The Emperor's New Groove has to be one of the most underrated Disney movies out there. Sure, it's not on the same level of greatness as, say, The Lion King, but it's entertaining and pretty funny!

Emperor Kuzco doesn't have a love interest in the original movie. He's a bit too busy being transformed into a llama to think about romance. However, this artwork by LilMissPeppy on DeviantArt pairs him with Chel from The Road To El Dorado. If there's anyone who can put up with Kuzco's over-the-top personality, it's her!

9 A Tangled Romance

via: pinterest.com

Here's another sweet fan creation that depicts the popular Rapunzel/Hiccup pairing. These two characters seem to be one of the main DreamWorks/Disney crossover ships, and to be fair, they do make a sweet couple!

In this piece by mrs-frost on DeviantArt, Hiccup seems to be drawing a sketch of his new girlfriend. It's made clear in Tangled that Rapunzel has an artistic streak, but we never would have guessed that Hiccup has one too! However, Rapunzel does seem a little bit taken aback by the whole situation. Hopefully, she'll be pleased with Hiccup's finished product!

8 All Of The Crossovers

via: pinterest.com

Prepare yourself for a piece of fan art that features literally all of the crossovers. Not only do we have another Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons situation, but there's also a casual Harry Potter crossover thrown in there, too. Rapunzel, Jack, Merida, and Hiccup are hanging out as a foursome at Hogwarts. The question is, have the characters been assigned the correct Hogwarts houses?

It makes sense that Merida would be a Gryffindor since her movie is literally called Brave. But what about the other characters? Is Jack cunning and heartless enough to be a Slytherin? We're not so sure.

7 Unexpected Connections

via: animagix101.deviantart.com

Here, we have another unexpected crossover featuring some lesser-known Disney and DreamWorks characters. This artwork by AniMagix101 on DeviantArt features Zipporah from The Prince of Egypt, two versions of Aladdin's father Cassim, and Messua from The Jungle Book 2.

It's definitely a random assortment of characters, but hey, it's inventive if nothing else. In case you're wondering, the baby is supposed to be a young Sinbad, and Messua is pregnant with Aladdin. So many films and characters have been crossed over here!

6 Anna And Elsa's True Parents?

via: punziella.tumblr.com

This artwork by Tumblr's Punziella introduces a pretty interesting DreamWorks/Disney crossover family into the mix. In this alternate universe, Rapunzel and Jack Frost are a couple, and Frozen's Elsa and Anna are their children!

In a way, it makes sense, as Jack clearly passed his ice magic onto one of his daughters. This scenario actually seems like it would give Elsa and Anna a much happier childhood, since Jack would fully understand Elsa's powers and know how to control them! No “conceal, don't feel” in this household...

5 Pocahontas And The Colonel

via: boxjelly1.deviantart.com

Here, we have another slightly historically inaccurate Disney/DreamWorks crossover pairing. Sure, Pocahontas was alive about 200 years before Colonel Custer's time, but who's really counting? Custer was the villain in DreamWorks' Spirit, although he does slightly redeem himself in the end.

In this artwork by DeviantArt's Boxjelly1, Pocahontas has seemingly ditched John Smith and started a relationship with Custer instead! Can she teach him to paint with all the colors of the wind and stop bothering random horses? Here's hoping so!

4 Remember Mulan 2?

via: airachica.deviantart.com

Mulan 2 was one of the many direct-to-video Disney sequels that slipped through the cracks a little bit. Sure, it wasn't the worst sequel of all time, but it wasn't on the level of something like Toy Story 2.

In this artwork by AiraChica on DeviantArt, one of Mulan 2's new characters, Mei, seems to have found love with DreamWorks' Sinbad. Sure, Mei is a prim-and-proper princess and Sinbad is a dashing pirate, but opposites attract, right? We'll see what the Emperor thinks of his daughter's choice of suitor...

3 Icy Genderbending

via: kirschpraline.deviantart.com

This Disney/DreamWorks crossover artwork puts a new spin on the Elsa/Jack Frost ship. DeviantArt's Kirschpraline has decided to gender-swap the two characters! Gender-bending is a pretty popular trope in fan art communities, so it's perhaps unsurprising that such a popular fictional couple has got this treatment. The artist has done a pretty good job of it, too.

Although, if I were Elsa, I'd be getting a bit annoyed with having a magical staff wrapped around my neck. Some ice magic might be heading Jack's way pretty soon if he doesn't move it!

2 Sleeping Beauty's Dream Guy

via: angeelous-dc.deviantart.com

Here's another DreamWorks/Disney crossover couple that we'd never have put together. In this artwork by DeviantArt's angeelousDCSleeping Beauty's Aurora and The Road To El Dorado's Miguel have clearly decided to go adventuring in the jungle together. Maybe Miguel came across Sleeping Beauty's cursed castle during his travels and freed the princess from Maleficent's spell?

After lying asleep for so long, it's no surprise that Aurora would want to get up to some exciting things now that she's rejoined the waking world. What better thing is there to do than go searching for El Dorado?

1 Beauty And The Prince

via: fanpop.com

To say this is an unlikely and unexpected Disney/DreamWorks crossover pairing is something of an understatement. Beauty and the Beast's Belle lives in provincial France, while The Prince of Egypt's Moses lives in Ancient Egypt.

However, in this fan art by an unknown artist, these two characters are in a relationship. Instead of finding an enchanted castle full of walking, talking furniture, Belle has gotten herself involved in an adventure of Biblical proportions. It's a bit of a departure from both characters' original stories, but hey, at least it's creative!

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